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There is so much to talk about today that I had to make notes.

The first thing I want to discuss today is the idea of starting up a new political party because it is now blatantly obvious that the Commiecrat and Repulsive parties are the same party because the same crooks have infiltrated and taken over both parties. The first big red flag was when, after Billy Boy Clinton retired, Billy Boy and the first George Bush became best buds traveling around the world together having fun. The important thing about this is that, when I was a kid, I was taught that birds of the feather flock together and I have learned that this is very true. Most good people don't hang out with criminals because the good people tend to be repulsed by criminals and good people definitely don't become best friends with criminals.

I tried to give the Repulsive Party the benefit of the doubt because that could have been just Bush being an idiot because he was a pretty stupid president anyway but I didn't forget about it. One thing I kept in mind was that Bush 1 was the first president to begin tearing down the US military following Reagan building it up. In of itself, that was a red flag. I kept that in the back of my mind because, after all, that was a dot.

Then I saw Bush 2 doing stupid stuff, especially after his second election and increasing numbers of GOP politicians siding with the Commiecrats on issues for which they should have been on the other side of the fence. One thing which really bothered me about Bush 2 was that he didn't properly build up the US military from the very first when going into war against at least five other countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and North Korea, the "Axis of Evil". This was especially disconcerting after Billy Boy Clinton almost completely destroyed the US military when he was in office. Which, BTW, is one of the most important things which caused this war by making the US military appear weak. Then I saw Obama continuing and accelerating what Bush 2 had been doing and the Repulsive Party rigging primary elections to feed the conservative voters liberal presidential candidates to vote for. Now I am seeing Bush 2 running all over the planet being best buds with Obama and Obama is still in office. Get the picture?

People, the criminals have such complete control of both parties they are rubbing it in our face and laughing at us. They are being arrogant about it. Today, I saw that Jeb Bush is saying they should pass an immigration law in Florida similar to the federal law. It is blatantly obvious that both parties have been taken over by the same group of criminals. One big advantage to starting a new party will be that it will be much easier for people to convert to your new party from both parties because the new party doesn't have any baggage and both old parties have become nothing but baggage.

It is time to start a new party though I believe it may be too late but you can always use the organization of a new party to help win this rapidly approaching civil war and build a new nation after the war.

Next, I have been seeing and hearing rumors about international troop movements in and around the US. I have been trying to research and varify these things but our wonderful media, even the "conservative" news and blogs, don't think these things are important enough to report on them in spite of the fact that they are being reported by the media in other countries. That, in of itself, is a big red flag to me and causes me to question the reliability of the conservative news and blogs.

More than a week ago, the US and Russia signed an agreement to provide troops to each other's countries in times of unrest and for emergency situations in complete violation of the US Constitution and Federal law. If that isn't a big red flag, what is? Obviously Obama is having trouble getting US military officers to agree to follow orders to turn their guns on US citizens so Obama plans to bring in Ruskie troops who will.

Then, last week, Obama requested Russia send "at least" a whopping 15,000 Russian troops which will be assigned duty in FEMA Region III which includes Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia for an undetermined emergency or crisis.

That one sentence is so full of intel it is incredible and what should it tell you? First, Obama doesn't trust the US military (guess whose side they are on) and is going to station 15,000+ Ruskie troops around Washington DC to protect his sorry butt hoping the US military won't attack the Ruskie troops and risk starting WWIII. The problem with that logic is that, if the Ruskie troops are here protecting Obama, Obama declares martial law, the Ruskies don't stand down and persist in protecting Obama, it will be an act of war.

Second, it should be obvious that Obama is planning an undetermined crisis or red flag event so he can declare martial law. Third, this plus Obama giving China the US Naval Base in San Diego clearly show that Obama and company are in bed with the Ruskies and Chicom to seize control of the US government and set up a commie dictatorship. They are either so sure or so desperate that they are willing to show their hand by being so obvious.

BTW, what do you think those Ruskie troops remind me of? Think German mercs used by Britain during the US Revolution. Get the picture?

Then I keep seeing info about there being more than a dozen Chinese bases in Mexico set up to invade the US across our southern border. From what I have been able to find out, these are all air bases with large military runways but they are currently being used to store huge amounts of army vehicles and weapons. Supposedly, the only personnel on these bases at this time are people maintaining the facilities and weapons systems.

The important thing to understand here is timing. For example, when are those Ruskie troops supposed to arrive in Washington DC? That should tell me when you can expect Obama to stage his undetermined crisis. Or when you see a huge fleet of Chicom ships moving towards San Diego, Guam, and Hawaii, you should expect China to begin its military landings in San Diego. If you see combat planes flying into those Chicom bases in Mexico to protect those bases from US attacks, with additional flights bringing in troops right on their heels, that is when you should expect China to invade the Southern US.

That is the kind of intel you need to watch for but it is extremely difficult to find this information anywhere so you just have to keep your eyes open and look for shadows moving in the background. We need someone who knows what they are talking about to provide that intel to the community so you can have a better idea of when things will get nasty. Let me say that, if the US military would legally provide me with such intel, I would post it for you. You really need it because I see so much ignorance based panic and bad rumors floating around out there that can get people in trouble. I have already written about some of it.

I have decided to soon post an essay with "UNCLASSIFIED" military and intelligence information to help you people think your way through all of the garbage. Note that I won't tell you anything which is classified or I feel will compromise any potential military plans but I will discuss what the enemy is doing and what it should tell you. You would be amazed at the things I could tell you but WILL NOT tell you and I already know about concerning our military. The problem is that, if I tell you about it, I will also be telling the enemy about it and I won't do that. Just know that the US military has been watching these liberal traitors make their plans to take over and destroy the USA for more than half a century and the military also has its plans which is why Obama is afraid of and trying to neutralize the US military. I can't tell you what the military's plans are but I can and will tell you what the traitors' plans are.

Then I see this turkey, Trump, saying that he can fix our problems. Bwahahahaha!!! Listen this man has admitted in interviews with the media that the way he has made most of his money has been to take out loans from different banks, declare bankruptcy, and keep the money. If the banks try to prosecute, he threatens to sue the banks scaring the banks into backing off and letting Trump keep their stolen money.

He was openly admitting and bragging to the media that he has made most of his money by stealing it and that he is a criminal who has made most of his money from bank fraud, cons, and acts of financial terrorism. Now, do you want this confessed criminal to be in charge of your country? It should be obvious that Trump won't fix a thing and will only change the pocket he is putting your money into. All Trump wants is the opportunity to freely steal as much of your money as he can in 4 years.

We really need to start a new political party but I think it will take a war where you, the people, round up and execute all the upper class trash (not all the upper class, only the corrupt ones) along with all their traitor puppets in order to clean this mess up enough to get a fresh start. I just don't see any way around it. Even if the military stages a coup, they will have to execute all these criminals for treason before they can clean up the mess. If they don't, these criminals will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again. Just how many times do you want for you and your family to go through the crap the traitors are putting you through? Next time, they might succeed and then you will all die.

Then I just saw that Congress is thinking about making it possible for them to work from their homes by "telecommuting". The lame excuse they are using is that it will permit them to get in better touch with the real world. (Excuse me, I have to pick myself up off the floor from laughing so hard.) Yeah, right, like these rich criminals are going to get in touch with anything except the people bribing them while they lounge around their fancy palaces. Talk about getting lazy, they don't even want to have to work to steal from us. They want to just sit at home in their harem doing dope while spending the money. Talk about arrogance.

Then I see stuff about Obama's approval rating going down to 43%. Big deal, even if his approval rating goes down to 20%, they won't be able to impeach Obama because the stupid blacks (not the smart blacks) will riot in the streets. I don't care about Obama's approval rating, I care about what he is doing to our nation, when he is going to set up his dictatorship and start the civil war.

Clearly, it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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