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Upper Class Trash

The very corrupt upper class trash are as wealthy as they are because they get "government subsidies" to finance their businesses, like their green energy businesses, because they are too stupid to compete in a free market. We are talking in the amounts from millions to tens of billions of dollars every year in free money from the government paid for with your tax dollars.

That is to keep their mismanagement from causing those businesses to fail and go broke AND increase the cash flow into their greedy pockets. This proves that you don't have to be smart to be extremely rich, just part of the corrupt system, which is why what they keep trying to do keeps failing because they are inbred stupid.

The reason they hate Trump so much is because Trump was shutting down their money laundering of your tax dollars into their businesses and pockets that makes their businesses look successful because they can't run a successful business without stealing free tax money from you.

What the greedy, arrogant fools don't realize is that, when they finish helping destroy this nation, there won't be any more government subsidies from the US.

I think what they are planning on is government subsidies from their global dictatorship in even larger amounts.

Therefore, if they destroy the US and don't get their global dictatorship, they go broke.

Gee, I wonder why they are so desperate to quickly set up their global dictatorship?

Keep an eye on this.

You want to see how super stupid the upper class trash really are?

This video shows you just how incredibly stupid they are and the incredible crap they believe.

To me it looks like they all flunked economics 101 and they need to quit smoking their dope.

It hurts my brain and stuns me to see the really stupid and desperate crap they dream up and try. They really are this stupid from thousands of years of inbreeding.


The UN just voted overwhelmingly that Israel surrender its nuclear arsenal that has not been proved she even has.

Note that they did not vote for anyone else like Iran, Pakistan, India, China, North Korea, France, Britain, Russia, or the US, who we know all have nuclear weapons, to surrender their nuclear arsenals.

Gee, why did they demand that Israel surrender her nuclear arsenal?

Because they are getting ready to invade Israel just like the Bible says in Ezekiel 38 & 39; hint, hint. They want to invade and wipe out Israel without getting their evil butts fried.

Keep an eye on this.

See, I bet most of you missed that, didn't you?

You can tell what people are doing by their actions because their actions speak much louder than their words.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.


They make the wrong thing about the intel in this video because they are wrongly making it look like South Korea is sending weapons to Ukraine but she is not.

The proper intel take from this video is that the US and EU are so desperate to get munitions for Ukraine to drag out the war Ukraine can't win that they are buying the munitions from South Korea.

Does South Korea know the US is giving those munitions to Ukraine?

Probably but South Korea just made a bunch of money selling those munitions to the desperate US.

From the perspective of Putin, this is really great news because it is telling Putin that the US can't keep up with making enough munitions for a sustained conflict like Ukraine is fighting and had to buy from other nations, while Russia is doing just fine with their munitions productions by making more than they are using so they are stockpiling and they are winning the war.

That is a very significant weakness for the US.

Listen, this tells Putin that the EU, Britain, Canada, and US COMBINED can't keep up with the munitions requirements to lose a war against Russia the way Ukraine is because of their greedy upper class trash corruption.

Do you think Putin isn't laughing his butt off?

They make fun of Putin for buying weapons from places like Iran so Putin can stock pile his own weapons to fight the West but they don't say anything about the West not being able to make enough munitions to just fight Putin? Who is going to get that last laugh?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

Your corrupt government can't protect your butt because they have laundered too much of your defense taxes into their greedy pockets and the idiots just can't quit pushing Putin because dey just gots tuh hab der global dictatorship. These jerks are playing a losing game that is going to get billions of people killed and they refuse to stop.

I pray that God will soon send them to Hell where they cannot cause harm to any more people forever.

Then I found this video that proves what I have been telling you about Putin having reversed the strategy the West was using against Russia back against the West. It tells you that Putin said this is going to be a long, drawn out military operation and he is in no big hurry to get it over with.

He is going to keep this war going as long as it keeps causing the implosion of the West and saves Russia from the West's evil plans. Putin clearly has helped the West painted the West into a corner the West is too stupid and arrogant to figure a way out of it. Alaric Putin is destroying the West or Rome II, especially Europe, and isn't going to stop until they are defeated and the West is too inbred stupid to save their own butts.

The video also tells you that Putin has no plans for any more mobilizations since he built up his 300,000 new troops telling us he is the one kicking butt unlike anything the West is telling us.

Note that Putin is keeping 150,000 of those troops in reserves in training for what?

That is valuable intel for later so keep an eye on it. Also note that no one seems to be talking about the hundreds of thousands of other troops Putin still had before he recruited the 300,000 reserves.

She talks about Putin freezing the Ukrainians into submission, which might happen but that would require the Nazi division, Zelensky, and his political supporters surrendering to save the people and I just can't see that happen. If Zelensky really is in his London mansions using a movie set, he won't care if all of his people freeze to death.

Another possibility is that Putin is waiting for the ground to freeze so his tanks and other armor won't get stuck in it and then stage a crushing offensive to finish off what is left of the NATO/Ukraine troops in Ukraine. Putin may just be freezing the civilians out of Ukraine to decrease civilian deaths for his offensive. Keep an eye on that.

Note that, in that video, there is a brief of Zelensky and a soldier wearing heavy coats out doors with Zelensky talking, you know, in that cold, without his breath fogging up the way your breath always fogs up in the cold. Oops. In espionage, you look for little things like that that tell you big things.

I also keep seeing pictures of Zelensky with people like EU's Ursula, which means either they are all traveling to Kiev or he isn't in Ukraine. When I see that, on the same day, those other people are at work in Western Europe, 10 to 12 hours from Ukraine by air, there is no way Zelensky is in Ukraine. Plus I keep seeing videos of him giving speeches in Western Europe and then being with the troops in Ukraine the same day, you know, 10 to 12 hours away by air. He has to be in London with a movie set.

Note that the video spends a fair amount of time talking about nukes and I have been warning you about that. One thing you need to keep in mind and can bet on is that Putin has nuke subs with nuke missiles just off the coasts of the US, UK, and EU. We were warned about those nuke missiles when I was in the military because they will be fired from so close that there won't be much time to shoot them down.

Those missiles could hit most of our top military and government targets in the US and UK within about 5 to 10 minutes of being launched.

It is very likely that a lot of people are going to die because of our idiot, inbred upper class trash royals, their greed, their insane lust for power, and just plan stupidity.

Then I found this very good video about Her Zelensky, der Furher auf Ukraine. It really shows how internally ugly he really is.

Let me see, he picked a fight with Christian Putin and is losing so he is now picking a fight with the Christian Orthodox Church and thinks he will win? Really? What? Doesn't he have enough enemies already and he is losing?

How long do you think it will be until they "find his body" lying in a street somewhere?

Then I found this video showing how our government is lying to you. You can't believe anything they tell you because they are lying evil pagans. At least he told you that "defeated Russia" is building up for a major attack like I told you.

I showed you that Russia has already deployed half of their 300,000 troops and are keeping the other half in reserve for further training until needed.

Also the left keeps telling you that Russia is going to be crushed by the winter. "Why the Ruskies are such cold weather candy butts."

For those who didn't study history or forgot, the Russian's staged their counter attack against Nazi Germany, after being defeated all of the way back to Moscow, at the height of their winter and crushed Nazi Germany with that offensive because the Russians are the best winter fighters in the world. They excel at winter fighting because it is their "turf".

One thing you better keep your eyes on is Russia staging their offensive when there is at least a foot of snow on the ground and, with these continued attacks inside Russia by NATO, you better watch for nuke missiles, especially from Russian nuke subs just off shore.

Note that those long range attacks inside Russia by Ukraine is exactly why Russia is fighting to keep NATO out or Ukraine, proving Putin's point.

Note that, since they know they can't militarily defeat Russia, the West is now staging economic attacks against Russia and it will only be a matter of time until Putin says, "Enough", and nukes fly.

To show you just how stupid the upper class trash are, the big problem with their price caps is that the Western leaders think they are more wonderful than they are and that everyone MUST do whatever they say or they will pay and that isn't the case anymore but those leaders are too stupid to understand that because dey is are be so wonderful. They are just arrogant fools.


You want to see why God is raising Russia up and destroying the West?

Watch this video and then watch this video and remember that God says that homosexuality is "an abomination."

That explains it all right there. The US has become pagan with increasingly pagan laws that God abhors and Russia has become Christian with increasingly Christian laws that God gave us. The US is moving further and further from God and Russia is moving closer and closer to God.

Just who do you think God is going to favor and protect; those who serve God or those who serve Satan?

People, the US and Europe are the modern Sodom and Gomorrah with us Christians being the modern day Lot with the pagans beating down our doors demanding that we give them our children so they can have perverted sex with them.

Putin makes it clear in that speech that he is fighting for Christianity and God where as Pelosi is clearly fighting for her "Lord, Satan", which is exactly what she means when she says, "the Lord", she is talking about her Lord, Satan.

That is the war on this planet and which side are you on?

You better get right with God because we don't have much time left.

No sooner had I written the above than I got this e-mail from Mark:

"We are under the wrath of God because we are in a pagan nation. The number of poser Christians is shocking. Now the Dems with Republican RINO support have passed the so-called 'Respect for Marriage Act'.

It looks like what the left really wants to do is force true Christians to hire homosexuals and transgenders in staff positions. Many so-called 'Christian' churches are already accepting those folks. Perhaps the act may even be used to attempt to force true Christian churches to accept those folks as voting members. If that happens, I will find a few true Christians to meet with for worship.

This act may force true Christians to go underground, which may be part of God's plan. That way only true Christians will gather for worship and only true worship will be given to God.

Are we slowly becoming the old USSR? Khrushchev actually said the old USSR will bury the USA from within. That seems to be what is occurring. We did import a lot of USSR and later PRC Marxists under FDR, Truman, Carter, Clinton, The Bushes, Obama, and now Biden.

Don't get me wrong. I do know that God is still on His throne and still in charge. None of this is happening without His OK. Man plans, God laughs (Psalm 59:8)."

You Christians are under attack by those evil pagans who taught you to be tolerant of them but they refuse to be tolerant of you. Rules for thee, not for me.

Wow, that tolerance thingy really worked well, didn't it?

When are you Christians going to wake up and stop being a sucker and a fool for Satan's spawn?

It is just like I told you, this is a pagan nation only pretending to be Christian and they are coming out of their evil closet more and more and waging war against Christians more and more. It won't be long and they will stop deceptively calling themselves Christians.

Then I found this video showing more of why this nation is being judged by God. The pagans have taken control and are destroying this nation in any and every way they can. That is your judgment, that the Pagans will destroy your nations and they are doing a really great job of it.

God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out", and that is because it is our sins that will destroy our nations. God doesn't have to do anything but let your sins destroy you.

Let's do some math. They say that 64% of Americans "identify as Christians" and in the "I Told You So 498" essay, I told you that about 60% of those are not true Christians because they don't even believe in the Bible and Jesus as our Messiah. That means that only about 38.4% of Americans are true Christians or about 120 million people out of 320 million are true Christians with about 200 million pagans. This is not a true Christian nation any more, it is a pagan nation being controlled by obviously evil pagans. That is why this nation is being judged by God.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, and get right with God.

I think that one thing God may be doing with this is pulling true Christians' heads out of their butts and opening their eyes so they won't be taking this satanic crap to the planets we are supposed to colonize. You MUST get right with God or there won't be any planets to colonize.

God isn't going to help you spread your Satan worship across the stars and galaxies.


I support law officers who uphold and defend the Constitution but you better be concerned about cops who will commit crimes against the people because they "are just doing their job and just following orders" because that means they will do anything to you they are told to do regardless of whether it is right. The latter are bad and dangerous cops.

Sail Boating

One thing I enjoy about sail boat cruising is that they make such a big deal about being out on the wonderful boat free and enjoying life but every time they get a chance, they move to land in a house because there is so much less work and they can just sit around "relaxing".

Maybe they are not enjoying the boat life as much as they make out?

They can't relax completely on the boats because they can sink so you have to stay on your toes all of the time, especially in things like storms. It is pretty rare when a house sinks.

Saudi Arabia

Remember that I told you that Saudi Arabia was getting ready to jump the Western Alliance ship to join the Eastern Alliance?

This video is critical because it tells you a lot.

Since Obama betrayed Saudi Arabia to make buds with Iran, the US and the West has been seen by the rest of the world as being a less and less reliable ally, especially for Saudi Arabia.

Yes, the US was a more reliable ally under Trump but the world now knows that in four to eight years, enough stupid people will elect another stupid lefty traitor like Afghan Joe, who will make the US an unreliable ally again. Just ask Afghanistan.

The lefty upper class trash have been destroying and weakening the US and making other nations like China more wealthy to make more money because of their greed, making the US less influential and countries like China more influential. They have been selling everyone out for more money. It is called treason.

The world has also awakened to the ugly truth that the West wants to set up their global dictatorship over the rest of the world and to depopulate the rest of the world. These countries are turning away from the West because they don't want to be slaves or murdered.

All of the West's great sounding stupid ideas are backfiring on us and driving more and more people and nations away from us to the Eastern Alliance. The West is not only declining now because of its greed and stupidity but is now imploding very quickly and the rats are leaving our sinking ship that our own stupid leaders and their supporters and voters have sunk.

Man plans, God laughs.

Our idiot leaders were too inbred stupid to realize that, as we betrayed more and more of our allies, we now have fewer and fewer allies. The West is rapidly declining in power just like Rome did.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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