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Rome II

Remember that I have been telling you that Rome II or the West is falling?

If you want more evidence of how bad it is, just watch this video telling you just how close our nation is to complete failure. You better practice kissing your butt goodbye because of the lefty upper class trash and their puppets.

When I see how stupid our upper class trash are, I don't see how anyone other than God can save this nation intact and He isn't going to because we turned away from Him. God let us have all of that satanic lefty stuff most of us wanted and it is destroying our nation.

Remember that, after Rome fell, they had to start building new nations to replace Rome and that is what we will have to do. This is not going to be pretty.

Don't believe me?

Go study history and see where we are going right now.

Here is a little more help at seeing where the US or Rome II is heading in this video telling us just how bad our military has gotten and is getting. This woke crap in our military, especially being used for recruiting, will get more lefties to go into the military and discourage conservatives from joining or staying in. Remember that this satanic military of lefties is the military that Obama will lead into the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Can you see why God will destroy that military on the fields of Lebanon and Syria? Why would He not?

Hey, we are going to get rid of all of that bad top brass too because they will be in Damascus kissing the right butts for promotions and money when God destroys Damascus.

Do you see why God is going to destroy all of those evil, satanic people in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

God is going to be doing the world a favor and making the world a better place by sending most of them to Hell. God won't send all of them just yet, only most of them. The rest will follow later but, until then, God has to keep some bad guys around to temp others to be like them.

And God said, "Life is a test."

Do you believe me yet that the left is quickly destroying the Republic of the US and turning it into a dictatorship?

This video details that they are already turning this nation into a commie/royal/Muslim dictatorship on a daily basis in so many ways by forcing you to do everything they say. You don't have a choice; you do it or else they punish you.

This video is another example of how our nation is dying and why. I am convinced that the lefty insanity has taken our nation beyond the point of no return.

The question is, "When is God going to kill off these satanic lefties so we can take our country back and build a new nation to protect the people?"

The Republic is almost completely dead and getting closer every day because of the lefty royals. There is no turning back now. There is only regaining control and building a new nation to once again move forward.


When I look at the incredible things God did with this planet, solar system, galaxy, and cosmos, I can't even being to imagine what Jesus was talking about when He said that He "was going to prepare things for us that have never entered into the heart of man." That will be stunning.

I want to live in that cabin in those woods near that stream and pond with all of those plants and animals forever. That will be wonderful.


I just found out that there is a growing Christian revival in Europe and that alone can prevent Russia, a Christian nation, from invading Europe.

This video shows that revival is happening. We have new hope that God will save at least part of Europe and this tells me that many of the evil upper class trash now controlling much of Europe will probably die in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 with the rest fleeing to Mystery Babylon right after to help form the Muslim Caliphate that will be the Tribulation one world government and church.

This tells me that it is very likely that the Christian and other conservative Europeans will have to fight a war like ours to regain control of at least most of Europe like we will have to do in the US.

You better all pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been saying for years that we should set up a global prayer vigil for our fellow Christians?

This video shows that many Christians need that prayer and you may also need it in the near future so remember your fellow Christians around the world in prayer.

Wild Life Management

I just found out that the Commierats are planning to stop all hunting and fishing in as many states as they can. I studied wild life management and this will be disastrous to the environment because a bunch of ignorant, feel good commies who probably couldn't pass freshman biology want to feel good by protecting the poor widdle animals from us terrible humans because of the ignorant crap their lefty college professors taught them.

You have to understand that hunting and fishing permits are issued based on the number of the organisms that need to be depopulated in that area to maintain an ecological balance and prevent a horrific biological die off.

I was only about 5 years old in Washington State when I saw a film at a movie theater about how they tried that lefty bull crap with deer in Washington State and the resultant famine and biological die off. I will never forget the pictures of so many young and old deer starving to death because their population quickly grew beyond the carrying capacity or the ability for that area to provide food for the deer.

It was horrific and we have idiot and ignorant lefty college professors teaching that same insanity to students today so they are talking about doing the same thing in numerous states without knowing the horrible mess it will cause in all of those states.

The lefty college professors screw up everything they get involved in and this will be very bad. They are clueless imbeciles who go off on insane crusades to make millions of dollars in book sales without knowing what they are talking about. They have to be the most destructive people on the planet.


Remember that I have been telling you that the West continuing to escalate things in Ukraine to destroy Russia will eventually force Russia to invade Europe and the US?

Concerning the continued providing of weapons by the West, Russia warned the West, "The Kyiv regime and its Western sponsors should be warned about the inevitable deplorable consequences of their plans."

Russia has had just about enough and is threatening both Ukraine and the West or NATO that they have had enough. This has probably been made worse by Ukraine attacking Moscow with drones.

The West is so insane they just cannot quit trying to get rid of Putin to set up their evil global dictatorship in spite of everything they have done has failed and backfired on them. They insanely keep believing that, if they keep doing more and more of what has failed, it will eventually work.

And you think these evil things are more intelligent than you? Really?

Something is about to happen in Ukraine. Wagner is saying they are pulling out of Bakhmut on May 10 in this video because of a lack of artillery munitions but the truth is that the Russian Army will be replacing them on May 10.

It looks like they were using Wagner to do the dirty work in Bakhmut, while the Russian Army ramped up for their offensive and, now that the Army is ready, they are replacing Wagner, while fooling the idiot Western leaders that it is just a troop rotation.

This tells me that, most likely, the Russian Army will be starting their offensive after May 10.

Then I found this video and in the beginning, it showed an inspection of troops and tanks that are massive just waiting to do battle with Ukraine. It was obvious that Ukraine doesn't have a prayer.

It should be obvious that Russia has been just holding ground and making it look like they are struggling to sucker the last of the Ukrainian forces in to be overwhelmed and destroyed in one last, powerful move.

I just found out that, in January, Putin quadrupled the production of an armored troop carrier and no telling what else he ramped up production of.

Keep an eye on this.

Remember that I told you above that the Wagner group leaving on May 10 with the Russian Army replacing him means something is about to happen?

What I just found out is that is a con and cover to get the Russian Army in to reinforce the Wagner Group to finish taking Bakhmut more quickly. Basically, they beefed up Wagner with the Russian Army to finish Bakhmut with plans for Wagner to be out of there by May 10, after they took down Bakhmut.

"Hey, don't pay attention to the Russian Army moving in here. They are just going to replace us. Wink, wink."

This video shows you that but also shows you something I have been watching. One strategy Russia has been using is to not drive the Ukrainian/NATO forces out of Bakhmut but to crowd them into that one area with high rise buildings and then bomb and shell them in mass. With them crowded into a relatively small place like that, the same munitions will kill many more of them. It is a trap and Russia just sprung it. Not many of those soldiers will survive that mess.

BTW, Russia has one of the three biggest and best air forces in the world (US, Russia, and Israel - China's air force is second rate with a lot of problems) and has barely used it in Ukraine so far. When she finally commits her air force to the battle, she can crush Ukraine within days, which is why she has focused on destroying the Ukrainian air defenses before committing her air force.

Then I found this video telling you that the Russian forces are not there to relieve Wagner until May 10 but is there to help Wagner finish taking Bakhmut so Wagner can leave on May 10. Wagner being upset and ready to "pull out" was just cover for moving Russian troops in to help Wagner finish taking Bakhmut.

Then I found this video that is PR and propaganda to warn the US and UK to back off and probably also justify Russia staging a preemptive strike against the US and UK for acts of war against Russia.

The idiots just won't quit and King Charles may not be the King of anything on Earth much longer but soon find his butt ruling a few square feet in Hell.

This video confirms what I saw earlier about them now using Russian tanks to advance more quickly and it provides some good intel.

Notice that these tanks are having no problem moving in the moist soil so it looks like the soil has dried enough to use tanks off road.

Second, notice the device over the tops of those tanks. They are there because the tank armor is thinner and weakest on top so the US began having missiles suddenly drop straight down on the tanks to get through their thin armor on top. Those defensive devices are there to stop those missiles from reaching that thin armor on top of the tanks.

You see how you use a countermeasure to more easily take out the tanks and then they develop a countermeasure to better protect the tank from your countermeasure?

That is why us being in anyway involved in this war is stupid because it helps Russia develop countermeasures to our measures to do better against us in a war with Russia.

No sooner do I write stuff and they prove me right like with this video about Russian countermeasures making US weapons systems less effective against Russian weapons. They even tell you that Russia develops a countermeasure so the US develops a counter-countermeasure and Russia develops a counter to that countermeasure.

I have warned you that Russia's ECM has gotten much, much better since Nam.

Pagan Hypocrisy

You want to know some fun pagan hypocrisy?

The pagans, especially scientists, say that the idea of a superior being creating life by design from the molecules of the soil, you know, the dust of the earth, is preposterous but they are spending at least hundreds of millions to billions of dollars a year in their labs trying to do what they say a superior being could not do.

They think they can do what a superior being cannot do and they have not succeeded yet? Hey, how are those reprobate minds doing?

Think about that.


Taiwan is training its civilians to be able to survive an attack by China. From what I saw, it is mostly about how to survive the military disasters caused by an attack like fires and escaping buildings.

That is probably going to at least increase the number of people who will volunteer to learn to actually fight China in a Taiwan militia.

Remember that I told you that I was getting the feeling that China is encouraging Pakistan to go to war with India to tie down Indian troops so China can feel free to use some of her troops facing off with India to invade Taiwan?

This video shows that is what is really going on because, without China's financial support, Pakistan cannot finance a fight with India.

British Royal Family

Remember that I have been teaching you that there are 54 nations in the British Common Wealth and, if at any time, the King of England orders it, they must all subjugate to the British Royal Family and return to being under the monarchy with the royals their absolute rulers?

In this video she gives you more details and tells you about a growing rebellion within those and other nations because they can see the writing on the wall.

She tells you that there are now 14 nations for which the King is already their King and 12 of them are rebelling. She tells you that increasing numbers of nations, including India, are considering leaving the British Common Wealth, of which Australia recently said they are considering also.

It looks like the upper class trash royal plans for their global monarchy are failing in another way.

Man plans, God laughs.

She tells you there are 56 countries in the Common Wealth and the last time I checked I thought there were 54 so I stand corrected on that. When I am wrong, I try to admit it.

Have you noticed that it is the same globalist media promoting the globalist agenda that are promoting King Charles?

Gee, what a magic coincidence. If you connect enough dots, you get the picture.

Well, the British Royal Monarchy is back and, while he was getting his expensive hat on his head, his Gestapo was outside arresting anti-monarchy protestors because they no longer have the right to protest, especially against the King, you know, just like in all democracies.

Now that he has officially reestablished the Royal Rule over Britain, the British Common Wealth is next followed by his relatives currently controlling the US bringing the US back under his control, then he will bring Europe under his control, and then the world or at least that is his plan.

Just remember that man plans, God laughs.

Then I found this really good video that gives a very brief and limited view of how evil the British Royals have always been and still are. You should expect the same horrendous behavior from Charles and William, I mean, after all, they are already arresting people for protesting.

Meghan has openly accused them of being racist with the lying lefty media saying there has been no sign of them being racist in spite of the obvious fact that Meghan's mother is black and they hate her. Think about that.

Remember that I told you that they murdered their own family members for power and wealth?

She showed you a few of those murders but they butchered each other and other people much more because it was only an 8 minute video. She could have talked for hours on their brutal inhumanities. Hey, just look at the tensions between Harry and William.

So, how long will it take William to murder Harry? Remember that I told you that ALL dictators purge EVERYONE they THINK MIGHT be a threat to them? Maybe Harry and Meghan will have a fatal accident soon?

She didn't even begin to show how they treated their own British subjects with their evil Serf System, you know, just like the Peasantry and Peonage systems practiced throughout all of Europe, what I call non ownership slavery. It was savage and brutal and NONE of the royals regret any of it but want to return to doing more of it again, you know, "you will own nothing."

Know that the rest of the European Royals were just as ruthless, brutal, savage, and cruel and she pointed out a tiny bit of that with WWI. She also showed you a tiny bit about how all of the Euro-American Royals are one big family of inhuman and satanic monsters with a few good members like Trump mixed in.

With a few exceptions, they never have been Christian, they have been poser Christians giving true Christians a bad name, while worshiping Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, Baphomet, the Horned One, and other names for Satan behind closed doors.

Do you believe Jesus yet that the rich (royals) will almost all burn in Hell?

She just told you a tiny part of the reason for that.

BTW, NONE of the royals around the world over the last 3,500 years treated their people any better. They were all brutal, cruel, savages who oppressed, impoverished, enslaved, robbed, and murdered their people all of the time. The only thing any of them have ever cared about was themselves and their bank accounts.

Do you believe me yet that ALL of the wars for the last 3,500 years were caused by royals fighting royals for power and wealth, while murdering millions of your ancestors, you know, just like she showed with WWI? Do you believe me yet that, if the royals get their global dictatorship, they will quickly recruit you into their armies to die fighting the other royals for power and wealth just like they have for thousands of years?

And God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

There is a possibility that God is going to let this continue until the royals show all of their true evil colors so everyone will be forced to make a knowledgeable choice between the royals and good.

I expect that some of the next moves will include the total submission of all of Britain to the British Monarchy, the submission of the entire British Common Wealth to the British Monarchy, and then the submissions of other Western nations like Europe and the US to the British Monarchy, with the lefties currently ruling the US showing their true colors and intensions by trying to force the entire US to submit to the British Monarchy. Where everything is right now, this could and has to happen soon and quickly.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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