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Illegal Aliens

I just saw an article that said that illegal aliens are overworked and underpaid. Yeah, it is called slave labor for a reason.

Think about this. If you are one of those people being brutally abused by the upper class trash to make the upper class trash more wealth so they can live lives of greater luxury at your expense and the fighting starts in the US to overthrow the upper class trash and their puppets, whose side will you fight on?

I bet that opened an eyeball or two.

Hey, if you won't fight the upper class trash and their puppets for freedom, they will.


Remember that I told you that, when Russia finally goes on the offensive she will go after Kharkiv in the north, Kherson in the south, and Kiev in the north and Lviv in the west, both from Belarus?

This video shows that Russia is going after Kharkiv now.

This guy in this video is pretty good even though he misses some of what is going on. He does better than most and gives more details. His analyses are mostly good but he keeps missing the big picture.

Notice that, when the Russians "step back" they form a pocket or Russian cauldron and the idiot Ukrainians charge right in to be quickly surrounded on 3 sides. Every time the Russians do that, it is a trap but the idiot Western leaders can only think, "We are finally gaining ground; CHARGE!" They NEVER learn. Hey, they are not the ones getting killed, why should they worry?

Note that the Ukrainians are only staging two major offensives in the south, the Russians keep "stepping back", the Ukrainians keep sending in more reinforcements to take more ground, and the Ukrainians keep suffering heavy losses. The Russians are not being pushed back, they just say, "Hey, trap time", they back out creating a pocket, and the idiot Ukrainians just charge right in taking heavy losses every time.

Also, in most of the Russian offenses, they are just creating cauldrons to encircle and slaughter the enemy.

Note that he points out areas where the Ukrainians have stopped activity because their forces have been depleted and they are just hanging on for dear life just like I told you would happen.

This is another video showing different kinds of Russian traps, though he doesn't call them that.

For the first 10 minutes, the video shows 3 different traps. The first two are on the river by Kherson and then another a little later. The two on the river, what they did was permit small forces to cross the river and establish a small beach head. That causes the Ukrainians to rush more and more reinforcements to the beach head on the Russian side of the river to quickly expand the beach head, which requires the Ukrainians to cross the river fully exposed and the Russians just blow them to bits causing a high level of casualties and the Ukrainians just keep falling for it.

The first one they established was by "taking" the end of the bridge on the Russian side of the river and the second one was on an island. The Russians don't push the Ukrainian forces back so the Ukrainians will send more and more reinforcements for the Russians to easily kill with artillery, while losing no or very few Russian troops.

The third trap is at 9 minutes into the video where the Russians stepped back to permit the Ukrainians to establish a bridge head in the northern part of the town so the Ukrainians will send more and more reinforcements to take the rest of the town but they have to cross open fields to get to the bridge head, where Russia causes more heavy casualties and the Ukrainians just keep doing it.

The second village he tells you about Urozhaine, which is pronounced "urozina", where Ukraine used US JDAM bombs earlier, and it is a pretty interesting trap because Ukraine was attacking from 3 directions; the north, the northeast, and the southwest to try to encircle the Russians in the village so the Russians "stepped back" again to the central and southern parts of that village to keep from being encircled.

Remember that I told you that you use a rear guard to protect your main forces during a strategic retreat?

He tells you that is what the Russians did when they stepped back from the village to decrease Russian losses.

This caused all three Ukrainian forces to concentrate inside the village in a relatively small area so I expect Russia to pour concentrated artillery fire and aircraft bombing in those forces to increase casualties on top of the already high casualties the Ukrainians suffered taking that town.

He did a very good analysis of that but didn't tell you that the Ukrainians will now pour in more and more of their increasingly limited reserves to "reinforce" their bridge head to expand it to lose more and more troops and weapons.

I really like this guy because he tells you how bad the Ukrainian losses are. Along the entire front line, Ukraine is probably losing at least 500 to 1,000 troops or more per day with dozens of armored vehicles, tanks, and artillery.

Then he began telling you about the Russian offensive moves further to the north along the front line and the Russians devastated the Ukrainian forces, wiping out at least one battalion. The Russians just crushed the Ukrainians with those offensives like I told you they would do.

This tells me that Russia has destroyed enough Ukrainian forces in that area to go on the offensive in that area and you see why Russia spent so long just destroying Ukrainian forces before going on the offensive. Ukraine didn't have a prayer because her forces had been so devastated and then suffered even greater losses because of the Russian offensive.

Then he showed you a number of areas where Ukraine is not attacking because of troop losses. That front line has gotten a lot quieter because of Ukrainian losses.

Clearly the Russians know what they are doing and the West doesn't.

But, hey, according to the Western media and propaganda sites, Ukraine is winning the war. /sarc

After looking at those maps and watching what Russia is doing, I realized something very interesting. Russia keeps "stepping back" in the south but is gaining ground in the north.

It looks like what is going on is that Russia is stepping back in the south to keep encouraging Ukraine to send in more and more reinforcements "to take more ground" in order to draw as many Ukrainian/NATO forces into those Russian cauldrons and not just to destroy more of them but to set up a much larger or Russian super cauldron I warned you about before this war started.

You see, the more troops Russia draws into that sort of bowl at the bottom of the front line, the more their forces will entrap, when the Russians breakthrough in the north of the front line, which is what they are doing now.

Just look at the map of that front line and you should see that, when the Russian forces breakthrough in the north, they will be traveling west and north of the southern part of the front line and behind the Ukrainian/NATO troops cutting off their ability to retreat, reinforce, and resupply and putting a "lid" on that Russian super cauldron to trap the maximum potential number of Ukrainian/NATO forces to either finish them off or capture them. It is a perfect trap and the idiot leaders for Ukraine/NATO don't see it coming.

The more focused the Ukrainian/NATO forces are on "gaining more ground" with those few areas where the Russians keep stepping back, the less likely those forces will be to see it coming and to get out of the trap before it is too late.

I have been wondering what Russia was up to by easily gaining ground in the north and just stepping back to lose ground in the south and that looks like the most probably strategy.

Gog and Magog

Too many Christian preachers still teach that Russia is the Gog and Magog of the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39, when it absolutely could not be true. Gog and Magog were and still are two towns in Turkey, not Russia.

The Catholic Church began teaching that lie when the Church of Rome split into two opposing religions, The Catholic Church and the Christian Orthodox Church, the latter of which was based in Constantinople in today's Turkey and they got driven out of Turkey into Russia by the Muslims so the Catholic Church began teaching that Russia was Gog and Magog in spite of the fact that the towns of Gog and Magog have been under Muslim rule in Turkey ever since then.

The false idea that Russia will be Gog and Magog gained more ground when Russia formed the Soviet Union and became the enemy of the West.

Because of that, many of today's Christian preachers are one billion percent convinced that Russia is Gog and Magog, when Muslim run Turkey rules over both towns and is under Erdogan, who has been openly calling for ALL of Islam to unite and invade Israel to wipe her off the map. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

The real truth is that Erdogan is also a Shiite Muslim and wants to stand on the Temple Mount and give the order for all Muslims to murder all non Muslims to prove he is the Muslim Mahdi to force all Muslims to unite behind him to conquer and rule the world. He is a psychopath.

Mean while, since Putin gained control of Russia and largely Christianized Russia, he has proved he is consistently the best ally Israel has because, during WWII, when Putin was a little boy and his family was starving, a family of Hebrews help Putin's family and saved their lives.

Therefore Putin has helped the Hebrews in Russia move to Israel, he has helped finance projects for them in Israel, and he has never really sold them out the way the lefties in the US have repeatedly sold out Israel just like Afghan Joe is doing right now with their nuclear deal they are making with Israel's enemy, Iran.

Then I found this video telling how Israel has provided Russia with military intel concerning the war in Ukraine.

Gee, who would have guessed that Afghan Joe betraying Israel has driven Israel into alliance with Russia? And you think Russia will be Gog and Magog? Really?

Now, pay close attention and use common sense and it should be obvious that it WILL NOT be Russia playing the part of Gog and Magog in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 but it will be Turkey just like the ancient prophecy said. Russia IS NOT going to war against Israel, who is helping Russia in this war against the West. Hint, hint, hint!

Super Duper Climate Crisis

Every now and then I check on this guy in this video to see how long before Alamogordo, where I live at 4,200 feet altitude, will be under water because of our super duper climate crisis.

Waaaaa, Waaaa, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!

I'm not going to worry about it but his videos are kind of funny.

Upper Class Trash

Don't you just love the way the upper class trash act so concerned about people's lives while they are murdering other people?

Hey, they have to convince the stupid people that they actually care about people so the stupid people will believe the upper class trash care about them too, when they clearly don't. If the upper class trash royals cared about the stupid people, they would not be stealing from the stupid people.

The only people they care about are themselves and their bank accounts. Nothing else matters to them.


This video provides some very good intel concerning the present military situation for the US and NATO, why neither are even close to being ready to fight a war, especially a world war. Most of the people in the West are delusional about Western military readiness because they have been lied to while the upper class trash have been sacking and destroying our militaries.

I am convinced that, without US intervention, Africa alone could probably invade and conquer most of Europe and, when you include Russia, Africa would crush Europe because of what the magnificent royals did to Europe.

Our upper class trash royals have devastated the West militarily, economically, and in every other way for their own personal gain.

I have been telling you for years that the greatest threat to the West is the upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets.

Do you believe me yet?

Rome II

Remember that, if you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present. I grew up seeing this stuff and watching this nation start down that same road.

EVERYONE needs to watch the video at the top of this site because it shows you part of what I am seeing with communism/socialism/totalitarianism gradually, at first, but now very quickly trying to take over our nations with lies, misinformation, and propaganda by the left and it is destroying the West the same way it has destroyed every nation that has gone down that road, you know, like the Soviet Union, Communist China, Cuba, and Venezuela for examples.

Look at how close the Western nations are to what the Soviet Union was and for the same reasons; power and greed by the upper class trash. THEY are the problem just like I have been telling you.

Our lefty commie traitor college professors and media are teaching lies to get your children to want their communism so they can control you and your children, so they will own everything and "you will own nothing", and so you will be their slaves again.


Remember that I warned you about the lies of the God and Bible hating archaeologists, who spend almost all of their time trying to discredit the Bible?

On this site tells a totally preposterous theory about a mountain range down the middle of Pangaea.

If you studied geology, you should easily see that a mountain range would not form down the middle of a single continent without some internal stress loading like the continent being compressed inward, which would have also created very similar mountain ranges on the outsides of that continent that do not exist because of THAT specific compression.

For example, we know that the mountain ranges that exist all along the entire American Pacific Coast were caused by the compression of our continents riding up over the Pacific Ocean floor as it goes beneath those continents and, for such a compression to cause those mountains along the Atlantic Ocean, that same compression should have also caused mountains in the flat heartland of America because it would have compressed the entire continent the way the compression on the Pacific Coast caused the Rocky Mountains that are more than 1,000 miles wide but not across the entire continent.

Plus the fact that those two parts of that one continent have moved more than 3,000 miles apart should tell you that there was no such compression from the outsides of that continent or they would still be stuck together. That alone shoots the crap out of their fairy tale.

Where did the compression that caused those mountains go? Why did the forces reverse and push those mountains apart? What could have caused those mountain ranges along the Atlantic Ocean?

What I told you about that caused the Biblical Flood. A meteor storm caused a fracture in the Earth's crust down that one continent where the Atlantic Ocean is today that caused massive water jets under extreme pressure to be forced up that fracture and compressing those Atlantic Coast lines to cause those mountains, just like the Bible says for the flood because that pressure would have caused the compression that caused those mountains.

In other words, what they are showing you, had nothing to do with what they are telling you but is evidence for the global flood of the Bible with the waters coming up from below the fractured crust, compressing that crust and causing that mountain range along the Atlantic Ocean.

Don't believe me?

Go to college, study geology and then explain how those mountains formed down the center of a single large continent with flat lands on both sides of those mountains. My hypothesis is the best potential hypothesis.

The only possible answer is that the forces that caused the Atlantic Ocean to open also caused those mountains because the forces required for their fairy tale would have prevented the Atlantic Ocean from opening, you know, pushing the two parts of that continent together to form those mountains. If their fairy tale were true, we would not have an Atlantic Ocean today. Oops!

Question EVERYTHING you are told, even by scientists.

Also, I am seeing more and more of archaeologists talking about finding the remains of Giants, you know, like it disproves the Bible and there must have been another race or something.

The Bible says there were giants so they are confirming the Bible. Think about it.


Remember that I told you that Niger should put together a team of African allies to prevent or win a war with France and ECOWAS? Remember that I told you they should make an alliance with Algeria to their north because Algeria has huge gas and oil pipelines feeding into Europe that, if they shut those pipelines down, Europe pretty much dies, especially with Europe's present problems caused by sanctioning Russia?

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today?

This incredible video tells you that Niger did what I said and quickly got themselves 5 very important allies, which is probably only a start. The first he talks about is Russia, which would crush France and ECOWAS by herself.

Then he tells you about 3 African nations near Niger who also staged coups to get out from under the imperialistic control of France. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

The fifth country he tells you about is (drum roll) Algeria, who is using this alliance as an opportunity to get out from under the imperialistic control of France. Wow!!!

Well, guess what?

After they posted that video, I read that ECOWAS has decided they really don't want to go to war against Niger, France is backing down to sit in a corner licking her wounds, and France is losing another African imperialistic slave state like I told you would happen if France tried to send her military to retake Niger. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you".

Do you believe me yet that God is bringing down the West or Rome II that has been taken over by God hating pagans and is raising up mostly Christian nations to replace the West as the world powers of the future? Do you see a little of what God is doing?

An easy prediction is that this alliance of nations is going to rapidly grow and, if Europe, especially France, gives them any more problems, they will invade Europe, especially France, with Russia to get back some of the wealth France stole from them.

Why wouldn't they?

And the Euro-American Royals fail again.

Mean while, the leader the Niger military deposed is being tried for high treason, which is a capital crime requiring the death penalty and you better bet that will scare the crap out of any European puppet leaders still in Africa, especially if they execute the guy. That will strongly encourage ALL remaining European puppets left in Africa to free their nations from European control and slavery.

Hmmm, how about the "United Nations of Africa"?

Keep an eye on that. This is huge!!!

Another thing this is likely to do because of the obvious increasing weakness of most European nations is encourage parts of European nations like the Basques and Catalan to break away from Spain in the north and the Muslim states to break away from Spain in the south.

Years ago, I told you about a number of European nations that will likely break apart into two or more nations like the UK, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany because of different factions and tensions between those factions within those nations that want separation from the other factions.


This video tells several important things. First, he tells you the GOP has filed 12 articles of impeachment against Afghan Joe, which is big and means that, the GOP will probably win the next election and could take the presidency, House, and Senate, which will mean a lot of Commierats could go to jail and you better bet those criminals know it so you know they are going to do everything they can to rig and win this election.

The thing I am watching most is to see what Obama is going to do about his puppet, Joe, being under siege so heavily, especially after Obama publically made such a big thing out of him working to get Afghan Joe reelected in 2024. Even if Afghan Joe does get reelected in 2024, it will do Obama no good, if he then gets impeached.

Obama is getting old and running out of time to become the Muslim Mahdi and world leader so keep an eye on it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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