Upper Class Trash Royals

For some time I have been thinking about this and this morning God said, "Write it."

For decades I have watched archaeologists wonder how our ancestors did this, that, or something else because no one today knows how to do those things.

Do you know why no one today knows how to do those things?

Because our wonderful, elite, intellectually superior, upper class trash Royals went marching around the world with armies murdering and slaughtering the people who knew how to do those things so they, the upper class trash Royals, could have more wealth and power by stealing it from those people. In killing off the people who knew how to do those things for thousands of years, they killed off the knowledge about how to do those things and set mankind back thousands of years so they could have more wealth and power.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

They are too stupid to realize that every time they murder someone who knows how to innovate and build, they destroy the knowledge to innovate and build, setting mankind back. Over thousands of years, the greedy, power mad Royals have set mankind back thousands of years so they could have more wealth and power.

What have any of these "great" murdering, butchers contributed to mankind?

Nothing! Every time they destroyed a village, they destroyed all of the knowledge in that village.

And they teach you to look up to and respect those murdering butchers? Why?

No, you should look up to and respect the people they butchered. Those murdering, butchering, stealing Royals have not contributed a thing to mankind and have spent thousands of years setting mankind back again and again by murdering and oppressing those who know how to innovate.

Remember that I told you that most people go into government and power to oppress and steal because they are too stupid to create and build?

How many innovators have the upper class trash Royals and their puppets murdered in just Ukraine so they could set up their global dictatorship and steal everything you have so you will own nothing? How much creative knowledge have they destroyed? How much are they setting mankind back to set up their global dictatorship?

Just look at what we have done here in the US after only 250 years of having been set free from the oppressive and stealing yoke of the Royals. Just look how much just Americans were able to innovate because we didn't have an oppressive, stealing government taking more and more wealth from us so we could have the money to buy the tools and materials to innovate.

When I look at how much our corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, academe, and media are oppressing and stealing from the people today so they can have more wealth, I wonder how much innovation they are shutting down and setting mankind back? When I see the super greedy upper class trash Royals, who own major corporations, buying out their competition, which decreases the need to compete and innovate so they can steal more from more people faster, I wonder how much they are setting mankind back?

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

The best thing these evil Royals and their puppets could do would be the free all of the people in the world, set up a global constitutional republic to protect the people from people like the Royals and their puppets, and then kill themselves off. That would be the first time in history that they actually made the world a better place because they ARE the problem.

How many innovations have King Chuck, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, the Bidens, Macron, and Xi made that have improved life?

None because they are all blood sucking upper class trash parasites sucking the life out of our nations.

Think about this, when Jesus returns with all of the hosts in Heaven, including those people from thousands of years ago who knew how to do those things our archaeologists can't figure out how to do, putting them together with our people from today who know how to do things today, without there being any greedy, power mad Royals to destroy, oppress, and murder those people, to set up a 1,000 year rule under Jesus; that will be the greatest and most innovative time in history. Just imagine those people freely living, building, innovating, and teaching for 1,000 years without the Royals to destroy everything and set us back again and again and again and again.

God showed me what we will do. We are going to spend 1,000 years colonizing planets in the two remaining galaxies. Think about that. You will be the space aliens just like God originally planned and we humans screwed it up. He planned for man to colonize the cosmos and our greedy, power mad Royals have been screwing that up for thousands of years because of their greed.

Just imagine where we would be today without evil people lying, stealing, and murdering each other for greed and power.

Where would we be today?

Oh, about a few million light years away inhabiting every habitable planet between here and there doing things you could only begin to dream of doing today.

The lying, stealing, murdering Royals and their puppets are the worst things that have happened to mankind. They have done more to hold and set mankind back than everything else combined and they are trying to do it again today on a global basis, even worse than ever before in history.

And they think they are gods?

The morons have been holding themselves back for thousands of years and are about to set themselves back again and they are too inbred and greedy stupid to realize it. The arrogant fools are too stupid to realize they are their own worst enemies. Their lives would be much, much better today if they and their sick ancestors had not been murdering and stealing so they could have more wealth and luxury at your expense and they are too stupid to realize it so they are doing it again and even worse.

For the first time in history, the people were set free from the oppression and slavery by the Royals by the US Constitutional Republic and today's poor people in the US have life better and live longer than even the Royals did just 200 to 300 years ago. Just a few hundred years ago, the average life expectancy, even for Royals, was just 25 to 45 years old. In the US, by 1900, it was at 45 years old and 100 years later it almost reached 80 years of age, almost doubling. The quality of life for even poor people is 1,000 times better than it was for the Royals just 200 years ago, who didn't even have bicycles to ride, central heating, central cooling, planes, and cars.

And these over educated fools want to do away with that and go back to doing what "they know is best" AGAIN, you know, like they have been doing for 3,500 years? Do you believe me yet that my farts are smarter than those over educated fools?

The people are the fruit of the Earth; not the greedy, power mad, parasitic Royals.

There is only one God and, if everyone had been worshiping Him and living by His Laws for 6,000 years, there is no telling where mankind would be today. I would probably have my own planet where you could drop by and we could visit.

But, hey, duh Royals is are be smarty pants and dey knoze what is best for ebry body, duh. They are simple minded, greedy, power mad idiots. All they can think about is how to steal more from more people faster.

Actually leave the people alone and let them make the world a better place?

No, not the superior Royals. They could never do that. That would be beneath their holinesses.

The first time the Royals did anything good in history was when a group of them set up the US Constitutional Republic and today's Royals are destroy that now because of their greed.

Here is a thought that you know never even got close to the Royals' heads; how much knowledge for creating and innovating are the Royals going to kill off when they depopulate our planet? How far back will those lunatics set mankind back again so they can have more wealth and power? How much less innovation will there be just 50 to 100 years from now because of their insane greed?

Just think how much better this planet will be after 1,000 years of them all burning in Hell where they can never again lie, steal, and murder off the knowledge for innovation. Just imagine life on this planet with a global government that is better than our US Constitutional Republic after 1,000 years without any Royals to screw everything up. Just imagine a government with a limited 10% flat tax on income and no other taxes like land or sales taxes to steal more from the people and grow a corrupt government that will allow more people to have more money to buy more tools and materials to innovate.

Just imagine what the people can do with that and then I wonder what we will do with that in eternal Paradise with God as our government. Just imagine eternity without greedy, power mad Royals stealing and destroying everything.

I so look forward to that time.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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