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From what I am seeing, the lefty deep state is about ready to start murdering people to get what they want. It isn't looking good because they are very desperate, everything they are trying is failing, and they are running out of time plus they are too inbred stupid to realize that, if every great sounding stupid idea they are trying is failing, so will their global dictatorship.

Man plans, God laughs. To God, this has to be like watching tens of millions of stooges and not just 3 and God has been watching this consistently failing clown show for 6,000 years.

I thank God that He is God and these idiots are not.

Keep an eye on that.

Remember that I have been telling you that the left will rig this coming election beyond your wildest imagination?

This video shows just a little about how terrible it will be. The courts just told the lefty nuts they will not stop or interfere with the left rigging the election at all. I warned you about this insanity.

You think the Republic of the United States of America is not dead? Really?

They just murdered it.

I do not know exactly how God will get us to that point but you will have to fight a war to get most of your nation back and God has made that very clear to me and the lefty nuts also just made that very clear to me.


Over the years I have been watching these Marxist/communist/socialist nations where the government controls everything and it isn't pretty, especially in bad economic times, which they always cause.

In free market capitalism, if you need a pay raise, you work out something with your boss or get a job somewhere else for more money because businesses have to compete for your services.

With Marxism, wages are controlled by the government and not the employer so they all have to pay the same so you can't go somewhere else to get the same job that will pay you more so, if the government, who doesn't really care about any of you, doesn't give you a pay raise, you're screwed.

In capitalism, the businesses have to compete for the services of the employees, which gives the employees an advantage for negotiating wages.

Plus, when the people protest under Marxism to get a pay increase, it shuts down an entire industry, making things harder for everyone.

Yeah, those lefty college professors and teachers didn't tell you about that, did they?

They never tell the truth.

Drone Warfare

I am seeing that nations are trying to develop countermeasures for drones but they are not doing a great job and are leaving their troops too vulnerable to attack.

The military industry is trying to do it in a way that makes them the most money, you know, your attack drone also gets destroyed so you have to spend a few thousand dollars for a new attack drone every time you attack something but the weakness to the system is that, after you destroy your attack drone to maximize profits for the military industry, you have to "go home" to get a new drone to fly miles back to the contended airspace, giving the enemy an opportunity to move into, occupy that airspace, and attack your troops.

But, hey, they don't care if a bunch of your troops die as long as they make more money. We don't fight wars to win wars any more; we fight wars to make them more money.

What we need is a drone that can take and hold that airspace at a minimum cost to the military to protect the ground troops. For that I designed the basics for a "mini fighter drone" I call the "Little Baron" that will hunt and kill enemy drones and other weapons using Wild Weasel electronics warfare technology, with a good supply of a variety of inexpensive munitions that will only cost a few dollars per kill, and that will not destroy the killer drone so it can continue to hold that airspace for hours at a time before being relieved by another killer drone so the first killer drone can recharge and rearm.

I have not seen anyone come close to developing anything like that and, with today's technology, that amazes me. I am stunned.

What is this, medieval drone warfare?

Have all militaries forgotten the importance of taking and holding the battle space? Maybe our leaders have gotten too used to "in-and-out" special operations combat and forgotten about the strategic importance of taking and holding ground, especially to protect troops?

In drone warfare, they are not addressing some of the most important strategic factors we have learned from thousands of years of combat.


Remember that I have been telling you that Russia's ECM is much better than it was during Nam?

This video proves that is true. The UK official was flying in his government aircraft, which has some of the best EW in the world and Russia jammed that EW, causing the plane to lose its location and change course.

This is very important because, if they can cause that plane to get lost, they can cause that plane to crash, but he UK, of course, is trying to down play it. Russia caused the plane to lose contact with their GPS so it could not navigate on that route.

They lied and said it is not unusual for aircraft to lose their GPS.

Really? Then how do commercial planes fly autopilot for thousands of miles? Gee, do they have better EW than the best UK government planes?

I told you that Russia has very significantly improved their ECM.


Remember that I have been telling you that the insane upper class trash Royals and their puppets will never quit and Putin will have to kill them to stop their insanity?

In the first few seconds of this video they openly prove it again. They absolutely refuse to let Putin win and keep the lefty WEF from their insane dictatorship. They MUST rule the planet and get their slaves back.

Gee, I wonder why Jesus said that almost all Royals will burn in Hell?

Do you believe me yet that Putin will have to nuke and invade the West to stop their insanity?

He has no other choice and he knows it. The West started this mess and they are determined to win it at all costs and that cost is going to be a nuclear war and the destruction of Rome II because the lefty upper class trash Royals and their puppets are insane and they know that, when Ukraine fails and they insist of setting up their global dictatorship, Putin will bring the war to them next.

He told the NATO nations that they are not giving Ukraine enough ammunition so now they must give Ukraine the rest of their ammunition. The Royals are ignoring the fact that Russia is producing almost 3 times as much ammunition and the West is already almost out so they cannot possibly keep pace with Russia before they do run out. My brain hurts.

Then what are they going to do? Hey, maybe they will get to choose which African nation they get to be slaves in? Do you still think they are more intelligent than you?


Remember that I have been telling you that the entire Afghan Joe administration is waging war against Israel, while pretending to be helping her?

This video tells you a wee bit about that.

Note that he told you that Afghan Joe just gave Iran another $10 billion to use to destroy Israel, while pretending to be helping Israel.

Do you get the picture yet? Do you believe me yet that Afghan Joe is a puppet for Mahdi Obama, who is a leader in the Nation of Islam, and the Nation of Islam is working with Iran to destroy Israel so Mahdi Obama can prove he is the Muslim Mahdi so Islam will unite behind him to conquer the world and he can rule the world? Is it getting obvious enough for you yet?

BTW, after Mahdi Obama proves he is the Muslim Mahdi, they are going to need Iran to have nukes to help conquer the world. Think about that.

Hey, Chuckles wants to have a recall election to get rid of someone so let's have a recall election to get rid of him.

Have you noticed that it is the Commierats who want to help the Muslims destroy Israel?

That means that they will also be more than glad to go to invade and destroy Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 so most of them will die, leaving fewer for you to fight and kill to get most of your nation back. People, the lefties are cursed because they curse Israel.

US Slavery 2.0

The Commierats lost the US Civil War and had to give up with their slavery so they changed the name to Human Trafficking to hire people for much less to increase their profits and wealth. Then they started shipping jobs overseas to pay much less but the US is losing allies those greedy upper class trash Royals can have their businesses in because everyone is turning against the West because of the robbing the upper class trash have done everywhere. Now they are bringing their businesses back home and importing those slaves from those other nations as illegal aliens who will work for much less to increase the profits of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets. They are so super duper greedy that they will never quit with their slavery.

This video shows you that. You Americans want a reasonable wage so they are importing illegals who will work for less to "maximize profits" for the greedy upper class trash Royals.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

They must have flunked economics 101 because the US is still barely the greatest economy in the world with the most people who can pay more for those same products because they have higher wages but, when those former employees lose their jobs to the illegals, who will buy the greedy upper class trash Royals products for as much money?

No one because no one will have enough money to pay those prices for those products so the intellectually superior Royals will have to decrease the prices for their products so their illegal alien employees will be able to buy them but the illegals still won't be able to buy those things because the greedy Royals flunked economics 101. The greedy, insane idiots don't realize that, when they destroy the US economy, they won't be able to sell their products for as much or to as many people and will have to decrease their profits by decreasing the prices for those products to be able to sell them to the few who will still be able to buy them at the lower prices.

That is a lesson I learned 50 to 60 years ago in studying what is going on around the world and realized that the nations with lower wages have rich people who are not as rich because those people don't have as much to spend and generate profits for the upper class. The stronger the middle and lower class economy, the stronger the upper class economy but ye ole super duper greedy upper class trash Royals have not learned that in thousands of years.

Kind of slow, aren't they?

Henry Ford understood that so he paid his people more so they could have more disposable income to buy more of his products and that helped drive the Ford Motor Company to the top of the industry.

True wealth is maximizing cash flow and not maximizing hording but most of the upper class trash Royals are too greedy stupid to learn that.

Because of their insane greed, the upper class trash Royals and their puppets are going to finish destroying the US and European middle class so there will once again be no real middle class just like it was under their evil monarchies. There will be the rich Royals, who will be less rich because of their insane greed, and the very poor just like it was for thousands of years until the people got freedom from the Royal monarchies and began to grow our economies.

But dey gots tuh habs der dictatorships so deys can habs ebryting.


Remember that I have been telling you for years that the Chinese people are getting angry at the CCP leaders and it was only a matter of time until the people started fighting back because the upper class trash never learn and never quit?

This video shows that time has begun.

It shows several important things. First, it shows that two people, who certainly knew there were be repercussions for their actions, staged individual attacks against the CCP leaders. This will motivate more people to want to attack the leaders and depose them.

It is only a matter of time until someone or a group organizes them and then a rebellion will begin to bring down the CCP. This could become the Chinese Bastille.

Second, pay attention to the Chinese overkill for protection of the CCP leaders with up to 800,000 cops protecting them from the people. The CCP know the people hate them, know the people want to depose them, and fear the people.

If the military or those cops organize the people, Communist China will cease to exist.

This means that, if China starts a war with anyone, it will provide opportunity for the military and people to bring freedom to China, especially if China sends troops and some of its top leaders to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to show support for the Muslims they depend on for oil and they get killed.

Keep an eye on that because it is very likely that there won't be a communist China by the time the Tribulation begins. There definitely won't be a communist China after Armageddon. They are quickly running out of time.

This is an interesting video providing good intel. First, for the first time ever, China has stationed female soldiers on India's border and, second, she tells you that both sides could have 200,000 troops stationed there facing each other.

Are the female soldiers there to beef up the troops at that location because China is short on male troops or to relieve male troops to attack somewhere else like Taiwan or the US, where China is infiltrating thousands of male troops?

That is also important intel because those Chinese troops along with the others in the South China Sea, and at other locations cannot be used to invade Taiwan or any other nations. That is the kind of stuff to keep an eye on.

Weapons Black Market

This video is really big because it tells us that weapons are being shipped from European ports in European ships to Hezbollah and I suddenly connected a few more dots and this is going to knock your socks off.

Remember that we have been sending weapons to Ukraine and Z Boy and company have been selling many of them on ye ole black market?

I realize now that the Ukrainian War is only partly about destroying Russia to set up their dictatorship but it is also about laundering weapons from the West to Iran's proxy terrorists so you will think the West is helping Israel when they are really working to destroy Israel.

We are sending weapons to Ukraine "too fight Russia", well, some of them. Then Z Boy is selling some of them on the black market without them telling us to whom.

They give money to the different nations to pay their upper class trash for old junk weapons that get sent to Ukraine but most don't really go there because they are sold before they get there. They actually go straight from those nations to European ports and ships supplying terrorist organizations.

At the same time, they are sending money to Iran to buy weapons from whom?

We just found out because Hezbollah is getting their weapons from European ports on European ships so Iran is using the money we are sending her to buy the weapons from Z Boy that were paid for by the money "we sent to Z Boy", wink, wink.

The slight of hand is that the money "we send to Z Boy" never goes to Z Boy but goes directly to the pockets of the upper class trash and only some of those weapons go to Z Boy but many more of them head straight to European ports and ships to be taken to Hezbollah and other terrorists with the money we send to Iran not really all going to Iran but going to Z Boy to buy those weapons.

What they are doing is laundering your tax dollars into the pockets of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets, laundering money "for Iran" into Z Boy's pocket, and laundering weapons and munitions from the West to Hezbollah and other Iranian proxy terrorists like the Houthis and all of those participating nations know it.

They even tell you why they do it this way at 2:19 into the video; "Using Europe helps hide the nature and source of the shipments, switching paper work and clean the shipments."

Slick, huh? Do you believe me yet that they are only pretending to help Israel while trying to stop Israel from destroying their terrorists they are arming? Do you get the picture yet?

Hey, I was trained in getting my M.B.A. to manage their slick so I recognize it when I see it. They do this crap all of the time to keep you from realizing who is doing what. That additional intel gave it all away.

People, they have been laundering weapons through Ukraine for 2 years to arm and prepare the Muslim terrorists to wage war against Israel.

They are not helping Israel. That is all show. They are using the Muslim terrorists to destroy Israel, while only pretending to help Israel and they are doing it with your money and weapons.

Every nation that is involved in this will send troops and their leaders to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to invade and destroy Israel so they can set up their global dictatorship or Caliphate. It also tells us who the 400 million were that converted to Islam under Obama in 2012. Most of them were lefties from Europe, Australia, the Common Wealth, and North America.

Obviously, this was all planned out to fool you.

Israel only has two true allies; God and true Christians, but always remember that man plans, God laughs.

Something I am watching for is that I recently realized that the Nation of Islam could already be moving their troops into Syria and Lebanon as civilians to throw off Israel and the rest of the world and so at least some of them will already be in place, when they nuke Chicago and blame Israel, so it won't take as long to get all of the troops there.

Normally, it takes from 6 months to one year to move massive numbers of troops to an area like this for an invasion but, what if they are already secretly moving quite a few of those troops there in advance?

Instead of taking 6 months to a year to move and position those troops for battle, it could only take a few months to finish moving those troops to battle so they would be ready for the best time to attack and invade Israel, which would be late spring or early summer.

Keep an eye on this.

West Bluffing

Remember that I have been telling you that the West's threats towards Russia, Africa, and other places for military action against them is just the West bluffing because they KNOW they have destroyed their militaries by laundering their military budgets into their greedy pockets?

At about 4 minutes into this video Macgregor tells you that France does not have anything to send into Ukraine against Russia, "much less stop Russia if Putin decides to go west into Europe".

That tells you two very important things. First, they are bluffing to intimidate and they know it because they know their militaries are crap because of their greed. France is not the only Western nation bluffing right now.

Second, it tells you what I have been telling you, which is that, when Putin decides to go into Europe, you know, with his allies, NATO won't be able to stop him because their militaries are garbage and Putin knows it.

The Royals and their puppets think they are smarter than they are and that everyone else is dumber than they are so they have convinced themselves that they are fooling people they are not fooling. The only people they are fooling is themselves. Basically, they are arrogant idiots playing with fire and about to get burned.

With the West continuing to poke the bear, it is only a matter of time until Russia calls the West's bluffing to stop them from continuing to poke the bear.

I think one reason why Putin is dragging this war out so long is he knows most of the war drum beaters are about to lose elections in the near future and Putin is hoping that will stop their insanity or most of it so he is playing a waiting game to see what happens.

Mean while, Russia is continuing to ramp up for war in a number of ways that, combined, will crush the West just in case he has to in order to stop the Royal insanity. Putin is not going to tolerate this Western insanity much longer.

Remember that I have been telling you that Putin only has to take out a handful of nations in the West and the rest of the nations will very quickly back off and make peace with Russia. Those countries include the UK, Germany, and France in Europe and the US and, with what I am seeing of how he is ramping up, it looks like Putin will be able to do that very quickly and easily, when the time comes.

Note that, based on responses to President Moron's statements about sending troops into Ukraine, it looks like Putin has already backed down the UK, Germany, and the US with only France even daring to threaten Russia with direct confrontation. But they must also soon stop poking the bear.


You want to know how super duper stupid the upper class trash Royal reprobate minds are? Remember that I told you that, after these idiots setup one of their dictatorships, they ALWAYS purge at least 90% to 100% of those who helped them get into power because they all become a threat to anyone and everyone who gets in power?

Now, there are tens of thousands of those arrogant fools, who never learn and are members of the WEF, who will be quickly purged by whomever gets in power so they will purge tens of thousands of those arrogant stooges with their being only God knows how many factions planning to be the faction that takes control and purges all of the others.

If these arrogant fools did manage to get their global dictatorship, it would quickly turn into the biggest and bloodiest war in history with all of you being expected to die fighting so they can rule the world because the arrogant fools never learn and they never quit. You couldn't even begin to imagine the horrid bloody mess it would quickly turn into. They ARE the biggest threat to this planet.

Their great sounding stupid and evil plans could not possibly work because of their insane greed and lust for power. Just take the insanity of the Ukrainian War, the Israeli War, and spread it around all of the planet and that would be life on this planet within a few months or less and you just know that someone will start punching nukes very quickly.

Do you believe me yet that these lunatics are the worst thing that has ever happened to this planet?

God MUST stop these arrogant fools from getting what they want to save this planet.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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