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Remember that I have been telling you that the Commierats are closet Muslims and Nazis? Remember that I have been telling you that the Nation of Islam is Afghan Joe's puppet master? Remember that I have been telling you that Afghan Joe is working to help Islam destroy Israel while only pretending to be helping Israel?

Don't believe me?

Watch this video in which he makes it blatantly obvious that the Commierats are pro Muslim and anti Israel. Pay attention to the details.

Gee, you don't think the lefties all quietly converted to being closet Muslims in 2012, do you?

Do you believe me yet that Mahdi Obama is going to nuke Chicago, blame Israel, grab control of the US, and take a Nation of Islam Army to invade Israel to destroy Israel so Mahdi Obama can prove he is the Mahdi so all of Islam will unite behind him to conquer the world with Mahdi Obama and the Nation of Islam ruling the world? Is it getting obvious yet that is what the Commierats are doing?

Even the lefties are pointing it out now.

Then at the end, he gave so many real reasons why the Muslim lefties hate Trump and don't want him back in to do those things to get in the way of the Nation of Islam goals. Trump was shutting down what the Muslims were doing and helping Israel, making him Islam's number one enemy.

Also note that Chuckles the Clown Schumer is just one of many God hating Hebrews who are anti Israel and want to see Israel destroyed just like Georgie Boy Soros, who is also a God and Israel hating Hebrew. There is a bunch of them, called lefty Hebrews, and you will see them descend on the Northern Hills of Israel or Syria to help invade, conquer and destroy Israel. Jesus told you that there will be a lot of Hebrews burning in Hell because they sold their souls to Satan.

Then he finishes by showing that Afghan Joe is doing what Mahdi Obama started. He shows you how they both funded and helped Iran when it was known that Iran is the terrorist capital of the world.

He proves everything I have been telling you about Afghan Joe, the Commierats, and their upper class trash Royals. He even tells you they are evil just like I have been telling you.

Do you believe me yet that this is the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

That is an excellent video detailing what I have been telling you but they still don't seem to realize that the Nation of Islam is running this show. They will find out after Mahdi Obama makes his move for power.

Remember that I have been telling you that Afghan Joe and the US are pretending to help Israel while betraying and working against her?

This video shows that they just betrayed Israel big time by not voting against a UN resolution requiring an immediate cease fire and release of hostages. This is Afghan Joe and company stopping pretending to support Israel, while clearly working against Israel.

This will greatly encourage more nations, especially Muslim nations but also non Muslim nations to join against Israel and move this war even closer to being the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Every day we get one day closer.

Then I found out that Netanyahu canceled the trip for his committee to discuss the Gaza War with the Afghan Joe administration. That tells me that he is going to continue trying to destroy Hamas to protect his people against the wishes of the left.

Then I later found out that Netanyahu is prepared to defy the UN's cease fire resolution and we still have 15 days left in Ramadan.

Do you believe me yet that this is going to escalate into the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

Upper Class Trash

I was watching a video of a man and his cat traveling around Europe. They are in Lithuania now. As I watched it, it was obvious that most of the people are just getting on with life and it is the upper class trash Royals and their puppets who, because of their insane greed and lust for power, are causing all of those people's problems.

It is like I have been telling you, most people just want to get on with life as best as they can and it is their inbred crazy upper class trash Royals wanting more wealth and power who keep causing problems for everyone. They are nuts. The world will be a much better place with most Royals and their puppets burning in Hell. No one will miss them.

The channel for the YouTube video is "1bike1world".

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash Royals and their puppets cause better than 90% of your problems?

Without them, we wouldn't have 90% of the problems we have today.

BTW, Trump just made $3.5 billion by going public with one of his businesses and the lefties are saying, "Trump sure is lucky," no, he is just more intelligent than the left, which is why he keeps succeeding and the left keeps failing. It is called intelligence, not luck.


The thing that makes tyranny possible is when law enforcement and/or the military obey orders to commit crimes against the people. Without law enforcement and/or the military obeying orders to commit crimes, the leaders would not be able to commit their crimes against you and have absolute control over you.

That is why, at the Nuremberg Trials they hung all law enforcement and military who obeyed orders to commit crimes saying that "just doing your job and just following orders is NOT a valid defense for doing something you know is wrong" and they literally hung hundreds of them.

Listen, if someone orders you to go murder someone and you do it, you have committed murder and should be held accountable for it the same as you should be held accountable for all other crimes you were told to commit and you obeyed those orders.

Did you know that it is a crime to tell someone to commit a crime so that, when bad leaders tell those law enforcement or military to commit those crimes, they are committing a crime themselves and should immediately be arrested for committing that crime. If law enforcement and the military would do that, there could not be a tyranny.

US Military

The US Military is so desperate for enlistees that they are now recalling retirees to return to service but it is on a voluntary basis for now. I understand they are so desperate that they have removed some requirements so they can recall more people.

If they recall me, they will have to immediately give me a 100% medical disability for a number of reasons. I am not worried about it.

You need to be concerned about this and keep an eye on it. It could mean that something big is about to happen.

BTW, Italy has now turned on President Moron for his threats against Putin saying that President Moron is putting all of Europe at risk.

Moscow Attack

Now the US and UK are claiming Putin is lying about the Moscow attack telling me that it is likely that both the CIA and MI6 were involved in that attack in some capacity. At first, I was thinking it may have only been the CIA because they founded ISIS under Mahdi Obama but with the UK getting involved in this to that extent, it is very likely their MI6 was also involved.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been teaching you that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor?

The traitors are proving me right right now.

The greedy stupid and power mad upper class trash Royals hired a bunch of traitor puppets to give them control of the government, you know, people who, for money, will betray all of the American people, hint, hint.

And the idiot upper class trash Royals don't think those traitors will betray them for even more money?

They thought wrong because the traitors are beginning to realize, why should they take small bribes of a few million dollars to commit their crimes when they can abuse the power of government to just take much more, you know, hundreds of millions and billions of dollars?

Plus the traitors are beginning to realize that they may not be in power a year from now so they better take what they can when they can.

I told you that they are taking hundreds of millions to billions of dollars from Trump and Apple and now they are taking millions more from Suckerberg's Meta.

Hey, why take table scraps to commit your crimes when you can abuse the power of the same government to get the entire meal?

So they are turning on some of the puppet masters and will eventually turn on all of them.

People, that is why all successful tyrants always purge those who help them get into power as soon as they get that power, to keep those traitors from betraying them too.

These idiot upper class trash Royals HIRED their traitors to run things for them believing those traitors, who are betraying everyone else, wouldn't dare betray them and their traitors are starting to.

Remember when Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by his fellow Royals, you know, his Royal family, for money and power?

He said something that was very telling that the idiot Royals and their idiot lefty college professors don't get, when he said, "Et tu Brutus?" or "you too, Brutus?"

He was telling you that even his best friend helped stab him to death for power and wealth because NO ONE can trust traitor, not even another traitor. If they will betray everyone else, they will betray you too the first chance they get.

And these arrogant, over educated, inbred fools hired entire teams of traitors to work and run the government for them? Really? And you think they are smarter than you because they stole more money than you can earn?

They deserve what they are starting to get. The arrogant fools think they own these traitors but don't realize they are only renting them and when the rent goes up, the Royals go down.

Hey, if they can do it to Trump, they can do it to you too.

I am waiting for them to take Soros to the cleaners.


Remember that I told you that, under the monarchy systems, the Royals used their control of all land or property to control the people?

This video tells you that in greater detail. It also tells you that the lefties are trying to seize control of ALL of your property to control you. He tells you they are trying to turn you back into being their slaves, you know, with indentured servitude. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

People, it should be obvious that the left has been planning and working towards this for more than half a century.

Do you believe me yet that their globalism is the Royals trying to setup a global monarchy or dictatorship because they just have to have their monarchies and slaves back?

Why, they have a right to own you and everything because they are the Royals and are gods. /sarc

Do you understand why it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for these lunatics to get into Paradise? Why would God want to spend eternity with them?

You just know that they would all eventually try to overthrow God just like their god, Satan tried and has been trying since.

That is another excellent video by Mark. I have been warning about their evil crap for decades.

Listen, if they can own you and have complete control over you, they can murder you any time they want to depopulate their planet so they don't have to share their planet with you.


Poland and France are sending thousands of troops into Ukraine.

This will not trigger article 5 of the NATO agreement because this is voluntarily sending troops and not their nation being attacked by Russia.

You better know that Russia is watching and will target those troops just as soon as they get into Ukraine and destroy them. Basically, Poland and France are sacrificing thousands of troops to Russia for political reasons and they belong in prison. They obviously do not care about those troops.

This is legal grounds for Russia to invade both nations in self defense, you know, Poland from the east and France from the south with Germany in between, you know, with Germany having to fight another two front war with Russia.

They never quit.

Then I found this video with President Moron saying that he is concerned about a potential terrorist attack in France and is taking actions to prevent it.

This made me wonder, "Are they planning to stage an ISIS terrorist attack in France, killing French people, to make it look like the US and UK had nothing to do with the terrorist attack in Moscow"?

The only reason they would do that would be to cover for them having helped cause the terrorist attack in Moscow because, if they had nothing to do with it, they would not need to stage an attack in France, killing French people to cover for them being involved. "See, we didn't do it."

Keep an eye on that; after all, President Moron has already shown he doesn't care about his people by sending troops into Ukraine. "Hey, so we murder a few thousand of our own people to get the dictatorship we want." I would not put anything past these people.

Now they are saying that they are concerned an ISIS terrorist attack my happen in the US and UK.

So, are they getting ready to murder some people in the US and UK to cover for the CIA and MI6 being involved in the attack on Moscow?

Keep an eye on that.

Then I found this very interesting video that provides some intel I have not seen anywhere else. In the first 8 minutes of that video he tells you that Russia got intel from the captured terrorists about an ISIS camp they were from in Istanbul, Turkey. Russia provided that intel to Turkey, who rounded up the terrorists at that camp, interrogated those terrorists, and they provided Russia with that intel.

Then Russia staged a missile attack against the headquarters for Ukraine's special operations like our CIA. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

It makes me wonder if Turkey also got intel about the CIA and/or MI6 helping with that terrorist attack in some way? We will probably find out soon, won't we?

Keep an eye on that.

Less than 9 minutes into that same video he tells you that the Ukrainian troops started running from the Russian troops in some areas and routed. It is starting to happen just like I told you.

One thing I noticed in that video is that the number of Ukrainian units near the front line has decreased considerably over the last few months. They only have a fraction of the units they had just 5 months ago. They can't last much longer, which tells me why President Moron was so excited about sending in more NATO troops. He is right in that the Ukrainian Army could collapse any day.

All that will have to happen is for Russia to break through the Ukrainian lines in one or two areas, panic and route those Ukrainian troops in a footrace for Poland, and the panic will spread into a Ukrainian stampede.

Right now, some of the people are fighting back against Ukraine drafting people to die on the front line so the upper class trash can make money selling weapons to Ukraine and so the West can destroy Russia to set up the West's global dictatorship. That rebellion will grow.


Watch this video and keep in mind that, by the strangest magic coincidence, both ISIS and Al Quaeda were created and funded by the US under Billy Boy Clinton (Al Quaeda) and Mahdi Obama (ISIS) to control smaller nations and that the US was recently run out of those African nations.

Gee, I wonder why ISIS recently attacked Moscow?

Connect those dots, baby.

Now do you better understand why the Africans would love to invade and sack France for damages? France didn't treat them too nice, did they?

Putin knows it.

They tell you what I told you about other African nations learning from the successes of those who have staged coups to get out from under French control and moving towards such coups now. They want their freedom from France.

I have to believe that France and the US caused those rebellions and terrorist activities in those African nations to justify having troops in those nations to control those nations. Keep an eye on that because the timing of those rebellions is just too much of a coincidence.

Have you noticed that, when we have lefties as president, they keep creating and/or using Muslim terrorists to cause trouble for and bring down other governments? Gee, you don't think that has anything to do with the Nation of Islam, do you?

BTW, I just found out that South Africa is causing trouble for Israel to distract her people from their super duper failed internal policies that are increasing poverty, unemployment, and crime in South Africa. The internal situation in South Africa is dire.

That is normal for bad governments that are failing at everything to distract their people from how bad things are or did he get a bribe from the West to make trouble for Israel?

Maybe he should focus on solving their internal problems instead of the problems of other nations?

But, hey, then they would have to cut back on their internal national corruption and steal less money.

Do you better understand why God is using this test we call life to prove who should be the eternal leaders in His Paradise so they won't screw up everything forever?

The worst thing that could happen in eternal Paradise is for most of our current world leaders to be leaders in Paradise or just be there at all, where they would screw up everything forever.

Most of our leaders since the creation are going to burn in the Lake of Fire forever with people you would never think of as being leaders being the best leaders in history because they care more about people than money or power.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties have been destroying this nation for more than 100 years going back to at least President Wilson from 1913 to 1921?

This video by two very intelligent and objective black people shows some of that. He spends most of it covering Mahdi Obama and that it was decided by the Commierats that Mahdi Obama was going to be president during the Billy Boy Clinton administration, even before Bush II. It gives you some important dots but they keep missing Mahdi Obama's "role model", Louis Farrakhan (Obama's words.)

It should be obvious by now that Mahdi Obama is a leader and front man for the Nation of Islam and started the mess Afghan Joe is trying to finish, with the left failing and grabbing for more and more power.


Here is something interesting that I don't know whether I told you about a few decades ago, when I had the 3 part dream.

I had a dream about the Temple with the Antichrist coming out of the front of it during the Tribulation and he changed the front of it by adding on an ancient Greek structure that consisted of a Greek temple type of look. It had a short Greek roof supported by Greek columns with wide stone steps in front of that, you know, just like old Greek religious temples.

In the dream, the Antichrist came out wearing his religious gown that was also Greek in nature with his aids on both sides of him and they stopped about half way down the stone steps facing out.

BTW, the Antichrist wasn't Mahdi Obama and in another dream the Antichrist wasn't Mahdi Obama either.

Then the dream showed the giant gold statue of the Antichrist the Bible says the False Prophet will cause it to move.

In the third part of the dream I was inside the head of the giant gold statue, where I could see out through the eyes, which had a person inside it with the technology to "drive" or move it and make it speak. It is going to be a giant gold plated robot with a human inside the head to control it and some people will believe that the False Prophet will magically cause it to move but it won't be magic, it will be computerized with someone inside controlling it.

Basically, they will lie to you but, hey, their god, Satan is the father of lies so what would you expect, the truth?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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