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Remember that, right after I started this blog shortly after 1999, I told you that I had been praying about whether Billy Boy Clinton was going to be the Antichrist and, based on the answers I got, I felt he probably would be?

The main reasons why I was wondering about Billy Boy being the Antichrist are that he was able to keep getting away with obvious crimes and he was so charismatic that people believed and followed him just like the Bible says they will for the Antichrist.

Then, by the most magical of coincidences, after years of him being out of the lime light, I found this news item today in CenturyLink from AP by Glenn Gamboa along with a picture of Billy Boy showing he recently had facial plastic surgery to stop looking so old and bad either that or really great makeup:

"NEW YORK (AP) - The Clinton Global Initiative 2023 will convene 'leaders, innovators and dreamers' - ranging from World Bank President Ajay Banga and The Bahamas' Prime Minister Philip E. Davis to Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, World Central Kitchen founder Jose Andres and Ford Foundation CEO Darren Walker, as well as A-list actors Orlando Bloom, Matt Damon, and Ashley Judd - in New York on Sept. 18 and 19 to keep up the momentum addressing global issues generated by the conference when it returned last year after a six-year hiatus.

Former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton announced Monday that the conference would seek more commitments to address climate change, health care issues, gender-based violence, the war in Ukraine and other issues.

'Every day, billions of people around the world, even in the face of the most dire circumstances, make a profound decision to choose hope and keep going,' former President Bill Clinton told The Associated Press in an emailed statement. 'At CGI, we're focusing on how to move forward in the face of daunting challenges-to act now, find new partners, and stick with it to make a positive difference in people's lives.'

At the Clinton Global Initiative, or CGI, in 2022, more than 140 commitments were announced, including the $1 billion plan from, co-founded by Damon, to help 100 million people in Africa, Asia and Latin America get lasting access to water and sanitation. Damon is set to return to CGI in September to further discuss the issue."

Wow, the Clinton Global Initiative!

You don't think they started this fund as a move for them to be the global dictators, do you?

They just moved right in, when everyone else at the top is failing, and started recruiting supporters among the elites to build an organization "to save the planet" by building their glorious globalism. You know that isn't a coincidence.

Did you notice who their target markets are, you know, the nations joining BRICS and turning against the West? Gee, you don't think they are going to buy out the Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans from joining BRICS and into joining this new Clinton foundation with lots of cash, do you?

You better keep both eyes on this one.

Remember how charismatic Billy Boy is?

For enough money, most people will follow him over a cliff. I am even more convinced Billy Boy will be the Antichrist because this timing is no coincidence. He is going to save the elites from their great sounding stupid ideas, with ALL of them failing, and they will worship him like a god.

You have to understand that EVERYONE else on the left is failing right now. Billy Boy is beating out Obama and his puppet Afghan Joe, he is beating out King Chuck and his MI6, he is replacing the failing WEF (NATO and EU) with his "Clinton Global Initiative" and could be the only person or organization to bring Russia, Africa, and Latin America to heel because, instead of using a stick and threatening everyone, Billy Boy is using a basket full of carrots to bribe everyone.

"Hey, if you back me, I will give you this, that, and something else."

Remember that the Bible says everyone will love the Antichrist, not fear him.

This is getting very interesting.


NATO is finally admitting that "Russia cannot be defeated in Ukraine."

It is finally being made open knowledge that the West has failed, they were wrong, and they lied.

Now watch them change the subject to something like China or Africa. Oh, that's right, they already did, didn't they?

This video tells us that Russia just made a quick grab or aggressive offensive and took an area. Ukraine's military couldn't even slow them down. It is starting.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

This video shows that Ukraine is about to conquer the galaxy again with new super duper game changing weapons that they won't even get until next year, you know, the F-16.

Before everyone gets all excited about Z Boy conquering the galaxy with his F-16s, you need to know a little reality the media will NOT tell you.

They are all OLD F-16s those nations were going to dump on someone, they will NOT have even our second best electronics warfare and ECM to counter the SAM radar, much less the best, there probably won't be many parts for maintenance, and those planes will just be target practice for Putin's air defenses and fighter planes plus it takes pilots a year to learn to fly those planes right in combat but they will only get about 6 months training, just enough training to die quickly. There will only be about 65 of them total and Putin has about 900 fighter planes plus who knows how many thousand missiles.

"But dey is a game changer, yup, yup, dey surely is a game changer dat will conquer duh galaxy." Question everything you are told.

Those F-16s will be target practice and Putin will pick up the pieces and send them to the engineers to figure out better countermeasures.

Those worn out planes are just scrap metal and junk those nations are selling to Z Boy for some of your tax money so they can buy new planes. I would not want to be one of those pilots.

I get tired of these criminals using and abusing Ukraine and its people to launder US tax dollars into our corrupt upper class trash pockets. They are not even descent animals.

Why, these upper class trash leaders are so noble dumping their junk aircraft on Ukraine's military to get them killed so the upper class trash can get more rich at everyone else's expense. I am beginning to wonder if even the Lake of Fire is going to be hot enough for these evil beasts and savages.

Remember that I keep telling you about the Russian traps inside Ukraine?

Here is an easy prediction because of a trap Russia is right now setting up in the first 3 minutes of this video because he tells you several times that the Ukrainians have gotten a lot of armored vehicles into that town.

Russia has been easily destroying Ukraine's armored vehicles before they get to town and suddenly they get a lot of armored vehicles into that town? Why didn't Russia destroy those vehicles on the way into town like they had been doing and are still doing elsewhere?

By letting Ukraine get more and more armored vehicles into that town, it encourages Ukraine to keep sending more and more vehicles into the town so Russia can stage a concentrated effort to destroy those vehicles as quickly and easily as possible.

You have to understand that the more vehicles they have within an area, the more likely Russia will be to hit something with each shot and the more difficult it will be for her to miss everything. Plus, when those vehicles are closely parked by each other, every time one of them blows up, they will take out other vehicles near them.

This means that Russia will be able to destroy more vehicles with less munitions in less time, especially since Ukraine will be keeping fewer vehicles at a safe distance from the fight. It is obviously a trap and, all of a sudden, Russia is going to cut loose on that parking lot and very quickly wipe out all of those vehicles because the explosions and fires will spread to the other vehicles very quickly.

That fire will spread so fast that most people in the area won't be able to get away to keep from being incinerated. It is going to be a massive slaughter.

Note that he said they have to wait for the Ukrainian tanks to get there.

That tank unit fighting in that area is the best quality and armed tank unit in Ukraine and, if Putin destroys that entire tank unit in one slaughter like that, it will be a very massive blow to Ukraine. They will have lost their entire best tank unit and Putin is trying to sucker them into bringing those tanks and troops into his trap so he can destroy them in mass.

Don't be surprised to see one or two thousand Ukrainian troops die very quickly in just that one battle.


This video tells you that they are forecasting that, by 2050, the BRICS nations will dominate the global economy.

Alaric Putin did an excellent job of planning ahead and preparing for this.

It also means that Rome II has fallen and will soon be dead.

And what caused this failure and the death of Rome II?

The great sounding stupid ideas of the lefties being implemented by the left against the world to set up their global dictatorship. It also means that their beloved global dictatorship is dead.

So, does that mean the lefty upper class trash royals will stop their insane obsession with setting up their global dictatorship?

Of course not, the only thing that will stop them is if they all die. They prove that every day by accelerating their efforts every time their plans fail. They really do believe that, if they just do more of what is failing, they will magically succeed. They are obsessive, compulsive psychopathic lunatics.

So, what great sounding stupid idea do you think the West will do next?

Hey, if we are lucky, they might colonize the sun.

Stolen Goods

Remember that I told you that the rest of the world is angry about Europe sacking their nations and those nations are wanting those stolen goods back?

This video is really pushing the idea of returning things the European nations took from them.

Do you believe me yet that, if they get the chance, those nations will now sack Europe to get their stuff back?

You have to also consider that some of what Europe took was just lying around as worthless old junk and debris but much of it was looted from palaces, tombs, and people's homes.

The people in those nations were treated so bad for hundreds of years by the arrogant royals and their puppets that the anger has built up and, now that those armies are no longer dominant because the royals sacked their own militaries too, those people are demanding their stolen stuff back and their anger is increasing.

Don't be surprised if Africa, Asia, and Latin America end up sacking Europe to get some of their stuff back.

At the end she tells you what I told you years ago in that most of Europe is returning at least some of the stolen objects but the UK is arrogantly refusing to return any of it.

The British Royal Family will be the death of the UK.

This video shows that China has made a commitment to stand against the West in Africa.

What I am waiting to find out is how many and which African nations are going to stand behind Niger against ECOWAS, France, the US, and UK. With the BRICS conference taking place August 22 (today) - August 24, it is likely that almost all of them will join forces with BRICS against ECOWAS and the West.

The insane Western upper class trash royals and their puppets just can't give up on their global dictatorship.

Keep an eye on this.

Rigging Election

I keep seeing people asking whether the left will rig the election.

Of course they are going to rig the election because, if they don't, Trump will get elected and they will all go to jail anyway for the crimes they have already committed. Therefore, it should be common sense that the left is going to just commit another crime by rigging the election in order to not go to jail because the ONLY way they can stay out of jail is if their puppet gets elected instead of Trump.

That is a super easy prediction and, if you think they rigged the election a lot last time, you ain't seen nuttin' yet. Afghan Joe will probably get a billion votes.

Human Behavior

It drives me up a wall that most Westerners ignorantly and simple mindedly project their beliefs, values, and logic onto all other people, assuming they all think like us and will behaving like us in spite of the blatantly obvious evidence to the contrary. "Why, we is such smarty pants dey gots to all tink like us."

Then, why are they not behaving like us?

It is normal human behavior that people think based on what they believe and behave based on how they think, therefore, it is critical to learn to understand what other people believe in order to understand how they think in order to understand how they will behave. You have to study your enemy in order to get to know your enemy because, if they thought like you, they wouldn't be your enemy.

I have learned that, in studying human behavior, you start with studying their religion to see what they believe.

For example, in public Hitler said he was a Christian to fool the people but, behind closed doors he was really a Luciferian.

What do Luciferians believe?

They believe that, if they conquer the world, set up a global dictatorship, and kill or enslave all non Luciferians, their god, Lucifer, will come, make them all immortal gods, and they will rule the world forever. That is what Hitler was trying to do.

Guess what, all of these upper level globalists are also Luciferians, hint, hint.

Gee, you don't think that is why they are obsessed with setting up their global dictatorship, do you?

Of course it is. That is also why they are so arrogant; they believe they are gods and you should all serve their every wish.

So, because of their religion, they believe that, if they conquer the world and set up a global dictatorship, their god will come and make them all immortal gods to rule forever so they are trying to set up their global dictatorship. Gee, what a magic coincidence they are doing what their religion requires them to do.

Another fanatical religion is Marxism with Karl Marx as their god. They believe that, if they set up a global dictatorship under communism/socialism/progressivism, they will have paradise on Earth so they keep trying to force their fanatical religion of communism/socialism on you.

Most pagan religions, especially the occult, teach some version of the same belief that, if they conquer the world, and set up their religious dictatorship, their god will come, make them immortal gods, and they will rule the world forever. Christianity is one of very few religions that doesn't teach something similar to that.

Atheism teaches that they won't be held accountable for their sins or crimes by a supreme being so, if they can get away with it in this life, it is alright to do it, which is why they keep trying to make everything they want to do legal. They don't believe there is sin so they can feel free to "do as they will" to whomever they will whenever they will and they are very dangerous people. They arrogantly believe that the ends, their goals, justify the means or the crimes they have to commit to get what they want.

Do things suddenly make sense now?

Rome II

Remember that Hungary and Serbia have jumped ship with several others wanting to?

This video shows that Austria is now jumping ship to keep from fighting a war with Russia. All it will take is one too many or one of either France or Germany or a trigger event and this will turn into a stampede.

As we get into winter with Europe having a fuel shortage because of the UK and US sanctions, more will jump ship to keep their people from revolting against their government because they are freezing their butts off.

Do you believe me yet that Rome II is already dead and just has not finished kicking yet?

The US just issued an order for all US citizens to leave Belarus immediately. Either the US is trying to scare and intimidate Russia and Belarus with a really big bluff or the fools are getting ready to go to war against BRICS and the rest of the world.

Keep an eye on this because the Western upper class trash royals have proved they are stupid and arrogant enough to start an all out shooting war with Russia and her allies. The Western upper class trash royals and their puppets just can't give up on their global dictatorship.


Remember that I told you that it looks like the US and UK are getting ready to turn Poland into Ukraine II to destroy Russia so they can set up their global dictatorship and that the Polish leaders are stupid enough to fall for it?

Hey, give their leaders enough millions of dollars and they will sell out their country too.

So, how many millions did the US and UK bribe the Polish leaders to kill their own people?

Why the arrogant fools are going to conquer the galaxy with 96 helicopters and a little over 10,000 missiles. Yup, that should do it. Why, Russia could never defeat that! /sarc

This video shows that the US is arming Poland to invade Belarus. She is starting by selling Poland Apache attack helicopters so our upper class trash can make $12 billion more money from the military industry they own.

They just can't steal enough fast enough so they can increase the wealth they will lose when our nation is invaded and they get sacked.

Hey, I know, let's disarm ourselves even more by giving more nations our weapons to be destroyed by our enemies so we won't have anything left to defend our nation with. Military geniuses, they are not.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash royals and their puppets have invented infinite insanity because their insanity is never ending?

How many more people are going to die because of the upper class trash royal insane greed and lust for global power? Do you believe me yet that Russia is going to be forced by the upper class trash royals to invade Europe and North America, especially the UK and US, to stop this insanity?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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