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Remember that I told you there are any number of possibilities that could cause the destruction of the Muslim mosques on the Temple Mount?

I have realized that is it possible that Hamas or Hezbollah could destroy them with their rockets or other means and, of course, they would blame Israel.

I would not be surprised that, with the Muslims losing this war and Hamas almost being destroyed, they would intentionally destroy one or both of the Mosques so they could blame Israel to make all Muslims even more angry at Israel in order to get more Muslim nations to join them in the war. They have tried just about everything else so far.

That is something you better keep an eye on because Iran is getting very desperate right now and they would do something like that. They have been DESPERATELY trying to get other Muslim nations to join this war and they know they can always rebuild the mosque after they destroy Israel.

They are murdering thousands of their own women and children to win this war so destroying a building they can rebuild would be a small price to pay to win this war.

Don't be surprised if they do it.

Then I found this video showing how Israel showed they "defended" the Al-Aqsa mosque from Hamas rockets. This will make it a little tougher for the Muslims to intentionally destroy one or both of those mosques and blame Israel but they still might ignore that and try, so keep an eye on it.

Israel has warned Hezbollah that Israel is prepared to go on the offensive against Hezbollah if Hezbollah has not stopped its missile attacks against Israel before Israel finishes her offensive against Hamas just like I told you would happen.

Remember that I said Israel was ramping up for a war against Hezbollah when she is finished with Hamas but would go to war with Hezbollah before she finished with Hamas, if necessary?

I found out that Hezbollah has positioned its top ground fighting force on the border with Israel to invade Israel.

They keep telling you that the US sent two carrier groups to deal with Hezbollah but they do not tell you that the US has failed to use those forces to stop Hezbollah's attacks against Israel, which will only encourage Hezbollah's actions.

At about 7 minutes into this video she tells you that Israel warned Hezbollah that Israel is prepared to go on the offensive against Hezbollah if Hezbollah has not stopped its missile attacks against Israel before Israel finishes her offensive against Hamas just like I told you would happen.

I saw a headline that said that most young Americans want Israel destroyed. Someone needs to tell those twits that the Muslims want to destroy and kill all Americans after they destroy and kill all Israelis so they will be next.


This video provides some very interesting intel. The Houthis started out trying to only attack ships going to and from Israel but they couldn't accurately tell who was and wasn't so they are now attacking ships from all over, which is stupid. If anything, it will turn major corporations and nations against the Houthis.

The video tells you that a number of major shipping corporations are now diverting their ships away from the Red Sea, which will cost them a huge amount of time and money. It will also greatly decrease shipping traffic through the Suez Canal, which will cost Egypt a ton of money, probably millions of dollars a day.

He tells you about every attack for months and I am sitting here wonder where the international community is in stopping these attacks against ships from all over the world. Something is going on because, if this didn't have anything to do with Israel, the Houthis would already be history.

This video tells you what we should be doing and why. The fact we are not defending and protecting our shipping tells me that Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, Nation of Islam, and Obama do not want to deter their terrorist pal Houthis, which would discourage their ally, Iran, from her aggressive actions.

That is why they are not doing what is right by destroying the Houthis ability to launch missiles at ships. Their excuse of not wanting the war to spread is just a cover because the Houthis have already spread that war.

Then I found this video telling me that the Houthis KNOW the US and the rest of the West are not going to attack them. They KNOW about the deals between the Nation of Islam and Iran.

This has me wondering how many other Western nations know that this is an alliance between Iran and the Nation of Islam/Obama? Probably at least the UK/King Chuck?

Obama is a member of the British Royal Family by way of his mother.

What I am wondering about is why I have not seen anything yet about the four ships Israel sent into the area to deal with the Houthis?

That was several days ago and they should be in the area so that some actions should have taken place, especially with that missile recently fired up the Red Sea towards Israel and Egypt took it out.

Illegal Aliens

This video shows that the UK is realizing their illegal alien plans are not only not working for them but are backfiring so they are changing their tune.

Another one of their great sounding stupid ideas has failed just like I told you it would fail.


This video shows that increasing numbers of Ukrainian soldiers are rebelling, surrendering, and refusing orders in order to stay alive. Order is clearly breaking down in the Ukrainian Military.

It is just like I told you and he shows you, Ukraine is running out of troops and can't even effectively hold defensive positions. They are being slaughtered.

Most of us should be thankful that God has us where we currently are because we could be in much worse places right now.

This video is very revealing and shows that the West is getting scared about the war in Ukraine. Different leaders, especially a big one or two, keep contacting Russia to talk "about what to do about Ukraine AND European security", telling me they are concerned about Putin going into Europe when he is finished with Ukraine, which can't last much longer, you know, just like I have been warning you.

It tells you that Russia has the upper hand in any potential negotiations because they are almost begging Putin, Putin is stressing Ukraine cannot join NATO or the EU, and NATO is holding off on admitting Ukraine for fear of an expansion of the war, you know, into Europe. They know they cannot stop his invasion and I am wondering if they have figured it out yet that Putin is arming and training Africa to invade Europe with him.

Hey, Africa wants to get their loot back from Europe and there are even 3 African nations working to unite as one nation, you know, with a united military.

They finally realized what I have been telling you for more than a year, which is that Putin is ramping up to invade Europe, especially the UK, and probably also the US. It took them long enough to figure it out.

Do you still believe those arrogant fools are more intelligent than you?

I saw that Ukraine just destroyed 2 big oil refineries in Crimea, probably with the help of US intelligence, you know, the CIA. The idiot upper class trash Royals won't quit. Their insanity is infinite because it is never ending.

This tells me the lefty idiots running the US Government are trying to keep Russia pinned down while they use their Ukraine proxy to destroy and weaken Russia enough that the sacked and weakened US Military can destroy Russia to set up their global dictatorship.

Do you believe me yet that the Western upper class trash Royals and their puppets are too stupid to quit? Do you believe me that they have turned our planet into a mental institution?

The arrogant fools don't realize something important. Russia has so completely devastated the Ukrainian Military to where they can't even hold a defensive line against only part of the Russian forces, meaning Russia can break through those forces any time she wants and is just making small moves to destroy the Ukrainian forces more before making any real offensive moves. The Ukrainian forces are also morally breaking down so they are surrendering, deserting, and even turning on their leaders. There ain't much left to destroy.

If you think I am wrong, just remember that it is now the West begging for negotiations and Russia refusing to negotiate because Russia is ticked big time because the West crossed too many red lines.

This should tell you that Russia really doesn't have to hold the line and continue to systematically destroy Ukraine's forces.

Russia could easily put up a basic defense to hold Ukraine in place to free up enough troops to invade Europe and the US to cut off military supplies to Ukraine completely, at which time you can bet Ukraine won't get another bullet, which means Ukraine will run completely out of munitions within a few weeks and implode, requiring almost no Russian military to contain them because there won't be anything left to contain because all the Ukrainians will have to fight with will be snowballs.

Russia could easily invade Europe from the East with at least some African nations invading into France to split the European forces along with the infiltrated illegal alien soldiers already in Europe, you know, like millions of Muslims, and also invade the US with China (in the millions), Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Nation of Islam forces (in the millions), and others from within, along with China and Mexico from outside against the sacked and weakened US forces, you know, to fill greedy upper class trash pockets, and I guarantee the West will not send Ukraine one more bullet because we don't have enough left to defend ourselves, much less continue giving munitions to Ukraine.

BTW, did you know that the US Military is so short on pilots, they are offering pilots $600,000 above their salaries to stay in the military?

You better bet Russia knows that but is taking her time to minimize her losses but, if the CIA and MI6 continue to increase Russia's losses enough any way, Russia will realize it won't matter and just invade following a surprise preemptive nuclear strike so there won't be much left to destroy.

Did you know that there are only 3 Western nations in Europe and North America that have nukes?

Yep, the US has less than 6,000 strategic and tactical nukes, mostly in storage in 6 bunkers (only about 1,500 mounted on projectiles), Britain has about 200 tactical nukes, and France has about 300 tactical nukes. If Russia takes out those 3 nations and most of their nukes in a surprise preemptive nuclear attack, while blinding us like she just did in Ukraine so we can't see the incoming projectiles, the rest of Europe is dead meat and their leaders will end up as slaves in Africa.

But, hey, by now you know that the ONLY thing that will stop the inbred, moron Royals is death and, unfortunately, a bunch of us are going to have to die with them. A lot of people are going to die because of the greedy, power mad Royals and their puppets.

I keep waiting for Putin to just say, "Screw it", and do it.

Do you understand why I am so upset at our upper class trash Royals?

You BETTER, and I mean you BETTER, pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

I am praying, and I mean praying daily, that God will send the evil upper class trash Royals and their puppets to die in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 before they cause this to happen or a lot of you are going to die. The upper class trash Royals are so insanely obsessive, compulsive that it has reached a point to where either they die or you and they die.

Tens of millions and maybe even hundreds of millions of people are about to die in just the West because of those horrid savages. If their insanity explodes globally, 3 to 5 billion people could easily die. Don't be surprised if both the US and Europe come out of this mess with less than 100 million people each or even combined. Their insanity can go so far south it will drop off the planet.

They just keep making it worse and worse.

Then I found this video that shows at about 7 minutes it is quickly getting worse for Ukraine. They are just pulling back in some places because they don't have enough troops to hold that ground.

At about 12:30 into the video he showed another place where the Ukrainians just stepped back and let Russia have the ground.

Right now, I would start watching Belarus for troops moving towards the Polish border. I believe Russia probably already has everything in position for a surprise preemptive nuclear attack against the US, UK, Poland, Germany, and France.

If I was Russia and I really wanted to gain a psychological advantage over the West, I would find Kiev, England, wait until some big shot went there to meet with Z Boy, and put a cruise missile up their butts.


This video provides you with very good intel about China, some of which I have been warning you about. First, years ago I warned you that the upper class trash taking their businesses to China to increase profits could come back to haunt them and they tell you it is right now. Those companies are finding it very difficult to get out of China without losing from a lot to everything.

Gee, who would have thought that getting out of a country run by a tyrannical government would pose problems?

Then he tells you that the US is in decline like I have been telling you and I have been calling it the fall of Rome II.

Then he tells you that China has a huge number of problems that are causing her decline just like I have been telling you.

Then he shows you he is naive in believing that "the US and China can work out their differences". Too many of these upper class business people are too focused on getting more and more rich so that they don't see the big picture of bad people. You know, they "can work with them and make more money so they can't be all bad. Why, there are no bad people, we just have differences." You know, people who enslave and murder people are not bad if you can make a lot of money working with them. They don't get it that, if they will enslave and murder their own people, they won't treat you any better, if they get the chance.

Yeah, it is all about making money. He thinks everyone believes what he believes and thinks the way he thinks. Why, they couldn't possibly have different beliefs, plans, and goals. No, they all just want to make more money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil." They get so focused on the money that they can't see anything else because they don't want to see anything else.

Sometimes, all I can do is sit and shake my head at their insanity. Boy, did we screw up by being tolerant of their paganism. I keep waiting for the other shoe to hit the floor because it is about to.

Lefty Sabotage

I really hate the lying and deceptive upper class trash Royals and their evil puppets. Right now they are putting out scare propaganda about half the bombs Israel is using right now are "dumb bombs." Waaaa, waaaa, the sky is falling!

"Why, if they drop those bombs over Gaza, they are so dumb they could land in London!"

They are doing that to scare ignorant people into believing that Israel is "indiscriminately" dropping bombs with no control over where they will land. "Why, those irresponsible bad guys! They should have to stop using half their munitions!"

Listen, even the dumb bombs have very accurate trajectories so that, if released with the right timing, they will hit the target. Therefore, it is the electronics warfare or EW on the plane that determines how accurate a dumb bomb will strike and I already told you that, when Israel gets weapons, especially planes, that use EW, they remove the other nation's EW and put their own EW on the weapon because they have the best and most accurate EW in the world.

When I was working A-7Ds in 1973, their EW was so good, they could get a dumb bomb within 5 feet of target every time and Israel has significantly better EW today.

What the bomb nav EW does is it gets a fix on the target and then takes intel from the other EW systems like altitude, speed, direction, angle of attack, and other intel to calculate the time of release so the dumb bomb will hit the target. The big reason for them developing the bomb nav EW to do that so very well is because it doesn't do them any good to miss the target. NO ONE WANTS THEIR BOMBS TO MISS THE TARGET!!! The entire purpose for dropping a bomb is to hit the target to blow the target up, therefore, they want the bomb to hit the target.

Do you see the US's deception in trying to stop Israel from using half of her munitions to kill Hamas to protect her citizens from being murdered by Hamas?

Hey, and then they only have to find an excuse to get her to stop using the other half of her munitions.

If you know what goes on in war, you should realize that Afghan Joe and company are doing everything they can to sabotage Israel's efforts to destroy Hamas and for them to protect Hamas from Israel so they can keep murdering Israeli citizens. They are not Israel's allies, they are traitors and saboteurs.

But, hey, they know the stupid people will believe their con and protest against Israel to save the poor widdle terrorists so they can keep murdering Israeli citizens, you know, women and children.

Do you believe me yet that the Royals and their puppets are savage beasts only pretending to be civilized?

People, please note that it is the US Government under control of the Nation of Islam that is betraying and lying about Israel to help Iran and her terrorists destroy Israel. Hint, hint!

Do you get the picture yet?

Then this video shows you just how faithful of an ally France is. They sent their diplomatic employee into a war zone, knowing there was a good chance he could get killed (they sacrificed the dummy) and, when he got killed, it is Israel's fault and not their fault for sending him in there to be killed.

Now France is demanding that, since they sent their employee to get killed and he got killed, Israel MUST stop killing Hamas to protect their citizens. Hey, France needed another excuse to betray Israel.

These people are so sick and demented that they murder their own people to protect their Hamas terrorists from being wiped out to protect Israeli citizens. Think about how sick and evil those people are.

Then I found this video showing how the Muslims are taught to hate and kill Israelis, while the Israeli kids are taught to get along with the Muslim children.

Note that she tells you that the Muslim children are taught that "their highest calling" is to kill and rob the Israelis, just like I told you the Koran teaches. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

A very important thing there is that she said those children are taught that the Israelis want to destroy the Al-Aqsa mosque so you can bet that, when they need it the most, the Muslims will destroy Al-Aqsa mosque and blame Israel to get all Muslims to want to invade and destroy Israel. With them teaching that to the children, it isn't maybe but is when because they know that will be the ultimate trigger to make all Muslims want to invade and destroy Israel at all costs.

From all of this intel about the Al-Aqsa mosque, it looks like the Nation of Islam and Iran have been planning to destroy the Al-Aqsa mosque and possibly also the Dome of the Rock at just the right time and then blame Israel to get the rest of the Muslim nations and their allies angry enough to send troops to invade and destroy Israel. After all, they have obviously been teaching that to their children for years so that, when they destroy the mosque(s), those people will automatically blame Israel and we know they have been planning this war for decades.

Now, that tells me that it is very likely that when the Muslims destroy the mosque(s) then they lose the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, Israel will build the third Temple to fulfill the prophecies during the soon coming Tribulation.

Keep an eye on it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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