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Pride and Arrogance

Here I am again at 4 am writing because I have not been able to get back to sleep for 3 hours. I have spent the last 3 hours thinking, mostly about pride and arrogance, both of which, God hates. That is why God said, "Pride goes before the fall."

If you get proud and arrogant, God knows the cure for that disease and that is one tough pill to swallow; it is the fall. God has me living here in poverty and prolonged illness so I cannot do anything in part to teach me humility, which God loves. Humility teaches you to appreciate even the smallest blessings from God and not just the big ones.

You know all of those proud and arrogant rich royals?

The day they die they will lose everything they had to be proud and arrogant about. They will take nothing with them too Hell. In archaeology, we have dug up thousands of those proud and arrogant rich royals and not one of them took so much as a thread of clothing with them to Hell, where they burn in absolute poverty with all of the rest of the eternally damned. Hell does not discriminate against the poor or rich; it burns them all the same.

When we stand before God on Judgment Day, we will all stand before Him butt naked for a number of reasons. The most important of which is not one of us will have so much as one thread of clothing with which to tell anyone our position on Earth. There won't be one tiny gem, earring, necklace, or anything else, especially such as a crown. No one will be able to tell whether you were a king/queen or peasant unless they recognize you and even most people who knew you, especially the rich, won't recognize you without your attire, especially if you were rich and wearing showy clothing and makeup.

Probably one of the most common things you will hear on Judgment Day will be, "Is that you?"

You think I am wrong?

Go ahead; try to pick Nebuchadnezzar, Solomon, Pharaoh, or any other royalty out of the crowd. They won't look any different than any peasants. You won't know who they are until the angels announce them before God to testify for and against them and most people will be amazed at their humanity. Not one of them will have one person waiting on them or protecting them. They will all stand alone and naked before God just like everyone else because NONE of us are above God's Laws, not one of us. We will all stand as equals before God.

Not one of their mansions, palaces, or castles they spent your money building for their luxury will still exist. Not one carriage, car, or private jet they purchased with the money they stole from you will still exist.

It will be us, the angels, maybe Satan and his demons, and God. God and the angels will make sure that every tiny thing about everyone of us, both good and bad, will be made known to everyone else so God can judge us based, first, on our works, where we will all fail, and second, on whether we accepted God's amnesty through Jesus, which will determine our eternal damnation or salvation and our eternal destiny.

Not one person will get into Heaven or Paradise because of anything they owned or any title they had here on Earth.

Remember that God said, "To whom much is given, much is required and to whom little is given, little is required", so that you having more wealth and power on Earth will be a detriment on Judgment Day because you will be judged by God based on how you used or abused that wealth and power on Earth.

Did you help others or did you oppress them? What did you do with what God gave you?

Remember that God said, "Life is a test" and Jesus said that most fail that test for "wide is the road that leads to Hell and it is heavily traveled but narrow is the road that leads to Heaven and it is lightly traveled." The thing so many ignore is that we choose the road we take so we deserve the destination we get. Choose wisely.

Little Modern Weapons History

First, we already had spy satellites in the 1950s watching everything going on in the Soviet Union in spite of what they tell you because their very existence was classified top secret. We successfully tested our first ground to satellite missile in the early to mid summer (June or July) of 1958 by shooting down one of those satellites that had become defunct, almost 6 months before the Soviet Union launched "the first satellite", Sputnik. We managed to keep those satellites unknown to the Soviet Union until the 1960s.

At first, our spy satellites would take pictures and download those pictures to us when they orbited over the US or Australia, we would study those pictures for intel, and used that intel to see how the Soviet Union was doing with her weapons development.

By the mid 1960s we had developed signal relay satellites so we could watch her weapons research in real time to better see what was going on. We could tell when she launched missiles and track them live.

Keep in mind that we were also using a variety of spy planes and spy ships along with human spies within the Soviet Union, who hated very oppressive communism. Know that communism doesn't just oppress common people but also oppresses scientists and scientific research because the scientists are afraid to try anything too new or radical so they don't learn and develop as quickly.

We knew from observation that the Soviet guidance systems for their missiles could still miss the target by 10 to 20 miles in any direction by the 1970s. Because of that the Soviets started doing a lot of research on bigger and bigger nukes in the 1950s. By the 1960s they tested the largest nuke ever tested, a 50 to 60 meg (megaton or the equivalent of 50 to 60 million tons of TNT) with the strategy that, if your guidance systems can't consistently get your warhead close enough, enlarge the warhead and its explosion, which is really stupid. You should improve your guidance system.

We have never had a nuke larger than 25 megs in inventory because anything over 25 megs loses explosive capability so that you have to use much more nuke dirt per ton of explosive force. You are better off using the nuke dirt for a 50 meg nuke to make 3 or more 25 meg nukes to do more damage to more targets. Anything over a 25 meg nuke is a waste of nuke dirt and we decreased our nuke inventory since the 1970s so that we don't have anything over a 15 meg nuke in inventory now; you just have to know how to use the nuke and that is still classified.

Their idiot strategy didn't work and their guidance systems sucked. We and they knew they would lose a nuke war with the US because they would miss most targets with the nukes that did get past our defenses and "reach target".

Another thing they had to deal with in having such bad guidance technology is topography. If a nuke is detonated behind a hill, the hill will deflect most of the blast over the target. That is one reason why we have so many of our nuke bunkers like Cheyenne Mountain in the mountains.

The best example is Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, NM, which was a top 10 target for the Soviet Union. It sits on a mesa to where, if the Ruskie nuke were to hit in the valley a few miles to the west, the side of that mesa would deflect the blast over the labs, causing little or no harm and, if the nuke hit a few miles to the east in the Manzano Mountains, the mountains would deflect the blast over the labs so a good guidance system is critical. With something like Sandia National Labs, you have to park it in their pocket.

We knew the Soviets had 4 nukes aimed at Sandia National Labs to make sure they hit it and that was a waste of 3 nukes they could have used somewhere else.

Mean while, in the US under free market capitalism, we had developed our missile guidance technology so we hit a tiny satellite in low orbit in 1958. We called that weapons guidance technology "being able to park it in your pocket."

Very few people know it but by the 1970s we had a computer on the A7Ds I worked that the pilot had to program before takeoff and, after he got airborne, he just flipped some switches, the plane could fly the mission and deliver its weapons within 5 feet of the target (close enough in those days to destroy a tank), you know, right in ye ole pocket. We did that just in case the pilot became incapacitated in flight so the plane would still do the mission and we could literally park the "dumb" munitions in your pocket.

It was what we called a "fail safe system" to make sure the mission was completed, even without a crew, just in case the crew was killed but the plane could still fly.

We also had smart munitions like laser and electronically guided munitions by 1966 (we had both) and then the question was, "Do you want it in their left pocket or right pocket?"

For example, in Nam, the North started using gas engines in their trucks to move weapons and munitions to the south on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Spark plugs give off a specific electromagnetic signal and, at hundreds of rpms with a 6 cylinder engine, that is almost a thousand signals per minute or a steady beam, that we programmed bombs to follow down right under the hood so they started using diesel engines that don't use spark plugs but we just used infrared technology to find those hot diesel engines and could still park those bombs right under ye ole hood so they started using animal drawn carts and humans and our infrared could find them too.

Don't believe people who tell you that we didn't have smart munitions until Desert Storm, you know more than a quarter of a century later. Heck, our air-to-air missiles were already guided by either heat seeking or radar and I knew a pilot who took out a North Vietnam bridge in either 66 or 65 with a laser guided missile. BTW, our nukes were also smart munitions and you would be amazed at what we could do with them.

Very few people know it but we had a similar but more advanced computer of the B-52 than on the A7D that first went into service in 1958 so that, when a Buff was put on the alert pad and armed with nukes, the computer was programmed so that, in the event the crew was incapacitated at the start of a nuke war with the Soviet Union and couldn't even make it to the plane, the crew chief could start the engines, flip a few switches and that bird would do miracles. She would literally taxi from the alert pad to the runway, take off, fly the entire mission and deliver all of her weapons on target, return home, land, and taxi back to the alert pad to be rearmed for the next mission without one member of the crew on board. That was the Buff fail safe system to fight a nuke war.

With that system, if the crew was killed at any point during the mission and the bird could still fly, the plane fulfilled its mission to protect the US.

Very few people have any idea what we could do by the time I went into the service in 1972.

Now that Russia has been out from under the oppression of communism for almost one third of a century, her weapons technology has advanced by leaps and bounds to where much of her stuff is as good as our best stuff. The difference in her weapons technology is like day and night.

But China is still under oppressive communism and has been since the 1950s. When her majesty Pelosi visited Taiwan, China put on a show of force to intimidate her majesty, which included firing her marvelous missiles, you know, those hypersonicy thingies in relation to her ships and planes.

When his majesty McCarthy visited Taiwan later they put on the same show of force without the missiles because they found out in the first show of force that their missile guidance technology is still where the Soviet Union's was in the 1960s and they were afraid they might accidentally hit and sink one of their own ships, which would make them look really stupid. It is just a wee bit hard to scare or intimidate people when they know you can't hit crap.

"Oh, but their missiles are hypersonicy and travel so very fast! Why, they are terrifying!"

They will just miss faster. Our Navy ships are just in danger of being missed faster.

Don't listen to the ignorant and stupid fear mongering media.

I already explained to you some of their weapons short comings like it is easy to track their nuke subs and stealth planes and most of their tanks won't even run.

Now, one third of a century after they get out from under their oppressive communism, they will probably be a force to be reckoned with just like Russia.

Mean while, since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and us not having another super power to prepare to fight a war with, our greedy upper class trash bought out our corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and top military officers and have very significantly degraded our own military, breaching our national security (treason), with what we call "crony capitalism", which is very corrupt (we have not had true free market capitalism for at least 30 to 40 years).

This extreme corruption and treason has permitted Russia to catch and, in some ways, surpass the US Military creating a threat to our national security and our leaders' recent crimes in Ukraine have totally compromised our national security so that you better pray we still have a black closet and it still works or we are super screwed.

BTW, welcome to communism and the United States of Soviet America, which communism always will destroy itself because of the immense corruption all forms of Marxism cause. It breaks my heart what corruption has done to the once greatest nation in history.

Hey, if you turn your back on God, you become easy prey for Satan and he will always destroy your nation.

BTW, because the Western morons are still buying the coup thingy, Putin and Prigozhin are still putting on a show to confuse the enemy and it is working very well because of our leaders' reprobate minds.

I am watching and it is looking like they are now including general Popov in their game to throw off the West with bad intel. Hey, if they keep drinking the Kool-aid, you keep pouring it.

Then I found out several important things. First, Russia announced that it is not going to hire and pay the Wagner troops in Belarus and, second, Belarus magically hired those same troops to train the Belarus troops so they are now working for Belarus.

Also, Putin said that the Wagner forces are not going to fight in Ukraine any more telling me they were not sent to Belarus to attack into Ukraine and take Kiev but to probably attack into Poland and take Warsaw.

I told you they were sent there to go into Poland from Belarus, didn't I?

Keep an eye on that one.

BTW, French President Moron is spending a lot of time and effort courting India so I am wondering whether he is trying to get France into BRICS or India out of BRICS to weaken BRICS.

Is Modi going to be stupid enough to fall for it?

Note that President Moron is heavily courting both China and India, who are enemies and is just a little suspicious.

Is he trying to destroy BRICS so the royals can have their global dictatorship?

Keep an eye on that.


Remember that I have been telling you that it is only a matter of time until the Ukrainian super duper offensive forces will take enough losses that they won't even be able to put up a good defense against Russia and they will implode?

This video gives you an update on the losses by Ukraine since their lousy offensive began.

Remember that their special super duper offensive force was only 60,000 Western trained forces plus a few hundred thousand other troops of varying abilities.

An important number in that is the 26,000 Ukrainian forces killed in just 6 weeks because there will be at least twice that wounded for about 78,000 troops killed or wounded in just 6 weeks. Almost all of the Ukrainian brigades have suffered significant losses with some being completely wiped out.

People, that ain't how you win a war.

It was worse than I was conservatively estimating and I was right, they can't take that kind of losses much longer and Ukraine won't have enough forces left to keep fighting and I am seeing increasing numbers of Ukrainian troops surrendering instead of dying for a hopeless cause.

They have figured out that they are not going to win the war so dying in that war is a waste and senseless.

A very important piece of intel is that she tells us that Russia is now dropping flyers telling the Ukrainian troops that, if they surrender, Russia will take care of them and giving them instruction on how to surrender. That is called psychological warfare. That helps explain why increasing numbers of Ukrainian soldiers are now surrendering, knowing it is senseless to continue dying.

Then I found this video that gives you a much better understanding of why increasing numbers of Ukrainian troops are surrendering and he points out that increasing numbers are also deserting or just walking away from their posts. Mentally, emotionally, and attitude wise, the Ukrainian troops are increasingly defeated and are increasingly less willing to fight. They are going home.

When you put all of these losses of troops together, the Ukrainian Military is doomed and it is not a matter of if but when and every day we get one day closer to the implosion and failure of the Ukrainian Military.

Remember that Russia now has 1.2 million troops in area and that doesn't include their troops out of area such as by Alaska. They have about 2 million troops right now and are still recruiting.

Remember that I have been telling you that Russia will give up a little land to make the Ukrainians think they are winning in that small area so Ukraine will send in more and more troops for Russia to kill?

At about 6:30 into this video he shows you the Russians doing just that. They let the Ukrainians take some land, the Ukrainians sent in more reinforcements to finish the Russians off, and the Russians sent in their "flame thrower" artillery to destroy those forces. The Russian cauldrons are a death trap and sucker punch for the Ukrainians and their idiot leaders keep taking it on the chin.

I have been watching Russia do that for more than a year and the Ukrainian leaders just keep sending in more and more troops to be killed in Russia's cauldrons. They never learn and they clearly don't care about the troops.

That is why Putin is holding off on his offensive to keep destroying the Ukrainian/NATO troops to decrease the number of troops that will be shooting at Russian troops during their offensive to decrease the number of Russian troops killed in his offensive. As long as the Ukrainian/NATO leaders keep sending their troops into die, Russia will keep holding off on advancing to keep encouraging the Ukrainian/NATO leaders to keep sending their troops in for Putin to more easily kill them, while decreasing Russian losses.

Right now, Putin is holding off on his offensive to 1) tempt the NATO troops to come into his trap so he can destroy them and 2) to see if those NATO troops will come into his traps to die. When those NATO troops are dead, Putin will prance right into Europe like a stud horse on show.

Then he showed you that the Ukrainians are massing or accumulating troops in more and more places along the front line, which is what Putin wants so he can finish them off. Nothing like being a soldier commanded by officers with reprobate minds who will get you killed.

Notice that he told you that the Russians ALLOWED the Ukrainians to accumulate their forces along their combat line and then started shelling them with artillery. "Here kitty, kitty, kitty."

Note that he regularly tells you the losses for troops, armored vehicles, tanks, and artillery for Ukraine and he told you about some Ukrainians who decided to surrender. He keeps telling that more and more of the Ukrainian attacks are repelled because they have fewer and fewer forces to attack with and then, when enough troops have been lost in an area, Russia counter attacks to gain ground, just like I told you Putin would do.


The reason why China is investing money in Pakistan is to keep the Pakistan Army strong to be a deterrent and distraction to keep India from invading China to take Tibet, when China invades Taiwan.

Keep an eye on this.

Western Judgment

Remember that I have been telling you that the reason why the West is being judged and Rome II is falling is because we turned our backs on God and became a pagan controlled and run nation? Remember that I have been telling you that the corrupt upper class trash royals, their puppets, and their supporters are poser Christians and closet pagans?

This video gives you just one important example of the upper class trash coming out of their pagan closets.

What he doesn't tell you is that, in the last 10 to 20 years, the pagan left have brought monuments to Baal, Molech, and Satan to the US and they were well received by everyone but the true Christians, proving that our Western nations have become pagan run and ruled, making them an abomination to God.

BTW, he makes it obvious that is what globalism is really all about, setting up a pagan dictatorship over the world to give Satan and his demons absolute control of the entire planet.

If God does not judge us for betraying Him, He will have to apologize to every nation He has judged over the last 6,000 years.

The only thing that can save our butts from ourselves is that we must repent and turn our backs on paganism, turn back to God, and get right with God or it is going to keep getting worse until we do. You better pray long, pray hard, pray long, and get right with God.

People, we are in big trouble because of our lefties and their upper class trash royals.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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