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After Poland bailed on the US and UK war in Ukraine, now Erdogan of Turkey has stopped providing Ukraine with weapons.

That is about 6 EU and NATO nations that have jumped the US and UK ship concerning Ukraine. The NATO/EU dam is starting to crack and break.

Now, please tell me again how the West is winning this war. I really like fairy tales. /sarc

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The Royal upper class trash dam just broke, beware the flood.

Man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs.

What global dictatorship?

So, who do you think will be next?

Then I found this video where the leader of Belarus tells us that the West (US and UK?) has given the other NATO nations the OK to shove Z Boy's butt under ye ole royal bus (to avoid continued ship jumping?).

Are they getting ready to kill him and dump his body in Kyiv to make it look like Putin did it? Who are they going to replace him with? Why are the US and UK still helping him attack Crimea, to make it look like they helped him more than they did? Is this why more nations are feeling free to jump ship?

Remember that I have been telling you about how the Western upper class trash royals have been selling Ukraine worthless old junk weapons to make the Royals more money than they would get from selling those weapons for scrap metal?

This video shows you about some of that old junk Ukraine is getting and the leaders in Ukraine are so naughty for not winning with the West's old junk weapons and bad NATO military leadership. Why, the incompetent fools. /sarc Hey, the Western leaders have to make Z Boy and his people look incompetent so the Western leaders don't look incompetent.

Hey, the real reason why everything the Western leaders do fails is because of Putin and Trump.

Meaning what? That Putin and Trump are outsmarting them?

Ukraine has been played for suckers by the West and are paying for it, while the Western upper class trash royals are getting rich with blood money.

Do you believe me yet that these criminals are all going to burn in Hell?

But, don't worry, the greedy, power mad, raving lunatic, psychopathic royals and their puppets can never quit so this war is going to get very big and hot very quickly. Hey, when all else fails, start blowing stuff up. That is the Royals' intellectual way to solve their problems.

Then I found this video that tells us that Russia has really increased her attacks on key Ukrainian military targets such as weapons and munitions storage and others.

Towards the end of this video he tells you that Ukraine is starting to make their own make shift weapon systems for launching missiles at Russia using light trucks and other vehicles. This is an act of desperation because Ukraine is running out of professional grade weapons so they are making do with whatever they can put together.

If Russia attacks those light trucks with just a few missiles on them, using tanks, it will be a slaughter by the Russians. Actually, Russia won't even have to use tanks because any armored vehicle with a decent gun on it will shred those light trucks.


The West is determined to cause a nuclear war. In this video Trudeau is determined to make Canada a primary target on Putin's kill list for Russia in a nuke war by continuing to give Z Boy more weapons to poke the bear with.

Hey, Canada will be an easy target because Russia can fire her nukes missiles from ships and subs from the sea in 3 different directions. Just remember, people, at the beginning of every battle are two leaders who both believe they will win but one of them is wrong.

Then he tells you about Russia publishing right now that they are resuming testing nukes and it should be obvious that is a warning to the West but, hey, the idiots still think Putin is bluffing and he will just let the West destroy Russia without Putin taking the West down with Russia.

Putin is checking out their nukes to make sure they work because shooting off dud nukes as your preemptive strike won't work too well.

Then I found this very telling video that says that Germany sent a tank crew "to help the Ukrainians to operate the tank" but it was destroyed during a battle so that Germany sending a tank crew to operate a tank during a battle is an act of war by Germany.

I want to know where the Ukrainian crew "they were helping" was during that battle?

This proves what I have been telling you about NATO troops operating the weapons NATO gives to Ukraine because the Ukrainian soldiers do not know how to operate the NATO weapons and there are not that many Ukrainian soldiers left who can operate a tank. Every nation that provided their soldiers to operate those NATO weapons in the war committed an act of war every time they sent a team to fight Russia with those weapons.

One big question here is, "How many other NATO troops have already died fighting in Ukraine to make the upper class trash more blood money?"

This also means that Putin knew he was killing NATO troops for some time now, decreasing the NATO military strength, which better explains why Putin has been holding his ground to protect Russian troops while killing NATO troops. He is already weakening the Western militaries by destroying their troops and weapons in Ukraine.

This is really huge because it exposes the lies and deceptions by the Western upper class trash royals and their puppets in actively waging war against Russia and telling us they were not. They are now fully exposed. Many of the people fighting Russia and dying right now in Ukraine are NATO troops wearing Ukrainian uniforms.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you it is scientifically impossible for evolution to have occurred by accident and coincidence? Remember that I have been telling you that better than 90% of scientists who believe in evolution also believe that there had to be a "superior intelligence that caused evolution to happen"? Remember that I have been telling you that it is scientifically impossible for the first living cell to come into existence by accident and coincidence because the simplest living cell is far too complex?

This AP video is titled "Seven-year NASA mission may find clues to origins of Earth life when asteroid samples return to Utah".

Hold it, I thought they have been telling us that life began here on Earth by magic accident and coincidence but now they are telling us that they are looking in space for how life accidentally and coincidentally happened and somehow magically got to Earth without burning up on entry in our atmosphere and that the impact with the Earth's surface didn't kill that life? Are they admitting they have been lying to us by telling an even more preposterous lie?

Yep, they sure are. They obviously KNOW that it is scientifically impossible for the first cell to have happened by accident and coincidence and are adding, "on Earth, but it may have happened in space under different circumstances", which is just a con and pretty common lie by evolutionists because they also know that it is scientifically impossible for life to have happened by accident and coincidence anywhere.

Their first lie was found out and proved to be wrong so they are telling you a different lie to buy time to come up with another lie to keep you from believing that the God of the Bible created life on Earth just like the Bible says.

The pagans are just hoping you won't notice that they changed their lie but I told you so you would notice. Every time the evolutionists change their lie, they prove to you that they were lying.

God, Yahweh, created life and not their pagan goddess, Mother Nature. She can't do crap.

The Church

Remember that I have been warning you that Satan has infiltrated his pagans into our churches to lead people astray under the name of Christianity even though they have nothing to do with Christianity?

This video shows such a church that is teaching the opposite of what the Bible says, while falsely claiming they are Christian. None of those people are Christians or they would not embrace paganism. Many of these churches are already converting themselves and their congregations over to paganism such as the occult and Islam. Listen, they are already converting their members to paganism by teaching them pagan beliefs and policies, even while still pretending to be Christian. It is a subtle form of brainwashing them into eternal damnation.

If you belong to a church that is just starting this voyage, try to organize the true Christians to take back full control of your church. If that church is too far gone or too many people want to go that way, take every true Christian with you and go find a true Christian church or start one of your own because you do not want you, your family, your friends, and especially your children to go where that church and those people are going to go.

Satan and his spawn are now waging a full scale holy war against Christians because Christians permitted the pagans to become powerful enough to wage that war by being tolerant of those pagans.

If you have studied history and archaeology and then look at those drag queens in the front of that church, you should realize that they look the way pagans used to look hundreds of years ago before Christianity became the dominant religion. They, especially their religious leaders, often wore face paint and dressed up wild like that.

This is what I have been telling you for years, which is God sorting the closet pagans and poser Christians out of His church. He is permitting them to come out of their closets and expose who they really are to cause them to openly separate from and leave the church to the true Christians. For decades they have been saying there are more than 2 billion Christians on this planet but that included a lot of closet pagans and poser Christians destroying our churches from within. By the time this is over, there could be less than one billion true Christian people left but many more will come to the true Christianity to replace those poser Christians.

God is getting rid of the destructive people in His church and replacing them with constructive people to lead others to God.

Do you believe me yet that Europe and North America are the modern Sodom and Gomorrah? Gee, I wonder if God is going to cause Putin to rain fire and brimstone down on us from Heaven? Do you believe me yet that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load? Why would God NOT punish us for doing what He punished others for doing?

My heart breaks over what the lefties have done to our nations and planet.


The West is very clearly trying to draw India away from BRICS and being Russia's ally so they can destroy Russia, China, and the rest of BRICS. It is called divide and conquer.

So Trudeau decided to start a war with India to turn the rest of the West against India and the rest of the West is instead turning on Trudeau. Don't be surprised if he soon takes a quick trip under ye ole royal bus or ends up dead. Keep an eye on this.


I have been watching the US middle class, especially with pictures of how they are living, and they are still much more wealthy than they were when I was last working and socializing with them decades ago before my illness. Their wealth increased a lot more over the last 30 years.

This tells me that a lot more of them will have to lose a lot more of what they have before they will be willing to risk losing what they have left to regain control of the US from the upper class trash and their puppets with a full rebellion but they are still fighting back in other ways that are not as risky telling me that increasing numbers of them have realized that, if they don't fight back now, they will lose it all soon, especially if they have to fight a war.

Keep an eye on this.

Mexican Spacy Aliens

Doctors paid by the Mexican Government, you know, like how Fauci was paid by the US Government, said they inspected the two mysterious spacy aliens "found in a Mexico mine" and said they are real and from outer space. Ooooooo!

Uh, where is their space ship?

Mean while, doctors who do not work for a government are saying they are phony.

I warned you that the globalists would try to pull a fast one on you with spacy aliens. They are definitely doing it and the stupid people will fall for it.

This is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Do you believe me yet that the left has gone nuts?

I get so sick of their lies and evil crap.

Evolution Fanatical Cult

In science I was taught that, to be a true scientist with credibility, you have to consider the evidence objectively. To use ANY bias in your analysis of evidence destroyed your credibility as a scientist.

It was objectively studying that evidence that caused me to realize that science has proved there MUST be a god being who created everything and I have shared much of that evidence over the last 24 years of writing this blog. Further objective analysis of the evidence proved to me that the Bible and God are the truth, reality, and not even a religion. If He is real, He lives, He exists, He ain't no religion, He is reality. Religion is when a god might exist but probably doesn't or you are worshiping a Royal as a fake god.

Easily better than 90% of your evolutionists will not do that, even though most of them confess to believing there must be "a superior intelligence that caused life to happen", you know, a god being, and those that do end up converting to a religion, almost all convert to Christianity. The last research I saw on it said that large numbers of scientists, in the thousands, convert to Christianity every year and the field of study with the largest conversion rate is biology.

The rest of the evolutionists do not practice good science while lying about being scientists. They ignore and even cover up evidence that disproves evolution and proves Biblical Christianity.

One of the best and most common proofs is human pictographs of dinosaurs that the humans called dragons before the lying scientists invented the name "dinosaur" a few hundred years ago. These pictographs are all over the planet on buildings, stones, pottery, and cave walls but are either ignored or concealed by the evolutionists to keep you from seeing the blatant evidence that man lived with and knew about dinosaurs and used to call them dragons.

I saw pictures from inside a cave in France that had clear pictures of dinosaurs "that went extinct tens of millions of years ago", such as brontosaurs, and the evolutionists have sealed that cave to people from seeing the evidence the "scientists" are hiding and that isn't the only cave the religious fanatics have sealed off so you can't see such pictures.

If they can move the evidence, they put it in basements in museums or in warehouses owned by museums for storage and concealment of such things.

This means that evolution cannot be a science but can only be a fanatical religious cult run by fanatical religious leaders pretending and lying about being true scientists. After decades of observations, it is my opinion that evolution has to be the most fanatical religious cult in history because of their efforts to hide, conceal, and censor evidence disproving what they want to believe and want you to believe.

People, most of them KNOW they are lying about evolution but keep lying to keep their religious cult alive and in control of people's lives. They KNOW that science does not have a "first moment" for life or a "first moment" for the creation of our universe but blatantly ignore it and keep preaching their fanatical religion as fake science. They KNOW that everything they tell you is just made up fairy tales that always include artist's pictures that are not based on science to fool everyone. If you watch them, whenever a fairy tale is proved wrong, they just smoke some more dope and make up a new fairy tale to keep fooling the people. Check and see just how much their fake science has changed over the last 60+ years.

Over the last half century, I have watched almost all of their "scientific facts" be proved wrong and it is amazing how fast they come up with replacement facts, often that are obvious lies.

For example, in 1984, they finally admitted that Darwinian Evolution had been proved wrong, had a lot of meetings, and decided to dump Darwinian Evolution for a theory that had been considered a big joke until that time and changed the name of the joke to "Punctuational Equilibria" to hide that it was something they were laughing at days before. Hey, they had to give it a scientificky name to hide their fraud.

They stuck with that obviously bogus "theory" until about 1996 and then decided to drop it for another "theory" or fairy tale that only lasted about 1.5 to 2 years before they dumped it for the obviously bogus "Catastrophism" because science and the eruption of Mt St Helens had proved and it became public knowledge that the earth layers were laid down quickly instead of over bazillions of years, that lasted until less than a decade ago and was replaced by their absolutely insane fanatical "Multiverse" crap that doesn't even make science sense because it is in violation of the most basic principles of science.

People, the liars changed their "scientific facts" 4 times in less than 40 years. Real facts don't ever change.

I told you I have studied most of the top religions in the world today and I have not seen any religion that makes fairy tales any less scientific than the pagan cult of evolution.


They actually believe and teach that there were an "infinite number of universes that bubbled out of one universe" and they all had different basic laws of science, math, and physics, which is completely preposterous because, if they all came from the same universe, they would all have the same basic science and anything that would be impossible in one universe would be impossible in ALL of them.

This is where they really started using the lie that, "Yeah, it isn't possible in here but might be possible somewhere else under different conditions" that NASA is using to find the answer to how life magically began by accident and coincidence on Earth by studying asteroids that obviously never made contact with Earth. When they tell you that lie, they KNOW they are lying to you and they are insulting your intelligence.

That is pure crap and shows how insanely fanatical they have become. Their religious cult of evolution MUST survive all evidence!

Accept the fact that it has been proved that life could not have happened by accidence and coincidence on Earth or anywhere?

Oh no, then they would have to give up their fanatical pagan cult of evolution and have to quit worshiping their pagan goddess, Mother Nature.

That is how fanatical the pagan cult of evolution really is. It has NOTHING to do with real science. I cannot think of a religion on this planet that is more fanatical or out of touch with scientific reality than the fanatical pagan cult of evolution.

They KNOW they are lying to you to disprove the Bible and God because they hate God and His Laws because they love Satan's one law of "Do as you will". The pagans have driven themselves nuts trying to disprove the Bible and God and keep failing.

I can't begin to imagine how wild their next pagan fairy tale will be because those last few "theories" or fairy tales tell me that they have exhausted all scientifically feasible logic for evolution to be true.


Remember that I have been telling you that the royals believed they are gods and have for thousands of years?

This site tells you about Egyptian Royals they actually worshiped as gods. Think about that; they found the dead bodies of the pagan gods they have been worshiping because those gods were Royals, who only thought they were gods.

That is where the Royals got the idea that you must bow to them. When you bow to a Royal, you are confirming to them that they are your god, which is why God said, "you will not bend a knee before man". When you bow before a Royal, you are worshiping them in their pagan cult of royal elitism. The Royals really arrogantly believe they are your gods and want you to confirm it by bowing to them.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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