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Black Closet

At first, I was apprehensive to tell you about the Black Closet because I was afraid the left would sack that crucial part of our military too but, when I saw they "found lost funds" a number of times, I knew they knew about and were sacking it so you needed to know about it.


How depleted are the Ukrainian forces?

At this time, their offensive only has two points where large forces are fighting for ground and not getting much, if any. Those "large forces" are only about 50 to 60 troops each, not even a brigade, and they are taking heavy losses. The rest of the line is either quiet, small probing attacks, or trying to hold back attacks from Russia.

I just found out that Z Boy has fired a bunch of their top military officers "for corruption". It is probably so Z Boy can blame them for losing the war so the West won't kill Z Boy to blame him for losing the war. Everyone is getting ready to blame others so you won't know how stupid they are and that they have been lying to you. It is called desperation to save their own butts.

Then I found this video showing that Russia destroyed the drone centers in a few towns to decrease the problems he is having with drones from Ukraine. You know there were massive signals coming out of those drone centers telling Russia where they were and all they had to do was aim at wherever all of those signals were coming from.

Then they quoted the New York Times lie that 150,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed in this war that was clearly meant to discredit people posting the truth about the Ukrainian War when we know that more than 400,000 were actually killed and 2 million wounded. You can't believe a thing the lefty media tell you.

The West has disarmed itself by sending too many weapons to Ukraine and this video shows they are now trying to get other countries to pay for the West's evil plans by disarming themselves but those nations seem to be refusing, especially the countries making buds with BRICS like Egypt. The royals do not get it. They are no longer powerful enough to force other nations to do their bidding.

You want to see just how arrogant the US lefty leaders are?

Remember that the US CIA staged a coup under Obama, you know, Afghan Joe's boss, and removed the elected head of Egypt so the Egyptian military staged a coup and replaced the US puppet with one of their generals, you know, El-sisi. Now the US is trying to get that same president to give weapons to Ukraine so the US can destroy Russia.

They are so arrogant they believe they can do anything they want to anyone they want and those people will still help them with whatever they want.

Does your brain hurt yet?

Remember that I told you that there are two ways to fight drones?

You either go after the drones but then the operators can just get new drones and attack again or you can go after the operators so that they will have to train new operators, putting them out of business for at least a while.

This video shows that Russia has started going after the operators and is doing a good job of it. The operators are easy to find because they are sending out a signal to control the drones that tell you where they are so you just use their control signals to find and kill them and that is what Russia is doing.

Climate Change

Remember that I have been telling you that this global warming and climate change crap was to scare you into letting your governments give big grants of free money to the upper class trash to "save the planet"?

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil." And you better bet on it.

This video has a climate scientist telling you just that. It is all about the upper class trash stealing more from more people faster. That is how the royals got rich, by stealing more from more people faster and they will never quit until they die.

But, hey, they spread little bits of it around by bribing their puppets to help them get that free money from you, the people.

Then, unfortunately, the people in the video start telling me that they don't know what they are talking about. Any time the media trying to talk about science, it gets really stupid really fast. I hate hearing them tell you about ANYTHING concerning science because it is always wrong.

The important thing about that video is that a scientists tells you what I have been telling you that this "crisis", like all upper class trash crises, is just a crisis to make them more wealthy. To them, the real crisis is that their bank accounts don't have enough of your money.

I really wish more people knew more about real science and not the bull crap you get fed so the upper class trash and their evil puppets couldn't fool you so easily.


India is doing away with their British law, that is based on Christianity, they have lived under since Britain conquered India hundreds of years ago and returning to old Indian law, which is based on Buddhism. It looks like this is finishing off any remaining vestiges of British imperialism while returning their upper class trash royals back to being above the law.

It probably also has to do with giving Buddhists a legal advantage over other religions, after all, they have been living primarily under Christian law for hundreds of years.

I can't think of any other reason for it.

Keep an eye on it.


So far the 14 nation West African block, ECOWAS, has been talking the talk about using military force to return Niger to French imperialism against their will but barely walking the walk. They did "activate" their ECOWAS fighting or standby force but keep in mind that Niger has a firm alliance with Mali and Burkina Faso, both of which are also run by militaries that staged coups to free their nations from European imperialism and the ECOWAS were never able to force those nations back under European imperialism. Plus there are almost 37 other African nations that have broken away from European imperialism that, at least some of them, will probably align with Niger.

Keep an eye on this because, with the West bluffing Russia so much, ECOWAS may also be bluffing Niger under the orders of France and the US. It is beginning to look like ECOWAS is a loud roaring paper tiger, just like the West.

What Niger needs to do is put together an alliance of more African nations supporting Niger's freedom from France.

If he can get Algeria on his side, then Europe faces the threat of Algeria cutting off those oil and gas pipelines to Europe I told you about.

If they unite right, Africa has the upper hand against failing Europe, especially after the damage all of their sanctions against Russia did to Europe. Europe is very vulnerable right now and you better bet they are running scared behind closed doors, while roaring threats in public.

Remember that I told you that it will only be a matter of time and the royals will turn on each other for power and wealth because they are nuts?

Then I found this very interesting video that tells me that it is already happening. It looks very much like the American Royals and probably also the British Royals are freeing African nations from European imperialism so the US Royals can get the natural resources the European Royals have been stealing from those nations.

If this is true, then the US and UK Royals are undercutting the rest of the Royals to increase their own wealth and decrease the wealth of the rest of the Royals. This is an economic war being waged by the royals against each other that increases the power and wealth of the US and UK Royals and diminishes the power and wealth of the rest of the royals.

Do you believe me yet that Europe is dead and just not finished kicking yet?

This also makes me wonder if the US and UK started the war in Ukraine in part to eventually destroy the rest of Europe in a war against Russia to put those other royals at the mercy of the US and UK Royals?

The Royals have been playing these sick games for money and power for thousands of years, murdering people by the millions, including each other.

And God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

Keep an eye on this.

Oooo, I have been waiting for this big time. This video tells that Putin is taking an active stand for Niger and her allies AGAINST the Western imperialists. This is huge because he already has the support of most of the nations in Africa and this will bring even more nations to his side. It will also turn most of the nations in Africa against the West, especially the US and France. The arrogant Western Royals just screwed up big time...again.

Putin just cemented an alliance with most African nations into BRICS and they will gladly invade most of Europe with Russia. I would not be surprised to see Algeria shut off the oil and gas pipelines to Europe at Putin's request.

People, while the West is threatening and stealing from African nations, Putin has given some of them free grain, is selling them weapons at great prices, is training their troops to be better, and just took a massive stand against the arrogant Western Royals for them and their freedom.

Why would they not take Putin's side?

This just got super interesting.

Catholic Church

Remember that I taught you years ago that the current Pope is a "New Age" Pope who believes that all gods are the same with different names. That is why he and most of the Vatican have been trying to convert the Catholic Church to Islam and move the Vatican and Pope to Mystery Babylon since 2012.

He recently tried to get the Catholic youth to convert to New Age, you know, accepting and worshiping all gods, but the youth said no and are sticking with Jesus to the angst of the Pope and Vatican. They must be true Christians, not poser Christians and that is good news.

Why are the Pope and Vatican trying to get their people to convert to New Age?

You have to remember how I taught you Rome formed the Church of Rome more than 2,000 years ago. The Church of Rome was founded by the government of the City of Rome as the official church of the City of Rome, when Rome was still a city state, to assimilate all pagan cults in Rome under one religion and that worked so well that, everywhere Rome conquered, they assimilated other religions into the Church of Rome to have religious control over all of those people.

Remember that I told you that they got the prayer beads from Sabianism in the Middle East and the Christmas tree, originally the Yule Log, from Germanic cults they assimilated?

Then the Church of Rome assimilated Christianity (they said the Church converted) in 312 AD but what they really did was "Christianize" pagan practices and holidays like Easter, Christmas (originally the birthday of Sol, the sun god), and Halloween and the Church of Rome couldn't assimilate more pagan cults after assimilating Christianity because of the basis of Christianity.

Then the Church of Rome divided into the Catholic Church in the west and Christian Orthodox Church in the east when Rome divided in half into Rome in the west and Byzantine Empire in the east in about 474 AD.

The Pope and the Vatican want to return to assimilating all religions under their control, which is why the Catholic Church started the New Age religion decades ago. It is about power, control, and wealth by making the Catholic Church the "one world church" controlling all religions, you know, like the Euro-American royals and EU wanting control over the entire planet with their globalism or one world government.

Remember that I told you a long time ago that the leaders of the Catholic Church are also members of the Euro-American Royal Family and they almost all want to rule the entire planet as a family?

Keep an eye on this.


One thing to keep an eye on is that they may also be using UFOs to discredit conservative media who are falling for the UFO lie. All they have to do is, if their other scam doesn't work out, just put out the truth about there being no spacy aliens to discredit the truth tellers for saying there were spacy aliens and most people won't listen to them anymore.

What kills me about those people is that they don't believe and do question anything else the lefties say and then just blindly believe what the upper class trash are saying about spacy aliens because it is sensational and will increase views to increase their profits. Their greed will destroy them just like it destroys the lefty media.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been warning you that Mexico is on the side of BRICS concerning WWIII and is working to help invade the US?

This video proves it by showing that Mexico is refusing to attend the peace summit in Saudi Arabia later this month because he is siding with Russia.

Keep in mind that more people have realized that WWIII has already started but don't be surprised to see Mexican, Chinese, and other forces gathering at the US/Mexico border just before the direct fighting with the West starts.

I have warned you that Mexico has never been a US ally since the Mexican-American War of 1846 to 1848 that Mexico lost. She has always wanted the Southwest US back that Santa Anna sold to the US for a really great price in 1849 or about 2.5 to 5 times the estimated market value for that time. Mexico got a really great deal on that land sale but that has not been enough for the Spanish Royals. I guess they want the money and the land.

Remember that the US caught Mexico making a deal with Nazi Germany before WWII started for both of them to invade the US from Mexico and the US stopped it.

For 20 years now, she has been hosting Chinese troops on bases along the US border while aiding "immigrants" invading the US, you know, better 90% young, military age males that are well groomed like soldiers would be. She has helped millions of immigrants invade the US including Muslim terrorists, you know, with the help of our lefty traitors.

Do you believe me yet that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load?

You may soon be almost all that is left to save this nation against incredible odds.

Corrupt Academe

Remember that I have been warning you about the corrupt academe we used to call academic whores because they prostitute their degrees for money.

This video shows you an excellent example of such creatures. Note that, at a university, she worked with a chemical company to sell their chemical to cure everything under the sun, it failed at curing anything under the sun, and, as soon as she takes over in criminal Fauci's place, she starts working with that same chemical company to use that same failed drug to cure COVID 19 in spite of the fact that no one has ever developed a drug to cure ANY virus but, hey, you can bet she will get at least as rich as Fauci got with his frauds and crimes against you and you can bet she will also get away with it because all they have to do is for that chemical company to bribe everyone at the top of law enforcement.

Are you getting as tired of this blatant corruption as I am, especially with it causing so much harm to so many people and killing a lot of people, while they fake caring about you, when all they obviously care about is themselves and their bank accounts? Do you believe me yet that they never quit with their insanity and the only thing that will stop them is death?

Do you believe me yet that these evil chemical companies KNOW their products don't work and that they kill people? Do you believe me yet that words cannot describe how evil and horrid these greedy monsters are?

They don't care that they know they are killing millions of people as long as they make their millions of dollars. They need to start prosecuting these horrid and evil monsters for premeditated murder as a capital crime.

It has gotten to where almost NONE of these rich and powerful monsters care about anything but money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

All of the mythological monsters combined don't even come close to the evil of these devouring brute beasts because all of those mythological monsters combined didn't kill as many people as any number of these devouring brute beasts today. They are utter, greedy savages who deserve to burn in the Lake of Fire forever.

Note that he told you about the hospitals getting kickbacks for murdering their clients with the drugs the way I told you they do.

Note that he told you about the MDs getting kickbacks for murdering their clients with the drugs the way I told you they do.

Note that he told you about the government bribes for using these deadly drugs and that was because those corrupt government bureaucrats got bribes to reward those people with your tax dollars for killing you.

Note that NONE of those greedy morons has enough brains to realizing they are murdering off their future clients for more money now without stopping to think about who they are going to make much more money from in the future. The idiots are destroying their economic and business futures because of their immediate greed because their idiot lefty college professors told them to think that stupid way.

People, if you are a hospital or MD, you stand to make much, much more money in the future the longer you keep your clients alive. That should only be common sense. It won't be long and those medical businesses will start to fold because they don't have enough clients left alive.

Don't believe me?

Go to college and study economics. If you don't heave enough customers, you don't make enough money to stay open and you doing have to kill off all of your clients, just about 10% to 20% will do it.

Do you believe me yet that greed destroys common sense? Do you believe me yet about how evil the chemical companies are? What have these evil monsters done to my nation?

Government Grants

Remember that I have been telling you that one of the big money makers for these crusades to save stuff that doesn't need saving is free government money in government grants to build stuff with much of that money being laundered into greedy pockets?

This video shows you one such business that got one of those grants to save the planet.

The way it works is you get some big rich people who fund the startup of the business or buy up controlling interest in an existing business, hire some aspiring twit to manage it, and then they bribe your corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to give them a government grant to save whatever, of which they launder a big chunk of it into their greedy pockets for doing nothing to save anything.

It is an upper class trash racket to steal more money from more tax payers faster.


This video shows what can only be Satan using people to drive a wedge between Christians and Hebrews to divide and conquer us.

If Satan can turn the Christians against the Hebrews, then no one will come to the aid of Israel during the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39. Guess what Satan is getting ready to do soon.

Everyone needs to pray about this because we only have and need each other. We have to stop this really fast.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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