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Power Struggles

You have to understand how power struggles work. They are nowhere near as simple as most people think. You don't just kill one person or a small group of people and seize control.

There are a number of things you have to keep in mind.

First, remember that you NEVER underestimate your enemy or over estimate yourself because that will always result in defeat. ALWAYS know your enemy and I have been studying that enemy for more than half a century.

Second, Farrakhan's Nation of Islam Government was trained by and is currently in control of the greatest government in history, the US Government. His people are at least as well trained as US Government officials and better trained than many. They were trained up by the US Military, FBI, CIA, NSA, and every other significant government agency and many of them got degrees from the best universities. They KNOW what they are doing.

That means that, as members of the CIA and US Military, they have helped topple at least a dozen nations and control many other nations around the world. They are well trained and experienced in what they are doing right now. Do not be surprised to find out that they have also been secretly planning and helping execute the coups in Africa to free those black Muslim African nations from the oppressive imperialism of the white Western Royals.

I bet that opened an eyeball or two.

Third, because of that, they know about all of the other factions in the Euro-American Royal Family, who their principle and controlling leaders are, and their plans to gain control once the family has seized power. That family is like a major nut farm.

The Nation of Islam knows that the British Royal Family is the primary faction with King Chuck working at getting all of his ducks in a row like organizing the Common Wealth for him to be the global monarch or Mahdi. They also know that ALL royals have been racist for thousands of years so they can believe their people are superior so they can believe their army will win the battle. Half of the Royals have been wrong every time because they lost the battle to the other half.

They know that most of the white Western Royals are racist, believe that blacks are inferior, and they do not want to live under the rule of those racist white Royals, who will use them as slaves and cannon fodder. Also remember that the black Royals are just as bad as the white Royals.

You think I am wrong? Remember that Farrakhan had to go to and ask Billy Boy Clinton, a white Royal (remember he is a member of the British Royal Family), for Billy Boy's permission to stage a violent coup of the US? Do you think Farrakhan and arrogant Obama want to live under the Royal white rule?

Remember that Farrakhan said that Obama is the Mahdi or that he should rule the world and not King Chuck?

The Nation of Islam is not planning this insurrection so white King Chuck can rule and, combined with the rest of the Muslims, they are the most powerful of the many factions.

The Western white Royals are about to learn the hard way they are not as smart as they think they are and those Nation of Islam blacks are not as stupid as the Royals think they are. (Remember that I am white so I am being objective and telling you what God told me. There is a picture of me on my home page.)

Fourth, you need to understand that there are reasons for that formal ball in the top of the Sears Tower on a Monday, on a normal workday, during normal work hours. It is only partly to seize power by getting rid of Afghan Joe and Kruela so Obama can gain control of the US Government, you know, with the support of their Nation of Islam deep state.

It is also for what we call "consolidation of power", you know, get rid of the people who pose the greatest threat to seizing power over you so you can consolidate all power under you. That means the Nation of Islam has a kill list and the top of that kill list will be their guest list for that formal ball so Obama will be left on top when the dust settles.

Remember that arrogant Obama is first a black Muslim, which he believes will give him rule over the world, and second a Euro-American Royal, where he will be a second class citizen.

Do you get the picture?

That is why I did research to find out the maximum occupancy for that Ball Room. That maximum occupancy is 400 and you divide in it half because you will have to leave room for their spouses or dates so he will be able to invite 200 people who are his greatest threats to his power.

I also found out that there are two more such rooms in about the middle of the tower that will hold a total combined occupancy of 300 so he can invite another 150 such threats for a total of 350 of them.

You can bet that at least King Chuck and the top one or two dozen other British Royals in England, the top members of other branches of the Euro-American Royal family like the top people in the French Royal Family, Spanish Royal Family, German Royal Family, and others will be invited. That list will be the most powerful people who pose a threat to his rule.

That is why Obama has done more traveling for the last 15+ years to other nations than any other president in history. He has been learning who will support his rule and who has to die.

You better bet that the Nation of Islam also knows who in our government they have to kill.

Fifth, the reason the Nation of Islam deep state in the US Government has been making the US Military woke is to weaken it even more so it will pose less of a threat to the US trained Nation of Islam Military in staging this coup. You don't just strengthen your own military but also weaken the enemy military.

That is also why they are trying to disarm the American people, while arming and training their lefty stooges.

They are trying to take as much control as they can with a soft coup or insurrection in hopes they won't have to do much with a violent coup or insurrection, while preparing for the worst violent coup. Nuking Chicago may be their last resort after everything else fails.


This video very clearly shows that the US is working harder and harder to help the Muslims destroy Israel and to protect Muslim terrorists from Israel. It is getting more and more obvious that the Commierat party is on the side of the Muslim terrorists and hates Israel.

Do you believe me yet that Afghan Joe and Obama's stooges are working with Iran to destroy Israel, while only pretending to support Israel?

This video tells about Netanyahu giving orders for the Israeli Mossad to assassinate Hamas leaders in other nations. It was stupid for him to make it public because that has given an excuse for other nations to turn on Israel. He should have kept it secret and had them just do it.

Remember that I have told you that you have to kill the enemy from the top down. You can't just kill the bottom levels because those at the top will just recruit and train more troops to kill you. Israel has to kill those top Hamas leaders, wherever they are.

Look, knowing it is coming, they can prepare for it, both physically and mentally, but, if some of them just suddenly stick their face in the dirt and no one is sure why, that creates uncertainty and fear that will cause them to make mistakes that will get them killed. You keep them guessing and it will drive them nuts.

Note how Billy Boy Clinton, who is friends with Farrakhan, punished Israel for trying to assassinate a Hamas terrorist leader for murdering their people. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Gee, you don't think he is a closet Muslim helping Hamas, do you? Do you think that is why he bought a mansion in Dubai and lived there until Hillary wanted to run for president? Why didn't he live in the US?

What really kills me is that they threaten Israeli leaders with prosecution for crimes against international law for trying to kill murderers who plan and order attacks to murder Israelis, which is a crime against international law, but don't even mention potential charges for those murderers or for those aiding and abetting those murders by giving them sanctuary, while they plan those murders.

Kind of double standards for Muslim terrorists, don't you think? Gee, I wonder whose side they are on?

Do you believe me that these upper class trash and their puppets are aiding Muslims in murdering non Muslims?

Based on everything, I still believe that Billy Boy is probably the Antichrist or Mahdi. I can't think of anyone else who is evil enough and still popular enough to be the Antichrist.

I just found out that Turkey has put together a "fleet" of 1,000 boats "to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza" by landing on the coast. These are not ships but are mostly small to medium size boats and what he is doing is hoping that, since Turkey is a member of NATO, if Israel stops those boats or "attacks them", you know, in self defense, NATO (including the US) will invade Israel. They are trying to force all of the NATO nations to invade Israel so the Muslim nations can use the NATO spine to also invade Israel.

If NATO does try to invade Israel, according to the Bible, there will soon be a lot of NATO soldiers and leaders burning in Hell.

Then I found out that the US has moved the carrier Ford out of the area, you know, get it out of the way of Turkey's fleet. Gee, what a magic coincidence and incredible timing.

Gee, you don't think Turkey is trying to resupply Hamas with their "humanitarian aid", do you, you know, weapons and munitions? Do you believe me yet that the Muslim nations and their allies are very determined to invade and destroy Israel? Do you believe me yet that is was all planned out to use this war as an excuse to destroy Israel?

Keep an eye on this.

Right now, Israel is really crushing Hamas at a surprising rate. That is the good news.

Remember that I told you about a UN employee keeping a hostage for Hamas for more than a month?

This video tells you about more than just one UN employee helping Hamas in numerous ways.

You have to understand that the UN has been very anti Israel for decades and they have passed more resolutions against Israel than against all other countries combined. The UN has become a tool for the Muslims and their lefty allies to use against Israel.


At about 4 minutes into this video he tells you that the US took two days to pull its troops out of Northern Iraq to Syria; just what Iraq wanted. The US still has some troops left in Iraq.

This video shows very clearly that the US is under attack by the lefties and their illegal aliens. She tells you that most of them are young, fighting age men. This invasion has grown to tens of thousands a day with more than 17,000 in one place in one day. This is not good.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

This video tells us about attacks against ships and US forces but not one retaliatory strike against Iran.

Gee, I wonder why Afghan Joe isn't firing back at his and Obama's ally, Iran? It must be kind of hard to shoot at someone who is in bed with you, right?

Listen, the Nation of Islam is using Iran as a front to wage war against the US and Israel. Iran is their proxy and Afghan Joe is not going to attack his proxy. You don't fund and arm a proxy and then attack it.

This video shows you how bad our mess is in that all of those bad bureaucrats have to be removed for you to get back control of YOUR nation. It is not supposed to be only their nation because that would make it a dictatorship. We probably have to get rid of at least three fourths of our bureaucrats, especially the commies and Muslims, to begin to clean up the mess.

I just found out that some people in Congress are talking about trying to draft illegal aliens into the US Military, you know, make all of those enemy soldiers they have been smuggling into the US our Military troops to fight for the upper class trash and not you plus you know they will not care about murdering you for the upper class trash. They are determined to destroy the US Military.

Keep an eye on that.

The Muslim-Americans have stated that they will vote no for Afghan Joe. That alone could be enough to sink Afghan Joe and force Obama's hand. When Afghan Joe can't get the job done any more, Obama MUST make his move.

Then I found this video showing thousands of illegal aliens that are ALL young, military age men with not one woman or child and they are from all over the world.

Then he showed a long line of Chinese males captured in Southern Commiefornia. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

This can't be anything but an invasion being staged by the Commierats against the US. It is clearly treason.

This is an interesting video in that he states that the blacks in the Chicago area are feeling betrayed because the town is giving the aid and assistance it had been giving to poor blacks to illegal aliens. He says the blacks feel they are being ignored by Chicago and the Nation of Islam in South Chicago is being run by those betrayed blacks. That will be interesting.

This video shows that conservatives are fighting back against foreign students who support terrorism. This is a very good and important move.

Note that it was the lefties that began making really big moves in getting government funding to launder more money into their greedy pockets and to use a primarily liberal government to control the universities but it is now the conservatives using the government funding to control the out of control lefties.

God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

You know that is going to tick off the Nation of Islam and the deep state.


This video shows that Bulgaria is now refusing to provide weapons and munitions to Ukraine and is pushing for Ukraine to surrender to Russia.

Gee, Ukraine must be really crushing Russia like the media have been telling us. /sarc

I don't know how many videos I see per day with titles telling us that Russia is about to collapse.

You can't believe anything the left tells you.

Bulgaria must know they will need those weapons when Russia finishes off Ukraine and invades them. Yep, that is what he said. His primary concern is Bulgarian citizens and protecting the border, you know, from a Russian invasion.

You want to know how bad it is in Ukraine right now?

This video tells you in the first 1:30 that someone on the front line requested more munitions and they sent them 4 artillery rounds.

Running kind of low, don't you think?

But, according to the media, Ukraine is winning.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the greedy upper class trash can never steal enough from enough people fast enough, they will ALWAYS want more?

Corrupt communist, oil rich Venezuela is trying to steal a big chunk of much smaller Guyana to her east that has a lot of oil because the greedy communist rulers of Venezuela want to steal their oil too. This is in violation of the International Court of Justice ruling, which they are openly ignoring.

This proves that the greedy, power mad, insane upper class trash can never have enough wealth or power. They will always want more and try to steal it.

I figure Afghan Joe will probably take a bribe and let her.

Man, I can't wait for Jesus to get here and put these evil vermin in Hell where they can never again cause harm to anyone. I am so fed up with their evil.

I am pretty sure that Venezuela will be one of the nations we will defeat in this war and annex into our new nation so we can set the people of both Venezuela and Guyana free. God has reasons for everything.

I keep wanting God to return soon and get rid of these horrid monsters to protect the people but I also have to remind myself that God has been tolerating this scum for 6,000 years in order to more than fairly test everyone in this test we call life. He is thousands of times more patient than me but His patience will run out on Judgment Day when He sentences them all to eternal damnation to protect the rest of us.

It is important to note that, throughout history, God has gotten tired of the crap from different groups of people and gotten rid of them to give others a chance.

A good thing is that, with this being the end times, the Bible tells us that God has had just about enough of their crap and will soon put an end to some of it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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