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I was watching a news video and realized that the upper class trash Royals actually arrogantly believe they already rule the world, it is "their birthright", and everyone must obey everything they say. They are so nuts they are 100% delusional. There isn't a sane one left in the bunch.

"You vill do as ve say or ve vill place more sanctions on you and drive more business away from Europe and the US so our economies will implode faster. Ve vill teach you inferior people to obey us, your gods, without question."

I am wondering what will happen when no other nation will do business with the US and Europe because of our insane leaders.

The other nations will not just completely quit doing business but will take their business somewhere else.

Afghan Joe

Remember that I have been telling you that the Nation of Islam will get rid of Joe in such a way they can get Mahdi Obama to replace him?

This video shows the lefties and donors are right now trying to figure out how to get rid of him. This is just another great sounding stupid idea of theirs that is failing. They need to fire all of their lefty academe and get in touch with reality.

He makes it very clear that Afghan Joe was put into office by the left to be a front man and puppet just like I have been telling you and he even mentions Mahdi Obama being involved in it. Just like I have been telling you, Afghan Joe doesn't do or decide to do anything, it is all done by his puppet masters and handlers.

Afghan Joe has not only become useless but has also become a burden and liability they have to get rid of. Gee, what a magic coincidence. Wow, that worked so well so be careful what you wish for because you might get it.

Man plans, God laughs.

Then he tells you that "we are going to see some really radical things we have never seen before in a campaign", you know, like nuking Chicago to put Mahdi Obama in control. They are super duper desperate and will do anything to keep control of the government including destroying that government, while blaming Israel.

Every day we get one day closer.

He tells you just like I have been telling you that Afghan Joe and the Western leaders are just bluffing and doing nothing. They know they don't have the military power to do what they say because they destroyed that military power by sacking their militaries just like the Romans did and it is working out the same way it did for the Romans.

BTW, have you noticed that you have not heard anything about the Nation of Islam since they formed BLM as a front under Obama but you still see their BLM? Gee, you don't think they created it so they could hide behind the curtain to keep you from realizing they were taking control of your nation, do you? Have you noticed that I am trying to open that curtain?


Remember I told you that I am stunned about people not seeing what I see?

One of the ways in which I am most stunned is with weapons systems. With my training and knowledge of science for weapons, I am stunned that I keep seeing one side use a new weapon effectively against another side (both sides do this) and the other side not counter and neutralize the use of that weapon.

It makes me wonder, "Who are their R&D (research and development) people?"

When I see a new weapon system, I just automatically start going through the science to create a countermeasure for any and every weapon system. To me, it is so obvious and easy to see but both sides in all wars struggle to counter weapons that should be easy to hunt, find, and kill.

For example, with drones, I can put together a number of systems to quickly find and kill them. If they are in line of sight, I will know where they are, where they are going, how fast they are moving, and how to kill them. With the right weapons system, they are very easy targets and should never get near my troops and I would be able to find and kill their operators so the enemy drone operators would fear my weapon system.

In ECM we called things like drones beacons because they are sending out signals that tell you they are there, where they are, where they are traveling to, how fast they are traveling, and where to ambush and destroy them. With the right ECM, they are quick dead meat.

I could even find a programmed drone that doesn't send out a communication or control signal because EVERY electronic device sends out microwave signals because, when electrons move through ANYTHING, they send out microwave signals telling you they are there, where they are, where they are traveling to, and how fast they are traveling so you could use the microwave signals to hunt them down and kill them and that goes for ANY weapon system that uses electronics for anything.

And, AMAZINGLY, none of them are doing it. I sit here utterly stunned wondering, "Why don't you do this, that, or something else?"

I knew the science for hunting and killing all of today's advanced weapons 50 years ago and they don't know it today? Really?

I am not kidding you. When I see these new super duper weapons systems like drones, hypersonic missiles, and whatever, my brain automatically starts running computer science models on how to beat those weapons. It just blows me away that I don't see any of those countermeasures weapons systems even after a year or more of dealing with any new weapon.

I would love to give Israel (with the permission of the US Military) ideas for fighting the stuff she is fighting, especially like drones and missiles but any weapons they are having trouble fighting. Today's weapons all have at least one or more weaknesses. They would be easy to find and kill.

Maybe it is God showing me that because we humans may not be that good at doing that?

The hardest thing for me to understand is why other humans don't understand what I understand. To me, it is just so obvious.

Is God blocking their minds so they can't see what I see?

It frustrates me.

Listen, I can design a "special ops" detection system to detect SEALs, Green Berets, Delta Force, or any other special operations units long before they get to me and I will be waiting for them. If something like any mobile weapon system is hiding with everything turned off and just one operator has an electronic watch, I will find them. That watch will tell me where they are at. I am trained to know how to do that.


Remember that I said it looks like the Nation of Islam planned to use Ramadan this March 10 through April 9 to get the Muslim nations to unite to invade Israel?

It is their ninth and most holy murder month of the year and they feel a need to murder someone to make their war god, Allah, happy.

This video proves me right about that too. The king of Jordan is warning that, if Israel doesn't stop its war in Gaza during Ramadan (he used the Roman name Ramzan), it would cause all of the Muslim nations to unite against Israel. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Remember that I told you that violent attacks such as terrorist attacks increase exponentially during Ramadan and that means the Muslim nations would be more likely to unite in war to destroy Israel?

He said it puts the "entire region at risk of explosion".

Gee, I wonder if the Nation of Islam and Iran knew that and planned to use it? /sarc

Do not be surprised if the City of Chicago turns into a pile of radioactive rubble between March 11 and April 8.

Keep an eye on this.

The next day I found out that, when Israel started attacking Rafah, Egypt flooded the long tunnels leading into Egypt, which tells me that the Hamas leaders almost certainly already fled into Egypt. Egypt flooding the tunnels was to keep Israeli troops out and not to keep Hamas terrorists out, especially their leaders.

This video is very informative about what is going on with Israel's plans for this war.

He tells you what I told you about Gaza being a failed two state solution and the rest of the world is trying to force such a strong potential failure on Israel AGAIN! That is insanity and treason.

He also tells you that no other nation in history has gone to the lengths that Israel is going to in order to protect civilians by trying to fight around them, not even the US.

One thing it shows you is how the West is clearly working to destroy Israel.


I just found out that Russia just made a major movement of reinforcements into the Kherson area and to just north of there and east of the lake. One thing they are probably doing is getting ready to take Odessa like I told you they would several years ago.

Then I noticed that Russia is also focusing on taking out the remaining Ukrainian aircraft.

Keep an eye on this.

Nation of Islam

I just connected another dot or two.

Remember that I told you that in the dream about Mahdi Obama taking his Nation of Islam Army that is trained up by the US Military to invade Israel; as they got up to follow him out of the theater, the Blacks stood up in the front rows first with the subservient whites standing up after and behind them?

Even though they have the lefty whites, even the upper class trash whites, as members, it is primarily a black organization developed by black man, Louis Farrakhan.

All of that tells me that all of this putting blacks first in the US, raising blacks up above whites, and the blacks demanding reparations for black slavery for all blacks, even those who didn't have any ancestors who were slaves, is almost certainly being pushed by the Nation of Islam but from behind ye ole curtain.

Remember that it was Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam that formed BLM as a violent front organization when Mahdi Obama was president and Mahdi Obama openly supported their violence. By doing that, the Nation of Islam was able to quickly slide behind the curtain so that most people forgot that it was the Nation of Islam calling the shots on all of the BLM violence and riots.

Do you get the picture yet?

They have already convinced the lefty whites that they should be subservient to blacks just like God showed me in that dream more than a decade ago. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Another magic coincidence with all of this stuff magically coming together right now is that Chicago is having very unusually warm winter weather with no snow on the ground just like God showed me in that dream about Mahdi Obama nuking Chicago. When you put that and the timing of everything else together, it increases the probability that it is going to happen soon. There are just too many magic coincidences happening at the same time right now telling me it is very likely to happen soon and it has to because the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 must be fulfilled soon.

When I spent Christmas with my Dad in Moline, Ill (almost due west of Chicago, on the border) in 1968, it was -60 degrees F for the daily high with 2 to 3 feet of snow on the ground all of the time for the entire 2 weeks. I remember ice skating on a small lake across the street from his house.

Before this year, I would have never guessed that it even COULD happen during the winter in Chicago and it is amazing everything is coming together right now. What I am seeing blows me away but that is the way God works.

Every day we get one day closer.


Remember that I told you that, in studying history and archaeology, I learned that not too long after a nation starts murdering their children to their false pagan gods, murdering their future soldiers, they become militarily weak, vulnerable to invasion, and get conquered and sacked?

Here is some food for thought; the US has murdered almost 70 million unborn babies and potential soldiers with abortion to our pagan goddess, Free Sex and we are right now having a crisis with a declining population, hey, it is down by 70 million, and finding enough people to join and serve in our military, while our idiot leaders are trying to start WWIII. Our moron leaders never learn. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

It works every time.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." If you commit murder, you will pay for it.


This is one of those things I had to get up at about midnight and write it so I could get to sleep.

Note that I do not make any money from this site so it does not benefit me in any way to scare you. I am just trying to make you aware so you can take care of and protect yourselves.

I realized that few people really pay attention to information about what the occult and other pagan religions do at their religious rituals or they just have not be around long enough or are just not curious enough to pay attention so I realized that, to show you how evil these pagans really are, I needed to share some of what I have learned over the last two thirds of a century. God has taught me a lot about them.

I have gotten some of this information from former cult members, some who converted to Christianity, from law officers about specific cases, and even from some "Christian" religious practices for some sects like the Catholic Church, which started out purely pagan as the Church of Rome and remained pagan after kind of "converting" to Christianity but keeping at least some pagan practices. I have recently read that many Hindu sects "secretly" sacrifice humans to certain gods on a regular basis and some American Indians still have some "secret religious practices". I have learned to be suspect of all secret religious practices.

All pagan cults I have heard any significant amount about have done and most still do secret human sacrifices, especially with children, who are mostly babies and toddlers or about 5 to 10 years old but even kidnapped teenagers and adults. They will murder anyone to appease their pagan gods.

It wasn't that long ago, before Christianity spread around the world and became the top religion in most nations, driving the pagan cults underground everywhere so those pagan cults continued to practice in secret, often while pretending to be Christian, even with the American Indians. Before Christianity took over and stopped open paganism, all of the pagan cults openly practiced human sacrifice, especially with children and babies.

That is very well documented with many pagan cults like the Aztec, Maya, Canaanites, Baal, Celtic, Satan worship, witchcraft, and Molech but hidden today by many more.

For example, many lefties publically tell you the witch trials during the days of the American Colonies did not involve witches and those women were not witches and even tell you there are no real witches, but, in private, witches brag that those women were real witches.

The ones who do human sacrifices in the US do so secretly and they either buy their victims from the cartels or kidnap the victims themselves. A lot of these children who are brought across our borders alone will end up as human sacrifices with the upper class trash and their puppets making big money from it. I have heard that from a number of law officers.

I remember reading about the first witch coven ritual one man attended as a 6 year old boy with his parents, who later converted to Christianity as a young adult. In the same car back seat with him was a doped up 5 year old girl, to keep her from crying out, they stripped her naked and all of the men took turns having sex with her and the other naked women for hours, then they put her naked body on an alter, used razor blades to slit the bottoms of her little feet so they would bleed into bowls, they all drank the blood, and then, before she bled out and died, they used a ritual knife to carver her little heart out.

That is a pretty standard or basic ritual for most of them and they will normally have from one to about three of those sacrificial rituals per month, especially on full moons and special holidays.

I remember one cop telling about a witch coven in the greater LA area that held their rituals in the basement of the house for the head witch at least for every full moon and for other special holidays. They sacrificed babies to small toddlers and they disposed of the bodies by putting them in a kitchen oven at 400 degrees F for a few hours and it turned everything but the bones to dust. Then they would grind up the bones to dust, making small beads out of some of the bones for jewelry they only wore during the rituals so that each bead represented a murdered child.

The dust could easily be disposed of by either spreading it around the yard or putting it in bags for the garbage.

I have read about others who disposed of the bodies by putting them in an acid bath and dissolving them.

I remember one member of a British Celtic cult telling how drinking the blood of sacrifice victims gave her the feeling of power over those victims.

Decades ago I found out that the pagans were working to get abortion legal as the first step and then make post birth abortion legal so they could openly murder babies and toddlers to their pagan gods without fear of them being prosecuted or killed for their crimes. They will still have to answer to God.

I remember hiking in the mountains east of Albuquerque, New Mexico in the early 1990s and was making it back to my car just before sunset. As I went down the mountain, I kept passing one or two adults with a small child or two that had a back pack just large enough for a costume like a ritual gown heading up the mountain so they were not going to make it back before at least a few hours after dark. The adults had nothing but the clothes they were wearing. It was very clear it was no camp out. It is very probable they were heading up into the mountains for some pagan rituals with those kids and I later learned that quite a few of the locals knew about those pagan rituals. It is amazing how much of this goes on everywhere.

I don't know how many times I have heard cops and sheriff's deputies talking about such things going on all over the US, with the lefty upper class trash protecting it and most other countries are even worse.

That is why this nation is being judged and destroyed, you know, the way paganism got Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed. After more than two thirds of a century reading and hearing about this human mental illness called paganism, I am sick of it.

After you have learned enough, it really doesn't take much information about or from someone for you to know they are involved in paganism and secret human/animal sacrifices.

The drinking of the animal/human victim's blood is a very common practice for all pagan cults and I have even had some Catholics tell me that they will sacrifice a sheep for certain religious holidays like Easter and drink its blood in spite of the fact that the Bible tells us to not drink the blood of an animal because "it is the life of that animal".

That has a very special meaning to me as a biologist that most people don't understand. Yes, the parts of the blood do support the life functions of the organism but there are other things in the blood that terminate and diminish the life of the organism and are, therefore, part of the life of the organism, such as all diseases like bacteria and viruses, free floating cancer cells that will grow inside your body, and parasites and their eggs, that will enjoy eating you from the inside out.

BTW, that is how humans got syphilis because the syphilis organism is very common in sheep and doesn't harm the sheep. When you drink sheep's blood for pagan rituals, you get syphilis. We studied that in biology too. You would be surprised at how much we learned about things like this in college biology.

When you drink the blood of an animal/human, you are also drinking the diseases and parasites and their eggs that are attacking their body and will gladly attack and destroy your body. You become their food. Basically, you can kill yourself. That is one reason why people living in pagan cultures tend to die younger than most Christians.

Now, concerning drinking the blood of an organism infected with Yersinia Pestis, when you drink the blood, you are also drinking the bacteria in that blood, infecting you with the Bubonic Plague but it is worse than that. When you swallow the blood, you don't swallow all of the bacteria so that quite a few of them remain in your mouth and inside your wind pipe so that, when you breath in through your mouth or nose, you suck quite a few of them down into your lungs, causing the much more deadly infection called Pneumonic Plague.

The difference between the Bubonic and Pneumonic plagues, both caused by Yersinia Pestis, is that the Bubonic Plague is in your blood and takes about 2 weeks to kill you because your immune system keeps killing bacteria, slowing their growth inside your body and about 10% of the people have strong enough immune systems to survive it. The Pneumonic Plague is where the bacteria get inside your nice, warm, moist lungs and the antibodies can't slow their growth as much so they grow about 12 to 15 times faster and it only takes 24 to 36 hours to destroy enough of your lungs to kill you. It is one of the most deadly diseases known to man that biology classifies as having a 100% mortality rate because less than one person out of every 100,000 infected will survive.

Yersinia Pestis is easily one of the most deadly diseases for humans in the world and has killed a greater percentage of the human population than any other disease in history, which is one reason I keep an eye on it. That is a nasty little critter.

Some people, especially doctors will tell you that the Bubonic Plague isn't that bad anymore because we have good antibodies but that isn't the whole truth. What they don't tell you is that, if it goes pandemic, many of the doctors and nurses treating people also get infected and incapacitated or die, decreasing the number of patients they can treat and, if enough of those doctors and nurses get incapacitated so almost no one can be treated, the disease quickly becomes as deadly as it was 700 years ago, could wipe out most human life on Earth, and they know that.

For example, I read where a nurse said that, in their hospital, better than 20% of their COVID patients were the doctors and nurses who were treating COVID and could no longer treat it because they were incapacitated in the hospital being treated for it. That happens for all pandemics.

So, if the local members of the occult get a victim, human or animal, that is infected with Yersinia Pestis and they drink its blood, they can all be dead within 24 to 36 hours of drinking that blood.

Good old paganism keeping the global population smaller. That is just the nutshell version.

Isn't true science interesting?

It teaches you so much and even explains a lot in the Bible. I know the science and other reasons why we should live by God's Laws and I see that science, when I study God's Laws. God taught me very well.

I got that off my mind so that now, maybe, I can get to sleep. The next day: Yes, I went right to sleep after getting that off of my mind.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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