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Love of Money

I just saw a video by Turley about why the corrupt politicians are not representing their people, it beat around the bush for about 9 minutes, and it just comes down to one thing that God began teaching me about more than half a century ago. Almost ALL of the politicians and top bureaucrats are owned by the upper class trash Royals so they do what they are paid and told to do without any regard for you. You do not matter to almost any of them, especially on the left. They do and say whatever the upper class trash pay and order them to do and say. It is just that simple.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

The only way to get back that control of your government is to get rid of these corrupt political whores who have sold their souls to Satan for money and, often, not that much money. These whores get only a tiny percent of what their words and actions make the upper class trash Royals. Most of them only get bribes for thousands of dollars to make the upper class trash Royals billions of dollars.

These upper class trash Royal whore mongers own the politicians, top bureaucrats, media, universities and lefty professors, lefty scientists, best attorneys, many judges, our public school system, military, law enforcement, intelligence, major corporations, stock market, and anything else they can use to have control over everyone.

Without God being in charge, one person like Trump is not going to clean up that mess, not in 100 years. Only God can clean up that insane mess because He is going to have to get rid of all of those significant people who take bribes from the upper class trash Royals and replace them with people who care about people won't take bribes. That is the solution to almost all of our problems.

In my opinion, taking bribes should be an act of treason and capital crime requiring the death penalty and it should be enforced against both the bribe giver and bribe taker. They should both hang in the same tree. That would do a lot in cleaning up this mess.

Israel War

The idiots, especially in the media, are mishandling this hostage situation by giving the reigns to Hamas. "Why, they are threatening to kill people. The sky is falling! Quick, surrender to the terrorists and give them everything they want!"

Get something straight, the terrorists can only kill so many hostages and they won't have any hostages to hide behind and then you hang them all.

These terrorists are only in the driver's seat if the leaders and media permit them to be in the driver's seat.

One thing I am watching and waiting for is that I know that most of their troops, leaders, and munitions are in big, "hardened", underground tunnels. This has been a common practice among Muslim terrorist in that area.

There are two ways to get to those tunnels. One is by invading the area, finding the entrances, and sending troops in to kill and destroy.

The other way is to use "bunker buster bombs" that penetrate deep into the ground with hardened warheads, delayed detonation devices, and massive explosives to destroy such bunkers.

So far, I have not heard of either being used to engage and destroy the troops, leaders, and their munitions, which is why Hamas is still capable of staging significant rocket attacks all over most of Israel. That will continue until Israel takes out those tunnels.

Then on Friday, this video shows the Muslim Arabs rioting in Israel and I am seeing reports of riots by Muslims in other nations. That is what the Muslim mean by Jihad.

Gee, it doesn't sound anything like the lefty media and their Muslim pals tell you, does it? They are not exactly sitting around in circles singing Kumbaya, are they? You think I am wrong?

In this video the Muslims are chanting "Get the Jews" and "Gas the Jews" as part of their Jihad.

The truth is that a Muslim Jihad is a war or act of war against anyone the Muslims decide are their enemies, especially all non Muslims but they wage Jihad between the different sects in Islam, especially Shiites and Sunnis and have been murdering each other for 1,400 years.

The idiot academe are too stupid and/or stoned to realize that, if the Muslims will wage war on and murder each other, they will also murder the idiot academe.

Remember that God showed me in a dream that Obama's Nation of Islam black Muslims will subjugate white lefties, who made it possible for the Nation of Islam to get so powerful?

The lefties will deserve it for being so stupid.

Do you believe me yet that Islam will conquer and rule the world during the Tribulation and be the one world government and one world church the Bible talks about?

They already have a lot of control and it won't take that much more for them to gain complete control and God showed me in some dreams that they will do to the world what they tried to do to Israel and then they and their Mahdi (the Antichrist) will turn on Israel and force her to subjugate just like the Bible says.

Then I found this video, which shows that the Israeli War could easily escalate into the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and Muslim support for it is growing quickly.

Before the invasion of Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 starts, the Muslims will warn all Muslims to leave Israel so their armies can just sweep through Israel murdering every man, woman, and child to make sure they wipe out the Hebrews just like they warned all of the Muslims to leave Israel just before the 6 Day War of 1967.

Most people don't know that all of the Muslims left Israel before that war in 1967 so the invading armies could murder every man, woman, and child to make sure they slaughtered all Hebrews and, after the Muslims quickly lost that war, many of those Muslims who fled tried to return to their land but Israel refused to let them have it back, which the Muslims used to create this "Palestinian victim" bull crap that is still used to make Israel look bad but Israel couldn't let them just move back in because the Muslims made it very clear before they left that they supported murdering all Hebrews, which scared the Hebrews.

You don't let people who want to murder you back in your country unless you want to be murdered.

Remember that I have been telling you that Hezbollah and Iran are already engaged with Israel on the northern border?

I keep seeing the idiots in the media asking their x-spoits whether Hezbollah will join the fight.

What galaxy are these clowns living in?

This video makes it very clear that Israel and Hezbollah are trading shots at each other.

You have to understand that Hezbollah took over control of Lebanon more than a decade ago so they also have control of the army and are using it to fight Israel.

It is already a two front war and the idiot media still have not figured it out.

Something I have been watching is Afghan Joe because he is buds with Iran, gave them $16 billion, and is "helping Israel"?

Something is going on here. Israel should not become too trusting or dependent on our lefty leaders and, if you don't believe me, ask Z Boy and Afghanistan, who also depended on Afghan Joe and his accomplices.

Then I found this video showing that Afghan Joe is starting to run interference for Hamas to help Hamas by holding back Israel. It looks like the lefty game is to get Israel to trust and depend on them so they can screw up Israel's military operations. Afghan Joe is trying to buy Hamas time so the rest of the West can figure out a way to screw Israel into not getting rid of Hamas so Hamas can continue to kill Hebrews.

This is a betrayal and treason.

You think not?

Check out this video by a US veteran like me. His intel confirms what I have been telling you about spies in our intelligence agencies and the Pentagon, implicates Blinken (an Obama man) as a spy, and shows the administration is in bed with Obama's buddies in Iran. He tells you that Obama is involved in this treason. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

There is now no doubt in my mind that Obama, Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam are involved in this war on the side of Iran and Hamas.

He also tells you that these traitors infiltrated our universities and media like I have been warning you.

Then he tells you that Hamas had to have help in planning this invasion of Israel like I told you that Hamas and Iran could not have planned and managed this assault on Israel without help from someone like the Nation of Islam and their agents inside our government and helping run our government. He just gave you more than enough intel to prove that Nation of Islam agents in our government helped plan and carry out this invasion and are right now trying to stop Israel from fighting back.

Do you believe me yet that this is all part of Obama and Farrakhan getting seats on the Caliphate Council?

Our nation is being run by traitors working to destroy our nation to set up their global dictatorship.

It is now very likely that this could turn into the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Millennial Reign of Jesus

Remember I told you that everyone who died and went to Heaven will return with Jesus as the "hosts of Heaven" and we will get to live with and learn from them for 1,000 years?

That is going to be the best history lesson in history and maybe I will start a college with people teaching what their lives were really like so you can learn true history.

This morning I realized that there are going to be some very good and interesting books written during that thousand years I am going to enjoy reading so, for fun this morning, I have been going around thinking of some interesting titles of books I will love to read and decided to share a few of those with you so you can think of some fun books you want to read.

"How we built the Pyramids", "Life in Atlantis", "Why Alexander wasn't so great", "Pharaoh, Caesar, King or Queen so-and-so was a butt hole" (there will be more than one of those), "My mom sacrificed my baby butt to Baal and is burning in Hell", "My mom sacrificed my unborn baby butt to her false pagan goddess Free Sex and is burning in Hell", "My dad was a jerk and is burning in Hell", "The lies my Babylonian college professors told me", "Ganges Kahn was a murdering, robbing, raping jerk", "The murders of Tamerlane", "Swallowed by a crocodile on the Nile", "Crossing the Red Sea", "Our trip to wherever", "The 9 Plagues of Egypt", "Building the Ark", "Shoveling animal crap on the Ark", "The Vikings were not good guys", "The Truth (about anything)", and many other great books.

There is going to be some interesting reading during that 1,000 years.


I just heard Trump say what I have been telling you about Obama calling the shots for the White House and Afghan Joe is just his puppet. Obama is the one running this country right now and anyone who is paying attention and objective should know that.

It isn't exactly classified material.

You want more evidence concerning Obama being in charge and Afghan Joe is just a puppet?

Watch this video and it should be very clear that Shiite Muslim Obama, friend of Iran, is giving the orders in Washington DC concerning sanctions of Iran. What has been going on in DC since Obama, should tell you that the top bureaucrats like Janet Yellen are Obama's stooges. They do what he tells them to do.

I recently realized that one reason why Obama is going to nuke downtown Chicago is because he is known to be a member of the Nation of Islam and the head quarters are "believed" by EVERYONE to be in Chicago so, of course, he wouldn't nuke the home town of his religious cult so it would have to be Israel.

The problem is that most people don't know that it is South Chicago that is the headquarters for the Nation of Islam and not Chicago. South Chicago is miles south of Chicago and out of the range of a 10K nuke, which is probably one reason why he will use a 10K nuke.

Obama nuking Chicago will be a slight of hand and sucker punch to cover for this crime and all of the stupid people will fall for it.

I told you not to be surprised if he kills his wife and daughters in that event because that is something a devout Muslim would do to promote Islam because they believe that doing such a thing would guarantee him salvation, and it would make a great cover for it "Not being me, it had to be Israel".

If you want to understand a person and be able to accurately predict what they will probably do, you have to study what they believe, especially their religion, and very few in the West have studied Islam and that is why they keep being taken by surprise by Islam.

The lefties and their stupidity are about to get a lot of them killed.

Then he tells you that BLM and the rest of Islam have "shown themselves to everybody", you know, God is opening their eyes like God told me and I told you. You are finding out how evil these people are because they are showing you.

Then I found this video showing even more evidence that this war is quickly escalating towards becoming the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Do you believe me yet that the lefties and their pals are crazy?

He tells you they are a monster like I have been telling you for years. He also tells you that the lefties are showing you who they really are in the last 6 days just like I have been telling you.

God is opening your eyes to reality.


I just started but won't finish a video discussing Christianity and Israel. Too many Christians think that Christianity has completely replaced Israel so Israel don't matter any more.


Concerning the Battle of Armageddon to stop the invasion of Israel...uh...I mean, a Christian nation, just which Christian nation will be on the verge of being invaded, Russia?

Concerning the prophecy concerning the Antichrist standing on the Temple Mount and giving the order to murder all Hebrews...uh...I mean, Christians, when did they move the Temple Mount to a Christian nation?

I could go on and on and on concerning different Bible prophecies about Israel but it should be obvious that, if God completely replaced Israel with Christianity, why did He restart Israel in 1948 just before the end times? Wouldn't we be having all of these conflicts in relation to just Christian nations and not Israel?

Where the Bible says Israel, it means Israel and, where it says Babylon, it means Babylon. Get a clue.

God brought Israel back to fulfill those Bible prophecies concerning Israel.

Queen Lujan

Remember that I have been telling you that greedy, power mad people can never be satiated and will never quit?

This video proves to you that the power mad governor of New Mexico will not quit. If she gets just even a little bit of what she wants, she will begin working to get a little bit more and then more and then more until she gets everything she wants and then she will still try to get even more.

They are nuts. The only thing that will stop these raving mad lunatics is death and they keep proving it. They are insanely driven to have control over EVERYTHING!

Notice how the lefty media are helping her by going easy on her and helping her justify her evil actions. They are as evil as she is and are complicit in her crimes against the people.

Now, because she is a Latina, some Latinos side with her and support her not realizing she wants power and control over them too.

Do you believe me yet that these crazy Royals and their puppets never quit?

Nation of Islam

The Nation of Islam is a black Muslim organization and this video is really about the Nation of Islam trying to take control of the US in every aspect by getting its people promoted and hired in top positions in government, military, media, and everything else that is important but Mark doesn't realize it yet.

He showed you Henry Kissinger saying that it was a mistake letting so many people into the nation as illegal aliens from so many different cultures because it is destroying America. It took a lefty on his death bed to finally admit that, what they are doing, is not working.


Remember that I have been telling you that the pockets Russia has created and drawn people into are traps or Russia Cauldrons?

In the first part of this video he tells you that it was found out that the Russian name for that cauldron or pocket is "The Noose", you know, like the noose of a rope you tighten around something and that there are 15,000 troops trapped inside that pocket.

When Ukraine found that out, they changed to fighting to prevent the pincer movement from the two flanks to "put the lid on the cauldron" and destroy those troops by cutting them off from reinforcement, resupply, and retreat but Russia still managed to close the circle more so that Russia has almost completely closed the circle and cut those 15,000 troops off, you know, like I have been telling you for almost 2 years now.

Notice all of the different Russian offensives he explains to you. Yes, they are still winning.

European Vulnerability

I just got up at about 5:30 am this morning, after lying awake for hours and God showing me stuff based on the new intel I got because of this war in Israel and things are much, much worse than even I thought. You better get some fresh underwear because what God showed me is going to scare the crap out of you.

First, the Nation of Islam is clearly the best trained, most professional, and most loyal government in the world right now because they proved that 1) they were trained up by the US Government, 2) they recently showed that they have agents all over inside the US Government with access to all US resources, and 3) their top people are loyal to the Nation of Islam and can't be bought off the way the US political whores are owned. Don't forget this because it is critical and we will come back to it later.

Economically, Europe is extremely vulnerable for a number of reasons. First, their idiot upper class trash Royals and political whores destroyed their nations' economies with their great sounding stupid idea of waging an economic war to destroy Russia, which has backfired on them and destroyed their economies, 2) because of greed the Royals have weakened their economies and made them more vulnerable by moving too many of their major corporations to other nations for cheaper labor to increase profits, and 3) they are too dependent on resources from other nations like in Africa.

If those other nations like in Africa or China unite and shut down those corporations and the resources in those nations, Europe won't have an economy left to support a military at all and will become extremely vulnerable. Listen, if Algeria shuts down those gas and oil pipelines going to France, France will quickly become a third world nation.

It is only a matter of time until those nations realize the power they have over Europe and use it.

I have already told you that militarily Europe doesn't have crap to defend and protect herself with because of the greed of their Royals and political whores, while hiding under the US military umbrella. If you do a true strategic analysis of just the weapons that work and not the inoperable junk they call weapons, they have almost nothing and Europe has shown me they know by telling us things like the UK has enough munitions left to last one day against Russia and at least half of the few weapons they do have left are old, obsolete, and don't work because their militaries don't have money for parts or maintenace. Militarily, Europe can't do anything but bluff and other nations are finding that out so they are rising up against Europe and throwing off Europe's imperialistic shackles.

Yet, their upper class trash Royals and political whores keep sacking their militaries for more money making them even weaker.

Do you believe me yet that the Royals are greedy stupid?

If you were to combine the military might of all of Europe, they would not be able to hold off a full scale Russian invasion for even 3 months. They have gotten so weak because of greed that, if Africa were to unite a couple dozen of the stronger nations, buy a few additional weapons from Russia, and get some good training from Russia, they could invade and conquer Europe and it is only a matter of time until those African nations realize it.

People, it is only human behavior that, if France keeps ticking off African nations, one of them will do the math and realize Europe is weak, vulnerable, and bluffing and decide to invade Europe to stop their Royal insanity and get back some of the wealth Europe stole from them.

Besides they can get that intel from Russia and the Nation of Islam. It is not if but when is Africa going to unite like they are already doing, get more weapons and training from Russia like they are already doing, and invade Europe. Hint, hint.

Then we just learned what happens when someone invades your nation and you have disarmed your own people so they can't fight to protect themselves and the idiot Royals and political whores, you know, the way Europe has disarmed their people so their greedy, power mad Royals don't have to worry about getting their brains blown out because of the evil things they are doing to their people.

Can you say, "Gaza II"?

To add insult to injury, one of their biggest weaknesses is that their enemies, you know, like Islam, have already infiltrated millions of young, military age men into those nations which is like Alaric having Goths inside Rome before he ever knocked on the gate.

This recent Global Jihad Day showed me that the Muslims have huge armies of Muslims infiltrated in nations all over the West who will fight for Iran and the Nation of Islam.

Question: How do you know that Iran and the Nation of Islam have not already smuggled weapons into those European nations for those Muslim terrorists supporting Hamas the way they did into Gaza without the infiltrated CIA and MI6 knowing it?

Do not be surprised to find out that they already did.

Gee, I wonder if the Jihad Day was a test or dry run for Iran and the Nation of Islam? Will their next move be using guns and rockets against unarmed Europeans like Hamas did in Israel? How many millions are going to die because of the upper class trash insanity?

I have come to the conclusion that this mess created by our Royals and their political whores is at least 10 to 20 times worse than the mess that their ancestors created just before Alaric and his Goths sacked Rome. It isn't if the West is going to be sacked but when and by whom.

Another thing I have learned from this mess is that it is not just Afghan Joe and his family having sold out the US but ALL of the lefty upper class trash Royals and their puppets and they are all Obama people, you know, like Blinken, Austin, and others.

I am even more convinced than ever before that only God can clean up this mess. The past few weeks, we have been finding out that it is worse than even I thought.

I was working on this early this morning when I started getting so sleepy I was having trouble staying awake. God always does that to me when He wants me to add something to what I am writing so I gave up, went back to bed for a few hours, and woke up knowing the following.

Just look at the above with the Nation of Islam having agents in the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, DOJ, and other government departments, controlling all intel and everything else they needed to control. They have the resources to do anything they want including plan this entire thing out to where it will escalate to where Obama can have the support of the Muslims (he doesn't care what the rest of you think because he plans for his Muslims to kill you all off anyway) for him invading Israel to murder every man, woman, and child so he can stand on the Temple Mount, give the order for Muslims to murder all non Muslims, and prove he is their Mahdi so all Muslims will be required by Islamic law to unite behind him to conquer the world and set up their global Caliphate to rule the world. Remember that the lefty global plans are failing and this is the Nation of Islam's plan B.

He could easily secretly train up an entire army of Antifa, BLM, all of the black street gangs in the US (remember that they are all Muslims and belong to the Nation of Islam) and other Muslims using stock piled US weapons either in the US or another nation like Egypt or Libya, where there is plenty of open land.

Remember that , during the BLM riots, some members of Antifa said they were being trained to use military weapons and even had videos showing them firing those weapons on shooting ranges?

They were already training their army using members of the Nation of Islam who were US veterans to train the troops and officers. Gee, what a magic coincidence. The Nation of Islam already has a standing army to invade Israel and are making the US military go "woke" to weaken our military so we can't stop their army.

He almost certainly planned for Egypt to not let civilians escape from Gaza into Egypt so there would be more civilian dead so Obama could use their deaths to turn more people against Israel to justify him invading Israel.

The Nation of Islam/US government planned this entire thing out, including the Day of Jihad to get Muslims and lefties supporting their "cause", so they will support "Obama invading Israel to get them dirty Jews they have been brainwashed to hate for nuking the nation they have been taught to hate".

Remember that Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have been working towards setting up their global Caliphate to rule the world since the 1960s with Obama becoming their Mahdi before 2008. That is more than 60 years of planning and building towards this goal.

Without knowing it, they planned the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Obama already has his 10K nuke for Chicago and it is already in the nose of the plane with a detonation button on the steering wheel..

I wish I was wrong but I know I am not. A lot of people are going to die because of these upper class trash Royal jerks and their political whores.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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