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This is no longer a coincidence.

A huge stampede killed at least 717 people and injured hundreds more at the hajj to Mecca in Saudi Arabia on Thursday. First they had the deadly crane accident and then the hotel fire. You can bet Iran is behind this.

Is Egypt going to insist that Saudi Arabia give up control of Mecca?

Oh yeah, Iran is jumping in on this saying that Saudi Arabia is responsible for the tragedy. BTW, Iran has been saying for years that the Muslim holy sites should be divided up among the different Muslim nations.


Iranian and European business leaders gathered in Geneva on Thursday to consider the possible opportunities which could open up when years of sanctions against Tehran end.

They just can't wait to sell their souls to the devil.

God said,"The love of money is the root of all evil."


A Chicago news station caused a flap Wednesday by using the yellow Star of David Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust as the accompanying photo to a story about the Jewish High Holidays. You know this upset more than one Jew.

Will Obama use this as part of the motivation for "Israel" to nuke Chicago?


Now the Muslims in Canada are demanding a Muslim Caliphate to replace the Canadian government.

Who is next?

The German people have had enough and are rioting in the streets at night with torches and burning migrant houses. The revolution has started and Europe is falling quickly. Pay close attention because this will soon be coming your way.

I told you that this illegal immigration will destroy your nation when the experts were telling you it was a good thing.


Suddenly, now that Russian troops are there, the "Syrian Army" is pushing ISIS back very quickly and many ISIS mercenaries are throwing down their weapons, surrendering and giving up details of who is providing them with funding and weapons, you know, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. It turns out that NATO has been providing ISIS with satellite pictures to help ISIS get around and avoid the Syrian Army. That makes all of those nations sponsors of terrorist organizations and criminals. Their leaders should be held accountable for their actions.

Now Russia is providing Syria with satellite pictures and they are kicking ISIS butt. Russia is also providing Syria with more and better weapons like the Mig-31.

So, how long do you think it will be before Israeli and Russian aircraft have their first encounter and it turns into an international crisis with Russia threatening to invade Israel?

It is looking more and more like Russia is the prophesied Gog and Magog and not Turkey. Keep an eye on this.


A poll shows that half of the US is against a Muslim president. Too late.

Wait until our Muslim president seizes control and sets up his caliphate or dictatorship. Then eyes will really open.

BTW, every stupid person in the nation is still questioning whether Obama is a Muslim. Think about this, in the last seven years, Obama has celebrated almost every Muslim holy day and only celebrated one or two Christian holy days.

Now, who celebrates Muslim holy days? Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Satanists?

No, only Muslims, especially every holy day every year.

Now, what should that tell you?

That Obama is not a Buddhist, he is not a Hindu, and he is not a Christian. Obama is very clearly a devout radical Muslim because only a devout person will celebrate even most holy days within their religion, much less all of them.

As a Christian, it would be a sin for Obama to celebrate pagan holy days for any pagan religion, which is why I don't celebrate Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. They are all pagan holy days. Remember that Constantine set up the Mass for Christ or Christmas for the day after the birthday for the Roman sun god, Sol, so Constantine could continue to celebrate the birthday of his favorite pagan god while making it look like he was celebrating the birthday of Jesus, therefore, Christmas is a pagan holy day secretly celebrating the birthday of the Roman sun god, Sol.

I worship and celebrate my Lord, Jesus, everyday. To me, every day is a holy day for Jesus because he made them all.

BTW, the great Christian leader, Obama, is blocking weapons being provided by other countries from reaching the Kurds so the Kurds can't use those weapons to fight ISIS as well.

Gee, why would a Christian do that?

Let's see, we KNOW that Obama created ISIS, is arming them, and providing them with financing and that our military can't find the ISIS Caliph because he lives in the US White House. Obama is interfering with US military efforts to destroy ISIS and preventing the Kurds from destroying ISIS. We KNOW that Obama is regularly dealing with and is good pals with the Muslim Brotherhood who runs ISIS. ISIS is going around murdering thousands of Christians and Obama will not only not do anything to help the Christians but is preventing those persecuted Christians admission to the US to save the Christians from Muslim persecution while importing thousands of Muslims into the US.

And you expect me to believe Obama is not a devout radical Muslim and is a Christian?

Sorry, you are going to have to sell that bridge to some really stupid people, you know, liberals, because I won't buy it.

Commie Pope

The Commie Pope is true to his liberal Marxism. He lobbied for the abolition of the death penalty for vicious criminals but down played abortion, you know, the murder of innocent unborn babies.

Hey, it is wrong to kill murderers, like the Bible says we should, and it is OK to murder innocent unborn babies like the Bible says we shouldn't. The Pope doesn't speak for me, the Bible and God speak for me.

BTW, the Commie Pope said that you are not a Christian if you own guns in spite of the fact that Jesus told His apostles to buy swords with which to defend themselves.

I guess the Commie Pope thinks he is smarter than Jesus?

But, hold it, the Commie Pope visited a store in Washington DC, saw an incredible variety of Oreos and has changed his mind about capitalism or so he says. If this is true, my question is, what closet has he been living in?

Oh yeah, a commie closet, you know, where the nuns do all of the shopping and cooking for him. But he was probably just putting on a show to get conservatives behind him. "Oh look, I may not be a commie after all, I like Oreos."

More people, including Catholics, are calling the Commie Pope a false prophet. Eyes are opening for some and others love the dark.

Yet, a huge number of people are loving the Pope and his Satanic agenda. Everyone is making a big deal about the Pope working to establish a one world government.

Suffice it to say that, if it is not God's will, it will fail. The scriptures tell me he is going to fail. Man plans, God laughs.

But, hey, the false profits say he is fulfilling prophesy and going to set up his glorious commie one world government.

They must be reading the wrong Bible because mine doesn't say that.

A Muslim journalist said that the Pope's message is in line with the Bible.

No it wasn't, well, OK, maybe Satan's bible. What that journalist told me is that either he never read the Bible or he is a liar.

Remember that a number of years ago I told you the secular history of the Church of Rome and how it was set up and used by Rome and the Roman Empire to assimilate other religions into and under the control of the Church of Rome for more than 2,000 years. Remember that I call the Church of Rome the real Borg.

"Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated!!"

I do hope that you realize that this New Wave religion, you know, the "all the same god with different names" lie, is really nothing more than the Church of Rome still doing the same old thing by conning all other religions into one religion so the other religions can be assimilated under the control of the Vatican Borg and Pope or the Church of Rome. It is all about control and power, I don't care what great sounding reasons they give you. Also remember that power mad people can never be satiated or get enough. They will always want more power.

I read that the Dali Lama is suddenly sick and my first thought was, "Are all of the other religious leaders being purged by the Vatican Borg so the Church of Rome can gain control over all of the religions of the world?"

I mean, after all, the Commie Pope is on a global crusade to set up the one world government with him as the leader or Antichrist and remember that 1.5 years ago, the Vatican Borg publically announced they plan to dump Jesus and convert to Islam but the Muslims betrayed the Vatican Borg so they had to put that on hold for a while. I am pretty sure that the Pope is now working to get all of the governments behind his one world government so he can force Islam to be assimilated into the Church of Rome under the control of the Vatican Borg.

Keep an eye on this. If other top religious leaders start getting sick, jumping out of tall buildings, having accidents or committing suicide, it won't be a coincidence, it will be a power struggle.


The State Department said that no one authorized Hilarious to use a private server. (You know, like no one could tell by the e-mails they were getting from her that she was using one?)

Is the State Department turning on Hilarious and throwing her under the bus? Is it to get rid of her (I have read she is a terrible tyrant to work for) or save their own butts?

Even the liberal media are now saying that Hilarious started the Obama birther movement and will soon give her up for having made the first claims that Obama is not a Christian. Plus, they have found government e-mails on her home computer and are asking if there will be charges for perjury. (Nothing like a little wishful thinking?)

Here cum duh bus, the Hilarious Express.


You want to know just how brilliant these liberal conservationists are?

They try to play god by reintroducing things like wolves in certain areas reassuring us that the conservationists know what they are doing. Why those cute, warm, fuzzy wolves won't hurt nuttin. They're just free roaming puppy dogs.

In Yellowstone, the wolf packs have gotten to be so many that they are killing off the mountain lions and the wolves will have to eventually be culled or removed to save the mountain lions.

Yeah, smart move, geniuses. God, you are not.

Just wait until those packs start moving in on your homes and cities. You will find out just how stupid these people really are. This is what happens when humans try to play god, you know, like with global warming. The problem is that they are not as smart as they think they are and are forcing their arrogant stupidity on the rest of us.

Something you need to realize is that, when the fecal matter hits the fan and most of society breaks down, all of these conservationist reintroduction projects and people's exotic pets are going to be hunting humans when they get hungry. A lot of people are about to find out the hard way that PBS, Disney, and the conservationists have been lying to them. Most of the animals we are being told are cute, warm, fuzzies, are vicious predators and we humans are not special. They will hunt us, kill us and eat us. The liberals have created one huge nightmare for your future. Don't forget who did this to you.

Let me give you another example of what will be happening. So many people have become convinced that these vicious predators are just harmless warm fuzzies that most drive around in these wild parks with free roaming lions and such with their car windows down in spite of the many signs warning them not to. But, hey, PBS says they are harmless cute, warm fuzzies that won't hurt you. Every month or so, people are being attacked and even killed in their cars because they have their windows down.

Now, you get a bunch of those hungry "warm fuzzies" running around in the wild with humans on foot and what do you think will happen?


(Yes, I know I spelled it wrong again.) Boner declared war on conservatives and lost so he is stepping down in October. Unfortunately, his replacement will probably be as bad or worse.

He said he is quitting for the good of the country. Oh, how noble of him. He is quitting because he betrayed the people and got his butt handed to him.

Boner is saying it is a victory for the crazies, you know, conservative patriots who actually care about their country and families. Not the sane lefties who only care about themselves, temporary physical sensations, raping kids, and stuff like that. I think we know who the real crazies are.

Of course Rubio said it is time to have a new generation of leaders, you know, him. Nothing like a little opportunistic thinking at the expense of the nation.


Hey, I have an idea to stop the illegal immigration from Mexico. What they are doing is infiltrating the US as a takeover. That is a blatant act of war. So we conquer Mexico, again, annex it, clean out the corruption, and make their people free, then they won't want to leave for anywhere. Mexico will make a great five to ten more states and that will bring those jobs that went to Mexico back into our nation. A win-win for us and the Mexican people.

Obama has sucker punched groups and communities into bringing in as many immigrants as possible by using their greed. Every group or community which brings in immigrants gets more than $4,000 from the feds for every immigrant they bring into the US and remember that most of those immigrants are Muslims. This is a case of greed where these groups and communities don't care about the communities these immigrants are being dumped on, just the money. The more immigrants they bring in, the more money they get.

Obama knew exactly how to get the corrupt upper class trash to do his work of bringing Muslim terrorists into this country for him. If you only turn a profit of $1,000 per immigrant and you bring in 10,000 immigrants, you will make $10 million in profit. You KNOW the corrupt upper class trash will do everything they can to bring in millions of Muslim terrorists for Obama to turn a profit in the billions of dollars. It is pure corruption with them selling their souls to the Devil and the Devil will make you pay for it.


I just read this definition for democracy: "Democracy is the means by which those who adore authority and crave security of servitude can use their superior numbers to enslave those who wish to be free."

So, how is that democracy thingy working out for you? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet? When do you think the Muslims will start protesting in the streets for a Caliphate to replace the US government, you know, our failed Republic?

Eyes are opening.


Catalonia is voting this coming Sunday, September 27, 2015 for independence from Spain. If this happens, you will see other secessions. This could spread around the world even to the US. Well, so much for the Commie Pope's one world commie government.


The old Trumpeter is sliding in the polls so he has resorted to attacking the media again, which is what made him so popular in the first place because all sane people hate the media, but it doesn't seem to be working this time. Note that the only media he is attacking is the most conservative of the media and not the most liberal media. Also note that Trumpeter is trashing mostly the GOP and not saying as much bad about the Commiecrats.

Saudi Arabia

The top clans or families in Saudi Arabia are wanting King Salman removed, even though he only became king in January of this year. There is even talk about removing the entire family of Saud from power. Then we see a Saudi prince facing charges in California for sex crimes. Gee, what a coincidence.


Jade Helm is almost over so, how many of you were dragged off to FEMA camps on FEMA buses and killed?

If you were executed in a FEMA camp, let me know. (/sarc)

Gee, maybe it was just a military training exercise the way I told you it was? Kind of looks that way, doesn't it?

Oh yeah, how many of you were killed by the giant meteor on September 23 that the false profits (yeah, I know I spelled it wrong again) made a lot of money scaring you about? Did your east coast home get washed out to sea with you in it?

Gee, could it be that these false profits who prophesy for money are just playing you for suckers? Maybe NASA wasn't the one doing the lying?

It is also possible that such things are pushed out there by the real conspirators, you know, the upper class trash, to discourage and discredit the people who try to pay attention to what is going on so that, if these people do expose the real conspirators, you won't believe them, you know, like smoke and mirrors?

Hey, they get rich, they discredit you so no one will listen to you, and have fun fooling you too.

I have also noticed that the false profits who were making money scaring you about these things just quietly quit talking about them when their prophesies didn't come true and started talking about their next prophesies to keep you keeping them rich.

Wrong? Me? Look over there.

Now you should know who not to listen to.

I have not made one dime from warning you about what is going on and will happen. I have been right far more often than those over paid, intellectually superior upper class trash "experts" who got the right degrees from the right universities. Thus far, I have uploaded 162 "I Told You So" essays with many of them having as many as half a dozen predictions that came true so you will know you can depend on my predictions plus I also mention predictions that came true in other essays. I have not counted them but feel it is safe to say that I have easily made at least 200 and maybe more than 300 predictions that have come true in the last 17 years with most of them being in the last 7 years. I have only been wrong a few times and those were because I got bad intel and learned not to trust those sources of information.

I do what I do because God wants me to do it to help you, not to make money. As a matter of fact, sometimes it gets pretty hard to keep managing this site because I have to keep slugging through the news about the insanity of the corrupt, evil liberal people, especially the upper class trash, and what they are up to. I do that almost seven days a week year round with only an occasional day off for my own sanity, though I don't post unless God tells me to, I do research almost every day.

I have not asked you for one dime because God takes care of me. Elijah and Elisha refused money for prophesying and I try to live by their example.

The only money I have made from this site is the e-book I wrote because Peter Jennings's "documentary" about the Exodus was so bogus it really ticked me off (OK, it made me furious) and to be a fun and interesting way to teach you about the Exodus, God and the Bible. I have not sold enough of them to feed my face for one week. I have spent many times that much money on this site, not including my time for research and writing. I spend anywhere from four to more than eight hours per day, almost every day, doing research and often get up in the early am hours to write when God tells me to write. I write for God and you and nothing else.

My site isn't fancy but it provides valuable information for you. If you want fancy, go to the false profits. If you want accurate information and predictions, stay here. God proves my site for me with accurate predictions by showing me what is going on. Let all glory be to God.

Now we need to get back to business because you need to get ready for what is really coming your way, not the bogus crap. It will be extremely unpleasant and you need to survive it. I am here to help you get by that light at the end of the tunnel because it is a fast moving freight train headed your way but the light after that one is a good light. That light is Jesus, the light of the world and our only hope.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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