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Nation of Islam

I just got some interesting intel. It is time to connect a few more dots to try to clear something up. For some time I have been wondering who is really using the US as a proxy and the new intel in conjunction with older intel clears that up a little.

Who is using the US as their proxy, the UK British Royals or the Nation of Islam?

It now looks like the top UK British Royals are members of the Nation of Islam and use the Nation of Islam and the deep state it created to control the US.

I just found out that both Mahdi Obama and Billy Boy Clinton will be supporting Afghan Joe at a big fund raiser in March or April (they have not set the date or location yet).

Afghan Joe is in big enough trouble the upper class trash have called Billy Boy in to help by all three of them, Billy Boy, Mahdi Obama, and Afghan Joe, showing up at a really big fund raiser in March or April. Apparently this is going to be an extremely big event with Mahdi Obama's people working on it (some pretending to be Afghan Joe's people). Keep an eye on that.

This makes something I had been wondering about a little more clear.

I have been wondering if this Nation of Islam thing is in rebellion against the British Royals or part of their operations?

Let's go back to the 1960s when Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam were big time leaders in the Democratic Party. He was regularly seen with the other top leaders representing the blacks, which clouded things up a bit. It turns out that he was not just representing blacks; he is representing ALL Muslims in the US and maybe even in the UK.

Farrakhan regularly made visits to Iran to work with their Shiite Muslim leaders because Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are also Shiite Muslim, which is very important.

In the late 1970s Jimmuh Carhtuh helped removed the Shah of Iran so the Shiite Muslim leaders could take over Iran. Gee, I wonder why a friend of Farrakhan would set up the Shiite Muslim leaders to rule over Iran? You don't think deals were made, do you? I know, maybe it is just a magic coincidence?

Both Mahdi Obama and Billy Boy are members of the British Royal Family but I didn't figure in how connected Billy Boy is with the Nation of Islam. This reminded me that, while Billy Boy was being impeached in the 90s, Farrakhan made a trip to the White House to ask Billy Boy if the Nation of Islam should stage a coup to keep Billy Boy from losing power and Billy Boy told him no, it was under control so Farrakhan went back to Chicago.

Don't you think it is just a wee bit funny that Billy Boy didn't see anything wrong with the Nation of Islam staging a coup of the US for any reason? Don't you find it interesting that the Nation of Islam was seeking advice for a coup from a member of the British Royal Family? Gee, you don't think they are all working together, do you? Are the British Royals all quietly members of the Nation of Islam?

Also keep in mind that the US CIA started the Al Quaeda terrorist organization in Afghanistan under Billy Boy Clinton to fight the Russians.

Some time before Obama was elected, the UK British Royal Family purchased land where they are planning to build Mystery Babylon, which is purely a Shiite Muslim thing because even the Sunni Muslims don't believe Islam will rule the world out of a rebuilt Babylon.

You have to understand that, with both the Bible and Shiite Islam, two different religions, saying that their one world government and one world church will rule out of Babylon, it is very convincing to very greedy and power mad people so, of course, they would convert to Shiite Islam and join the Nation of Islam so THEY can rule the world out of Mystery Babylon.

That was the UK British Royal Family stating, with their actions, that they believe Shiite end time prophecies and were working with the Shiite Muslims, you know, the Nation of Islam and Iran, to make those prophecies come true so they can rule the world. Suddenly it is looking like the UK and US British Royal Family had joined the Nation of Islam some time ago, you know, before Billy Boy got elected president.

Also, remember that the Vatican purchased land to build a new palace in Mystery Babylon at about the same time where they are planning to build Mystery Babylon right next to Ancient Babylon. Then, in April 2012, when Mahdi Obama was president, the Vatican publically announced, "If Jesus does not come by December 31, 2012, the Catholic Church will convert to Islam." The Vatican purchasing that land in Mystery Babylon should tell you they meant Shiite Islam and they have been working to make those Shiite Muslim end time prophecies come true so they can rule over all Catholics and all Muslims or about 2.5 billion people globally.

Also, remember that, by the strangest magic coincidence, 400 million people converted to Islam between April 2012 and September 2012, while Obama was in office, and most of those had to be lefties but it was well before 2012 that the British Royal Family purchased land to build a new palace where they plan to build Mystery Babylon to get out of those "old, run down castles" they are currently living in and have occasionally complained about. The British Royals have even closed off entire sections of those castles to save on maintenance, heating, and cooling and I told you about that a few decades ago.

Also, remember that the British Royal stooge, Georgie Boy Soros, who is financed by the British Royal family, worked to get Mahdi Obama elected as president. I remember seeing them in a picture together at a fund raiser in Chicago before Mahdi Obama got elected.

Also remember that it is the UK British Royals who are currently running the US as their proxy as is the Nation of Islam. I was having trouble dealing with both of them running the US as their proxy at the same time but it looks like most of the UK and US British Royals are members of the Nation of Islam, you know, King Chuck and family.

Note that it is possible that Prince Harry has been ostracized because he fought the Muslims, including Shiite Muslims, in Afghanistan as a chopper pilot, probably learned the truth about Islam, and may not like Islam.

Also, remember that the UK has been "negotiating" with Iran for decades concerning a number of matters, which probably includes nukes and how many seats the Royals and Vatican get on the Caliphate council of 10, you know, the ten horn thingy in the Bible.

It looks like the Nation of Islam is being at least partly funded by the British Royal Family and they are working closely together to set up a global dictatorship, you know, the last Muslim Caliphate or one world government and one world church.

I am thinking that the WEF is just an EU thingy to fulfill their fake Eurocentric prophecy of the one world government being the EU during the Tribulation and that is failing like a water dam made out of sugar.

It turns out that the Nation of Islam is bigger, more powerful, and more important than even I realized and it fully explains why both the UK and US are trying to stop Israel from destroying their Shiite Muslim proxies and using those proxies to destroy Israel so they can gain control of the Temple Mount to prove who their Mahdi, our Antichrist, is so they can rule the world. Suddenly, it all makes even more sense.

That explains why the US and UK are NOT going to cause significant damage to their proxy, Iran, or her proxies, which is why they keep making it look like we are staging attacks against the proxies but the proxies immediately turn around and attack us, with neither side killing anyone except by accident.

Hey, it is all show, baby.

That is how you connect the dots to do espionage. There is a rule in espionage that says that, what looks most probable, is probably the truth.

If you don't know this kind of stuff, you can't know why they are doing what they are doing and what to expect next.

BTW, why is Hamas continuing to refuse to stop the fighting for the hostages?

First, they are not stupid enough to give up the rest of the hostages because then they will not have anyone to hide behind.

Second, the longer they can keep the fighting going, the worse the lefties/Muslims in the West can make Israel look to increase the potential to get the rest of the Muslim nations to unite to destroy Israel.

You have to remember this entire war was started to get the Muslim nations and their allies to unite to destroy Israel. Hamas was never going to win the war, just escalate it enough for all of the Muslims and their allies to destroy Israel.

At about 2:30 into this video the general tells you that Afghan Joe is NOT going to directly attack Iran just like I have been telling you and I have been telling you why. Our nation is being run by the Nation of Islam and their deep state and they are allies with Iran in trying to destroy Israel. That is why Afghan Joe is clearly trying to interfere with Israel protecting her people while pretending to be helping Israel. It is just like I have been telling you.

BTW, Egypt is threatening Israel over Gaza and openly turning against Israel just like I told you would happen.

Do you believe me yet that the Muslims are insistent of turning this into the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 without them know it?

Every day, we get one day closer.

People, the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 MUST be fought before the Tribulation begins because there is no time after that when the Battle can be fought and we are really close to the beginning of the Tribulation so, therefore, this MUST be the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 or the Bible is wrong and I don't see anyone else who realizes it. This war will and MUST continue until it escalates into the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 because that prophecy MUST be fulfilled before the Tribulation begins in the near future.


When I was racing and coaching bicycle racing, I had to deal with the big companies and their media lying to make more money by getting people to focus on buying more speed instead of training better because those companies and the magazines don't make any money by you getting faster by training better.

It was a well known fact that the bicycle is less than 10% of the performance and the human was better than 90% of the performance because the human drives the bike.

I focused on training and literally got to where they couldn't even keep me in sight. There were times I went to the front, took what I thought was an easy pull on the front, and found myself riding alone a quarter of a mile ahead of them. They wouldn't even try to race against me.

Back then, pro road bicycles weighed about 20 to 23 pounds, they all had the latest and fastest bikes and equipment, and I showed up for a fall training ride one day on my 1968 steel Schwinn Varsity I called "the tank", the cheapest Schwinn they made, with a book rack, heavy chain, and padlock that all weighed 58 pounds with me having the heavier and slower recreational road tires that only inflated to 90 pounds and their racing tires were at the speedy 125 pounds racing pressure. I hammered them, proving the sales and marketing lies about bikes and equipment to be lies and they still wouldn't listen to me about training.

I could go faster on junk than they could on the fastest pro bikes.

Today, all you see about bikes is how the latest gizmo will give you more and more and more speed. Why, you will cross the galaxy in seconds. /sarc

Today's road bikes are selling for thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars to go one billionth of a second faster. What a waste of money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

After I started coaching, I put several hundred other people on the podium by getting them to focus on training. My Juniors (18 and under) got sponsored used touring bikes, which were a step below the low end racing bikes and they crushed everyone.

I wish I had my health back so I could go out and crush those super duper bikes with a piece of junk. I love the look on their faces when they buy the best bikes and you ride away from them on junk.

When I first started racing, my favorite was the old time heroes who would crash, break their bike, grab some tourist's piece of junk and win a really big race with it. That is a champion and bike racing.

Unfortunately, my 68 Schwinn Varsity got destroy when it destroyed the front end of a Mercedes SL that hit me from behind on a hill at 50 mph. Boy, did that piece of junk destroy the front of that Mercedes. It took out the bumper, radiator, grill, and hood. I have never seen another bike do that much damage to a car. You would swear he hit a motorcycle.

The reason I survived that accident is because, when that kid hit his brakes, it turned his car sideways just enough that I slide across the hood and missed the windshield, which would have killed me. That was another near death experience God saved me from and the cop couldn't believe I was still alive. Just the sudden acceleration gave me a concussion. I am absolutely convinced Satan is trying to murder me because he doesn't want me telling you the truth.


This video shows the people rising up in more and more nations across the EU in protest against the insanity of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets running the EU. Some of those protests are turning into riots.

I read that some politicians have been put to flight to save their lives but the people must go after the upper class trash Royals hiding behind those puppets or it won't stop. If you only kill their puppets, they will just hire more puppets.

Putin and Africa need to smuggle weapons and munitions into those nations and help them organize to go after the people actually causing this insanity. That will not only take the attention of the upper class trash away from Russia and Africa but will also decrease resources to use against Russia because they will need those resources to save their own butts. Just protesting won't stop the upper class trash because they never quit.

She showed stores with empty shelves, meaning that people are about to starve. It won't take them long to starve enough to turn on and take out their leaders. That is an easy prediction because, if you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

After about only 3 to 5 days of starving, the people will be storming the upper class trash palaces with pitchforks and torches.

The biggest problem I see in this is the upper class trash Royals hiding behind their political puppets, which they started doing after Bastille, because, if the people don't start taking out the upper class trash actually causing these problems, the upper class trash will just hire more corrupt politicians to be killed by the people. Someone has to direct the people to the people actually causing the problems to stop those problems.

Putin's FSB could do an excellent job of that.

That wouldn't be that difficult because I told you that there are only 300 families who are causing all of this mess and the people would only have to take out from about the top 20 to 50 people in each of those families or about 6,000 to 15,000 people globally to save 8 billion people. Keep an eye on that.

You people in Europe need to pray extra long, pray extra hard, and pray extra often because your leaders have totally screwed you. I can't see Europe lasting much longer because of how severely your leaders have sold you out.

Hey, at least they got rich at your expense. While you have been getting more impoverished, they have been getting more wealthy.

Middle East

This video tells you that the US and UK patted themselves on the back "for degrading Houthis capabilities" and then the Houthis almost immediately attacked again. Wow, that worked well.

The US and UK claimed 85 strikes but the Houthis claimed only 48 and counted them for you.

There were only 2,000 Houthis in Yemen and they trained up 20 to 40 thousand more very quickly, which means they can't fight worth crap, and the US and UK can't quickly and easily stop them? Really?

You are being lied to but, hey, when have the lefty upper class trash told you the truth about anything?

If they tell you they are alive and breathing, you better check because they are probably zombies without souls. With what they are doing to the people of this planet, I don't trust those people at all. If they will murder you, they will lie to you.

Then I found this video telling you that you have to hit Iran hard enough to earn their respect and that is especially true with Islam.


Because you have to remember that Islam is a war cult because Allah was the war god of Sabianism and "is the god of the sword" so that, if you don't earn their military respect, they will keep on trying to destroy you until they either destroy you or you do earn their respect.

Plus you have to keep in mind that this war is all about the US Nation of Islam working with Iran to destroy Israel so they can conquer the world and set up their global dictatorship or Caliphate. They both contact each other about which targets they can hit and not cause significant damage because they are allies and that general doesn't realize that yet.


The Muslims are now trying to take control of India and you need to keep an eye on it. It is almost certainly the Nation of Islam trying to break up BRICS so they can set up the global Caliphate.

The Mess

I can't save your butts. I wish I could but God knows best and you working with Him is all that can save your butts. God has nailed both my feet to the ground so that all I can do is write and teach. You have to take the information I am providing you with, pray your butts off, and get God to fight for and with you to save your own butts.

First; you have to repent of all of your sins, turn back to God, and get right with God. God will NOT hear your prayers if you are still committing crimes against His Laws.

Second; you and all of the other good people (not the brainwashed lefty pagan stooges) have to unite, organize, arm yourselves, train, and get ready to fight for your lives and the lives of your families because these upper class trash lunatics have openly told you that they plan to murder off better than 95% of you. If they win, you die.

Third; you need to get the law enforcement and military on your side so they will not obey orders to murder you the way the Nazi Army obeyed orders to murder people.

The fecal matter is already hitting ye ole fans and I see even bigger ships full of fecal matter getting really close to ye ole fans. Things are really bad and the evil upper class trash and their evil puppets are determined to make them even more horrible.

Then I just got this e-mail from Mark and thought I would share it with you.

"I was watching a video with Steve Bannon, where, speaking about Donald Trump, he said. 'This is one of the greatest leaders. This is only the third time in the history of our country, General Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Donald Trump, that the fate and destiny of one man is the fate and destiny of our Republic; so if President Trump, who I call the American Cincinnatus, if he called me and asked [to be a part of his administration], I would do it'-Steve Bannon. See the video.

I condensed that to 'This is only the third time in the history of our country that the fate and destiny of one man is the fate and destiny of our Republic. Three men have stood in that gap: General Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and now, Donald Trump.'

I recommend this Glenn Beck video: What are we REALLY Fighting Against? It really hits home and reminds me of the case you make that Royals are really what we are fighting against.

I agree with your take on Royalty. Perhaps not all of the elites are descended from royalty, but they all seem to believe they are entitled to be royals. Apparently they believe they are entitled to the "Divine Right" of Royalty. There never was a divine right of royalty. That lie about a divine right is a tactic of our Adversary, the Devil."

First, I thank Mark for the intel.

I agree with most of what Glenn Beck says but he still has some learning to do. Maybe someone should tell him to read my blog to learn more.

Glenn tells you that he began studying this in 2011 and I began studying this in the 1960s and began TEACHING it to you in November 1999 before he even began studying it. I have been watching and studying this insanity for two thirds of a century.

He tells you about all of the conspiracy theories he exposed and I have told you about conspiracies he still has not learned about going back to just after WWII. I taught you about the WEF, Nation of Islam, and others to you a long time ago.

On my blog, you can go back and read them, which is why I posted them in chronological order, dated them, and titled them, "I Told You So" essays, of which, at this point, I have 628 of them out of a total of 2,337 essays. You should noticed that I started out with very few "I Told You So" essays but the number has been increasing as more and more of what I have told is proven true to where, today, almost 27% of my essays are confirming what I have been teaching you for almost a quarter of a century. That is being right a lot of times and God is still teaching me more of this stuff.

I don't know everything but God keeps getting me a little bit closer to knowing everything but, at 75, I know a lot more than Glenn Beck because I have had more time to see and study more. God began teaching me about this evil crap by the 1960s.

Mark said that he believes that not all of the upper class trash descended from Royals, which is true. Yes, not all of them may be descended from Royals but, in the late 1980s, research showed that, if you make it up to that level of wealth, better than 95% of the time, the only people you will hang out with are Royals, if for no other reason than for business opportunities. Because of that, within a MAXIMUM of 3 generations, either you, your children, or at least your grandchildren will marry into that Euro-American Royal Family, making your family a member of the Euro-American Royal Family by marriage and, with the first kids, by blood.

Now, are all Royals bad?

The short answer is no.

First, every president since at least JFK was a member of the British Royal Family. JFK, Nixon, Reagan, and Trump were all good Royals but they have all been punished for being good royals and made to look bad to make the bad Royals look good.

Second, when I was in LA, I met and knew good Royals and they did not like hanging out with the bad Royals. Some of them moved to LA to get away from family.

Third, if you study the history of the Royals, you will find there have been good Royals throughout history. For example, one king had four daughters who dedicated their lives to working with and helping the poor people, the rest of their family, including their parents impoverished. There will be Royals in Heaven but not a lot of them. Most of them are already burning in Hell. I have told you that Jesus said so.

Fourth, you have to understand that there are millions of Royals you don't even know are Royals and some of them are good and others are bad because, contrary to what they want you to believe, they are human and there are good humans and bad humans so there are good Royals and bad Royals with most of them being bad, just like most humans are bad.

I have learned that ALL of the upper class trash are very bad Royals and that was proved by research in the 1980s.

I have also been telling you that the total global Royal population is massive. I very conservatively estimate that there are more than 10 million Royals, most of whom, the Royals don't want you to know about but, without realizing it, they tell you it is bigger than I tell you.

Remember that they tell you that 1% of the global population control better than 95% of the wealth and are, therefore, Royals?

People, 1% of 8 billion is 80 million so my estimate is very conservative and they are all related, even if you have to go all of the way back to the City of Ur before the great dispersion. I could conservatively and safely estimate that there are more than 50 million Royals globally with most of them being Euro-American Royals.

Do you get the picture yet?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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