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Marines - Women II

In News 71 I wrote "Marines - Women" and gave some important facts from a Marine Corps study which proved that women should not be integrated into the infantry because they do not make good infantry soldiers and will just get themselves and others killed. Basically, they significantly decrease the capability of the unit.

I have continued thinking about this partly because the discussion continues on a military site I belong to and there have been some really stupid comments.

There is a big reason why men go to war and women stay home to raise the children. Women are the "bottle neck" for population growth and maintenance and that must be protected.

You see, if you have 100 women and one man, you can still have 100 new children in the next year. But, if you have 100 men and one woman, you can only have one child in the next year (most of the time.) Therefore, women are more critical for maintaining a nation's or tribe's population than are men and we must protect that population growth potential to insure we have enough warriors in the future to protect our people by sending the men to war and not the women.

If you want to depopulate humans very quickly, just kill off half the women and there will only be half as many children born the next year. It will take decades and at least three to four generations for the population to recover. If you kill off half the men, the population will recover within one generation because the women can still have just as many babies.

We do not traditionally send only men to war because of some male chauvinist macho attitude. We only send men to war for survival of the tribe.

Knowing this, if you are a liberal whacko wanting to depopulate the planet, especially of conservative people, you get women integrated into the military, start a war, draft women into the infantry while liberal women get draft deferments for things like college, and the only women being drafted and killed will be conservatives women. There will be far fewer babies born and raised up to be conservative voters. End game, liberals.


UN warned that Jerusalem clashes could ignite Middle East violence. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Excuse me but, isn't just about the entire Middle East already engaged in violence? What closet are the UN experts hiding in?


Hungary has declared a state of emergency over the immigration problems. Germany has found that most of the immigrants are not even from Syria and an immigrant terrorist was just shot by German police. The Muslims are demanding the Germans not have Oktoberfest and then they will want the Germans to outlaw alcohol. That should just about put an end to the Muslim problem in Germany.

Glen Beck

I have been getting suspicious about Glen Beck for more than a year now. He has been changing his attitude and song and is sounding more liberal. I wanted to wait for a while to let him out himself more and he just did. Just like a liberal, he just called the Tea Party members who support Trump racist. He is either a turn coat or was a poser conservative all along.

Solving Problems

I hope you realize that, when politicians promise to solve all of your problems, they are lying because, if they did solve all of your problems, they wouldn't have any problems to promise you they will solve in the next election.

When was the last time the government solved any problem?

It is called job security.


Because of the crane accident in Mecca, Egypt is now challenging Saudi Arabia's authority to control and manage Mecca. In an effort to appease Egypt, Saudi Arabia has banned the Bin Laden family, owners of the construction company that was working on the building, from working on Mecca. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that, in one of my dreams, God showed there would be a Mexican standoff between Obama and his supporters and the good people after Obama declared martial law but I didn't know why?

Obama is importing tens of thousands of Muslim terrorists who will be able to stage terrorist attacks across the US if the good people revolt. That is clearly at least one of the reasons why there will be a Mexican standoff after Obama declares martial law. These Muslim terrorists will be everywhere and can attack anywhere at any time.

How many more deals that hurt the US and help the terrorists does Obama have to do before Obama goes from being stupid to being a traitor?


There are still too many stupid people who think they can stop the Muslims by talking in spite of the fact that many such geniuses have been talking for decades with no positive results. This is pure arrogance and egos out of touch with reality with them thinking they are just so brilliant they could persuade the Muslims to not do what the Muslim religion requires they do.

The only thing which will stop terrorists is bullets and bombs.


I want to know why Bergdahl is still a sergeant drawing sergeant pay. At the very least, he is guilty of desertion of post or being AWOL which is an automatic bust down to private and that doesn't even require a court marshal. His first shirt or first sergeant can do that one.


So, who is going to win the poker game in Syria? Will Obama hold his cards and continue his bluff or will he fold and run from Putin?

Major Cities

I think all of the major cities are having a stupid contest to see 1) whose people can be the stupidest and 2) whose politicians and bureaucrats can be the stupidest. I think LA has the lead for number 1 and New York has the lead for number 2 but that can change on any day.


Kinzinger said that Obama's failed Syrian program is an example of Obama's failures. No, it is called treason and it is working quite well.

Big Brother

Blagojevich's Brother said, "You never know who's listening to calls".

Sure you do. First, most people will never say anything worth any government agency listening to. For those people, it doesn't matter who is listening and, most likely, no one is, except for maybe an occasional check in to make sure you are behaving. For all of the criminals, just think about what crimes you are committing. If you are committing federal crimes, think FBI, DEA, ATF, and other federal agencies. If you are committing more local crimes, think cops. If you are committing treason, think FBI, NSA, and OSI along with every country on this planet that might want to know what you are selling or giving away. See, it is pretty easy to know who is listening.

Me? I just assume I have everyone on the planet watching my butt and that keeps me honest.


I saw a picture of the suitcase clock the Muslim kid took to school. All he had to add to make it a bomb was the explosives.

Was taking it to school a dry run? Then next time he takes that clock to school, will it have a little C4 in it and will anyone dare question him about it? What will the liberals who sided with this kid say when he blows up his entire classroom?


It is so frustrating to see the crap being put out by liberal commie traitors knowing that there are many people who are ignorant and stupid enough to believe that crap, especially about Jesus and the Bible. They keep putting out things about the Bible and Jesus which could not possibly be true. If everyone would just read the Bible once, they would not believe most crap being put out by the liberals

Jesus was a conservative orthodox Jewish rabbi and business owning capitalist (he was a carpenter or tradesman and worked for Himself). There was absolutely no concept of Marxism 2,000 years ago. Marxism was something the loony toons European intellectuals dreamed up just a few hundred years ago.

Jesus was not Palestinian because the term Palestine was not applied by the Romans to Israel until 70 AD, almost 40 years after the death of Jesus. Jesus was an Israeli by birth.

Because he was a carpenter and had Jewish, Arabic, Greek, and Roman customers, he would have spoken fluent Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Latin BUT the language he would have spoken most would have been Hebrew, the language of his fathers, family, friends, and most of his neighbors and, oh yes, it is the language the Torahs and Tanachs (Old Testament) were written in and he quoted from. He didn't quote from the Old Testament in Old English, Aramaic, or Latin, only in Hebrew.

Jesus never quoted from the New Testament because it wasn't written until after His death in about 30 to 33 AD BUT the New Testament was written within about 30 to 35 years after the death of Jesus because parts of it were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls which were buried years before the Romans destroyed Jerusalem, carried off most of the Israelis into slavery, and changed the name of Israel to Palestine in 70 AD.

And that shoots down most lies the liberals say about Jesus and the New Testament.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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