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US Debt

Most people don't even know how debt works, especially for nations. The nutshell version is that your government borrows money from rich people, major businesses, and other nations by selling bonds and paying interest on those bonds. In the business world, we call this "renting money".

The US is quickly reaching a point to where we will not be able to pay the interest on those bonds because our corrupt and irresponsible government is borrowing as much money as they can to launder as much money as they can into their greedy pockets as fast as they can. They don't care that you tax payers have to pay the rent on the money they launder into their pockets. Sucks to be you.

People, the government has to keep paying the interest on those loans to the upper class trash the government borrows the money from so they keep making their money in rent for the money they laundered into their pockets. Yeah, that is right, the money laundering racket is that they borrow money from themselves to launder through the government back into their pockets and you pay them rent on that money they launder back into their pockets and then have to pay that borrowed money back to them.

Do you believe me yet that it is a racket? Do you believe me yet that they are all a bunch of criminals? Do you believe me yet that you are living the demise of Rome II because the upper class trash are sacking our nations?

That is the cash cow Trump was trying to stop.

When the nation can no longer pay the rent on the money they are stealing from the people to launder into their pockets, then they have to take drastic measures to get that debt down to where the rent can be paid or (most likely) to increase the ability to pay debt by decreasing spending in some other ways and this is where Marxism always fails for the people but never fails for the upper class trash.

When these pirates cut back on spending, do you think they will cut back on spending that benefits the upper class trash pirates or you?

Of course, it will be them cutting back on the spending that benefits you, the people, because they are NOT going to cut back on spending that benefits them. Just ask Trump about that. That is one of the reasons why all forms of Marxism always impoverishes the people and only benefits the upper class trash. Get ready to get poor.

I realized this was about to happen when China and some other nations started divesting their bonds or loans to the US. They knew things are about to get bad and they are going to lose money.

Right now they are talking about making some of those cuts so the upper class trash can continue to get their rent you are paying them for the money they are laundering back into their pockets. The cuts they are currently talking about are all programs that benefit you, the people, and not the upper class trash.

What they are going to do is take money away from you for socialist benefits to pay the upper class trash the rent on the money the upper class trash laundered through the government back into their greedy pockets.

Don't believe me?

Go to college and get an M.B.A. and they will teach you how to manage our corrupt government, just like they taught me.

You know, all of those wonderful crusades to save everything including the planet, are just money laundering rackets that do just what I told you or they get government grants. The only thing they are saving is their own bank accounts.

Marxist/liberal government is a racket owned by the upper class trash.


Remember that I told you about 20 years ago that the cellphones are causing damage to your head tissues, especially your brains?

I just found out that research has shown that, if you just use a cellphone 17 minutes a day for 10 years, your chances of getting brain cancer are 60% higher. You all use cellphones more than 17 minutes a day. Think about that.

Oh yeah, if you go back and look it up, about 20 years ago I explained the nuclear physics and biology why and we knew this more than half a century ago, which is why I don't have a cellphone.

Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39

Satan intends to use the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to destroy Israel and get one step closer to setting up his evil global dictatorship.

God will use the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to destroy most of Satan's forces to prevent Satan from setting up his global dictatorship and to provide the opportunity for many of God's people to free themselves from the oppression by Satan's people.

Satan will fail again and God will succeed again.

Note that Satan has used my prolonged illness and the resultant poverty to stop me and pin me down. God has used me being pinned down to grow my faith and teach you the truth along with me learning things I would not have otherwise learned. Because of my prolonged illness and resultant poverty, I have been able to teach people all over the world and from every nation by the tens of thousands with this blog, which gets by the censors in all nations because it is low tech.

Satan has failed again and God is succeeding again.

Satan has been trying to kill me ever since I was a baby so that I cannot remember all of my near death experiences because Satan knows what job God has for me and he is trying to stop me from doing that job. God has used those near death experiences to teach me not to fear death, to fight hard through extremely hard times, and to trust in God.

Satan has failed again and God is succeeding again.

Fighting and War

I hate war and fighting but I am not so simple minded that I cannot understand that there is a time for war and a time for peace because there are good people and bad people. You can be against war and still be a good warrior to protect your people.

It is better to be ready for a fight/war and not have a fight/war than to not be ready and have a fight/war.

If some jerk comes to you wanting to punch your lights out and you are not ready for the fight, you will get your lights punched out.

Anyone thinking they can talk their way out of any fight/war is just showing their simple minded ignorance and arrogance because too many bad guys don't want peace because they love to use war to steal from you and enslave you. If they want a fight/war, there will be a fight/war so be ready to win it.

Babylon Caliphate

Iran just hung a British citizen as a spy. I would say it is very likely that doesn't look good for the chances of the British Royal Family getting even one seat on ye ole Babylon Caliphate council to be the one world government of the Tribulation.

Keep an eye on that because there was definitely a political message there. It was definitely a slap in the face and/or warning to the British Royal Family.


Here is something to keep an eye on.

The Western idiots are saying that the recent "demotion" of the Russian general in charge of the war a few weeks ago was an insult.

What I saw was a reorganization for a much larger scale war and not a demotion. They appointed a higher ranked and placed general over the entire war with that "demoted" general and two others beneath him. That tells me that, most likely, each of those 3 generals will be in charge of specific regions and goals.

I expect one general to be in charge of taking the south and Odessa with a combination land and amphibious attack.

They have been shelling the Kherson and Odessa areas for some time and have seriously diminished and weakened the troops in that area with the amphibious assault fleet I told you about moving in that direction now.

I expect one general to be in charge of the eastern part of Ukraine working to destroy what is left of the NATO/Ukrainian forces, fighting west and north from the Donbass area.

They have escalated shelling and fighting in this area and are now starting to take ground.

I expect one general to be in charge of the Kiev and western area to take Kiev and cut off Ukraine from access with the Polish and Romanian borders to deny the NATO/Ukraine forces inside Ukraine reinforcements, resupply, and retreat. They will be putting the lid on the Russian cauldron to finish destroying the rest of the NATO/Ukrainian troops.

They just started shelling Kiev again to soften up the troops protecting her and to destroy the infrastructure.

Keep an eye on this.

Then, according to the lying Western media, Ukraine is winning the war and Russia is being crushed, which is why the upper class trash are PRESSURING everyone to DESPERATELY give more and more weapons to Ukraine as quickly as possible, you know, like in this video. Why they must be ravaging Russia to be so desperate. /sarc

Ignore what the West says and pay attention to what they do. If Ukraine were winning, they probably wouldn't be giving her any more weapons, definitely would not be so desperate about giving her more and more weapons as quickly as possible, definitely would not be disarming themselves and making themselves vulnerable to Russian invasion and trying to keep Russia tied down fighting Ukraine for a little while longer.

To show you just how ignorant and stupid the civilians are concerning the military, weapons, and war, if they got those weapons they are now saying they are sending to Ukraine like tanks and stuff 8 months ago, it would have been too late. With them now saying they are sending in things like tanks, SAMs, and missiles, those weapons are not even going to get to Ukraine within the next 6 months UNLESS they send in trained NATO troops to use them.

Plus the idiots are not sending enough tanks to make a difference. I think Britain is sending 14 tanks, Germany is sending 20 tanks, and the others are sending similar amounts to face off against more than 10,000 Russian tanks, you know, just enough for fun target practice.

Plus those tanks are coming from military inventories of just a few hundred tanks, being driven by troops from those nations, disarming those nations even more because their greedy upper class trash sacked their own military budgets into their greedy pockets.

People, Europe has more than 300 million people and Russia only has about 200 million people, why does Europe not have a much, much, much larger and better equipped combined military? You don't think it is because their greedy upper class trash have been sacking their own militaries to fill their greedy pockets, do you?

Militarily, this is the stupidest thing those idiot military genius politicians could do. The morons should be building their inventories for the war they are causing and not decreasing their inventories.

Hey, why not just give Russia the keys to the front door?

The idiot lefties have not told you the truth since this mess started in 2014. If they did, you would have probably already hung them.

People, if the idiot lefties disarm themselves much more to keep Russia tied down in Ukraine a little longer before she invades the West, Russia will barely have to invade Europe and the US. It will be more like a tourist vacation to Europe and the US for her military.

If we don't have any weapons, munitions, or troops left, what fight?

That is why Germany and so many other countries are reluctant about sending more of their few remaining weapons to be destroyed in Ukraine before Ukraine is finished off by Russia. They are probably being promised that the mighty US military will protect them, you know, the way the mighty US military is protecting Ukraine just like the US lefties told Zelensky she would.

BTW, Christine Lambrecht is probably resigning so the upper class trash can blame her for the failure of their stupid ideas so the stupid people will continue to support the stupid ideas of the upper class trash. She is their front and scapegoat being sacrificed on the altar of Marxism to keep the people from storming the upper class trash castles.

You see it wasn't their great sounding stupid ideas that are failing, it was the stupid ideas of Christine. The upper class trash always do this when their great sounding stupid ideas fail.

Note that they are now complaining about "her leadership style" and other things SHE did. It can't be that the upper class trash ideas are bad and didn't work, it is that she didn't do them right.

She is also being blamed for "not implementing the military spending" instead of the truth about that money being laundered into the upper class trash pockets the way she was told to do.

I wonder, how much of that one hundred billion Euros in German defense spending ended up in ye ole upper class trash pockets?

And they are blaming Christine so their people won't figure that out.

Note that she says that, in spite of Scholz promising that there would be a big change in Germany's military buildup, there has been little progress. It is looking like front man Scholz is going to be heading under ye ole commie bus next.

Judgment Day is going to be very interesting when the absolute detailed truth comes out about absolutely everything the pagans are lying about. It won't be anything like the pagans are saying.

And God said, "The truth will be made known."

OK, now the US and Europe are all sending a big variety of weapons like tanks, armored vehicles, missiles, SAMs and others. They are sending so many new weapons that the Ukrainian forces could not possibly know how to use so that, for these weapons to be used right now, during Russia's invasion and before it is too late, they have to been sending trained NATO troops with those weapons.

The upper class trash have panicked and gone totally overboard. They just ramped this war up to a full scale WWIII. The fight is on for everyone.

Guess what that should tell you; Ukraine is NOT winning the war against Russia or they would not be doing this, risking starting a nuclear war. This proves conclusively that they have been blatantly lying to you about this war.

You can bet that Putin is going to be waiting for all of those weapons coming into Ukraine to blow as many up in route as he can.


First, you have to understand that God's Laws are in effect throughout the entire cosmos, therefore, by definition, they are intergalactic laws. No matter what planet you live on or star system or galaxy you live in, those laws are in effect. Yahweh created this cosmos so it is his cosmos, over which He is King.

What crimes are humans committing when they choose to reject the greatest love in history, the love of God for them?

First and the worst crime, you are choosing to reject the greatest love in history, the love of God, and your are choosing to hate God, His Law, and His people, which is the greatest hate crime in history.

You pagans want hate crimes?

You are committing the worst of them by hating the creator being, Yahweh, His Law, and His people, who have accepted and are returning His love. That is a capital crime and remember that, when Adam and Eve broke God's one and only law of not eating the forbidden fruit, they brought death into the world because it was a capital crime.

Remember that the Lake of Fire is called the second death because you will be separated from God forever.

Jesus, God manifest in the flesh, was the only human to not commit a capital crime against God's Laws so He didn't have to die but He did for you.

Second, by choosing to hate Yahweh, you are joining Satan's rebellion against Yahweh, which is treason and is also a capital crime.

Third, you are rejecting God's Law He gave us to protect us from the people who choose evil and we all break one or more of those Laws, many of which are capital crimes.

The best example is the upper class trash royals because they are the worst human criminals in history because they are committing more crimes against God and more people than any other humans in history, more than 8 billion people globally. While pretending to be of superior class and more civilized than you, they are the absolutely worst brutal, barbaric savages enslaving and murdering hundreds of millions of people to gain more wealth and luxury. They are the worst and most deadly monsters to ever walk the face of this planet.

They lie to billions of people, they steal from billions of people, they oppress and enslave billions of people, they murder hundreds of millions and now working on billions of people, and hate God, God's Laws, and God's people.

If that is what they call civilized and sophisticated, they can have it and I want none of it. I love to help people and the only people those evil monsters help are themselves at everyone else's expense. They will be publically shamed on Judgment Day.

They and their evil followers say we are supposed to show respect for those monsters but they will get the respect they earn on Judgment Day, called eternal damnation because God has no respect for them.

Know that their followers and supporters are right on their heels and even complicit in their horrid crimes by aiding and abetting them in their crimes against others. They are all the worst kind of criminals in history.

The greatest irony is that, in hating God, they are rejecting his great amnesty program, salvation through Yeshuah/Jesus and sending themselves into eternal damnation in God's eternal penal system, the Lake of Fire.


One of the most frustrating things to me is seeing so much misinformation, propaganda, and lies put out by Satan and his bunch and believed by so many people. It just seems so overwhelming for me, as a human, to work trying to teach people the truth when so many people believe so much garbage. I focus on teaching the few I can and have to leave the rest to God and others.

Most of what most people believe is bull crap and I am pretty sure I prove that on this blog. It is amazing how much bull crap most people believe and that is a big part of our problem. You make decisions based on what you believe and, if most of what you believe is bull crap, you will make bull crap decisions.

Satan knows that, which is why he has his lefty media, professors, shrinks, politicians, experts, and others putting out so much bull crap. He regularly slips some into the conservative camp too.


I have been telling you that government corruption is not just in the US but in almost all governments. This video tells you about a little of the corruption in Britain.

When the people of your nation sell their own nation and people out to another nation, especially one as evil as communist China, none of them have any souls because they already sold their souls to Satan. Such evil things will sell anything to anyone for surprisingly little money. All they could possibly care about is themselves and their bank accounts and they can only think and care about the immediate gain and not what it will cost them later just like I have been telling you.

Such evil people are the problem.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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