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A staff article over at Newsmax said, "The number of children born in the United States to illegal immigrants has dropped by about 20 percent since its 2007 peak after rising sharply for a quarter-century, the Pew Research Center said on Friday." Now this is in spite of the recent explosion in illegal immigrants.

What should that tell you?

There has not been an increase in women and children, only in young, single men. And that should tell you the liberals are lying to you. This isn't an immigration, it is an invasion.

A group of migrants threatened to jump ship on a ferry on its way to Sweden because they want to go to Norway and Finland instead of Sweden. This should tell you the terrorists have been assigned countries to stage wars in and destroy. They can't go to just any old country. They have been assigned countries to sabotage.

Gun Control

Remember that I told you that the Muslims invading your nations will have weapons?

In Greece, the officials found stocks of military weapons and ammunition hidden in the bottoms of containers marked as food and supplies for the immigrants.

Now, think about this: in all of those nations in which their glorious leaders took the weapons away from their people, those people will have no weapons with which to defend themselves from attacks by heavily armed Muslim terrorists.

Gee, does that mean those leaders committed treason?

Yep, but guess who will be the first to die?

The Muslims will kill the leaders as soon as they can because no one can trust a traitor and the Muslims don't want to share power with those criminal leaders. The Muslims want all of the power.

Gee, does that mean those liberal traitor leaders are fools?

Yep, dead ones, they just have not finished kicking yet.

Austria has closed its borders to immigrants, Hungary has put up a 12 ft high fence closing its borders, and the EU "tolerance" for immigrants, is no more. Eyes are opening.

Assisted Suicide

California lawmakers have passed a law making assisted suicide legal. Now, if we can just talk the liberals, who wanted this, into doing it.

After all, aren't the liberals the ones preaching we should depopulate the planet to save it? Shouldn't they prove they really are concerned about the planet and lead by example by going to Commiefornia and depopulating themselves to save the planet? Shouldn't they be required to prove they can't just talk the talk but can also walk the walk by depopulating themselves? Or do they mean that YOU should be depopulated and not them so they don't have to share their planet with us, you know, like I have been telling you for years?

It is now put up of shut up time starting with all liberal puppet masters, college professors, politicians, bureaucrats, and others who are pushing to depopulate the planet to save it with their global genocide...uh...eugenics. When any liberal pagan commie traitor says anything about depopulating the planet, challenge them to prove they care and to lead by example by traveling to Commiefornia and depopulating themselves to save the planet. You will find out really fast that they only mean to depopulate you when they start stuttering and spitting out their psychobabble to save their own butts.

You know where this is going. Next they will do things like murder you and claim you said you wanted to die. It will also make it possible for cults to have human sacrifices "with the consent" of the victim, you know, after they have been doped up and brainwashed by liberal shrinks into volunteering to be a human sacrifice.

Remember that the same lunatics have been trying to give children "their legal rights" to make such decisions against the wish of parents?

Yeah, when the liberal pagans achieve that, they will coerce your children into volunteering to be human sacrifices. Hey, our nation has already sacrificed more than 50 million children to the pagan goddess, free sex. We are already a cursed nation, why not be even more cursed?(/sarc)


I just read a headline about Obama's staff members partying and smoking cigars to celebrate 9/11. Oh shock, shock, shock!!!

What do you expect traitors to do, mourn the death and destruction of the people and nation they hate and want to destroy?

They are just showing their true colors. If you are surprised, you have not been paying attention.

Rick Perry

Rick Perry, you know, the guy who destroyed Texas by bringing in tons of jobs and liberals to make himself look good, is out of the running for president. That is good news. One less criminal for stupid people to vote for.


Have you noticed an increasing number of liberal commie traitors like Bill Maher saying good things about Trump?

Just think about that.


The Israeli Sanhedrin has tried and convicted the Pope and Obama of a variety of crimes including trying to destroy Israel and crimes against humanity.

Wanna guess how Obama will react to this?

If anything, Obama will probably use this to help prove or to show motive for Israel nuking Chicago when it will have been Obama.

Commie Pope

There is still a massive teaching that the Pope will be the Antichrist and rule the world. Ta da! I have already proved this cannot be true a number of times.

These false Euro prophets keep telling us that the Pope is moving right now to set up his one world church and government, seize control of the Temple Mount any day, and the Battle of Armageddon will be any day now, while getting you all excited about Jesus coming in this rapidly approaching next war only for you to be disappointed when He doesn't come because it won't be Armageddon and Jesus not showing up will turn many away from Christianity.

OK, read the Book of Revelation and explain to me that, if the Commie Pope is the Antichrist, is not the Antichrist supposed to seize control of Israel and the Temple Mount half way through or 3.5 years into the Tribulation? Where are the three and a half years of judgments which MUST precede the Antichrist seizing control of the Temple Mount, which will include all seven seals and all seven trumpets BEFORE the Antichrist can seize control of the Temple Mount?

Not one of them has happened and they are all required to happen in detail during the first 3.5 years of the Tribulation before the Antichrist CAN seize the Temple Mount. Your false Euro prophets are ignoring these facts.

Oh yeah, I know, these false prophets have been dragging those prophesies out to show that prophesy has been fulfilled every time something vaguely similar happens but that is NOT the fulfilling of those prophesies in detail and is false prophesying. If we get a little red algae turning a few miles of beach or a small lake red, they trot out the prophesy of all of the waters of the world being turned to blood and huge numbers of people fall for it because they don't read the Bible.

I'm sorry but a few miles of beach or a small lake being turned red by algae does not constitute all of the water in the world being turned to blood.

When has all of the grass and 1/3 of the trees been burned at the same time?

That MUST happen before the Antichrist can seize control of the Temple Mount and it has never happened even once in history, much less in the last 3.5 years.

I really don't care if the Pope believes he is the Antichrist, is trying to prove he is the Antichrist by seizing control of the Temple Mount, and trying to set up the one world government and church.

Did you know that Adolph Hitler thought he was the Antichrist? What happened when he tried to set up his one world government?

He failed.

Guess what will happen to the Commie Pope when he tries?

He will fail because him believing he is the Antichrist, trying to set up the one world government and one world church, and trying to seize control of the Temple Mount DOES NOT make him the real Antichrist. It makes him an arrogant, narcissistic, ignorant, power mad buffoon.

ALL of the details in ALL of the preceding prophesies MUST first be fulfilled BEFORE the real Antichrist can seize control of the Temple Mount and the Commie Pope trying to do it without those prophesies having been fulfilled within the 3.5 previous years tells me that the Commie Pope or anyone else trying to set themselves up as the Antichrist will fail. They CANNOT succeed because God can't be wrong.

What they will do is cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 with Jesus not coming and set us up for the soon coming Tribulation...and, oh yeah, get themselves killed trying. God will turn them into Damascus asphalt...and scare the crap out of the world.

The Commie Pope is not my god. God, Yahweh, Jesus is my God. The Pope is just a dead man walking who has not yet stopped kicking and God will take care of that soon.

BTW, contrary to what the liberals tell us, there are several scriptures in the Old Testament that tell us we are to rejoice when God destroys out enemies so I will probably celebrate that day. Maybe go out for a nice meal or something while thanking God for saving our undeserving butts...again.


Let me give you a little side information about Hitler. He belonged to the Luciferian cult, worshiped Lucifer, and believed that, after he had conquered the world and eradicated all non Arians or non whites, Lucifer would come to earth, make all Nazis immortal gods, and Hitler would rule the planet for 1,000 years just like today's Luciferians, who are the puppet masters behind this current mess, UN Agenda 21, and their global eugenics program or genocide of non whites. Hitler hated Jews and Christians, which is why he murdered about 12 million of them. The liberals pagans don't tell you about the millions of Christians Hitler murdered so you will believe them when the liberals call Christians Nazis to keep people from realizing that the Luciferians are the true Nazis.

When the Nazis realized they were going to lose the war, their upper class trash puppet masters, who were behind Hitler, began to plan the Fourth Reich, went underground and used the Geneva trials of the German Nazis as a front to make it look like all of the Nazis were dealt with so that, basically, the German leaders who were put on trial were the fall guys for the puppet masters who went underground. It is the upper class trash Nazis' Luciferian children who are the Euro-American upper class trash white crackers working to set up their one world government and eradicate all but a maximum of 500 million people globally (all non whites) so Lucifer will return and make them all immortal gods, which is why they are still waging war against the Jews and Christians.

Gee, what a coincidence that their plans were identical more than 75 years apart. (/sarc) Nope, no coincidence. Same trash, same evil ideas, and God will see to it that they get about the same results, you know, failure and dead.

No, we didn't get all of the Nazis. Hitler's puppet masters got away while the puppets took the fall just like today's Nazi puppets will take the fall.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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