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Sailboat Cruising

Sailboat cruising is going through a very rapid and radical change right now. The very rich are taking over and crowding out the middle class because there are only so many anchorages in any port and those anchorages are now filling up with multimillion dollar catamarans, called "super yachts". They are floating mansions for the rich.

These rich people have been watching the cruisers who got used sailboats for anywhere from fee or just a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, spent years rebuilding them, and then went cruising with a little more than pocket money and living off of YouTube and the rich have decided, "Hey, I want to do that", you know, without rebuilding a piece of junk boat or living off of YouTube.

The rich just buy these multimillion dollar catamaran mansions new, pay someone to sail it to a certain port, and they fly in and recreate for weekends or a few weeks before flying back to civilization. You can see the ports filling up with them and it has gotten to where they are most of the boats in those ports.

Part of the problem is that 1) The floating mansions are taking up limited space, 2) their idea of fun is noisy parties, drugs, and orgies, upsetting the locals with their arrogant attitudes, with no exploring or anything else and 3) they have crews that live on board their water mansions to take care of and sail those water mansions and they seem to also be upsetting the locals. I saw where at least one boat crew was attacked by locals.

The rich are changing those quiet getaways to big city noise and debauchery. The locals are not liking it but their leaders are making big bucks, probably also in bribes.

These rich pagans screw up everything they touch.


Here is an idea I would definitely look into if I were the military leader for Taiwan.

Use the cover of a typhoon or even a strong tropical storm to get your troops, ships, and planes to the Chinese border to invade China without being detected. You will probably have to use some ECM but they will think it is just part of the storm. If done right, they could be in Beijing before Xi knew they were on shore.

Keep an eye on that.

Intel, Intel, Intel

This video shows that Russia is ramping up for war with the West because they definitely do not need that much weaponry and munitions to finish off Ukraine or fight anyone else. The only reason for Russia to produce that much weaponry and munitions is to fight North America and Europe.

You want to produce more than you might need but not that much more.

It is little bits of intel like that, which tell the truth about future plans.

But, hey, the arrogant upper class trash royals will never figure that out because they believe Putin wouldn't dare nuke them because they are so wonderful.


I have been thinking about it and it is possible that Wagner being in Southwestern Belarus is at least partly psychological warfare to keep Poland from going into Ukraine so Russia doesn't have to attack them and to make it easier and faster for Russian forces to take western Ukraine.

Most likely Russia is either going to attack south down the west side of Ukraine and/or into Poland, while also seizing the west side of Ukraine to contain the Ukrainian forces to keep the remainder of the Ukrainian forces from staging terrorist attacks out of Poland and into Russia.

There are a number of reasons for Russia to take the west side of Ukraine along with going into Poland.

Why wouldn't they at least take Western Ukraine when the route starts?

They have to or they will pay a heavy price later.

Remember that I have been warning you that the West is bluffing Putin and Putin knows it?

This very brief video proves it by telling that NATO is really just show and no go. Their officers and men are not training for war but just to look like they can fight a war. Because they are not trained and armed to fight a war, the Western leaders have to bluff anyone like Russia and Putin knows it.

This video is very interesting because in the beginning, he tells you what I have been telling you. He tells you that Russia will soon mobilize another 500,000 troops, which I have heard from other reliable sources but he adds more intel.

He said that his sources told him that Russia will stage 200,000 of those forces on the "Western border", you know, Belarus/Polish border, to "reinforce the Russian and Wagner forces already there" (remember that Putin moved forces and nuke missiles there right after the Ukrainian War started) and, if Poland tries to move into Ukraine, to attack down the Western side of Ukraine to prevent that. He also said those forces will be moving there this fall.

He does tell you that those troops will also be moved there in the advent they have to invade Poland for any number of reasons.

Then he said that another 200,000 will be moved to the Ukrainian northern border to invade towards Kiev, you know, to finish this war off.

Then I found this video that shows that the mercenary (mercs or merks) force has almost completely dried up. Most have probably been killed off with no new mercs going to Ukraine. Russia estimates that only about 2,000 are still fighting there and that is really bad when you consider that almost 12,000 joined the force since the war began.

It says that 5,000 left because the government treated them poorly. That would leave 7,000 out of the 12,000 and they only have 2,000 left so 5,000 probably died.

I think this war is almost over because Ukraine is running out of people to use for cannon fodder for the rich royals.

This video shows the extreme hypocrisy of the West. They are saying that China has entered the Ukrainian War on the side or Russia because she sold Russia some drones.

But the West has not entered the war on the side of Ukraine with the hundreds of billions of dollars in weapons they have sold Ukraine? Why is it OK for the West to sell Ukraine weapons but it is not OK for China to sell weapons to Russia? Really?

I told you that the royals are above the law and think they do not have to live by the same laws as you and they keep proving it. We call this, "Laws for thee, not for me."

The royals have been playing that arrogant game for thousands of years but they will be in for a big surprise on Judgment Day when they find out that they will be held accountable for their crimes against God's Laws the same as everyone else.

Then Russia staged a really huge missile strike over night against Ukraine and most of it was in Western Ukraine, you know, got to soften it up before the big attack. They took out a number of bases and ammo depots along with an air base for attack planes Ukraine has been using to launch missiles.

Also, there are a few places where Russia has backed off to Ukrainian attacks by large forces and it really looks like they are traps but no one from the West seems to get that. They arrogantly believe, "We are beating Russia", so they keep charging into Putin's traps.

For example, in one small area over the last three days, Ukraine has used large attack forces and gained several kilometers of ground with very heavy loses. Just yesterday, they lost 50 armored vehicles and hundreds of troops and have probably lost close to 100 armored vehicles total but they keep just pouring reinforcements or, rather, replacements into that battle and Russia just keeps chewing them up but, hey, dey is gainin' ground. Forget that it won't be long and they won't have any troops left to hold that ground.

Of course, this is what Putin wants so he can destroy as many Ukrainian/NATO troops as he can with minimum losses to his own troops because he actually cares about his troops and knows he is going to need those troops to win this war.

What Ukraine/NATO is trying to do is concentrate a lot of forces in few places to gain ground they can use for propaganda. They are not trying to win the war because they know they can't win the war. They are just trying to gain as much ground in a few places as they can to impress stupid people with no regard for the lives of their troops.

Do you believe me yet that the Western leaders are nuts?

They don't care about the troops, all they care about is gaining ground they keep losing later.

Of course, the story the lying lefty media are telling about those few tiny places where Ukraine has gained a little insignificant ground but not enough to even reach Russia's first line of defense is, "Ukraine is pushing Russia back and they are winning the war! Why, if the Ukrainian forces break through to Russia's first line of defense, they will do this, that, and something else!"

Common sense should tell you that, if Ukraine does reach Russia's first line of defense, they will be crushed because they are barely to not at all gaining ground against small Russian units in front of Russia's first line of defense. Think about that.

Then I found this video showing there was a massive attack of 100 cruise missiles early this morning. He said the attack destroyed all Ukrainian air force bases, which is really big. There is no telling how much damage those bases suffered but this is really big.

It also said that Russia hit a Ukrainian drone factory. They hit a lot of very important military targets.


Remember that I have been warning you that Satan's spawn like homosexuals are at war with and trying to destroy Christianity?

This video shows you that with the homosexuals waging war against a homosexual who converted to Christianity and Biblical sex and then talked about it, which, in Malta, is a crime because the homosexuals got laws passed in 2014 that made talking about conversion to Christianity a crime.

And you think the pagans have not taken over the West and are waging war against Christians?

Now, if you tell the truth about this, the left will call you a homophobe but the real truth is that lefties are Christian-phoebes, who hate and are discriminating against Christians because they hate God, the Bible, and Christians.

Because these evil lefties are in control and running things to destroy Christianity, God is letting the left have what they want, it is turning increasing numbers of people against them, and destroying their nations.

This is what is causing Rome II to fall.


Now they are holding a UFO hearing in Congress so it is starting. You watch, just like I told you, they will use spacy aliens to con you into submitting to their absolute control and power so they can set up their global dictatorship over you. It will probably be either because the spacy aliens told you to so the upper class trash can take care of you or the upper class trash will tell you to so they can protect you from the spacy aliens.

If you are stupid enough to fall for it, you deserve it.

One remote possibility is that the upper class trash royals may say that THEY ARE the superior spacy aliens but I think that will be only as a last resort with them now claiming they are holding spacy aliens but keep an eye on it because, if they get desperate enough, they will tell any lie to get their global dictatorship.

Spy balloon? Spacy aliens?

I am waiting for them to tell me that the gubberment is hiding fairies riding unicorns over rainbows. I will not be surprised when they do tell us that. And what is really scary is all of the stupid people who will believe it.


This video shows why the African nations are moving towards BRICS and away from the oppressive West. The West is "pressuring" the African nations and Putin is offering to help the African nations.

Guess who the African nations are going to want to be friends with?

Not the Western bullies they are tired of. The royals have been bullying others for thousands of years and it has gotten to where that is the only way they know how to treat "inferior" nations now.

Then I found this video showing that Russia is making big headway with African nations and the West is losing ground to them. Do not be surprised when they go into Europe with Russia and probably Turkey.

This is really big because it shows that Russia is consolidating the Eastern Alliance, while the US and UK are finding themselves more and more alone...and turning on each other.

EVERYTHING the Western upper class trash royals and their puppets have tried or done has failed and is back lashing on them.

Upper Class Trash

You want to know how stupid the upper class trash royals and their puppets are?

Everything they have done in Ukraine has failed but they are so stupid and arrogant they can't figure it out because they can't admit they have failed at anything, much less everything, so they just keep doing what keeps failing. Arrogance destroys common sense.

Do you believe me yet that they have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending?

The more they do, the worse it gets.

If Z boy were one tenth as smart as he thinks he is, he would be glad to get rid of the upper class trash royals and make peace with Putin for whatever is left because, if he doesn't, it is just going to keep getting worse until he does or loses everything.

There is an old saying about cutting your loses and Z boy needs to do that soon.

After all of this globalism crap, anyone who wants to crawl in bed with the lefty upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets is a moron. Their big problem is that they are too stupid to figure out that they are stupid and such idiots tend to think they are smarter than everyone else in spite of the vast evidence to the contrary because they ignore the evidence and keep believing what they want to believe. They wouldn't know intelligence if it ran over them with a tank.

Think I am wrong?

Putin is running over them with many tanks and they still think they are smarter than they are and that Putin is dumber than he is. Their stupidity amazes me.

I am afraid to say that it is not possible for anyone to get any dumber than them because you just know they will prove me wrong tomorrow so I have to say that I just cannot imagine anyone being dumber than they are. I think that is the safest thing.

Global Heat Wave

Gee, what a magic coincidence!!! Just as it starts becoming obvious the lefty upper class trash royals have lost the war in Ukraine, the sky starts falling again.

"Why, it is so hot that the sun is melting! Don't look over there, look over here at the extreme temperatures our solar energy farms are causing!"

Suddenly, to make you think it is hotter than it is, they are taking the temperature of the ground, which is hotter than the air, and screaming that the planet is melting.

And that is not the only distraction because I keep seeing distractions popping up all over the place to keep you from realizing how bad they have failed and that they were lying their butts off.

I have been keeping an eye on local MSM TV weather forecasts and they are really pushing the panic button on this global warming crap. They have their weather maps colored red to scare everyone and are lying about the weather.

I have watched this local weather for decades and, except for a lack in rain, our weather is normal. There is no big heat wave. If anything, it has been cooler than normal.

It normally gets over 100 degrees for about 6 to 8 weeks with it hitting 115 degrees regularly during about 4 or 5 of those weeks. It has not gotten over 110 once this year and the hottest part of the year has passed. We are in the 90s and 100s right now, which is normal for this high desert this time of year.

But you couldn't tell that from watching the MSM TV weather. "The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Waaaaa! Waaaaa!"

I think they hired Chicken Little to forecast the weather.


Remember that I told you that the royals will eventually turn on each other because they will not submit to being ruled by each other?

That is already going on. French President Moron is working to get the French Royals in power so they don't have to submit to the rule of the British Royals. They are already turning against each other for power; it just has not turned bloody YET!

Hey, give them time and they will start sending their people to murder each other so the royals can have more power. They have been doing that for thousands of years and they are not going to stop now.

Right now, they are just using political maneuvering and, when that fails, they will start their people killing each other like they always have.

Mitch McConnell

Mitch just had a mental moment and the simple minded idiots are using that to say we should have term limits.

No, what we need to have is a minimal health standard to keep people like Mitch, Afghan Joe, and some of those young sick first term Congress people out of office.

These idiots don't get it that the problems these people are having are not about age but are about health. There are people significantly older than these people who function much better because they have better health but simple minded idiots can't understand that.

What is really scary is that these simple minded idiots think they know what is best for you and everyone else.

What they are really doing by getting the stupid people to focus on the age of these people is age discrimination and it is the younger power mad people using that to get rid of the older power mad people to get the older power mad people out of the younger power mad people's way so they can rule.

I just gave up on journalists. Most of them are among the stupidest people in history. There are a few intelligent ones but very few and even most of those let themselves get fooled on a regular basis.


This video is very good. He tells you that the upper class trash are trying to set up a global dictatorship, just like I have been warning. He also tells you that the reason the globalists are trying to destroy Russia is because they stand in the way of the globalists, just like I have been warning you.

Then the commentator pointed out that Macgregor said there are three parts to our government; "Raytheon, Blackrock, and Pharmaceutical (chemical) companies"; telling you that the chemical companies are among the most powerful and corrupt industries like I have been telling you.

Then he tells you that the new NATO was turned into an offensive weapon, you know, like Nazi Germany.

Remember I told you that Klaus Schwab's father was a Nazi officer and Soros was a member of the Nazi SS. NATO became the new Western Nazi army to take over the world. Like me, he tells you that the globalists are insane.

He tells you that the upper class trash cannot stop because they are too arrogant to admit they were wrong so they keep doing what is failing.

He also tells you about the horrible mess our intellectually superior elites have created and they can't figure out how to fix. He also tells you that the Western leaders are bluffing Russia and the Eastern Alliance but are horrified because they know the truth. He also tells you that we (the US and UK) are "increasingly on our own", like I have been telling you.


Remember that I have been telling you about how China's weapons are over rated and inferior to Western and Russian weapons?

This video does a pretty good analysis of the difference between China's weapons and those of just the US Air Force and why China is afraid of the US Air Force.

Keep in mind that almost all of Taiwan's weapons are Western with many of them from the US.

One very interesting item is US "standoff" weapons that can effectively reach more than 1,900 km, while evading their defenses, and Beijing is only 1,850 kilometers from Taiwan. Taiwan's American made standoff weapons can ravage the nearby Chinese weapons and destroy the CCP in Beijing.

Forget about the rest of the differences between Chinese and Taiwanese weapons, just that one advantage alone could make it possible for Taiwan to counter China's invasion and then launch a counter invasion with success.

Based on everything I have seen and having done a few strategic analyses, I think Taiwan is better armed and prepared to fight someone like China than any nation in Europe and almost all other nations. I am convinced that China won't win that conflict, especially if any of Taiwan's allies like India, Japan, and others join the fight.

Do you believe me yet?

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

Don't worry about Taiwan. You better worry about our butts facing Russia in Europe and across from Alaska plus all of the troops from China, Russia, Latin America, Antifa, BLM, and Muslims infiltrated into the US to attack us from within.


Watch this video about "exiled" Prigozhin attending the Russia-Africa summit in Russia and see if you still believe there was a coup and Prigozhin was actually exiled. I have never heard of an exiled person freely moving about in a nation they were exiled from but the idiot lefty media keep insisting he was exiled.

They just don't get it. That does not look like someone who is in exile from Russia. THERE WAS NO COUP!!! It was a con that fooled almost everyone.

But, hey, what do you expect from reprobate minds, intelligence and common sense? Really?


Remember that I have been warning you about Russia basing troops in Eastern Russia just across the Bering Strait from Alaska to at least take out our oil and gas coming from Alaska to cripple our military and probably to also attack other targets in the US?

This video shows that Russia is positioning their best nuke bomber near Alaska but it says it is also concerning Japan. I seriously doubt that except to maybe help China with Taiwan.

Do you believe me yet that Russia will nuke the US and UK because of our insane leaders?

Russia and China have already built up troops in that area and been holding naval exercises together.

Hunter Biden

This makes me want to give up humanity. I keep watching even "conservatives" saying and thinking that they are going to get Hunter.

You ain't getting anybody!!! It's a con.

Don't you think the timing is just a wee bit convenient?

People, they are "prosecuting" Hunter for nothing crimes compared to the real crimes he should be prosecuted for AND (and this is a very big and) they are doing it while his corrupt dad is president with the president having the power to pardon ANYONE, including his son.

What? You think Afghan Joe is going to let his money making son rot in prison when Hunter could be making him more illegal money?

They are prosecuting Hunter for lesser crimes WHILE Afghan Joe is president so that, if everything goes bad for Hunter, pappa can pardon his butt to keep him out of jail and I have not seen ONE person mention that. It is all show to fool the people and it is working.

Hunter ain't going to rot in prison! You should not want to see Hunter prosecuted while Afghan Joe is still in office. You should want to wait until someone who won't pardon Hunter is in office. End of story.

Wake up, people!!! You are being played!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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