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Several Royals have been diagnosed with cancer, including King Chuck.

Hold it, I thought they were gods and better than everyone else? How could they get cancer? Do you think they are really human just like you? Kind of obvious, huh?

They are not gods, they are not above God's Laws, and it is just as wrong for them to lie to, steal from, and murder you as it is for you to lie, steal and murder.

We are all humans under God's Laws and must abide by those Laws or pay the price and God proved that with Moses, when Moses broke a law and was punished for it.

If they break God's Law and we don't hold them accountable for those crimes, then we pay the price too, especially if we aid and abet them in the commission of their crimes against others.

I would rather answer to them for disobeying their criminal orders than answer to God for obeying their criminal orders.

Any thugs, law enforcement, or military who aid them in the commission of their crimes against others, "just doing their jobs and just following orders", is just as guilty of those crimes as the Royals. If they tell you to murder someone and you murder that person, you are both guilty of murder. Them ordering you to commit a crime does not put you above God's Laws and make it alright for you to commit that crime.

I was watching a video about King Chuck having a second cancer along with his prostate cancer, decided to look at the comments and found out that quite a few of the Royals have hemophilia C. So I looked it up and found this site that shows quite a few Royals have hemophilia, which is caused by inbreeding. Note that is just within Queen Vic's family tree, does not include other Royal Family trees and I have read about members of the other family trees in the Euro-American Royal Family having hemophilia because of their inbreeding.

They have been inbreeding a wee bit too long just like I have been telling you.

Hemophilia is carried by the females and shows up in the males.

Really bad inbreeding like the Royals do causes a number of problems including but not limited to hemophilia, decreased intelligence, increased insanity, and sterility, which will eventually wipe out entire families because they stop reproducing. If you study the history of the Royals, you will find quite a few family lines that suddenly stopped because they did not produce any offspring to continue their rule because of their inbreeding so the offspring from others had to assume that rule, the most famous of which are the Hapsburgs, where an entire family group was wiped out with no replacement Royals for any of them. Hey, they kept it in the family, baby, until there was no family.

With the increasing numbers of cancer cases in the Royals, I would not be surprised to find out that is also a result of too much inbreeding causing cell functions to go bad.

What happens with cancer is that one or more cells get turned on to rapidly reproducing and they don't quit. That causes a massive population of bad cells quickly growing that crushes surrounding good cells, causing all kinds of problems, pending where those cells are growing in the body.

Often cancer cells will break away from a group and be carried by the cardiovascular system to other parts of the body, causing the cancer to spread, where they will continue to grow and kill cells in those parts of the body. It is possible and even probable that King Chuck's second cancer is a result of that type of spreading from the prostate cancer and that would mean his cancer is malignant and could easily spread throughout his entire body (it sounds like it may have) increasing the potential for it being terminal.

You might want to keep an eye out for other Royals getting cancer to look for a pattern to see if it is being caused by their inbreeding or something else.

Over the last two thirds of a century, I have learned to watch lots of things like this to give me more information. I have been watching a lot of stuff like this, the Nation of Islam, and other things longer than most people have been alive. That is part of how I have learned so much.

You put that together with all of the science, history, religions, military, and other things I have studied and I have a head so full of so much intel, it amazes me and blows me away. When I see lots of stuff, I recognize it or can quickly figure it out.

Did God prepare me for this job or what?

He definitely knew how to put me together for this job and prepare me.

One thing I have always had trouble dealing with is that most people don't see what I see so I have to tell them about it. For a long time I assumed everyone else was as or almost as intelligent as me and could see what I see. Then, about one third of a century ago, they told me at the University of New Mexico that I am a "two per center" or a member of the 2% of the people on this planet who are the most intelligent.

Hey, that means I am in a minority and those kids who used to tease me in grade school were right; I really am a smarty pants. That means that the vast majority of people in control of things are much dumber than I am and that is scary, very scary.

That is part of the curse in being so intelligent and knowledgeable. You see something and other people don't see what or everything you see. It can be frustrating and I just have a very tiny amount of the intelligence and knowledge that God has. I would really hate to be God. He can have the job. Only really arrogant and stupid humans would want that job.

I can't wait for Judgment Day when everyone will know everything and they will see everything I see. That will be wonderful because we will all be smarter than I am now. Just imagine EVERYONE being more intelligent than the two percent of the most intelligent people on the planet today and knowing everything. Hey, we will all be smarty pants.

I have told Mark a number of times that this job can get very frustrating. "What, you didn't see that?" No, of course not. Being a super duper smarty pants can suck.

I would really hate for people to look up to me or worship me like a god because I belonged to a certain family like the Royals. There are not and never have been any humans who were or are gods. There are many who are or were arrogant and stupid enough to believe they are or were gods but they, like you, will find out on Judgment Day they were wrong all of their lives and are just as human as you.

Boy, are they going to look stupid or what? Can't you just hear people, "You thought you were a god? Really?"


You want to see how bad China's economy is?

This video shows you how bad it is.

What economy?

First, they have to get rid of the CCP because governments managing economies always destroy those economies because they always think they are smarter than they are.

Second, they have to create true free market capitalism where better than 90% of the businesses are small mom and pop businesses.

Third, they have to get rid of the stock market because it gives too much control of the economy to the greedy upper class trash.

There is no way China can fight a sustained war but she will try to fight a war to steal from others to pay her bills and launder more money into their pockets. Dictators always do that after they destroy the economy.

You think I am wrong?

Failed communist Venezuela is trying to steal oil from Guyana. The upper class trash never learn and they never quit.

Watch China start a war soon, probably with the US to steal from us because Taiwan doesn't have enough wealth to begin to pay China's bills.


In this video he tells you that Afghan Joe is escalating the war with the things he is doing.

I have been telling you that he, Mahdi Obama, and the nation of Islam are escalating the war to get other Muslim nations and their allies involved in invading and destroying Israel and why. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Do you get the picture yet?

Note that these people have not figured it out yet. They know what Afghan Joe is causing it, do not know he is intentionally causing it, and they do not know why he is causing it and now you have those answers they don't have.

Spanish Royals

This morning I woke up thinking how this mess caused by the Royals is much, much more complex than what I have told because I gave you the nutshell version of things. After some thought, I decided to use the mess made here in the Southwest and actually even the entire Western US, by the Spanish Royals to show you how complex of a mess they have created here and then you can expand that complexity around the world but especially in Europe and North America.

First, we have to start with basic history because their mess is based on that history.

When Spain colonized the Americas, the Spanish kings and queens would authorize a group of Spanish Royals to bring over a small army and a population of peons (peons were non ownership slaves the Royals technically didn't own but used the law, finance, and other things to have absolute control over them just like slaves) to come to the Americas to colonize a specific area as a vassal monarchy under the rule and at the "pleasure" (they could remove them any time they wanted) of the Spanish kings and queens.

A vassal monarchy is where a group of Royals are allowed to rule over an area to manage that area for a higher and more powerful group of Royals similar to how a CEO hires store managers, who can be fired any time the CEO wants.

A group of Spanish Royals Colonized Mexico as a Spanish vassal monarchy and then sent Spanish vassal Royals to colonize the territories of Texas, Nuevo Mexico, and Alta California as vassal monarchies at the "pleasure" of the Spanish Royals ruling the vassal monarchy of Mexico. Those lower Spanish vassal Royals ruled everything west of the Mississippi River except the small territories of Louisiana (French territory) and Washington State (Russian territory). Everything else was under the rule of those Spanish vassal Royals and they were the law.

In 1810 to 1812, the vassal Royals ruling over Mexico fought and won a revolution to throw off the rule of Spain, becoming the top leaders of Mexico and no longer answering to Spain.

In 1835 and 1836 the Territory of Texas fought a revolution throwing off the control of Mexico over Texas.

In 1846 to 1848, the US defeated Mexico in the Mexican-American War, destroying the Mexican Army and, to rebuild that Army, in 1849 Mexico sold the US the territories of Alta California and Nuevo Mexico for about 2.5 to 5 times the market value of the land at that time. That meant that Mexico gave up long term capital gains for much higher short term capital gains to rebuild their army to control Mexico and prevent further rebellions.

This meant that the Spanish Royals in those two territories went from ruling monarchies to living in a Constitutional Republic and giving up all of the power and control they had.

Ever since then, the bad Spanish Royals in New Mexico have been working with the bad Spanish Royals in Mexico to get that land back under Mexican control (without having to buy it back) so they can have their monarchies back and all of that tax money they are losing.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

The bad Spanish Royals in New Mexico organized into the Democratic Party and the good Spanish Royals preferred the Constitutional Republic and organized into the Republican Party because they don't want the Monarchy back.

That is why, just before the US entered WWII, we caught the Spanish Royals ruling Mexico negotiating a deal with Nazi Germany to invade the US from Mexico, where Germany would get everything east of the Mississippi River and Mexico would get everything west of the Mississippi River and the US shut that down.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union and the soft insurrection of the lefties began, Mexico has taken advantage of that soft insurrection to make a deal with China to invade the US from Mexico so Mexico can get "their land" back.

But it gets more complex than that.

You have to understand that to be an officer in an army ruled by Royals, you have to be a Royal so that almost all of the officers in the Mexican Army are Spanish Royals.

Some of those Spanish Royals, who were upper level officers, you know, generals in the Mexican Army, realized they could make much, much more money by taking anywhere from an entire battalion to a division from the Mexican Army and starting a "cartel" to work with the Euro-American Royals running the US, smuggling stuff like drugs and slaves into the US. In order to do that, those Spanish Royal officers had to rebel against the rule of the Spanish Royals running Mexico. That is where the Mexican cartels came from.

Now, China made a deal years ago with these Mexican cartels that, if the cartels help China infiltrate Chinese troops into the US and take over the US, China would give those cartels the modern states of New Mexico and Texas.

So, right now, we have the Spanish Royals ruling Mexico who want "their land" back, you know, all of the Western US, the Spanish Royals running the cartels who want absolute rule over New Mexico, Texas, and probably the rest of the West, the Spanish Royals in New Mexico trying to get their Spanish Monarchies back that died almost 200 years ago and are so simple minded and stupid they think those rebellious, aggressive, violent, and ruthless cartel Royals will submit to their rule, and the good Spanish Royals who want to remain in a Constitutional Republic butting heads against each other for what they want and they ALL want absolute rule over the same land; everything west of the Mississippi River plus US lefty nuts like Gruesome Newsom, a member of the French Royal family, wanting absolute rule over Commiefornia and even the entire US and is arrogant, simple minded, and stupid enough to believe the cartels are going to submit to his rule because he is just so wonderful.

Almost every war in the history of this planet has been caused by Royals butting heads over control of land for more power and wealth.

So, what do you think is about to happen here in the US West?

I think that a most probable action will be that the cartel Royals will round up all of the power mad whackos in the Western US, line them up against a wall, and use them for target practice, even those who are also Spanish Royals or have been betraying you by working with those cartels, because there is no way those power mad, greedy cartel Royals will let those nuts continue to rule when the cartel Royals or their family members would be more loyal to them ruling.

That is still a nutshell version of their insanity because you have to add in the insanity for all of the rest of the bad Royals. Their insanity is mind boggling.

Now expand that around the world, especially in the West and that is how very complex this mess is that has been created by the inbred Royals. That is how inbred nuts they are.

If God does not soon cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to cull out most of the worst of these lunatics, anywhere from 3 to 5 billion people or more will be killed by the Royals' wars globally. We are not talking about a simple WWIII but a very complex Royal free for all globally with wars raging everywhere against multiple factions and most Royals being killed because of their inbred insanity. You will all know people who will die in those wars.

You couldn't begin to imagine the insane Hell that is about to break loose on this planet, if God doesn't do something soon.

We are right now in the absolute worst situation in the history of this planet and you can thank those bad Royals for that. Keep in mind that these crazies have the most advanced weapons in history including nukes and biological weapons.

Do you better understand why I feel that the Battle of Armageddon just can't get here soon enough to kill off all of the rest of these nuts?

The morning after Armageddon is going to be wonderful with not one inbred, crazy, greedy, power mad Royal left on the planet because they will all be burning in Hell where they will never cause harm to anyone again, which is largely why there won't be any crime or wars for 1,000 years.


Z Boy is facing a lot of pressure from within Ukraine to not fire the top general he wants to fire. It appears he is facing a potential rebellion, probably by his troops.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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