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Eyes Opening

Remember that I told you that God is opening eyes?

In this video his eyes just opened about a satanic con taking place.

I have taught you before that most of the biggest, richest, most famous preachers are servants of Satan and not of God. They use Jesus and preaching for money and not to save your souls.

He just found out that those preachers are teaching that everyone should believe the truth being taught by Hebrew rabbis, you know, those guys teaching the stuff for more than 2,000 years that got the Hebrews exiled from Israel for teaching lies?

No, you don't want to blindly follow the teaching of rabbis unless you want to be exiled from your land for 2,000 years. Jesus taught against them and what they taught.

It is important that he exposed what they are doing so you will know better.

Bad Science

This video shows you some really bad science. Notice that he got millions of dollars in donations and grants a number of times and never invented one vaccine in decades of "research" and you know that big chunks of those donations and grants went into his pockets.

He was very good at talking people out of money but terrible at making vaccines and, yet, he is considered an expert. This is really bad science and I would tend to believe it is probably his personal money making racket.

Not all scientists are good scientists because they are humans and there are both good and bad humans and they are even considering him to replace Fauci. Maybe no one should replace Fauci.

Afghan Joe

Remember that I told you that RINO Mike Pence "found" classified documents in his home to save Afghan Joe from being prosecuted?

This video makes it very obvious that is what is going on. He came charging to the rescue to save, not Trump, but Afghan Joe. He proved conclusively he is a lefty commie traitor RINO.

People, I have a secret security clearance and I could not imagine having classified documents in my house and forgetting they were there. As a matter of fact, I NEVER took anything classified home, not one time. It would have been a crime. I couldn't even tell my wife what I was doing at work. All she knew was that I worked for the US Air Force.

Since the president is the only politician who can declassify documents, there is no reason for any other politician to even take them out of the secure building they are in, much less home.

Get it straight, their homes ARE NOT SECURE, therefore, it is a crime for them to even take classified documents home, where they would not be secure. End of story.

When they take those documents out of a secure building, especially without a government escort, those documents and that information are at risk and it would be a "Breach of national security", which is a crime. They drilled this crap into us the entire time I was in the military.

Just because two vice presidents did it does not mean it is not a crime. It is still a breach of national security. Cut the crap.

In this video this Congressman tells you that you have to check stuff out and can't even leave a secure area with it. Biden had to sneak the crap out and home. He didn't just accidentally take it home from his office in his briefcase. The documents must remain in a secure area.

This is all a bunch of political bull crap to cover Afghan Joe's criminal butt. They are covering up a crime, which is another crime. They are lying to you and playing you for suckers.

I am amazed at how many journalists don't even know what they are talking about concerning classified documents or anything else and they are misinforming the people. They should shut up.


I am seeing signs that everywhere that people are being persecuted, increasing numbers of people are converting to Christianity.

Why do conversions to Christianity increase during Christian persecutions?

Because it brings it home to people that they can die soon and they need to be saved to not burn in Hell. Suddenly, other things in life don't mean as much when you could die any moment and will lose everything anyway.

Satan has always tried to persecute Christians to discourage people from accepting Jesus but it always has the opposite effect and, after thousands of years of failing, Satan still has not learned.

The worst thing Satan could do, would be to leave us alone and let us peacefully prosper because that would give humans a false sense of security so they would be less concerned about dying and salvation. Nations always decline during prosperity because they tend to believe nothing bad will happen to them.


Remember that I told you about how the Commierats (LBJ and McNamara) drug out the Vietnam War to make more blood money, while killing tens of thousands of US troops and a few million civilians and it was Nixon who quickly put an end to the war in 1972/1973, which is why the Commierats screwed Nixon?

This video is about Operation Linebacker that I was indirectly part of because the B-52Ds at Guam were from Carswell AFB in Fort Worth, TX. Those first 3 days he told you about, we worked 24 hour shifts for all three of them and then, until the operation was over, we worked 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week, and I am sure I told you about that.

At that time, the B-52Ds had black bottoms but the Fs, Gs, and Hs had white bottoms so, when you see a Buff in the video, you can tell whether it was a D or an F, G, or H. Better than 80% of those bombing missions were carried out by the B-52Ds because they carried the largest payload of all of the models and were the largest in number with more Ds than Fs, Gs, and Hs combined.

Note that he told you that the strategies of LBJ and McNamara "failed" and that was because they were not trying to win the war but were prolonging it to make blood money for all of the Commierats, while killing people, you know, like they still do today in Ukraine and other wars.

Under Nixon's orders, the campaign started on December 18, 1972, less than one year after he got into office, and they drove the North to sign the Paris Peace Accord in February 1973, ending the war and saving lives. He said they signed the Paris Peace Accords January 27 and we were told they were signed in February because all US treaties have to be approved by Congress to be official and Congress approved it in February and made it official.

You see, I told you that the US Military did not lose the war against North Vietnam like they tell you today. It was the Commierats who betrayed our ally, our soldiers, and our nation by giving South Vietnam to North Vietnam to hide the fact that Nixon won the war in just one year they had drug out for more than 15 years for blood money and Afghan Joe was part of that betrayal.

The primary SAMs used against us were the SAM3s that couldn't hit our Ds because of our ECM so, after a week or two, they moved the SAMs further out from the cities and aimed them back towards the cities so the remains of the exploded SAMs (they blew up into big chunks before falling back to earth so a live warhead wouldn't hit the ground and people) would fall on the city, killing families in their homes.

Then the North Vietnamese started putting out pictures of dead families in their homes saying our bombers killed them but our 500 and 750 pound bombs would have left big craters, destroying entire buildings instead of damaged buildings with dead people inside them. In some of the pictures the North put out, you could see part of the white SAM3 that fell on them and killed them in mostly intact rooms with the people lying on the floor, whereas our bombs were black, not white. They were intentionally killing their own people for PR, propaganda, and political reasons.

Then he told you about North Vietnam invading South Vietnam on April 30, 1975 but he didn't tell you that it was because of the bill the traitor Commierats passed forbidding the US Military from aiding South Vietnam or in any way engaging the North in combat forcing the US Military to leave in a panic, causing a much bigger mess than Afghan Joe caused in Afghanistan.

Now you know the truth.


In this video she starts by saying that they are now finding that Antifa are pampered children.

Of course, they are, their parents are lefties, many are white collar workers with some of them actually being rich, who are taught to give their children everything and spoil them. When they get old enough to work, they don't want to work and getting thousands of dollars a week to riot is easy and good work for them.

We have known for years that they don't have real jobs or they couldn't spend days, weeks, and months rioting and they are paid thousands of dollars per week for protests and riots and even transported to other states.

They are paid bullies, terrorists, and thugs who will riot or protest for the money regardless of the reason they are purported to be rioting for. Many have criminal records so it is fast, easy money for them.


Are people really this stupid that they can't figure out why so many people are dying from fentanyl?

Let me see if I can figure this out. This has to be really tough because no one else is figuring it out, especially not the idiot journalists.

The left teaches their kids that it is OK to take creational drugs in part because most of their idiot parents are using drugs and set the example for their kids so most of their kids are going to use dope.

Most of the idiot lefties live in the big cities, which is why most of the big cities are blue and that is also where most of the people are dying from fentanyl, which means that most of the people dying from dope are lefties.

Maybe if the lefty parents would teach their kids to not use dope, their kids would not be dying from using dope?

But the lefties are so smart they can't figure out why they keep dying from using dope. It is probably Putin's fault.

Maybe it is because the dope damages their bodies and kills them so they shouldn't use dope?

Oh no, they could never do that because dey just gots tuh habs der dope.

Also keep in mind that it is the chemical companies owned by the lefty upper class trash that are making that dope and selling it to the dope pushers as the front men to sell that dope for the upper class trash so the upper class trash are making a fortune killing their own supporters with their dope.

Republic of the US

Well, you just gained control of the House and how is that going? What, the Republicans are acting like Commierats?

This video shows you that nothing has changed much because almost all of them, even Republicans are corrupt.

Do you believe me yet that the Republic is dead and just has not finished kicking yet?

They don't care about you or your nation, all they care about is themselves and their bank accounts and they gotta set up ye ole dictatorship so they can steal more from you faster to fill their bank accounts faster.


One thing you need to keep an eye on is that the US and UK are forcing EU nations to send their Leopard 2 tanks to fight the Russians in Ukraine is because they are hoping this will force Russia to use their best weapons and soldiers against the Leopard 2 tanks because they are some of the best tanks in the world and the US and UK want to see how the best Russian troops and weapons work so they can develop strategies and tactics to defeat them before the US and UK have to face them in battle.

When Russia first went in to Ukraine, the US and UK were hoping Russia would go in with their best stuff so the US and UK could see how they worked but Russia intentionally sent in their oldest and worst stuff and still won because Putin knows better. He knows the US and UK are watching because that is an old game we all played when he was in the KGB.

Now the US and UK are hoping they will get to see Russia's best but I doubt it because the weapons the West is sending in have no air support to protect them from Russian air power and the Russians can take them out without using their best.

Keep an eye on this.

Then I found this video that lays out very well what is going on in Ukraine and how bad the situation is for the West.

Note that he tells you that most of the people fighting on the Side of Russia are volunteers and the actual Russian military has seen very little action just like I told you to keep the West from seeing how well they fight.

Something very interesting he said right at the end telling us that the Ukraine air defenses have been all but completely destroyed. That gives Russia even greater control of the air and air superiority, which is huge. With that being true, the Ukraine/NATO military just can't last a lot longer.

The West isn't getting anything they want out of this fight except money laundering your taxes into their pockets and that is about to end.

Then I found this video that provides more intel.

One very important question everyone should be asking is, with the Ukraine Army almost completely wiped out, who is going to drive the hundreds of tanks the West is sending into Ukraine to fight Russia?

The only possibility is NATO troops just like I have been telling you. What few troops Ukraine has are left are old men, young boys, and a few soldiers who don't know how to use those "heavy weapons".

Here is a little food for thought: The US is purported to have the number one military in the world, Russia is number two, and China is number three. I am seeing our military industry tell us that the US cannot fight a sustained war with China but we can defeat Russia in a sustained war? Really?

BTW, remember that I have been telling you that Putin loves his Russian cauldron or encirclement?

In that video he points out that the Russia successfully used encirclement a lot in WWII. That is where Putin gets that from because he is a student of military history.

He also told you what I have been telling you for months in that Russia LOVES to sucker punch the other side to attack into her traps to be destroyed and she has spent at least the last 10 months doing that AND that is her strategy for drawing the NATO troops into the super cauldron of Ukraine to attack Russia in the east just like I have been telling you and the moron lefties are right now working on doing.

Russia will sit there maintaining the trap as long as the fools keep sending troops into their trap to be easily destroyed. That is why she makes very little ground in the east, you know, keep everyone charging over open ground into your machine guns and they just keep charging.

Why would Russia even want to move until they stop charging into her traps?

This is the kind of stupidity you get when our officers get promoted for political reasons instead of for combat successes. The morons only know how to fight for political reasons and not for military reasons.

Then I found this video providing more intel. He keeps pointing to the basic areas I have been telling you Russia will attack and then, at about 5:30 into the video, he tells you that one thing Russia is going to do is "cut off Ukraine from the Polish border" and it will be the last thing, which I have been telling you about for at least 6 months.

Also, remember that I have been telling you that the Ukraine War is about the upper class trash globalists trying to destroy Russia to get her out of their way for setting up the globalists' global dictatorship?

At about 11:30 minutes into the video he tells about a George Soros letter telling why they must remove Russia, you know, just like I have been telling you. That is why the upper class trash are willing to sacrifice Ukraine, all of Europe, and the US to get their global dictatorship. Dey just gots tuh habs der global dictatorship even if it kills off all of you peasants that they plan to kill off after they set up their global dictatorship.

He also tells you that the upper class trash Commierats have almost finished destroying the Republic of the US. They are right now finishing us off and he is telling you that our military knows this.

He tells you why the upper class trash royals are sacrificing the Eastern Europeans to get their evil global dictatorship just like I told you and he says that, in his opinion, it is evil.

He told you just like I told you more than a year ago that the Russians know that their survival is at risk and they must win this war with the West or die fighting.

He tells you what I have been telling you in that people's eyes are opening and people are starting to fight back to stop the evil globalist. I would not be surprised to find out he is part of the military counter movement waiting for the right time to fight back. He is a good man and knows what is going on.

Then I found this video in which he tells you what I have been telling you for months, which is that, when Ukraine loses this war, the liars will be found out. He points out that the liars now know that Ukraine is soon going to lose this war and destroy their credibility so no one will listen to them again. They are in a panic trying to save their credibility a little longer by extending the war a little longer to buy them time to figure out how to save their credibility.

When Ukraine loses the war, these liars will run out of lies.

Notice that he points out some of the weaknesses of the Abrams tanks that no one told us before like that jet engine gulps lots of fuel and requires lots of maintenance and parts because it sucks in lots of dirt and debris and why.

He also tells you that it takes 32 months to get a new air-to-air missile to replace any you give to Ukraine, which means, we won't get the replacements for those missiles for 32 months and, if Russia attacks during that time, you are screwed.

Notice that we buy quite a few of our advanced weapons from Europe and the upper class trash have not yet figured out that, when Russia destroys Europe like they are planning to happen, we won't get any more of those weapons.

He gives you important details in why we do not want to fight Russia right now or should not want to, much less also the rest of the Eastern Alliance and most people keep forgetting about the rest of the Eastern Alliance.

Do you believe me yet that the US should stage a strategic retreat to protect the US and force Europe to make peace with Russia to prevent an invasion of Europe by Russia?

Then something really big happened.

Remember that I told you that FDR set up Pearl Harbor to draw the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor to get the US into the war before it was too late?

He tells you quite a bit of what FDR did to get Japan to attack Pearl Harbor to get the US into the war just like I told you. He also told you that our military leaders kept protesting but they at least had to provide FDR with consultation because FDR didn't know enough about the military to set everything up to be such easy targets and so tempting to the Japanese.

Remember that I told you that the planes and ships in both Pearl Harbor and the Philippines were intentionally set up, in violation of military protocol, to make them easy and tempting targets for the Japanese, then they put out film "News Reel" footage so the Japanese could see they were easy targets (I saw that newsreel footage in the early 60s), and they just couldn't resist those targets. I also told you that a lot of the weapons, especially some of the ships and most of the planes were obsolete and they already had more modern replacements moving towards Pearl Harbor with all of their support equipment and personnel, when the attack took place.

He even told you things that I didn't tell you such as those ships that were bombed in Pearl Harbor were normally based out of San Diego and San Francisco and not Pearl Harbor. Gee, what a magic coincidence that they all just happened to be lined up as easy targets in one easy to attack place at the same time. It was a sucker punch.

People, it was just a wee bit obvious. Some of the replacement planes (B17s) were in the air flying from San Diego to Hawaii with others (fighter and attack planes) waiting on the ground in San Diego to start the trip while the Japanese attacks were taking place. Also, a replacement battleship, the USS New Mexico, was passing through the Panama Canal from just serving in the Atlantic Ocean, during those attacks and, when she reached the Pacific Ocean, she was officially designated as the US Pacific Fleet flag ship. All 3 Pacific Fleet aircraft carriers also just happened to be out of Pearl Harbor during the attack, to the surprise of the Japanese, which is why they only made two attacks on Pearl Harbor instead of the planned 3 attacks. Gee, what a bunch of magic coincidences.

I bet you believe me now, don't you?

Just like me, he makes it exactly clear why the West (US, UK, WEF) are forcing a war on Russia to destroy her and get her out of their way in setting up their beloved global dictatorship. Our leaders and their supporters are evil and it is going to require the hand of God to stop these inbred, evil, greedy, power mad, raving lunatics.

In this video Turley shows that the lying lefty media are imploding because of all of their previous lies and they are trying to stave off the fall and finish of Ukraine because, its fall will show the lies the lefty media have been telling you about "Ukraine winning the war" and that could finish off many of these propaganda machines called media.

They just keep proving me right. That is a very good video.

And, if you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.


Remember that I have been telling you that China is NOT the treat they keep telling you she is and she cannot be the top threat to the US, our commie traitors are? Remember that I have been telling you for years that her economy sucks, she has massive financial problems, her weapons are at best second rate, and many other problems?

This video tells you about her massive debt problem. Its financial problems have gotten so bad that they can no longer expand her military or add new weapons and she will soon have to start mothballing weapons and firing soldiers, which will eventually cause a military coup.

All of her districts are massively in debt and she can't bail them out so they can continue to operate, which will soon begin to cause more uprisings by the people.

He shows you how desperate China is. This tells me that China cannot sustain a war against anyone and, if she tries to invade anyone, including Taiwan, she will collapse and probably not recover for years and you can bet she knows it.

The thing to watch for here is her cutting back her own military, which is probably already happening but quietly.

Do you believe me yet that the greatest threat to the US is not China but is our own lefty commie upper class trash and their puppets?

The lefties just keep telling you China is the greatest threat to the US to distract you from seeing they are the greatest threat to you. I have been telling you that for years.

The only threat China presents to the US is the troops she already has on our soil and those troops could be used by our own upper class trash against you. Keep an eye on that.


Remember that I have been telling you that the arrogant belief and goal of pagans is that, either they are gods or will become gods?

That explains a lot about the behavior of the arrogant upper class trash because they believe they are or will become gods ruling over you inferior peasants. You are nothing more to them than chickens, pigs, and sheep and they believe they have the right to do anything they want to you or with you.

This video shows you at about 5 minutes into it that is what the pagan upper class trash lefties are doing right now. They are trying to make themselves immortal gods to rule over you forever but they will still turn on each other and kill each other for more wealth and power.

Have you noticed that most of these power mad whackos in control of such things as the WEF are old people?

It is looking like they have used chemistry to improve their heath and stave off death a little while longer to make themselves immortal gods. I have been watching this for some time and something is going on with these satanic human demon nut cases. You should know they are not going to share that with you lowly peasants.

He tells you how these "gods" are trying to become creator beings to prove they are gods but they still have not been able to make the simplest living cell so they have turned to creating fake beings like robots and AI, which are all many times simpler than the simplest living cell.

Hey, Satan was the first fake when he tried to overthrow God and he and his demons or fallen angels are all fake gods who can't create one habitable planet with all of the plants and animals on it for life.

I love the way he said God could only create "organic beings", you know, like those much, much more complex beings are inferior to much more simple mechanical beings? You know, like we humans are superior because we can create much, much more simplistic beings like robots and AI and it has taken us thousands of years to do that? Really?

If you think that Satan is superior to God, then you need to explain the horrific mess that Satan and his people have made of this planet and why it keeps getting worse and worse.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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