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One thing I am watching is the technology being used in this war and I am having trouble dealing with the limited use of certain types of technology against certain weapons or in certain situations.

For example, why they not using infrared technology more to find and kill targets?

Why are they not using more of the technology we used in Nam to find and kill targets?

I see them regularly using regular vision, which can be easily fooled with things like camouflage. There are a variety of ways to more easily, more quickly, and more effectively find and kill targets.

I keep seeing them using one shot drones that make the military industry more money, cost the military more money, and limits the usage potential for those drones. It also limits the military's ability to do more fighting with the same dollars and be more efficient and effective, you know, get more and better kills per dollar.

That tells me that it is the military industry in control of fighting our wars in ways that make them more money and not the military in control fighting our wars in the best ways to fight and win wars. The military industry doesn't even want us to win wars because they want to wars to last as long as possible to make them as much money as possible and they don't care how many or who gets killed.

I would design, build, and use a special hunter killer type drone that would hunt and kill other drones by using their signal transmissions to find, target, and kill them with either missiles or, even better, weapons like 50 cal, 20 mm, and 40 mm guns and mortars and small bombs so one such drone could go out and hunt down and kill a number of targets like other drones, vehicles, and troops before returning to reload and refuel instead of just blowing itself up and that is it.

I am not seeing a lot in the way of knowledge and intelligence by military decision makers. I would fight these wars very differently.

But that doesn't make the military industry as much money per drone or shot though it could make them a lot more money by the military being able to afford to buy more reusable drones, repair parts, and munitions.

Do you believe me yet that greed causes stupidity?

Mahdi Obama

I have been watching trying to figure out what will trigger Mahdi Obama and it could be a number of things combined or just have already been planned to happen when the national and international hysteria reaches a certain level.

This video shows that this war is tearing the Commierat Party apart, is backfiring, and may force the Nation of Islam to act soon.

I think their planned con is that they are pretending to help Israel and then using blaming Israel for nuking Chicago to say, "We helped them and look how they paid us back." But then again, maybe that isn't plan A and plan A has to fail before they will use plan B.


Remember that I have been telling you that Afghan Joe is not supporting Israel but is trying to stop Israel to protect Hamas?

This video confirms what I have been telling you. Pause is just another word for stopping and letting Hamas survive.

He also tells you that Israel cannot depend on support from the US in another 10 years but they should not be depending on the US right now because of who is in control. Remember that bad leaders make bad nations and we are mostly run by bad leaders right now.

In this video they tell you that Hamas knows that many Americans are gullible or stupid enough to believe what the Muslims say, when it isn't true. They are playing the lefties for suckers and fools and admit it.

Like I have been telling you, they are openly saying and bragging that they are not going to quit until they get what they want, which is all Hebrews dead and THEN they will turn on the rest of us because their religion requires them to murder off all non Muslims.

They tell you that Afghan Joe's actions are signaling surrounding Muslims to also attack Israel and you bet that the upper class trash and the Nation of Islam know this.

This video shows that now Bahrain has thrown its hat in the ring with the increasing numbers of Muslim nations and China. That makes at least 3 of the 6 Muslim nations making up the Arabian Peninsula and what used to be Sheba.

It said, "Arab nations mount pressure on Israel amid its Gaza offensive".

"Don't you kill our terrorists; we need them to kill you."

First, them saying it is the Arab nations is a deception because it is the Muslim nations, most of whom are not Arab but are Persian, African, and Asian. Iran is managing and funding this war against Israel and they are Persian and not Arab. Quit letting them deceive you.

They don't want you to know it is a religious war against you because that would wake you up.

Remember that I told you that Israel could use the Hamas tunnels against Hamas?

This video shows that is what Israel is doing. They have turned the Hamas tunnels into death traps for Hamas like I told you they might.

This is very important intel in this video because it shows that the US is angry at Netanyahu for continuing to destroy Hamas terrorists and Afghan Joe is literally threatening to have Netanyahu removed from office. Afghan Joe and company may even be planning to kill him to save their terrorists, which could explain why they sent US combat troops into Israel.

I told you that Afghan Joe and his team of traitors were not aiding Israel but running interference for Hamas. They failed, as usual, so they are taking it to the highest level to stop Israel from destroying Hamas.

This is really bad and you better keep an eye on it.

Hamas has fooled the media into believing they are making a peace offer but what they are doing is trying to trick and pressure Israel to stop destroying Hamas. It is a con and the idiot media are falling for it, as will the stupid people, which will just put more pressure on Israel to stop destroying Hamas.

Hamas is just trying to save their butts with another con.

Then I found this video, which gives good intel into the progress of Israeli forces. They are suffering minor losses while inflicting very heavy damage.

This is probably why Afghan Joe has threatened Netanyahu.

It also tells you that the US is working with Qatar, which provides refuge for Hamas leaders and working against Israel. Gee, not another magic coincidence.

Notice that she talks about Yemen launching missiles at Israel that have to pass over Saudi Arabia, who was supposed to be making buds with Israel and is not shooting those missiles down.

Are you getting the picture yet? Is this coming together or what?

Then she said that "Israel is strengthening its presence in the Red Sea," like I told you she would and it is because of the attacks from Yemen.

Those people running that video channel are doing the best job I have seen so far for providing extremely good intel.

Then the next day, I found their latest video telling you more very important information. First, he started by showing the different factions working against Israel and for Hamas and some of what they are doing.

Then he showed you about sabotage attacks inside Iran to stop the war against Israel.

Then he shows a rift developing between Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iran because the Hezbollah leader realized that Iran is just using them. Surprise, surprise, surprise! It took him long enough.

Then I found this video telling you that Algeria, a Muslim nation in North Africa on the south of the Mediterranean Sea just tossed its hat in with Hamas. They fall under "other nations" for that prophecy.

BTW, they are not an Arab nation but they are a Muslim nation showing that this really is all about Islam versus Israel and then the world. The war was started by Muslim nations, Iran and the Nation of Islam, and is being joined by Muslim nations, only some of which are Arab.

Every day, one or two more nations join the war but I expect this to accelerate as more nations become committed to the war against Israel.

Do you believe me yet that this is the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

Remember that I told you that the US is standing in the way of the Muslim nations invading and destroying Israel?

In this video Iran or Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, tells you that themselves when they said that Israel could not stand alone without the US. He is telling you that, without the US, they would gang up and invade Israel just like I told you. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Who would have figured?

He also called for the "Muslim world to boycott Israel." He is trying to unite the Muslim world against Israel. He shows you the mind games they are playing to influence the rest of the world.

Wow, Germany has taken the side of Israel in this war. They are banning all Hamas activities in Germany. You just know that will tick off the lefties and Muslims in the US, you know, Afghan Joe and Mahdi Obama.

Can't you just hear the US lefty academe calling Germany racist?

The Russian Wagner Group is arming Hezbollah with Pantsir Air Defense systems. That tells me that Israel is winning the missile/air war right now. I expect Israel to use ECM, including radar jamming and radiation seeking missiles that will follow the radar signal right down to the unit to eliminate them.

I told you that Israel has some of the best EW and ECM in the world. A lot of the time, Israel uses her own over what the US has to offer.

This video shows that Iran is increasing forces in support of Hezbollah. She is sending in the Imam Hossein Militia with an additional 6,000 troops.

I guess she feels that Hezbollah can't defeat Israel with her large number of troops or is she just making sure? Maybe it is because Hezbollah is losing too many troops because of Israel's bombardment of Hezbollah?

Note that Afghan Joe showed support for Israel by sending 300 troops into Israel. Think about that.

Note how the media keep telling you how massive of a threat Hezbollah is to Israel, you know, with Hezbollah having 100,000 troops and Israel having almost 500,000 troops and some of the best weapons and defense systems in the world. Hey, they gotta scare you, babe.

Look, Hezbollah has 100,000 troops and right now Israel has over 100,000 troops at that border. If Hezbollah is going to invade Israel, it will need at least a 3 to 5 numeric advantage to succeed or 300,000 to 500,000 troops. Just do the math. Israel ain't worried regardless of what the idiot media are saying to scare you.


They pretend they are going after anti-Semitism on college campuses but NONE of them have even said anything about the lefty college professors teaching their students to hate Hebrews. They are all acting like it just comes out of thin air.

"Yeah, it is the students' fault, not the lefty college professors."

Illegal Aliens

Remember that I told you that other nations are intentionally sending their people here to destroy the US?

At the very beginning of this video the leader of a 7,000 person caravan heading towards the US confirmed what I told you. They are being sent here by their nations to destroy the US and bring us down. At least many of them are soldiers being infiltrated into the US.

This video is primarily about the Israeli War but at about 6 minutes it tells you that Hezbollah has heavily infiltrated Central and South America and is spread out globally and is not considered to be a terrorist organization by many of those nations and this is critical with most of our illegal aliens coming from Central and South America.

Gee, you don't think that a lot of those illegal aliens are Hezbollah terrorists Afghan Joe is helping infiltrate into the US, do you? Do you remember that Hezbollah is financed and owned by Iran, which is in bed with the US Nation of Islam, of which Obama is a top level member and Afghan Joe is his puppet? Do you remember that Mahdi Obama and Afghan Joe have infiltrated quite a few Iranian agents into the top levels of the US Government? How many of them belong to Hezbollah?

Gee, what a magic coincidence that Afghan Joe is infiltrating Iranian Hezbollah terrorists into the US and is a puppet for Obama and the Nation of Islam.

If you understand the complexities of Iran and the Nation of Islam building such a massive global organization and getting so many non Muslim nations to accept Hezbollah into their nations, while not treating it as a terrorist organization, when it clearly is a terrorist organization, you should realize that 1) Iran could not have done this on their own, 2) it would have taken Iran and the Nation of Islam at least 40 to 50 years working together to do it, and 3) it would have required the Nation of Islam's agents working within the US Government and those government resources to achieve this super massive project.

Gee, you think that just maybe that is why the Nation of Islam hired so many Iranian agents to work with them in the top levels of the US Government?

DO YOU GET THE PICTURE YET? It makes me wonder just how many of those millions of illegal aliens from those nations they have smuggled into the US are Hezbollah terrorists to destroy the US from within? And China being in bed with the Muslims explains them recently infiltrating so many young Chinese into our nation, doesn't it?

There are far, far too many coincidences for this to not be planned by the Nation of Islam and Iran.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure our red zones, and lock and load because the Muslims who are right now trying to destroy Israel and are already in the US waiting to destroy the US. YOU ARE NEXT!

Keep in mind that Mexico is now aiding those illegal aliens in getting to the US.

Do you believe me yet that this nation is dead and just has not finished kicking yet? Do you believe me yet that only God can save our butts now?

It is like I warned you that at least most of Central and South America, including Mexico, are at war with the US RIGHT NOW! They are invading the US RIGHT NOW!

Remember that I told you some time ago that God showed me that we will have to fight a number of those nations and then will annex some of them all of the way down to the southern tip of Chili? Do you believe me yet?

Those prophecies God gave me are coming true RIGHT NOW!

In that video at the end, she made it look like the US is concerned about protecting civilians. No, it is just using civilians as an excuse and front to protect their terrorists. The current US Government doesn't even care about their own people.

Do you believe me yet that these lefties are super duper evil? Do you better understand why the left is so desperate and trying so hard to take your guns away from you so you can't fight back against their Hezbollah terrorists they are infiltrating into the US?

That should tell you they are getting very close to when they plan to make their move to seize control of the US and you. If all else fails, expect more violence from them. They have repeatedly proven that they will murder any and all of you to get what they want and have told you that they plan to murder 7.5 billion of you to get what they want.

Another thing is that, if you look at that map showing Muslim populations, you should realize that Shiite Islam is in the minority and Sunni Islam is in the majority.

So, you are Shiite Muslim like Iran and the Nation of Islam, what do you do?

You create an army or terrorist organization like Hezbollah and infiltrate it into as many nations as possible so that, on your command, they stage a coup and take over those nations giving you control of the most nations to use as proxies and the most power to control the world, you know, like the Nation of Islam in the US.

Stupid People

I keep seeing stupid people protesting their ignorant, simple minded, and stupid based ideas as solutions to complex problems. They don't realize how stupid they look to intelligent people and most of them are just virtue signaling to their friends, "Look at me, I am virtue signaling that I am as stupid as you."

First, I see the people putting the hostages first in this crisis, which is really stupid. If we give those terrorists what they want to get those hostages back alive, then we will be telling those terrorists and other terrorists that their terrorism works and it will just encourage them to commit more acts of terror and take more and more hostages to get other things they want. Many of those stupid protestors will easily end up being the terrorists' next hostages.

We have to be willing to sacrifice the current hostages to prevent and save future hostages by telling the terrorists that committing acts of terror and taking hostages does NOT work. They will not get what they want and it will just get them dead, which will discourage them and other terrorists from committing acts of terror and taking hostages.

Just these idiots protesting is encouraging other terrorists to commit those same acts of terror.

Second, I see idiots protesting about Israel bombing buildings to destroy the tunnels the terrorists built under those buildings to use those buildings and people as shields to protect them because they knew that stupid people would protest the bombing of those buildings to destroy the tunnels the terrorists are hiding in and kill the terrorists so they were hoping that would save their evil butts.

The protestors are too stupid to understand that, if we don't bomb those buildings to kill those terrorists, ALL terrorists will build tunnels under all buildings because it works and will save their evil lives.

Just these idiots protesting is encouraging other terrorists to build tunnels under buildings to save their lives.

If these stupid people get what their simple minded brains want, the terrorism on this planet will go pandemic and we will all end up being victims and slaves to any and all terrorists around the world. The terrorists will end up committing acts of terrorism against each other at our expense.

You have to prove to the terrorists that their evil does not work and will not protect them to discourage them and others from committing their terrorism and evil stunts to protect themselves from justice. If their terrorism works, they will do more terrorism to get the rest of what they want.

These simple minded protestors are telling me that they may be so stupid they don't even have IQs. They are so stupid they should not speak in public until they learn what they are talking about but, since they are probably too stupid to do that, they should probably just shut up, crawl off into a corner, and find something shiny to play with. All they are going to do is make things worse.

Most people understood these things 50 to 60 years ago. Too many of today's people have no common sense.

BTW, these protesters are not stopping Netanyahu from killing the terrorists so the terrorists have started calling the families or their hostages to terrorize them to stop Netanyahu.

At the beginning of this video he tells you something very interesting. He tells you that Mahdi Obama got rid of our terrorist alert system. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Now, why would Mahdi Obama get rid of our terrorist alert system? You don't think it was to make it easier to take over the US, do you?

This is a very good video telling you what I told you about the left/Muslims using psychological warfare to turn you against the good guys to protect the bad guys or terrorists. Amazingly, a lot of people are falling for it, especially the lefty/stupid people. This is all to get you to invade and destroy Israel to save the terrorists and give the terrorists what they want so they will commit more acts of terror to get more of what they want.

He does his best to undo that damage being caused by the lefties/Muslims so the terrorists will not get what they murdered all of those people and abducted the other people to get.

Then he tells you what God told me and I told you, something else is going to happen and it is probably going to be worse than 9/11 but he doesn't know what, you know, Islam nuking an entire city and blaming Israel to seize control of your nation so they can use it to destroy Israel and then you. That would be worse than 9/11.

Then he shows you how our lefty college professors have turned our best universities into hate crimes and sanitariums.

He tells you that with the current leadership, we are no longer the greatest nation and leader of the free world just like I have been telling you that, if you have bad leaders, you have a bad government. To have a good government, you MUST have good leaders.

He thinks someone like Trump MIGHT be able to save our nation but I have shown you that cannot happen without a bloody fight to get back control of our nation.

Then, if you watch what he shows about Afghan Joe, it should be blatantly obvious that Joe is nothing but a puppet for Mahdi Obama and the Nation of Islam.

This guy is very good.

This video shows just how pathetic and stupid some lefty people really are and how fast the academe go charging off on any stupid crusade. Hey, you know that lefties have to screw up everything they touch.

Besides, everyone will have to buy new books telling you the new names for different birds, which will make the academe even more money. Hey, if the academe can make more money selling books, it is a great crusade.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil." The lefty academe really, really, really love money.

Media Stupidity

I keep seeing the media asking really stupid questions like, "Is Hezbollah going to join the war against Israel?"

I guess they are too stupid to realize that Hezbollah publically declaring war on Israel on October 8 and being engaged in open and quite active hostilities is war.

Why do people listen to these idiots? Do they even understand how incredibly stupid they look and sound?

The stupid people don't.

Or how about they say that a "humanitarian pause" is not a cease fire.

What, they keep shooting at each other in a humanitarian way?

Listen, I don't care what the idiot media tell you, if they quit shooting at each other, that is a cease fire. The order to quit shooting is "cease fire".

The media really insult your intelligence today by saying the stupidest things and expecting you to believe it. The idiots do that because they are so arrogant they think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are. Either that or the idiots are so stupid they believe it themselves and they are just showing you how stupid they are by saying it.


I keep seeing Russia gaining more and more ground in more and more areas and also staging more and more strategic attacks all over Ukraine plus moving more reserves to the front line telling me that, when the ground freezes for the winter, Russian hell is going to break loose inside Ukraine.

I also keep waiting for Z Boy to end up dead.

New Mexico

Queen Lujan (the arrogant governor of the State of New Mexico and a Spanish Royal) is trying again to take guns away from the people. "Hey, we gotta disarm those peons so we can enslave them."

Her suddenly being very persistent in disarming New Mexico citizens tells me something is probably about to happen soon that she knows about, you know, like the Spanish Royals trying to seize control of New Mexico and reestablish their Spanish Monarchy over all of us peons. (The Spanish Royals used the peonage non ownership slavery system.)

Keep an eye on that. She is definitely Loony Tunes.


In this video Tim shows just exactly how stupid communists are. They blindly believe the lies of an ideology that has never worked and, every time it fails, they say, "That wasn't real communism" because that is what their communist professors teach the idiots to believe and say. Why, their communism can't possibly not work.

The first and most important principle of communism is that you must submit to the absolute rule of the government "so it can take care of you" and human behavior always causes that government with absolute power to become corrupt so they always end up enriching themselves at the expense of the people, which is why communism ALWAYS fails.

There is a rule that absolute power corrupts people absolutely. Therefore, any government that has absolute power, regardless of the name, will always become corrupt and destroy itself. History proves that to be true, which is why every human run nation and empire in history has failed. They always will fail because of the corruption of man.


This video tells me that India is ramping up for war because they know they will have to fight a war with China and Pakistan soon.

India has seen the effectiveness of Israel's Iron Dome, she knows that China and Pakistan have many more planes and missiles than Hamas and Hezbollah, and she realized that she needs the same kind of protection.


The brilliant strategic genius, Afghan Joe (/sarc), has decided to wage war against the four African nations of Gabon, Niger, Uganda, and the Central African Republic by placing terrifying sanctions against them. "Why, he will learn them inferior Africans to not submit to Western imperialism."

Hey, sanctions didn't work against Russia and even backfired but they might work against these third world African nations.

What the power mad lefty Royals and their idiot puppets don't realize is that the sanctions will just drive more African nations closer to Russia and China and will backfire on the West as usual.

What? You Expect the Royals to succeed at something? Really? Why?

They never learn because they are too inbred stupid to learn. When they get to Hell, they will probably try placing sanctions on God and God will laugh and laugh and laugh.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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