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Mark sent me a link to this video and I thought you should see it. I agree with almost everything he said and you have to understand that he is telling you how dire the situation is in the US and how close to complete failure and collapse the US is right now. He detailed it very well. That is why he made that video.

The one thing I really disagree with him most is his solution because he makes the same mistake everyone else is making. He is ASSUMING that the lefties are not really evil and are not intentionally destroying our nation but are just stupid in spite of the fact that the lefties themselves openly tell you they are evil, are intentionally trying to destroy our nation and have almost succeeded.

He is making the same mistake Trump made because, if those people destroying our nation really are evil and are intentionally working to destroy our nation just like they are telling you they are, the first thing you have to do before you can even begin to rebuild our nation, is you have to get rid of all of the evil politicians, bureaucrats, media, academe, and upper class trash Royals who are working to destroy our nation. THEY are the reason this nation is failing.

Trump didn't get rid of them all, especially at the top, and replace them with good people so they got rid of him and they are still working to get rid of him.

You MUST get rid of all of the people causing the damage before you can even begin to repair that damage or they will just keep causing more damage.

What Trump did was like trying to patch the holes in the bottom of a sinking boat while others were still drilling holes in the bottom. You have to stop the sabotage before you can begin to repair the sabotage, which requires that you have to first get rid of the saboteurs.

If you pay close attention to Macgregor's speech and especially to how much damage he tells you about in every way, you need to realize that the boat is almost sunk, it ain't going to float much longer, you need to swim to shore, and build a new boat, after you regain control of the land you have to build that new boat on. The lefties have our boat almost 90% sunk with holes everywhere and they have even ripped out entire planks.

It breaks my heart but we don't have time for that because we have to move on to building a new and better nation before this one finishes going under. If you let them take you down with this ship, then there won't be a ship for your kids.

Thanks for the intel, Mark.


Remember that I told you that the attacks by Ukraine against the Russian border in the north were to draw Russian troops away from the front lines to slow their route of the Ukrainian troops on the battleline and to create bad PR for Putin to cause him to lose the election?

This video shows that the attacks have continued and partly succeeded because the Russian progress on the front line was slowed in most areas telling me that their reinforcements were sent to the Russian border, putting the rest of the troops more on the defensive.

It also shows that the Russians are crushing the Ukrainians on the border, providing Putin with good PR, that the Russians are continuing artillery and air actions along the front line doing a lot of damage, took out a Ukrainian chopper base, the Russians are making some progress on the front line in a few areas, and the Ukrainians are taking advantage of the slowing of Russian assaults on the front line to withdraw troops from a number of places.

About the only success the Ukrainians are having with this operation is being able to more safely withdraw troops in some areas, which means they are suffering heavy losses on the border to suffer fewer losses on the front line.

This tells me that, because the Russians have air and artillery superiority, even NATO is getting their butts kicked.

I am still also seeing that neither side is doing well with their countermeasures for things like drones. When I am watching those videos, I am thinking, you can counter that this way and counter this that way.

With my training and experience, I would be taking that crap out of the sky like shooting whales in a bathtub. Heck, a team with a couple of belt fed machine guns doing "sky watch" would do much better than either side is doing now. Turn those men into duck hunters for drone season with no limit.

If you put a third person inside with something like an APR46 receiver to quickly and easily locate the drones and tell the gunners, it will be even better. The drones are telling you they are there and where they are.

One trick would be to have an open armored vehicle like the old WWII troop carriers with one M2 facing back in the rear and one M2 facing forward in the front, both with an APR46 in front of them and it would be a double turkey shoot. Put 2 or 3 of those in an armored column and they should be fine.

Then I found this video with Putin telling us that Russia is now ready for a nuke war with the West. That means that a surprise preemptive nuclear attack can happen at any moment.

Then it reports on the failed attacks against Russia in the north along with the successful air attacks by Russia everywhere.

Then it tells you that the Afghan Joe administration is laundering another $300 million into their greedy pockets by sending more of our military's munitions to be wasted in Ukraine so the US won't have as much munitions with which to defend her people.

Do you believe me yet that they never quit and will continue as long as they can make themselves more money at your expense?

Remember that I have been telling you that Russia is ramping up for a nuke war and they are now saying they are ready for a nuke war with the West but the lefty upper class trash Royals, their puppets, and their military smarty pants keep making up great sounding excuses why "Russia wouldn't dare nuke them because they are so wonderful and magnificent"?

This video proves me right. The title says, "Putin's nuclear rhetoric is tired and shouldn't be taken seriously", why, he wouldn't dare nuke them, they are too wonderful and Putin is just a lowly peasant.

How dare he nuke them?

The military analyst tells some great sounding excuses that ignore what Putin has been doing to ramp up for a nuke war so you can see why the militarily ignorant, arrogant, inbred stupid Royals believe his crap, which is why he got his job of making up crap excuses for them he knows they want to hear.

Note he did not say one thing about the many things Putin has been doing to prepare for a nuke war. Why, Putin is making more and better nukes just to have something to do, you know, with them waging war against him. It is just to pass the time. /sarc

So they keep poking the bear believing he will just sit there letting them destroy him and Russia until they finish destroying him and Russia so they can set up their glorious global dictatorship over you.

They just keep proving me right and will until they get their butts fried.

You think their militaries don't know that Putin is ramping up for war?

This video shows that they are having a military exercise in Norway to "delay Russia until they can get reinforcements", which still won't be enough, especially if those reinforcements don't have any bullets.

They are telling you with their actions that they know what I am telling you is true.

Then I found this brief video with Scott Ritter telling you the truth. Concerning things the covert parts of our government are doing are always kept secret and they are always doing things that are illegal. I have warned you about that, especially with the CIA. Don't forget that.

This video shows that Estonia has been conned into wanting to send troops into Ukraine to fight Russia directly. The EU and NATO are splitting even more and some will be forced to leave to keep from being drawn into a direct conflict with Russia and it is looking like that may not be much longer.

It tells you that President Moron is talking these people into this insanity and, just like the rest, she is arrogantly ignoring the nuclear threats from Putin. "Why, he wouldn't dare invade my upper class trash bubble world protecting me from reality."

I can just see Putin sitting in a room with his top generals saying, "Yeah sure, send your troops to Ukraine so we can more easily destroy them so we can more easily invade your nation soon."

Hey, who needs intelligence, when you have money?

At the start of this video Putin tells you what the war in Ukraine is really about when he tells them to give up on trying to strategically defeat Russia.

It is just like I have been telling you, the Ukrainian War is about the Western upper class trash Royals trying to destroy Russia to get her out of their way so they can set up their global dictatorship to rule over you.

It isn't about Russian imperialism to conquer the world but about Russia trying to stop Western Imperialism from setting up a global dictatorship over everyone else.

He warns them that, if they keep trying to destroy Russia, the war could easily "spill out of control".


Remember that I told you that I was watching that fund raiser for Afghan Joe by Mahdi Obama and Billy Boy Clinton to see if it was going to be the nuking Chicago event?

It won't be because that event will be Thursday, March 28, 2024 in New York City but it gave me some interesting intel.

They are expecting to have 3,000 greedy Commierat traitors donating $10 million total in bribes to reelect Afghan Joe to finish destroying the US with an expected donation of a little more than $3,333 per person. That tells me these are not mega wealthy people so they need a lot of them to raise a lot of money.

At the formal ball in Chicago, there will only be about 400 people (maximum capacity). Therefore, those will be much more wealthy people like the mega rich so they will need fewer to raise much more money.

That is interesting intel to watch for. It makes me wonder just who are they going to be getting rid of? King Chuck? Will there be another nuke to take out Congress or do they own enough of them to put Mahdi Obama in control?

We know they will be getting rid of Afghan Joe and Kruella.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Nation of Islam run US is working with Iran in secret?

I just found out that, surprise, surprise, Afghan Joe is still having secret communications with Iran.

Who would have guessed?

Oh yeah, they are saying it is about the Houthis attacks, you know, setting up targets so no Houthis get killed.

More and more I keep seeing more and more European nations acting in ways against Israel and that tells me those nations will be punished soon.

Remember that God said that to bless Israel is to be blessed and to curse Israel is to be cursed and they are cursing Israel so they are now cursed. This is just one more reason why I have to believe that Europe is about to come to an end. Europe is quickly destroying herself.

Sodom & Gomorrah

I hope you realize that the left is working to turn the entire planet into Sodom & Gomorrah again with things like same sex marriages and other satanic woke crap.

This is a global war against God, the Bible, Christianity, and Judaism.

Guess who is about to win that one? Oh no, God wouldn't dare destroy the entire planet again, would He?

But first God will let them think they have won to test everyone as to which side they will choose with an informed decision.

Keep an eye on this.

Lefty Lies

In this video Chuckles the Clown Schumer says, "I am anguished at the loss of so many civilians in Gaza," you know, like he is not anguished at the loss of so many civilians by the US in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Ukraine, and other US wars, where there was almost no mention of civilian casualties by the US.

People, they are insulting your intelligence to play you for suckers and fools so they can use the Gaza civilian deaths to stop Israel from destroying the left's Hamas terrorists and the US and other nations refusing to give even temporary sanctuary to those same civilians to get them out of the war to save their lives, while openly giving sanctuary to terrorists crossing our southern border every day.

The trouble is that they know there are enough stupid people in the US who will fall for this blatantly obvious con, especially with the help of the lefty media, academe, and other criminals.

They are escalating this war into the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 because they will never quit to save their terrorists so those terrorists can murder more Israeli civilians. They are aiding and abetting terrorists in their acts of terrorism, making themselves complicit and accomplices in those acts of terrorism.

I keep reminding myself that these evil monsters will soon be in Hell paying for their crimes against you and God, where they will never again be able to commit harm to anyone forever. The planet will be a better place with them all burning in Hell.

Man plans, God laughs.

I could only watch the first minute of his con job.


Too many people love to put their faith in democracy instead of in God even though EVERY democracy in history has failed with the greatest democracies in history now failing. Remember that NO nation can be any better than its leaders. If you have bad leaders, you have a bad nation.

This video shows an example of the politicians denying the people the government those people voted for. If you vote for a government that the upper class trash and their puppets don't want, they have many ways to deny you that government so your votes only count when they are for what the upper class trash and their puppets want.

Gee, it doesn't work exactly the way they tell you, does it? Wow, that is really representing the people, isn't it?

That is why ALL governments, including democracies eventually fail. The upper class trash will always end up getting what they want even if it means you don't get what you want.

I just realized that, sooner or later, the upper class trash Royals will cause the good people among you to want a Christian theocracy run by God.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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