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The EU has decided that it sees no need for a Jewish state, even with the increasing persecution of Jews throughout the world, and has decided that the pre 1967 borders of Israel are Israel and the rest is occupied Palestinian land. It must be all of the oil and natural gas the EU is getting from the Muslims. It won't be long now. Things are suddenly moving very quickly.


Israel is scheduled to take possession of their first F-35s in December 2016. They already have plans to "boost" the performance, in other words, make the things work.

Israel has stated that they want to double the range of the plane (you know, like to Iran and back) and you can bet they will increase the gun ammunition because they will use the planes for ground attacks and strafing, and that they have already written the software to make the gun work and to drop small bombs. They will probably fix the engine problem pretty fast too.

Israel has signed contracts to buy 33 Adirs (Israeli for F-35), according to Globes - 19 under a 2010 contract and 14 under a February 2015 deal, which they cut back from 35 because the plane still doesn't work. Israel has the option to buy as many as 75 more.

The first group of IAF Adir pilots will train at the Luke Air Force Base in Arizona in mid-2016.

Within two years of them receiving their first plane, you know Israel will be producing their own F-22, which is what they really wanted.

Philosophy Cult

I have been watching philosophy videos by a liberal-tarian atheist. He says quite a few really good things but some of his logic is severely flawed.

He has stated several times that he would not want to live in a society run by atheism because atheism has no morals, values, or ethics and it would quickly turn into a nightmare. Most of the more intelligent atheists recognize this and will openly admit it.

He repeatedly states that Christianity is the second best religion in the world to run a nation because of our morals, values, and ethics and that his pagan cult of philosophy is the best religion for running a nation. Most of the more intelligent atheists agree that Christianity is the best existing religion under which to run a government. The Western culture, the greatest culture in history, was built on Christian morals, values, and ethics.

Don't believe it?

Study history in relation to what the other religions have done when running nations.

There is one little problem with his pagan cult of philosophy. It, like atheism, has no morals values and ethics. You can justify any horrible crime you want with his pagan cult of philosophy.

Arian superiority was and still is justified by philosophy and not science. Marxism IS philosophy and is severely flawed with no morals, values, and ethics. Hitler used philosophy to justify murdering more than 12 million people (6 million Jews and 5 to 7 million that were mostly Christians; note that the Christian haters say "homosexuals and such" with the "such" being the Christians they don't want you to know about who were in the vast majority, after all, they can't call Christians Nazis if they admit that Nazis murdered millions of Christians), Linen used philosophy to justify killing millions, Stalin used philosophy to justify killing tens of millions, Mao used philosophy to justify killing more than 50 million, and on and on and on.

But this atheist loves his pagan religion of philosophy so very much (just like liberals love their liberalism) that it blinds him. You see, because he is a social liberal and atheist, he doesn't actually want to live in a nation run by Christianity, he knows it is the best religion for running a nation, and he definitely doesn't want to live in a nation run by any other religion. So he convinced himself that philosophy could replace Christianity and even do a better job ignoring the obvious fact that philosophy has no morals, values, and ethics, has failed every time it has been tried and has caused the greatest slaughters of humans in modern history. Every time any form of Marxism fails, philosophy fails because Marxism is nothing but philosophy. Liberalism is based on nothing but philosophy and it has failed every time, around the world. The great Greek Empire was brought down by philosophy. Philosophy is used to justify the corruption in our nation and government today and is right now destroying the West.

He also ignores that there are both liberal and conservative philosophies, so which religion should we set up our theocracy under?

But he also loves his glorious philosophy because it makes him look so intellectual and brilliant. He is obviously also working hard to get himself recognized as a world leader in philosophy so he can be one of the brilliant leaders deciding how the rest of us should live, you know, fascism. Yes, he is very fascist constantly telling us a better way to live and raise our children. His way is the best way. The rest of you are inferior and he should be running your lives.

But philosophy is one of the worst religions in the history of the world with a track record that is only second in violating human rights to Islam. Philosophy, along with Marxism and atheism, was used to justify murdering 100 to more than 150 million people just during the 20th century. Only Islam has surpassed that with more than 500 million people butchered in the last 15 years. And now the upper class trash are using philosophy and bogus science, not real science, to justify murdering more than 7 billion people globally. Oh yes, how great philosophy is.

People who hate God, the Bible, and Christianity keep trying to come up with human based solutions to our problems but, if you do just a little homework, you will find they have all been tried before and have all failed...again...and again...and again.

We need to turn back to God and let Him show us how to solve our problems. Without God, we humans are not smart enough to solve the problems we are stupid enough to create, because, if we were smart enough to solve them, we would be smart enough to prevent them in the first place but that would require a Christian theocracy, which we have all been taught to hate and distrust so we put our faith in things like democracy, education, and philosophy, which have all failed every time.


When questioned in a Daily Caller interview about Obama opening up relations with Cuba, Trump said, "I think it's fine, but we should have made a better deal. The concept of opening with Cuba - 50 years is enough - the concept of opening with Cuba is fine. I think we should have made a stronger deal."

Every time you turn around you find out Trump supports another liberal program, the little pinko commie. I told you he is a liberal commie traitor and poser conservative. It gets more obvious the more he opens his lying mouth.


If Biden is taking this long to make up his mind about running for president, how long will it take him to make up his mind on what to do for a national emergency?

The guy is still having a breakdown over the death of his son. He shouldn't be president. As a matter of fact, if he is having that much trouble dealing with his son's death, he should resign as vice president.


China is dumping some of its US treasuries because it is cash strapped by its own failing economy, you know, the one they so successfully micro managed. Me thinks the US treasuries are about to get downgraded again. Don't be surprised to see them achieve junk bond status while our traitor-in-chief is in office.

Bangkok Bombers

BTW, the Bangkok bombers who blew up Bangkok have turned out to be Chinese Muslims. Yep, the Muslims are hard at work and they are looking just a wee bit more organized internationally.

Inbred Experts

The heavily inbred, glorious, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid experts with the right degrees from the right universities are surprised that the global surplus in oil is expanding with Iran now dumping oil on the market? Just how inbred are the experts?

Hey, you can fool those guys all of the time. They now believe oil will hit $20 a barrel. Soon, they will be paying you to take gas off their hands before it becomes useless. (You do know that unleaded gas has a shelf life, right? You can't store it forever. If I keep it for more than about 3 to 4 months, it won't burn in my weed eater because the chemicals separate out.)

Yep, you preppers who have been storing gas for a year or more just might have a wee bit of a problem when you need to use that gas in an emergency.

Islamic Trojan Horse

Remember that I told you that some countries are only taking Christian immigrants during this madness?

One of my four confirmed site readers asked me if the Muslims could be using Al-taqiyya or lying for the cause of Islam to make people think they are Christians so the Muslims can get into those countries. He was right and reminded me that I had read that Muslims were "converting" to Christianity to get into those countries, I thought I had written about it, but I guess I had not, so I appreciate him reminding me with his question.

Muslims are not only permitted but, in such cases, are required to lie about being Christian to infiltrate those nations to destroy them from within, especially if they are terrorists.

Then I read this morning that the US military is calling this immigration an "ISIS Trojan Horse". But it isn't only ISIS who is infiltrating Muslim terrorists into our countries, it is all Muslim terrorist organizations. This immigration crap is an Islamic Trojan Horse.

Remember that about seven months ago ISIS bragged that they would invade Europe with a horde of 500,000 terrorists crossing the Mediterranean Sea in boats?

That is exactly what ISIS is doing and the upper class trash are helping them by forcing the European nations to take in those poor widdle immigrants, A.K.A. terrorists. (Come on, ISIS bragged they were going to do it, they are now doing it, and the heavily inbred Euro upper class trash don't get it?)

As per the United Nations, 72% of these "Mediterranean sea arrivals" are single men who are young and health, you know, terrorists invading Europe. Let's see, 72% of the 800,000 invading this year is 560,000 young terrorist men. That is a pretty good size invasion force and doesn't include the millions of Muslims already living in Europe. And they are not just coming from Syria. According to the UN, they are coming from the following countries: Syria 50%, Afghanistan 13%, Eritrea 8%, Nigeria 4%, Somalia 3%, Pakistan 3%, Iraq 3%, Sudan 2%, Gambia 1%, and Bangladesh 1%.

You still think Europe isn't already dead and the people are fighting for their lives? You still think the EU can survive this to be the one world government?

And Trump wants to help Muslim terrorists infiltrate our country because he feels sorry for them?

Liberal twit, sucker, and traitor. Oh, now Trump has changed his mind and doesn't want to bring in ISIS terrorists...uh...immigrants.

You know that the EU has been forcing Israel to accept the "Palestinians" who have been waging war against Israel.

A recent EU vote is bringing thousands of those same Palestinian terrorists to Europe, you know, to wage war against the Europeans. (The Euro upper class trash are so stupid it makes my brain hurt.)

How many times have I told you that God punishes us by doing to us what we do to others?

John Kasich

Presidential candidate, John Kasich, said we should allow refugees in, just screen for terrorists. You know, like, when asked, the terrorists will just say, "Yeah, I'm a terrorist." Twit.

This isn't about feeling sorry for people and trying to help them. It is treason.

And you think God is not punishing us with traitors for leaders?


The German army has been called in to handle the migrants fighting in their streets. This means the fighting has gotten to be so bad that the police can't handle it any more. The Muslims are rioting in the streets everywhere, even in Australia. So far, at least France, Hungary, and Germany have deployed their armies in their streets to deal with the rioting because their police can no longer handle it. This is war.

The thing that kills me about all of this illegal immigration is that the inbred idiot liberals think this will mean more votes for them.

Really? Now who do you think these illegal immigrants will really vote for?

Let's see, the Muslims will vote for Muslims who will replace all of these stupid liberal white cracker commie traitors. The Latinos will vote for Latinos who will replace all of these stupid liberal white cracker commie traitors. Here cum duh bus!

Oh yeah, thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools. Man plans, God laughs.

You still think the liberal commie traitor white crackers are not arrogant inbred liberal fools?

At this point, it looks like the Europeans' only hope is for a military coup to take over their governments, quickly try and execute the leaders, media, and others for treason who have caused this mess, and drive the Muslim invaders out of their countries.

I really don't think the unarmed citizens standing up will be able to do much, especially when the Muslims start bringing out the illegal guns you know they have hidden away. But, just like our military, their militaries will have to wait until the people are so desperate the people are begging their militaries to save them.

BTW, it looks like their upper class trash taking their guns away was treason.


Obama has "ordered" the US to taken in 10,000 ISIS terrorists...uh...Syrian refugees, yeah, that's the ticket, Syrian refugees.

Are you getting the picture yet with ISIS?

Obama formed ISIS, is using it to take over Syria, Europe, and the US and then Obama will invade Israel from Syria and Lebanon, you know, the Northern Hills of Israel in Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Think not?

Have you noticed that Pharaoh Obama still calls ISIS ISIL when everyone else is calling them ISIS? Gee, I wonder why?

Well, let's do the math, I just love math. ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, where they are now located and is, therefore, the proper name. ISIL stands for Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, which includes Israel.

Gee, you don't think that Obama set up and plans on using ISIS to invade and conquer Israel in the near future, do you, you know, like I have been telling you? Getting kind of obvious, isn't it?


The US Marine Corps did a study and found that ground units made up of only men perform better than units with men and women.

Gee, who would have figured?

Oh yeah, I did.

Gee, I wonder why the liberals, who hate and work to degrade the military would want women in the infantry? To give their commie and Muslim pals a better chance to defeat US forces?

It isn't about equality for women, it is treason.

But let's look at more of the article by Greg Richter at

"According to the study released Thursday, women were injured twice as often as men, aren't as accurate at shooting and have a harder time removing wounded troops from the battlefield.

The study found that women who had been through infantry target school were less accurate at hitting targets with M4 rifles than men who had not had the schooling.

Men hit targets 44 percent of the time, while women hit targets only 28 percent of the time.

Men were able to move faster carrying gear than women and could throw their packs over a wall, whereas women had to have help getting their gear over.

The study didn't only compare men to women individually, but also compared how units made up only of men compared to units integrated with men and women.

The all-male units beat the mixed units on 69 percent (>90) of the 134 tasks studied. The integrated teams were better at two machine gun-related tasks, while all units fared equally in the rest of the tasks.

The males' rate of injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments was 18.8 percent. It was 40.5 percent for females."

And our infantry forces are required by Obama to be fully integrated by 2016. We're screwed.


Oh yeah, you pacifists and isolationists, you know, like liberal-tarians, are about to find out what happens when you don't take the fight to your enemies in their countries and defeat them in their countries. The fight is coming here and our people will die instead of just their people dying, you know, like some of you. If you don't support your military protecting you overseas, you pay for it at home in blood.

You didn't let our military defeat the terrorists over there so you get to fight them here, you know, just like our military has been warning you for decades. Now you get to watch your family, friends, and neighbors die, along with many of the liberals who worked to prevent our military from defeating the terrorists in their countries.

Mean while, the Islamic Trojan Horse is marching on our nations and, just like the foolish citizens of Troy, we are taking it in through our gates.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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