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Remember that I have been telling you that Putin has kept troops positioned in Western Belarus to attack south into Ukraine to cut off the reinforcement, resupply, and retreat of Ukrainian troops by way of Poland?

This video shows that Lukashenko of Belarus has warned Ukraine that, if they persist with this war, they could lose all of Ukraine. That is because I told you a long time ago that Putin has to take all of Ukraine to stop the West's insanity.

If Putin just lets the West have control of the western half of Ukraine, the West will use that to keep trying to destroy Russia and Putin has to know it.

Remember that I have been telling you that Putin knows he is going to have to fight a war with the West to stop their insanity?

This video tells you that Putin is trying to warn off the West but you know the arrogant West think he is just bluffing because he wouldn't dare attack them so they won't back off. Putin doesn't want to have to fight that war because a lot of people are going to die but he knows he has to eventually fight that war. That is why he is ramping up for that war and ramping up for a nuke war.

Fall of Man III

I woke up about 3 am this morning and lay there thinking about things for several hours, with God showing me things. At some point I realized that what we are living through right now is the fall of man but the first fall of man took place in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and the second fall of man took place with Noah's Flood. This is the third fall of man and there will be a fourth fall of man right after the Millennial Reign of Jesus and just before the Judgment Day for the same stupid reasons because most people, especially pagans, never learn.

The interesting thing here is that this fall of man is being caused almost entirely by man's own wickedness and resultant stupidity, though God will soon destroy a lot of them at the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, probably to save the rest of us from what the lefty morons want.

When you look at the mess the upper class trash royals and their puppets have created today, it is because they always hire the wizards, mystics, seers or lefty college professors (that is all lefty college professors are because they ignore science and facts) living in their white palaces out of touch with reality, smoking their dope, and dreaming up things they know the upper class trash royals want to hear in order to get paid. From what I have heard from some of those lefty college wizards, mystics, and seers, it takes some pretty strong dope to dream up their crap.

That is why EVERYTHING the lefties do is failing because they just believe what they want to believe instead of seeking out reality and truth. That is why, for thousands of years, empire after empire has fallen, always weakened from within by the greed and corruption of the royals so they can be easily invaded and conquered, but the royals and their puppets never learn so they keep forcing everyone to keep repeating history. They are the problem and have been for thousands of years.

They arrogantly keep inbreeding, which we know decreases intelligence and increases insanity, because they are too good and wonderful to breed with the common people. That would be beneath them, which explains their increasing insanity.

Let me give you a very good example of how out of touch with reality their great sounding insanity is.

They actually believe that they will make themselves more wealthy by them owning everything, you owning nothing, and them killing off most of you, which defies common sense economics but, hey, it sounds good to them.

Let me tell you what will really happen if these arrogant fools get what they want.

They ignorantly, arrogantly, greedily, and simple mindedly believe that, after they kill almost all of you off, they will get all of your wealth and be super duper rich because they are completely clueless that the value of anything is based on the demand for that thing and, the greater the demand, the greater the value. The more people there are who want it, the more they will pay for it.

A great example is the fields and warehouses full of those super duper, fantastic, magic electric cars that no one wants to buy. There is no demand for those cars so there is no value for those cars in spite of the fact the upper class trash royals and their puppets pumped a lot of money into building those cars so those cars are worthless. The idiots can't give those cars away.

That is what happens in all economic crashes like a stock market crash. The demand decreases so the value drops so the demand drops even more until the market for that commodity implodes, causing the crash. That is economics 101, People.

That is happening right now with the US Dollar because the demand is decreasing so the value is decreasing so it takes more dollars to buy things because fewer people want the dollar so the value continues to decrease until it implodes.

So, what will happen when those inbred moron royals murder off better than 95% of you?

The demand for ALL commodities, including gold and silver, will decrease by 95%. That will be the greatest decrease in demand for anything in history so that much decrease in demand will cause an absolutely complete crash in the value of everything on the planet because the value ALWAYS drops well below the remaining demand until the value or price gets low enough it begins to increase the demand because people are now willing to pay that price for that thing.

With the moron royals and their idiot puppets killing off better than 95% of the demand for EVERYTHING on this planet, the value of everything on this planet will go to absolute zero until the supply in relation to the remaining demand begins to recreate a value or price for those things. But you have to keep in mind that 95% of the demand for everything will still be dead so the recovery will be the absolute worst and longest in history.

In other words, when the royals and their moron puppets destroy that much demand, the economy will crash harder than a meteor slamming into the sun and it will cause all of the wealthy people in the world to lose absolutely ALL of their wealth and become absolutely impoverished. It will take at least one or two decades for the economy to begin to recover, probably longer, because 95% of the demand will still be dead.

There won't even be a stock market left because every share for every business will become completely worthless paper or numbers in a computer because of the severity of that economic crash, making the richest people completely impoverished and the idiots and their wizard lefty academe are too stupid to figure it out.

Maybe they should all smoke a little less dope?

The stock market will take a double hit because the demand for stocks will greatly decrease and the demand for the products and services for ALL of those businesses will greatly decrease so that those businesses will ALL implode in value to NOTHING.

What businesses and what stock market?

For example, everyone like Zuckerberg, Gates, Bezos, and the other mega rich fools will lose everything they have because all of their current wealth is based on the value of the stocks they own on the stock market, which is based on the demand for those stocks. They won't be worth the bazillions of dollars they now think they are worth.

All of the current civilization will simply cease to exist and the super greedy and stupid royals and their puppets will ALSO own nothing because EVERYTHING they posses will have no value because there will not be enough demand for it.

It won't end anything like their dope smoking wizards, seers, and magicians in the right universities have fantasized it will end.

If you don't believe me, go back and study every major economic crash in history and that is exactly what will happen but on the greatest scale in history because the over educated fools will have destroyed almost all of the demand for EVERYTHING FOREVER, therefore, they will destroy the value of EVERYTHING for at least a few decades, probably longer, and the vast majority of the rich will never recover at all and the few who do recover will never have more than a tiny fraction of the wealth they have today.

They are stoned, inbred, brain dead, idiots listening to each others' great sounding stupidity in their white palace echo chambers and it will fail just like everything else they are doing right now but on a much more massive scale.

If they get what they want, this will be by far the greatest economic crash in history and the fools think it will make them much more wealthy. Don't be surprised when you see massive numbers of them stepping off of tall buildings, further decreasing the demand for everything.

Do you believe me yet that greed destroys common sense? Do you believe yet that the first and most important requirement to be a lefty is to not have a lick of common sense?

The second requirement is that you must be nuts and delusional. The lefties are so stupid they can't even realize they are stupid.


Remember that I told you that the White House doctors are giving you phony diagnoses for McConnell's condition because, if they don't, they get fired?

I got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Bob Cronin:

"Seven neurologists consulted by the New York Times say the video of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell freezing up while addressing reporters on Wednesday suggests the problem is more serious than the official explanation indicates. Dr. Brian Monahan, the Capitol's attending physician, has issued a statement that mentioned dehydration and recovery from a concussion as possible causes for the "occasional lightheadedness" that may have led to McConnell shutting down for 30 seconds at a time. "If I gave that tape to a medical student and that was his explanation, I'd fail him," said Dr. Orrin Devinsky, of NYU's medical school."


"'The possibility at the top of my list would be a seizure,' Kim said. Focal seizures, which can be caused by an irregularity in part of the brain, can stop and appear to isolate patients, per the Times. Mini-strokes are a possibility, but experts say they rarely have identical effects each time; McConnell has had two alike spells that were filmed. But they wouldn't preclude most people from carrying on as before with work or life. 'Seizures have a stigma in our society, and that's unfortunate because these are very brief electrical interruptions in behavior,' Dr. Jeffrey Saver of UCLA. Medication can control the episodes, he said, but they shouldn't be dismissed. 'Two seizures you definitely would want to treat,' said Dr. Sami Khella of Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. 'You don't want them to happen-they're not good for you.'"

If you understand how these corrupt upper class trash live and play, they use lots of drugs, get lots of STDs, and do lots of things that cause medical problems.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

Increasing numbers of the upper class trash and their puppets' sins are finding them out and they all eventually will. Basically, the "fun" crap they do causes mental and other health problems. You should see what those drugs do to your mind and body.

I told you that government employees must say what they are told to say or they get fired. You question EVERYTHING the government tells you.

I DO NOT use ANY recreational drugs, not even alcohol, because I know what that crap does to your body at the molecular level and me taking care of my body like that has definitely helped keep me alive with my viral medical problems (caused by a virus), when doctors have told me that all of their other patients, you know, the ones who use those drugs, would have died.

I have done plenty of other fun things in life that have not caused those problems, like outdoors activities and helping others, which have also helped keep me alive.

The dope users only think they are having fun until those drugs catch up to them.

Bad Words

Did you know that English is one of few languages that has "Bad Words"?

None of the other European languages do, especially German and English is a Germanic language derived from German.

Where did the English bad words come from?

The arrogance of the Royals during the reign of Queen Victoria.

In order to virtue signal to each other how superior they were to their surfs, they went around refusing to say many of the words the Christian surfs said on a daily basis and started calling them "curse words".

"Why, those words were beneath them. They would NEVER say those words." The royals are so wonderful they make me want to puke.

They even took scripture out of context and gave new meaning to words to prove it is sinful to say those bad words. Why, you will burn in Hell, if you say those words.

For example, they like to refer to where the Bible says you will not use "vain speech", telling you that those curse words are vain speech in spite of the fact that there are no curse words in Hebrew.

But that is not what the bible means by vain speech so they are lying to you. What the Bible means by vain speech is proud and arrogant speech, which, by definition, is being vain or arrogant.

What is hilarious about that is that, to prove they were superior to the lowly surfs or them being vain, arrogant, and proud, they were using vain or arrogant speech to prove they were superior to the surfs. Meaning, to prove they were not committing a fake sin, they were committing a real sin called arrogance or vanity.

Burning Man

Remember that I told you about the burning of Zozobra in Albuquerque, NM?

They have another burning man event in Nevada State that just got rained out and flooded.

These burning man events are clearly the pagans trying to bring back certain pagan rituals for pagan religions like the Celts to entice other people into becoming pagan to turn people away from Christianity. It is the pagan war against Christianity and they are being very subtle and deceptive to lure people into joining pagan cults.

For decades I have read that Satan uses this subtle method to ease people into satanic worship. They expose people to something that seems to be harmless to people who don't know better and, when they see people are accepting that, they introduce them to something a little more radical until, before the people know it, they are in full scale pagan rituals with human sacrifices. It is mental conditioning process to make people gradually more acceptable of the really obviously evil stuff.

This event in Nevada helps prove what I told you about Zozobra not being made up by a local man but being an ancient Celtic religious practice so I decided to look it up and found this intel. The Spanish Celts obviously brought here to New Mexico hundreds of years ago. It is just like I told you.

Sailboat Cruising

I have been waiting for it and I find it interesting that so many are doing it at the same time, it is probably because we are getting into fall and the end of cruising in the most popular areas.

Most of the people who get sea sick are women and they are not really enjoying the sailboat cruising while barfing over the rail or couldn't sleep at night on a rolling boat so a surprising number of them are moving off the boats at the same time onto land with things like van life, building a house but still doing some local sailing to be back sleeping inside their stable houses by night, or just finding something else to do other than sailing out to sea for days at a time.

I knew this was coming because they just had to get away from those rocking and rolling sailboats.

I don't know why they didn't figure out before hand that the oceans have waves and waves rock sailboats.

It seems that most of the men are going along with it because they are either tired of constantly working on those sailboats and/or want to have the peace of their wife not always complaining. Believe me, the guys were obviously not enjoying sailing with their wives always sick and complaining.

No one can be any happier than the least happy person in a relationship because the least happy person will always drag everyone else down with them.

For years I have watched couples sailing where the man clearly enjoys sailing but the woman is constantly complaining about the rolling of the boat so that the man can't enjoy the sailing because he knows she will berate him for being "insensitive."

They eventually end up either quitting sailing or getting a divorce with him continuing sailing by himself.

Right now I am seeing a number of those couples quitting full time sailing to do other things like traveling in a van or RV or getting a home, which is why increasing numbers of rich couples are moving to catamarans because they don't heal or roll as much in the waves. It is more like living on land, while sailing.

It is really nice to see a couple who both enjoy the sailing.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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