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Turkey Quake

This video gives you a lot of details concerning the quakes and events since.

Remember that I told you that, with two quakes of that magnitude, there would be a lot of aftershocks?

He tells you that there have been 90 aftershocks since the quakes plus additional quakes in the area.

Remember that I told you that really strong earthquakes like that will cause other quakes in the affected area and along the same fault lines?

That is because, when the earth moves in one area creating the first earthquake, it transfers pressure from that fault line to another fault line or further along that fault line causing other earthquakes.

Turkey is quickly cracking down on the formerly corrupt building industry, including government code inspectors with some people already being in custody. People are going to go to jail over the corruption that cost tens of thousands of people their lives. Hey, Erdogan has to cover his butt by putting someone else in jail he should have put there a long time ago.

And God said, "Be not deceived, you sins will find you out."


This video shows a number of things concerning how China operates that should be warning to us.

First, it shows that they bribe Americans to get what they want without those fool Americans realizing that, if China takes over, those corrupt Americans will disappear because, if we can't trust those people, China definitely cannot trust them.

Second, it shows that China will disappear their own wealthiest people when the CCP are not getting what they want and our arrogant wealthy people think that, because they give China everything China wants now, China will not disappear them after China takes over. They are arrogant, greedy stupid fools.

US Government Corruption

This video shows a little of the US Government corruption concerning passing spending bills.

You have to understand that the most common attitude in Congress concerning passing spending bills any more is, "I will vote for your bill for you to stuff tax payer money in your pocket, if you vote for my bill for me to stuff tax payer money in my pocket." That is the most common deal they make in Congress today, you know, democracy hard at work making the upper class trash more wealthy and you less wealthy.

Maybe we should have a Christian theocracy that won't allow that kind of corruption? Gee, I wonder why the left has brainwashed you to hate the idea of a Christian theocracy to prevent their corruption?

Far too many of those criminals spend far too much of their time working with the other criminals to find ways to stuff more of your money in their pockets. They don't see their government position and authority as a responsibility to the people but as an opportunity to steal more from more people faster.

Remember that I told you that a good government is run by good people and a bad government is run by bad people regardless of what type of government structure you use. Right now, our Republic is a bad government because bad people are running it.

On Judgment Day, you will find out about every little crocked deal they have made while in office and you won't like what you learn.

Great Sounding Stupid Ideas

In this video Tucker makes it very clear that the lefty academe great sounding stupid idea of equity is killing people by hiring people based on appearance and not on ability.

You have to give credit where credit is due because this was another one of many great sounding stupid ideas dreamed up by lefty academe sitting out of touch with reality in their white palaces smoking their dope. It is a real shame that, when the academe great sounding stupid ideas kill people, the academe are not the ones who die. All too often they are impervious to their own stupidity and insanity.

Maybe we should pass a law that every time one of their great sounding stupid ideas kill people, they should hang?


Remember that I have been telling you that COVID 19 was a biological warfare attack against you by the upper class trash?

This video tells you at about 8 minutes into it that 1) the Wuhan lab is a Chinese military owned lab and 2) the virus was intentionally released and those comments were from a female Chinese scientist who worked there.

Keep in mind that it was admitted by the US Government that the US was funding that Chinese military biological warfare lab owned by the Chinese military and I proved to you a few years ago that the US was using it as a front to wage biological warfare against the people of this planet and that front is so far protecting the criminals in the US who are waging biological warfare against you.

Also keep in mind that I told you during the fakedemic that it looked like they were reengineering the virus and turning it loose at different locations because the disease spread was not being done in a normal manner, indicating it was being spread intentionally and then Pfizer admitted that they kept reengineering the virus during the fakedemic.

Why are the media not asking why was the US Government funding a Chinese military biological warfare lab?

They just keep proving me right because God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out" and their sins are finding them out again and again and again.


Remember that I told you that the African nations have had enough of being ruled over by the European royals who just take resources and return little, if anything, to the people so the people are now fighting to get rid of the greedy European royals?

This video shows you how bad it has gotten for France and the royals don't learn. They don't get it. They want to keep raping the countries and the countries are tired of being raped.

The people want their nations back with full autonomy, freedoms, and rights. They want to be able to prosper instead of living in poverty, while the royals live in luxury.

To show you how stupid the royals are from thousands of years of inbreeding, the royals are right now working to make it even worse for the people in all nations by setting up their oppressive global dictatorship. They are raised to be too arrogant to learn how to treat people right and not smart enough to think, "How would I feel if other people treated me the way I treat them?"

How would they feel if they ended up owning nothing because someone else stole everything they had?

How long until these nations invade the weakened European nations to destroy them, sack them, and kill their upper class trash royals to get their African nations back?

Fighting Back

Remember that I keep telling you that I keep seeing more and more people fighting back against the insanity of the left and the great sounding stupid ideas of their academe?

This video shows you how one such move has turned El Salvador around and is improving life for most of the people.

Remember that, when the people have nothing left to lose, they will fight back and rebel.

Keep praying for these people. We need more of them.

Ukraine War

Remember that I have been warning you about how Russia is winning the Ukrainian War, while the liars are telling otherwise?

This video is very informative about a number of things like NATO cannot fight Russia right now.

Notice that they are finally recognizing Russia, China, and others as an alliance the way I have been telling you they are for a long time. It took them long enough to figure it out. People, they formed that alliance decades ago and the intellectually superior upper class trash royals are just now figuring it out.

He tells you that the CIA and others are consistently wrong because they do not learn to understand their enemy like I did. I studied them, their history, and other things.

That is why our intel people keep being taken by surprise and why they keep sending troops into the Russia cauldron to be destroyed like idiots. Until they learn to understand Russia and Putin, they are not going to beat them.

But, hey, what do you expect from people who have reprobate minds, Intelligence?

Mark sent me this e-mail:

"I agree with your assessment of the criminal left in ITYS 532.

The reason that the Left have been turning the world into a cesspool, is that they cannot even see the truth. That is because they hate God. A reprobate mind is unable to know the truth. Look at how totally wrong the leftists are. The proof is before their very eyes, but they are still blind to and wrong about the cause of crime.

I know a corrections officer and he tells me that some people must be separated from society. Some bad guys must be kept in cages like wild animals because they cannot be controlled any other way because they are incapable of controlling themselves. Those folks are completely evil, just like those leftists that want those animals to be let loose on society. Since Leftists are Godless, they are evil incarnate and frankly, stupid. Thus anything goes that gives them power over those smarter than them; that is, normal, hardworking, law-abiding citizens are all smarter than they are."

Listen, if you choose to follow God, you get the wisdom of God we call common sense but, if you choose to follow Satan, you get the stupidity of Satan.

How smart is Satan?

He was created by God as God's right hand man so he was closer to God than any other being so that he personally saw the infinitely superior intelligence, power and magnificence of God, yet he became so arrogant that he thought he could be better than God, which defies common sense.

After that failed, he has spent the last 6,000 years trying to beat God without winning one time but he persists in doing the same things that have failed for thousands of years again and again and again, believing that, if he just does more of what has failed for thousands of years, it will eventually magically succeed, which is where his followers, the stupid pagan lefties, get the same stupid idea because they chose Satan's stupidity instead of the wisdom of God or common sense.

He is so lacking in common sense that Satan can't learn from his mistakes so he just keeps making the same stupid mistakes for thousands of years. He is the ultimate fool.

Remember that I told you that God has to eternally incarcerate the damned in God's eternal penal institution, the Lake of Fire, because, if after trillions of years, God turns them loose, they will just go right back to doing what they have been doing here on Earth, turning Paradise into the same hell on earth because they can't learn with their reprobate minds?

The Bible tells us that God is going to prove that to be true. At the Battle of Armageddon, Jesus will put Satan in the Bottomless pit or Lake of Fire FOR 1,000 YEARS, while Jesus reigns on Earth in peace for 1,000 years. At the end of that 1,000 years, Jesus will turn Satan loose back on Earth "because everyone has to be tested", including the people born during that 1,000 years.

What will Satan do when turned loose after 1,000 years of burning in the Lake of Fire? Will he have learned his lesson, repent of his sins or crimes against God, and beg for mercy and forgiveness?

Nah, he is too arrogant and stupid for that, you know, just like all pagan lefties. The Bible tells us he will just go right back to doing what failed him for 6,000 years only to fail one last time because Satan doesn't have the wisdom of God or common sense.

I disagree with the guy about Putin wanting to put the Soviet Union back together. The Soviet Union was based on atheistic communism and Putin is a devout Christian and not a communist. For him to put the Soviet Union back together Putin would have to do away with his Orthodox Christianity and he won't do that. They still do not understand Putin.

What I have not seen anyone get right is that, if they do manage to have "regime change" and get rid of Putin, he will just be replaced by someone else like Putin and maybe more aggressive. They think Putin is one of a kind and he isn't because he has surrounded himself with others like him.

This is why all of these experts keep being surprised; they don't understand their enemy because they never studied them. The Russia generals don't think the way our experts think they think.


Remember that I told you that, if China tries to invade Taiwan, she will pull back a stub or two and I did a strategic analysis for you to prove it?

They just keep proving me right.

In this brief video the most important thing is that they are saying that Xi doesn't know whether he can successfully invade Taiwan, you know, just like I told you he couldn't.

I knew when I posted that essay that most people probably thought I was nuts in spite of my strategic analysis because they have been seeing all over TeeBee that China could just waltz right into Taiwan. "You know, hey, China is bigger and has more people" for their strategic analysis.

They try to blame Russia for China realizing they might not be able to succeed but that is the producer's ignorance. China's people can do a strategic analysis too.

They did point out one of the reasons why China might not succeed being that China has inferior weapons and they also tried to blame that on Russia but that is crap. China is not good at reverse engineering weapons and they are always worse than the weapons they tried to reverse engineer.

The basic strategic analysis for that video is, "Because of Russia, China might not succeed", which is just really ignorant and stupid.

The important thing is that China realizes she can't do it for a number of reasons that I shared with you.

Now, maybe you will believe my strategic analyses?

The best way China has any hope of winning a significant war right now is by fighting with Russia and the Latinos to fight from within the US to destroy the US and even that will be a tough fight because the US military and our militias have been preparing for that war for decades and I have told you about that.

Our biggest obstacle will be that our worst enemies, the lefties, who are easily the greatest threat to our nation, have been aiding China, the Latinos, Muslims, and even Russia at infiltrating into the US so they are already inside our gates, which is why I keep telling you to secure your red zones to keep them out of your inner gates.

Hey, keep them out of your red zones so they will wipe out the blue zones and the lefty traitors. That will save us a lot of work.

Afghan Joe

You have to understand that all top officials or national leaders have doubles to protect them and I am certain that Afghan Joe has a double because the differences in abilities are far too radical for his ailment. It is normal for a sick person to vary a little in ability but no where nearly as much as Afghan Joe is varying.

We saw this with Hillary's double and I pointed that out to you there also.

Note that, if it is the double who gets sick, they get rid of them and replace them but, if it is the actual person, they can't get rid of them. I still think the real Hillary may have died and all they have now is the double.

Keep an eye on this.

Gog and Magog

Get it straight; Gog and Magog are in Turkey, not Russia; Gog and Magog are in Turkey, not Russia, Gog and Magog are in Turkey, not Russia.

You have to understand that, after Rome and the Church of Rome split into Rome and the Catholic Church in the West and Byzantium and the Christian Orthodox Church in the east, it created animosity between the Catholic Church and the Christian Orthodox Church.

After the Byzantine Empire fell in Turkey, it forced the Christian Orthodox Church to move from Turkey to Russia to survive. Because of the tension between the two, the Catholic Church began saying that Gog and Magog meant Russia so Russia (therefore also the Christian Orthodox Church) would try to invade Israel in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to make Russia and the Christian Orthodox Church look evil and prove that the Catholic Church is not evil.

It is not Russia who will try to invade Israel in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. That will be Muslim Turkey, where Gog and Magog really are.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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