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Nation of Islam

Remember that I have been telling you that the Nation of Islam worked with Iran to plan this war and Afghan Joe is the Nation of Islam's puppet who financed this war via Iran?

Listen to this rant in this video and convince me it is not true.

We know that Obama belongs to and works with the Nation of Islam and promoted many of their people within the government. We know that Afghan Joe is Obama's puppet and does what Obama says. We know that the Nation of Islam has been making regular visits to Iran and working with the Shiite Muslim leaders of Iran since at least the 1960s. We know that both Obama and Afghan Joe provided funding to Iran and relieved sanctions on them permitting them to sell oil to make money to finance terrorist organizations.

There are just way too many magic coincidences and that isn't even half of them.

Western Arrogance & Ukraine

To show you the arrogance of the Western upper class trash Royals and their puppets, some of them still don't believe that Putin would dare to attack them or their troops because they are just so wonderful, magnificent, and superior to everyone in history.

In the first of this video it shows you that France and Canada are going to send their troops to Ukraine as human shields because they don't think Putin would dare attack those troops, you know, the way Putin recently intentionally killed 50 French troops in Kharkiv. They are like five year olds saying, "come on, we dare you."

The West is so arrogant that some of them don't believe Putin would dare attack them and that Putin is afraid of them.

Guess what?

We are about to have another nuke war and the West is going to be surprised and not like the results.

Do you believe me yet that the Western upper class trash Royals are inbred stupid, insane, and have no common sense?

These idiots really think they are so smart and Putin is so stupid they can bluff him into submission even though they have failed to do it every time so far.

Maybe President Moron and his owners and puppet masters need to look out into the Atlantic at the Russian ships and subs with nukes on them and in easy range of Paris, Montreal, and London?

SAC taught me that the nukes that are hardest to stop are the ones just off your coast in the ocean because their flight time is so short to target, you won't have enough time to react to stop them and Putin knows it. From the time they launch, we would have had less than 5 minutes to react before they hit their targets and today's Russian missiles are even faster so they won't even have 3 minutes.

Go ahead, figure the time it would take to find, identify, and target a nuke traveling at thousands of miles per hour in less than 3 minutes.

At about 7 minutes into that video German officers revealed the acts of war the UK has been committing against Russia in this war and that was just a few of them.

It is not if but when is Putin going to nuke the West.

Then I found this video that confirms what I have been telling you about US and UK forces plus forces from other European nations operating in Ukraine. The US and UK started this mess under Mahdi Obama and are continuing it under Mahdi Obama's puppet, Afghan Joe.

Do you understand why, when Putin is ready, he will be forced to attack and invade the West, including North America and Europe, in order to stop their insanity?

The upper class trash are not leaving him a choice and the only question is when.

And remember that Putin recently targeted and killed 50 French troops in Kharkiv and the Western idiots still think Putin won't hit their troops?

They are insane. They won't quit and they won't learn.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God and put on your lead lined underwear.

Then the next day I found this video that tells you it is even worse than I have been telling you.

Remember that I have been warning you that Russia is ramping up for a nuke war, while the US is busy sacking our military and bluffing to make the idiot upper class trash Royals more and more wealthy because that is all those arrogant fools can think about?

That general tells you that "Russia now has the world's most diverse nuclear arsenal", you know, more capable of adapting to a variety of targets like the upper class trash homes at 2 am. But, hey, at least the upper class trash will die more wealthy before going to Hell.

Then the head of US Stratcom told Afghan Joe to modernize the US Nuclear arsenal.

People, they recently shut down one of the facilities for reconstituting nuke dirt to keep it above 90% or weapons grade because nuke dirt breaks down with time and its performance will drop off and not be as effective.

It says that general "heaped praise" on Russia's nukes, probably because they have been upgrading their weapons systems like I have been showing you. He said that Russia's nuke arsenal now "exceeds the US nuclear arsenal" or is better than the US for the first time in history.

Maybe instead of bluffing while sacking the US Military, they should have been building?

He said that Russia now poses a serious challenge to US dominance, you know, their military is now stronger and better than the US because they built while we sacked.

People, Putin now has at least 5,000 nukes mounted on projectiles ready to use and the US only has 1,500 so that, if we both only get 10% of our ready nukes to target, we will only get 150 and they will get more than 500 to target.

He told you that Russia now has the largest and most diverse nuke weapons of any nation, you know, better than even the US.

Guess who is going to win that war?

They have also been improving their EW and ECM along with satellite warfare and have shown they can deny us spy satellite intel for weapons aiming and intel gathering about damage done.

Then he tells you a few of the things Russia has been doing to upgrade their military, while our upper class trash Royals and their idiot puppets have been sacking our military to increase their wealth, you know, committing treason.

Do you believe me yet?

I am trained to know what I am talking about and they are confirming what I have been telling you. Welcome to Rome II, baby, with Alaric Putin knocking at our gate with his Russian Goths and his Visigoth friends from China infiltrating our nation.

Did that get your attention?

I am wondering how many of those people in Congress could even understand what that general was telling them? How many of them did it just go over their heads?

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load. This is not going to be pretty.

Remember that because of the advances by pro Western Moldova against Transnistria and its Russian citizens, I told you that Russia would be forced to take Odessa to have direct contact with Transnistria to protect the Russian people there?

By the strangest miraculous coincidence, Russia has increased her attacks on Odessa, especially with Moldova continuing their actions against Transnistria.

Biblical Creation

This video does a good job of explaining some of the many things why it is not possible for us to have evolved by accident and coincidence. At the end, he tells you that there is much more evidence for design but he ran out of time.

The simplistic idea of evolution was dreamed up at a time when we had just discovered that there are things we called cells and they had NO IDEA how complex the simplest living cell is.

When I studied molecular biology in college, we knew that the simplest living cell has more than one trillion molecules that all have to be in the right place and right position in relation to each other and there can be no foreign or interfering molecules within the cell for the cell to function, all of which would be scientifically impossible for that to happen by accident and coincidence.

The simplest living cell is many times more complex than the most complex things man has ever made and you would never even begin to imagine that those complex, man made things happened by accident and coincidence because it would be scientifically impossible.

I love the quote he said that "the emergence of life from a primordial soup on Earth is merely an article of faith", you know, a fanatical pagan religion just like I have been telling you evolution is.

Do you believe me yet that evolution is nothing more than a very fanatical pagan religion that ignores true science?

True science cannot prove evolution but it has proved that God MUST exist.

Then he tells you that people only believe in God because they are willing to believe in God or they choose to believe in God just like I have been telling you. God said that life is a test and that test is whether you choose to accept God and good or reject God and good for Satan and evil. It is your choice and you better choose wisely.

Men and Women

This video tells you that they have now discovered that men's and women's brains are structured and function differently.

When I was studying biology, chemistry, and genetics in college, that only made sense to me.

First, our genes determine the structure and function of our bodies with men have X and Y chromosomes and women have 2 X chromosomes, which told me right away that men's and women's brains would function differently because they would be structured differently.

Second, men have high testosterone levels and women have high estrogen levels. If you take two test tubes with the exact same chemicals in both and put testosterone in one and estrogen in the other one, they will now have very different chemical contents and it would be scientifically impossible for them to have the same chemical reactions. That means their bodies cannot function the same.

Wow, scientists have finally proven what I figured out more than half a century ago using science and common sense.

Do you see what I mean about me seeing and understanding things that even a lot of scientists don't see and understand?

It took them half a century and who knows how many millions of dollars worth of research to find out what I figured out half a century ago and saved millions of dollars by using common sense. It is moments like this when I want my own planet.


I have been watching and studying it for decades and the lefty Royals are very antisemetic and this video shows some of that.

The British media do not have the same freedom of the press the US media have and they must not say anything that is not approved by the British Royal Family.

The last time Europe did anything to help the Hebrews was in 1948, when they gave Israel back some of the Land of Israel and that was mostly the US.

I have watched as again and again Europe, especially the lefties, didn't support Israel much, if at all. It was almost always the US helping Israel in her many wars, while much, not all, of Europe constantly voted against Israel in the UN, especially in matters dealing with the Muslims.

The US current stance against Israel is not new and I have been watching it since the 1973 Yom Kipper War. The current US stance against Israel by the US really began when Jimmuh Cahrtuh was elected and has been building since, every time a Commierat got into office as the president.

Remember that it was Jimmuh who betrayed the long standing US ally, the Shaw of Iran, by forcing him out of office and replacing him with the Shiite Muslim Nation of Islam's pals, the Iranian Shiite Muslims, who immediately betrayed Jimmuh by seizing control of the US embassy in Tehran. Then Billy Boy Clinton worked with the Shiite Muslims to set up Al Quaeda, the lefties kept Bush II from invading and destroying the Muslim sponsors of Al Quaeda, Iran, after Al Quaeda staged the 9/11 attack against the US. Then Mahdi Obama and Afghan Joe both funded Iran billions of dollars and lifted sanctions against them to put them where Iran is today.

It is the Lefties who support Muslim terrorism and hate Israel. It is the lefty college professors who brainwashed today's brats to hate Israel. The Euro-American Royals own the left and tell them what to say, believe, and do. Common sense should tell you the upper class trash Royals (not all Royals) hate Hebrews and Israel and want to see Israel destroyed.

The bad Royals also hate you lowly peasants, want you back as their slaves or dead, and want to steal everything you own so you will own nothing. They own the WEF and they are the ones pushing their globalism on the rest of the world with increasing numbers fighting back. The upper class trash Royals and their puppets are anything but nice people.


The people at the top amaze me with their arrogant ignorance and stupidity and deceit. They are talking like, if Israel has a cease fire going in Gaza during Ramadan, there won't be any more hostilities from the Muslims during Ramadan.

What? The arrogant fools don't think the Muslims already have it planned out what they are going to do during Ramadan, after spending more than a decade planning this war? Do they think the Muslims are so stupid they are just sitting there waiting to see what happens to react to instead of thinking ahead and planning?

Of course, they already have it planned out what they will do during Ramadan. It doesn't matter what Israel does or doesn't do. The Muslims will still do what they have planned to do.

Either they are super duper stupid and/or they think you are super duper stupid.

"Duh, why none of us tinks ahead. We just stupidly react to what others do. Yup, yup, yup."

To these lefty animals, life is a conspiracy. If they were not conspiring about everything, they would all go into cardiac arrest. The lefties are allergic to sanity.

You better be ready for this Ramadan because all Hell is planned to break loose and they are getting a head start. It does not matter what Israel does in Gaza; the lefties and Muslims are going to do what they are going to do and have planned to do for more than a decade.

Duh lunatics just gots tuh habs der global dictatorship at all costs.

I am absolutely convinced that Hell is God's mental institution for the damned. He is going to send all of these crazy people there to stay.


Remember that I told you that, when the Ukrainian route starts, Belarus will attack south to cut off their retreat to Poland and keep Poland from taking part of Ukraine? Remember that I told you that Putin is getting ready to take Odessa to create a direct contact with Transnistria and that he had planned that before the start?

At the very beginning of this video he tells you that NATO is planning to either deploy troops on the northern border of Ukraine to prevent an invasion from Belarus or a deployment at Odessa to keep Putin from taking Odessa. LOL What a magic coincidence.

You don't think they figured it out too, do you?

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Do you believe me yet? Maybe they are reading my blog?

He even showed you a NATO map showing their potential blocking actions.

Then he told you that they are considering securing Moldova because of their hostile actions against Transnistria just like I told you about.

Then he showed you the really stupid "blocking action" planned by NATO to protect Odessa from Russia but look at the Western tip of Crimea and that is where I expect Putin to do an amphibious assault on Odessa and, if you go back a few years before this started, you will see that I told you Putin would take Odessa with an amphibious assault and he even has the ships and troops waiting for that action.

Then he showed you that Russia can bypass the land blocking action with an amphibious assault.

Hey, the Western leaders are very consistent so I expect them to mess this up too and completely fail.

Why would they suddenly start succeeding when they have proved they are so very good at failing? Why change now?

Then he makes it very clear that France and the UK have already made it clear they will definitely send more NATO troops from their nations to conquer the mighty Russia or let Russia destroy even more of their troops and weapons.

Do you believe me yet that the Western idiots are going to leave Putin no other choice but to nuke the West, especially France and the UK. But, hey, that will save on electricity for lighting their nations because their nations will glow in the dark.

Do you believe me yet that Europe is dead meat because of their idiot leaders? So, how many Europeans are going to die because of their greedy, power mad upper class trash Royals and their puppets? Are you getting as tired of this upper class trash garbage as I am?

Don't be surprised if you wake up some morning soon and Russia has Odessa and possibly also Moldova.

Then I found this video showing the French people protesting President Moron sending French troops to die in Ukraine. They chant for President Moron to go, himself, to fight in Ukraine and then they tore up both NATO and EU flags showing that they have had enough of those international organizations and want control of France back. Their rebellion has started.

You might want to start wearing your lead lined pajamas to bed at night. The crazies have gone completely mad.

Then I found this video telling us that the UK defense chief, Bozo the Clown, is arrogantly boasting that NATO would crush Russia to make the stupid people believe that it is safe to send their troops into Ukraine to die because Russia wouldn't dare attack NATO countries.

This is coming from an idiot whose nation wouldn't last one day in a war with Russia.

You know, with the intelligent people knowing how bad our militaries have been depleted by the upper class trash Royals sacking them to increase the upper class trash Royal wealth. This is also more bluffing by the West to intimidate Russia into not fighting back against the West.

These idiots clearly think they are smarter than they are and that you and Russia are dumber than you are.

Note that, in the video, Tim and friends are pretty iffy concerning their knowledge for nuke war, which is normal for civilians who have not been trained in nuke warfare. You know, they think that all nukes will detonate in the air to maximize destruction, which is simple minded and stupid. They also clearly believe that all of the nukes will be aimed at our cities and not at our ability to retaliate.

Well, hey, at least the human demons running the UK will soon be going to Hell. That will improve life on this planet. Plus the upper class trash and their puppets are about to prove everything I have been saying to be true.

I only watched a few minutes of that video to tell me what I needed to know, which is that the upper class trash Royals had one of their puppets, you know, the UK defense minister, so it gots tuh be true, to proclaim that NATO will "crush Russia" so more stupid people will support sending UK and French and, eventually other NATO troops, into Ukraine to die so the upper class trash can make more money selling more weapons and munitions to more nations fighting in Ukraine because they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough.

Besides, Putin wouldn't dare nuke the Royals. /sarc

Western Military

You want to see just how greedy and nuts the lefty upper class trash Royals are?

They could easily make a killer drone that would use bullets instead of much more expensive missiles to hunt and kill more other drones, troops, and weapons but then the military industry wouldn't make as much money per kill and the only thing that concerns those greedy lunatics is profit maximization. THEY MUST MAKE MORE MONEY AT ALL COSTS!

Forget that them making more and more and more money per kill by using missiles decreases the money the military can use to buy more weapons to have more control over the battlefield and increase their chances of winning the war. No, all that counts to those insane lunatics is making more money. Forget about winning wars.

Their greed has driven them nuts.


I just found out that the UN is moving a quarter of their staff to Nairobi, Kenya, "to be closer to the people they want to serve".

I also found out that a number of nations, including Russia, are behind this.

Is this because they know the West is dying so they want to be closer to Africa and Asia, who they see as the future? Is it because they know the US is broke and will soon have to default on its debts because of so many nations dumping the US dollar and, therefore, won't be able to provide the majority financial support for the UN? Is it because everyone except our leaders has figured out that the West is no longer the military power house they bluff they are?

Keep an eye on this because this is huge. It will start with a quarter and then, before you know it, they will all be there.

The Left

This video provides more evidence of the stupidity and insanity of the left and their great sounding stupid ideas dreamed up by their lefty college professors that keep failing every time.

The idiots really believed the insanity that legalizing drugs would solve the drug problem in the US and it has failed miserably, turning into a crisis.

Maybe they should quit blindly believing their idiot lefty college professors and learn to use common sense? How much more is the left going to screw up with their great sounding stupid ideas before enough eyes open to see how stupid those ideas always are? Will any of them ever learn that their lefty college professors belong in mental institutions and not teaching in universities?

He tells you that, contrary to what the academe claimed, legalizing the drugs increased crime instead of decreasing it, you know, like conservatives said would happen.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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