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Russia's military build up in Syria is happening at a rapid pace. They have started building two new bases further north from their main air base, giving them a total of three bases and their sea port. The weapons at her main air base have grown to more than 25 fighter and attack aircraft, 15 helicopters, nine tanks, three SAMs, and at least 500 personnel. The planes include the Su-27 "Flanker" fighter plane, Su-25 "Frogfoot" attack planes, and Su-24 "Fencer" light bombers. There is no word as to whether the Russian SAMs are their 300s, 400s, or new 500s to protect their own planes and troops.

Putin also just made nice with Erdogan so he can fly his planes directly over Turkey by building that really huge mosque in Moscow. That will save Putin a lot of flying miles and get his planes and equipment there much faster. Yep, that is what that big mosque thingy was all about.

It is also important to know that Iran just landed an undisclosed number of marines to work with Russia.

I have read that a small ISIS unit attacked one of the bases the Russians are building and was pretty easily thrown back. Russia has started patrolling the skies with drones with no word as to whether the drones are armed but they are definitely taking a good look around. I have also read that there were two Russian convoys of Marines traveling from their seaport and main air base towards areas with conflicts between Syria and ISIS. It will be interesting to see how well the Ruskies do against ISIS. You can bet they will fight better than the Syrian Army.

Both the US and Israel are concerned about the possibility of clashes between Russian planes and their planes. Netanyahu made a trip to discuss this with Putin and Obama just threatened Putin. Israel will probably now be limited to what she can do in Syria. Obama will talk tough, bluff for a while, and then change the subject.


The US is reported to have moved 20 aircraft carried and launched tactical nukes to Germany. Obama is upping the ante in his poker game with Putin in East Europe. I guess it is supposed to make his bluff look less like a bluff.

They didn't say what the throw weight is on these tactical nukes but they did say the total destructive power is about 80 times what was used against Japan. That would put their individual throw weights at between 25 and 50 kilotons each, just as a conservative estimate. That would make them pretty light weight weapons.


Scott Walker is out of the race. Now, if we can get Trumpeter (he blows his own horn well) to get rid of the rest of them, you know, all of the lying RINOs, the Commiecrats, and himself, we just might have some hope. Wow, I am so impressed with this coming election. We have nothing to vote for except criminals, traitors, and brain dead socialists. Truly, the US is cursed because of the tens of millions of unborn babies we have murdered.

Clintstones are "firing subtle warning shots" to warn off Biden from running against Hilarious. Remember they have the goods on just about everyone and could probably bring down Biden, though he would not have very far to fall. The polls are showing that Hilarious is gaining on Linen II (Sanders), if Joey stays out of the race. I guess even liberals are beginning to realize that Linen II is beyond nuts. You have to understand that it is tough for lunatics to realize that other lunatics are nuts. They see their common insanity as sanity.

The FBI has found Hilarious' deleted e-mails on her server. Apparently, they didn't even format the disc which means they just deleted the pointers to those e-mails but the e-mails were still there. But even if they do format the disc, the FBI has software that can recover almost everything that was on the disc. You really have to "scrub" a hard drive to get everything off of it and, even then, there is no guarantee the FBI won't find at least some of what you had on it.

Hilarious may be soon running from behind bars. That is the good news but I wouldn't hold my breath until it happens.

They have also found more Benghazi e-mails and they found that her server was hacked by foreign entities.

Hey, if you don't want any skeletons in your closet, don't put them there. If you do, the FBI can find them.

Trumpeter says to let Putin take care of ISIS. Really, do we have any choice with ISIS Caliph, Obama, running interference with the Pentagon for ISIS?

He also says he would put Muslims in his administration. Oh yeah, that just makes me want to run right out and vote for him, NOT! He sounds more like Obama almost every time he opens his mouth.

I do not support anyone because they claim to be a Christian. Obama claims to be a Christian but is clearly a devout radical Muslim. I vote for them because they prove they are a Christian by their walk. So far, I don't see anyone running for President who is walking that walking. I see plenty talking the talk but none walking the walk.


It seems that all of the countries taking in Muslim "immigrants" are experiencing a rape epidemic being caused by those Muslims.

Gee, who would have thought, knowing that Muslims believe it is perfectly alright to rape non Muslim women and even Muslim women who have accused of a crime, there would be a pandemic of rapes in those countries?

Have you noticed that Obama's plan for Muslim immigrants has been growing rapidly?

It started with 70,000, then jumped to 100,000 and is now at 200,000. It has almost tripled in a matter of just a few weeks. It makes me afraid to read the news tomorrow.

The EU is so "deeply divided" over their immigration problems they are holding an emergency meeting on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 (today) to try and resolve their differences and solve the problem. You know, like that is going to happen.

There was just a Muslim demonstration in Sweden calling for or demanding a Muslim Caliphate to replace the Swedish government. When that happens, and it almost certainly will, the upper class trash white leaders who caused this are dead. The Caliphate will instantly put the Swedes out of power and then the upper class trash (puppets and puppet masters) will be rounded up and killed to prevent a counter coup. It is only a matter of time now and you will see the first of the upper class trash heads roll. I told you this would happen.

Suddenly, Christianity is looking better to more people. Eyes are opening.

Military Coups

The interim president of Burkina Faso is back in power only one week after a military coup overthrew him. This happened in the Chile military coup and the Venezuela military coup to free their people from commie dictators. These are examples of why the US military and all other militaries must wait until just the right time to take out their nation's traitors. If they fail, they will be purged, will never be able to try again and the people will be screwed for at least decades to come and only the people will be able to overthrow their bad governments.

Eyes Opening

A Gallup poll says that half of the US people see the government as a threat to their freedom. We are getting there. We only need for about 15% to 25% more to realize it before the military can act. Pray they learn quickly.

Maybe I should start a guillotine business for the coming revolts? I could make a killing and so could the people.


Sweden and Finland now have F-35s, you know, just in time for the Muslims to get the F-35s going to Sweden. But, hey, most of them probably couldn't fly a kite but, then again, Obama would have the CIA teach them.


Here is an achievement Obama is certain to be proud of; since he became president, the number of illegal aliens in the US has gone from 12 million to 42.4 million. Most of the new illegal aliens are Muslims and that doesn't count the tens of thousands of Muslims Obama legally imported into the US, many of whom have become terrorists. Yep, we're screwed.


I already explained why the Muslims are fighting over control of Babylon but they are also fighting for control of Damascus because they believe their Mahdi will be made known in Damascus. Add to this that the Mahdi must stand on the Temple Mount and give the Muslims the order to kill all remaining non Muslims to prove he is the Mahdi.

Is Obama's ISIS picture getting a little clearer?

He believes he is the Mahdi, wants control of all three cities, and is using ISIS to gain that control so he can prove he is the Mahdi to force Islam to unite under him so he can use Islam to conquer the world. He will move his international (read UN) force to Syria and Lebanon so he can conduct the war from Damascus to be made know as the Mahdi, then conquer Israel and stand on the Temple Mount to prove he is the Mahdi, and rebuild Babylon to be his holy capitol from which to rule the world.

BTW, another way to tell that Obama is a Muslim is that, whenever he says the name of a Muslim holy person, he always says afterwards, "Peace be upon them", which only Muslims say and they MUST say that every time they say the name of any holy person. This is not a Christian thing. Watch when Obama speaks and he clearly talks just like a Muslim and not at all like a Christian.


I find it interesting that George Will is calling the Commie Pope a false prophet. It is pretty accurate in more ways than one.

I hope you realize that the Commie Pope is intentionally trying to set himself up at the Antichrist so they can set up their glorious commie one world government dictatorship. But they can't possibly succeed because they don't even come close to fulfilling the appropriate Bible prophesies and God can't be wrong. But, hey, that never stopped Satan's boys from trying. As a matter of fact, that is what Satan wants to do, is prove God wrong just one time.

Boy, are the Commie Pope and his Euro-American upper class trash pals going to be surprised when the Muslims seize control and take the Euro-American upper class trash heads off?

God is going to use the Muslims to destroy everything the Euro-American upper class trash have built to control the world so that, when we finally free ourselves from the Muslim tyranny, we will be forced to build new countries and governments, you know, maybe Christian theocracies this time. It is like I said, our nations are cursed from murdering all of those unborn children and must be destroyed. God is going to use the Muslims to do it, punish us, and turn us back to God.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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