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King Charles

In this video this protestant priest tells you that it is obvious that King Charles is NOT a born again Christian so he is a pagan and poser Christian, which is why he talks about all religions living in harmony just like a New Ager, when it shouldn't be possible.

This video shows the British Royal tyranny is already starting by the courts forcing a child to do something that child should not and does not want to do.

This is the kind of government tyranny our Founding Fathers fought a war to free us from and as soon as the Brits got their King back to ruling things, the tyranny resumes and you can bet it will only get worse for the people who are forced to live under the rule of the British Royal Family. You will do what they say or else, just like the royals have been doing for thousands of years.

14,000,000 Million Jobs

What do they mean when they are saying they are going to do away with 14 million jobs in the near future?

What they have done is use their control of all of the major corporations to create 14 million middle management jobs they really don't need so that, when they decide to, they can cut those 14 million jobs all at the same time, crashing the economy to cause a super depression, while improving the profits for those businesses by decreasing their employee overhead.

College Professors

When teachers or college professors teach their students to commit crimes, that makes them complicit in those crimes and accomplices so those "educators" should be prosecuted as accomplices in those crimes.

When attorneys knowingly write laws that are in violation of the US Constitution, they are committing treason against the nation and, when their law professors teach them to write laws in violation of the US Constitution, they are teaching their students to commit treason so they are complicit in those treasons and accomplices so they should all be prosecuted for treason, which should be a capital crime.

Since instituting Marxism under any name requires the destruction of the existing government, teaching Marxism under any name in a positive manner should be treason and punishable by death.

We need to start holding the educators responsible for what they teach people to do because they are the source of almost all of the harmful ideas and agendas used by people to cause harm to others. They have been getting away with their crimes against humanity for far too long.

Teaching or telling someone to commit a crime is a crime.

Mass Shootings

Remember that I told you that lefty shrinks are brainwashing and doping people to go out and do these mass shootings?

Think not?

Suddenly, there are a bunch of mass shootings in Texas to get rid of Texas gun laws. Gee, what a magic coincidence that a bunch of mass shooters just happen to start killing people at the same time in the same place, while the left is trying to change gun laws in the place.

This mass shooting thing is going to keep getting worse until you start hanging those shrinks and everyone else involved in causing the mass shootings to get rid of guns. Hey, those lefty shrinks are getting away with mass murder and their weapon of choice is their brainwashed and doped up mass shooters.


If I were in electronic warfare weapons development, I would be setting up a weapon system using rockets to follow the signals being transmitted by the drones and especially the drone operators to the target and take out the drones and operators.

If you just take out the drones, the operator can just pick up and fly a new drone against you but, if you take out the operators, they have to train a new operator and you get a free drone to use against them.

Why are they not doing this?

Because they have not set up an electronics warfare system that will tell you whether the transmitted signal from both is yours or theirs. All they have to do is modulate an ID signal into both transmitters that will tell you whether that signal is from your side or their side so you only lock onto the signals from their side.

When that happens drones become obsolete so they are putting it off and paying the price.


Remember that I have been telling you that Putin is NOT bluffing about invading Europe and the US and fighting a nuke war to stop this insanity?

This video tells me that some of the Western leaders are finally realizing that Putin is not bluffing and that is why some have jumped ship and others are talking about jumping ship on the West.

Listen, Putin did not bluff about going into Ukraine and he is not bluffing about going into Europe and the US. It is the West that is bluffing and pushing Putin and Putin is calling their bluff.

The rest of the West better wake up soon because Putin is within weeks to a few months of going into Europe and the US to stop their war against him.

Woke Military

Remember that I told you that the left is destroying our military with their woke recruitment by chasing the conservatives out and encouraging lefties to join so the military will not try to stop them from setting up their dictatorship in the US?

This video tells you they have already chased alpha males out of the military and are increasing the number of lefties joining the military. This will be THEIR military that will obey THEIR unconstitutional orders to oppress and enslave you and not try to stop their leaders' crimes against you. The lefties are stacking the deck against you.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load. You better join a militia, get trained, get organized, and secure your red zones. Sooner or later you are going to have to fight and every day it gets one day closer to sooner.

This will definitely be the military Obama will take to invade Israel and most to all of them will die "in the Northern hills of Israel" or Syria and Lebanon. That will get rid of a lot of Antifa and BLM lefties.

Ukrainian War

Remember that I told you that the Wagner Group threatening to pull out, after having almost won the battle, was just PR and propaganda to confuse the enemy?

This video tells you that others have also figured it out and Wagner may even stay in that fight after they take Bakhmut.

It is called psychological warfare and Russia just did a good job of it.

God tells me, I tell you, and they prove God right.

I keep seeing everyone getting all uptight about Russia staging a missile/drone "barrage" or attack starting their offensive only to find out it was just 20 or 30 or 40+ drones and missiles combined.

People, before Russia starts her final offensive, she is certainly going to launch hundreds of missiles, drones, bombs, and artillery per day to soften up and weaken the enemy.

What Russia is doing right now is taking out key targets to weaken Ukraine for this continuing war.


What Turley says in this video is true for the media but I am seeing a disconcerting trend among YouTube Vloggers in that conservative channels are suddenly spitting out the lefty garbage telling me they have sold out for temporary increase in wealth that will shut them down later so they won't make any money. I guess this is God getting rid of the poser patriots so you will know who to believe and who not to believe.

I believe they are either selling out to get and keep advertisers or are taking bribes and may have even sold their channel to the upper class trash, like Soros and company, you know, the way the MSM did. This will destroy them just as fast or even faster than it has destroyed the lefty media.

There are a number of channels I have quit watching because they stopped telling the truth and are putting out the same lies, misinformation, and propaganda the lefty media are doing. They have clearly sold their souls to Satan.

You better bet that the upper class trash losing their MSM will just cause them to buy out the Vloggers they can to keep putting out their lies until they also go broke. The upper class trash just use up the media and throw them away.

Keep an eye on this.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Rome II

Remember that I told you that you will have to let the lefties have the legal entity of the Republic of the US and build a completely new nation from scratch?

This video tells you why. No nation can function when it is completely broke and you cannot build a new nation without money, much less that far in debt.

The lefty upper class trash have destroyed the Republic of the US in every way possible so the easiest and fastest way to rebuild is dump what the lefties already destroyed on them and start something new from scratch. Let them try to rebuild the Republic of the US and you build something new and better.

Look, they are trying to unconstitutionally buy up all businesses with one business and all banks with one bank so that you will only be able to buy anything and everything from them and you MUST keep your money in their bank. That way, if you do not do what you are told, they will not sell you anything, including food, and you will not be able to access your money. They will have absolute control over you.

That is why I keep saying that you MUST do away with the Stock Market. It was designed for the upper class trash royals by the upper class trash royals to control you and they are now using it to establish absolute control over you. The Stock Market makes it too easy for them to control you and every business and bank.

In every way possible they have almost completely destroyed the Constitutional Republic of the US, especially with Afghan Joe writing "executive orders", you know, just like a dictator. Hint, hint.

Did you notice that Congress is not trying to stop him because they are part of this upper class trash royal insurrection?

When Obama nukes Chicago, he will also have to take out Congress and the Supreme Court to prevent any resistance to his absolute rule and don't be surprised if he gets his nukes from Afghan Austin and Afghan Milley, you know, his people. That way, he and his deep state bureaucrats can seize control, he will declare a national emergency, use that to declare martial law, suspend the US Constitution so you won't have ANY constitutional rights, and God showed me in a dream that he will impose Sharia Law on us so he will become your Caliph because he is a devout Shiite Muslim.

That will automatically put an end to our Constitutional Republic and turn it into a Muslim Caliphate.

You are not going to have a choice concerning forgetting the Constitutional Republic of the US and building a new and better Christian republic or theocracy. The lefties are making that choice for you right now by destroying our Constitutional Republic. You will be forced to start over with a better government.

Hey, it will get rid of the deep state, our national debt, all of the bad laws they have written, and all of those corrupt politicians.

Yes, I know, I love the Republic too but she is dead, murdered by the left, so morn, move on, and start new with something better. If you get hung up on trying to rebuild a nation that damaged and dead, the best you can end up with is an impoverished third world nation for your kids and grandkids to live in. You can and should do better than that for your children.

I served my country when it was very unpopular to do so during Nam and now I am going to have to serve my people to help them build a new nation because the lefty traitors have destroyed our nation.

BTW, do you understand why Putin is fighting so hard and willing to fight a nuclear war to prevent this from happening to Russia? Why are you not fighting that hard to prevent this from happening to your nation?

What kills me is that they all think they will share control and power but it will end up being only a handful of the ones at the top who will ultimately have absolute control and power with the rest of them being forced to submit to and even be killed by that handful. The idiots are destroying their freedoms and rights too and too stupid to realize it.

Remember that I told you at the beginning of the Ukrainian War that NATO wanted for Ukraine to be a member of NATO so they could get missiles within easy striking distance of Moscow?

Ukraine's drone attack against Moscow proves what I said because it should now be obvious that Moscow is even within easy drone range of Ukraine.

Do you get the picture yet?

Well, China is about to get stronger because the EU idiots are planning to sanction her, you know, it didn't work with Russia so let's do it with China.

This video shows you how brain dead stupid the Western upper class trash royal leaders are.

They and their idiot lefty college professors don't have enough functioning brain cells among them to realize that, if you don't let your people buy from their people, then their people will not buy from your people, hurting your economy too. Sanctions cut both ways and the idiots are too inbred stupid to figure that out. They have not learned one thing from the mistakes they made with Russia and are so stupid and arrogant they can't even admit that everything they did has failed.

Every time you begin to think, "They can't get any dumber than that," they do. I am absolutely convinced that the left is having an international stupid contest and they keep proving me right.

They really do have to be the stupidest people in history.

Watch them because that is what reprobate minds look like. They can't think worth crap. If you are not super stupid, you cannot be a lefty.

If you think I am wrong, watch this video because it tells you that 36% of American voters are stupid enough that, with all of the damage and harm Afghan Joe has caused them, they still believe he is doing a good job.

Hint: If someone is kicking you in the crotch and you still think they are a good guy with good intentions, you are super stupid.

36% of the people approve of his performance? Really?

They must all either be in a cemetery or mental ward. With that many super stupid people voting, we are really screwed. Truly, God has given them ALL over to reprobate minds.

Remember that I told you that Erdogan is probably going to jump ship on NATO and the West to join up with BRICS?

This video shows another sign that he will probably do that in the not too distant future.


This is a good video that everyone should think about. It is very true and it should be obvious that he is describing mostly the left.

Anytime you put anything between you and God, God will take that away from you to bring you closer to Him. That is why God is letting our country fail right now so what you wanted and got will destroy our nation, you will lose what you wanted, and it bring you back to Him.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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