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Chemical Companies

Remember that I have been warning you about the many rackets of the chemical companies? Remember that I have been warning you that almost everything they do is a racket to make more money and they don't care who they hurt? Remember that I have told you that I even hate taking aspirin unless I have to?

Mark sent me a link to this video about just one popular drug by the group of chemical companies called "big Pharma" that is destroying people's health and you need to know that corruption isn't just going on with big Pharma but with all chemical companies.

Today, almost every chemical they make is a racket. I have told you about some of those rackets. They are destroying this planet and your health.


Remember that I have been telling you that Ukraine can't last much longer?

This video shows that Ukraine is almost finished, especially after the last 3 to 4 days of bombardments. Almost the entire nation is without energy, especially electricity, the only city that still has an air defense system is Kiev and they will run out soon.

He also showed that Putin has prepped Odessa and Kharkiv for assault and is still working on Kiev. Look for Putin to make an amphibious assault on Odessa for the reasons I told you more than 2 years ago.

He told you that he is expecting Ukrainian forces to run from or route in one area because they have already started running for relatively short distances. Their running will get worse until it becomes a full route.

Putin was right, Ukraine will fall in weeks and this war will soon be over with the West looking really stupid and inept. No one will want to be our ally after this.


ALL terrorists are funded by someone because their weapons, munitions, explosives, food, travel, and other things required for their training and attacks are not free. Someone has to pay for all of those things that are very expensive and those terrorists, who don't have regular jobs, can't pay for them.

If you want to know who is financing a terrorist group/attack, all you have to do is ask, "Who would want that terrorist group to attack those people?" That tends to make it very obvious.

Now, who wanted ISIS, a US proxy, to attack Russia? Uh, the US and UK?

Well, it sure wasn't China, North Korea, Iran, or India and Z Boy is just a front man who sold out his people and nation for money.

In this video Ritter gives details on how the CIA is supposed to work, who reports to who, and who funds it.

Remember that I told you that in the 1970s the CIA started smuggling drugs into the US to sell to stupid lefties to provide funding for illegal operations so they didn't have to get funding from Congress so they didn't have to report it to Congress? Do you get the picture now?

During the Billy Boy Clinton administration, the CIA founded, funded, and trained up Al Quaeda to be their illegal front organization for committing crimes. Under Mahdi Obama, the CIA founded, funded, and trained up ISIS to be their illegal front organization for committing crimes. Note that he told you that the CIA reports directly to the US President for approval for such operations.

I love the way Ritter said, "When you start connecting the dots". That was a flashback. That is the way you do espionage; you gather the dots, you figure out which dots matter, and connect the dots to get a picture.

Let me point out one other observation. So far in this war, Ukraine has not staged one attack against Russia that was not planned, funded, and training provided by the CIA and/or MI6. They are now saying that Ukraine's SBU (their CIA) was definitely involved in this attack so that plus it being carried out by ISIS, which was founded by the CIA, means that at least the CIA was almost certainly involved in this terrorist attack against Russia.

It is very likely that Ukraine confessed to this crime to draw the blame away from the CIA and MI6 as a cover.

Remember the espionage rule that, whatever seems most likely is most likely what happened.

The truth is starting to come out and God said, "The truth will be made known."

Remember that I have been telling you that Russia is continuing to ramp up for war against the West?

This video shows that Russia already has her factory making Iranian style drones up and running, making about 1,000 drones a month. He provides some interesting information.

Remember that Russia also has other factories making other drones in large numbers.


The reason Afghan Joe has been betraying Israel and has now dumped Israel is to get Israel mad at Afghan Joe and fighting with him the way they are now so the Nation of Islam can nuke Chicago and blame Israel but Afghan Joe doesn't realize it. He thinks it is to give him justification to invade Israel. This is a political setup and hit job by the Nation of Islam and Mahdi Obama against Israel and Afghan Joe and you watch all of the lefties fall for it.

Israel is refusing to cease fire and continues killing the terrorists to protect their people. This could easily be the trigger that causes nations to bring their armies against Israel to invade and destroy Israel so keep an eye on it.

Then I found this video showing that both the UAE and Turkey have purchased important ports in the Egyptian delta where Cairo is.

I am keeping an eye on this because it makes it possible for the three nations working together on land, air, and sea against Israel in some capacity such as setting up a blockade stopping shipping to and from Israel, securing Israel's southern border even more, and providing bases for air power against Israel.

It puts Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and now Turkey and the UAE within easy striking distance of Israel to gang up on her. It looks like they are bringing more power to play against her.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember me telling you how frustrated I get with people not seeing or knowing anything about what is going on and still voting?

This video shows you a scientifically ignorant athlete not knowing what he is standing for and promoting but the trouble is that is most lefties.

Most of them cannot pass freshman level hard science courses so they get degrees in the "soft sciences", you know, like business, law, music, and art. Only people who are intelligent enough to be in the top 10% of the people in the world for intelligence can pass college freshman and sophomore hard science courses like biology and physics.

It is so incredibly frustrating seeing so many politicians, bureaucrats, judges, media, lefty college professors, and others who know no more than he does about science making decisions or telling others how to make decisions concerning science. You would be amazed at how scientifically ignorant most of those people are and they either make decisions concerning science they can't even understand or teach others what to believe. They all too often don't even know the right questions to ask.

After studying science and trying to share it with others, it took me a little while to learn that most people just can't understand college level science and then I began studying human behavior to be able to tell when people do not understand the science I share with them and that is interesting.

If they understand the science, they always want more information so they start asking questions or talking about it and you can tell they understand by the questions they ask. If they do not understand the science and it just goes right over their heads, they ignore it and change the subject to something they do understand or, a common thing some do to make it look like they understood and you are not very smart is to say, "He isn't an expert" so they didn't want to talk to you about it.

If I think you are not an expert and you say something concerning science to me, I am going to ask you questions to find out how much you really know and am not going to dismiss and ignore what you say and I will correct it when it is wrong.

I have enjoyed conversations with some of the best research scientists in the world from places like Sandia National Labs, with very good MDs, and other people who are scientifically knowledgeable and have never had one of them say that I am not an expert or just ignore what I said. I used to have regular discussions with people like the head of the nuclear fusion lab at Sandia National Labs and people in charge of laser weapons research at Sandia National Labs on a regular basis and we had good discussions.

I had a very good MD in Albuquerque, NM that, every time I went see him, even with my kids, following him taking care of our medical problems, we ALWAYS had a really fun discussion about sports sciences and sports medicine with him picking my brains because they don't teach most MDs in the US about sports sciences and sports medicine.

After the first few times I saw him, I began to feel bad about making his other patients wait a while as we talked so, the next time I went to see him and he started talking to me about science to pick my brains, I told him about my concern. He told me not to worry about it because, when he knew I was coming, he would always reserve his next patient spot for himself so he could pick my brains so no one had to wait at all. We had some really great conversations and it was fun talking science shop with someone who could discuss such things with me.

You watch that guy in that video not knowing what he is talking about and it tells me that the people who brought him as their "expert" are so scientifically ignorant they couldn't tell he is scientifically ignorant. Better than 90% of the people who get college degrees, including most college professors, are that scientifically ignorant.

People, if you get rid of too much of the CO2 in our air or "make it carbon neutral", all of the plants will die and then all of the animals will die. Plants have to have CO2 to breath to live, grow, and produce fruit to reproduce and for us to eat. That is a scientific fact.

Them not knowing that tells me they didn't learn a thing from high school science, much less college science. These people are super ignorant and stupid and they are easily the single greatest threat to this planet and all life on it in history.

The truth is that this planet would be better off if everyone involved in this green energy lie and con were burning in Hell where they could never again be a threat to all life on this planet.

When I look at the damage these evil things are doing so they can steal more and more and more money, it is mind boggling. They are so ignorant and stupid that they probably don't even know how much damage they are doing. Their greed has driven them nuts.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

If I wanted to destroy all life on a planet, I would suck all of the CO2 out of the atmosphere to kill off all of the plants, which would kill off all of the animals, you know, just like these evil criminals are talking about doing.

They are right now creating the greatest environmental disaster in history so they can make more and more and more money. They are insane.

Remember that I keep calling the Democrats the "Commierats"?

This video shows one of many reasons why I call them Commierats. The lefties, especially their media, academe, and politicians have been pro communism/socialism/Marxism/Nazi since long before Hitler and from the time of Linen and Stalin in 1917 to now.

As you can see going on right now in a number of ways like with Trump and Israel, they always lie, which is why I warn you to question everything. When I went into the Air Force, I quickly found out that almost everything they told us about Vietnam and the Military was just lies. I have told you a number of times that they gave South Vietnam to North Vietnam with a bill they passed in 1975 and are now telling everyone that the US Military lost the war, when it actually forced North Vietnam to sign the Paris Peace accords in February 1973.

They lie about everything and, when they get caught, they either just ignore it and/or change the subject to distract you from their lies.

They are just one example of the Commierats lying and putting out propaganda all of the time. I can't stand them and don't even use them anymore because I don't need their lies in my head.

People, it is the commies who have worked the hardest to destroy Christianity because they hate God. They have always persecuted Christians.

Philippines and India

The Philippines and India just publically shared their support for each other in relation to China. Basically, they have a mutual defense treaty concerning China.

This video shows India taking a stand in support of Philippines' sovereignty. That is a military commitment to fight with and for the Philippines against China.

Do you believe me yet that it won't just be Taiwan fighting against China?

Maryland Bridge

With all of the media coverage distracting the media from covering more important things, I have to believe it is very likely that it was done on purpose to distract people from those other more important things.

It just got a lot harder to find information about more important things because so much of the media are talking about the bridge.

Keep an eye on that.


I have been waiting and watching for this, wondering if our legal system is so far gone it has become our enemy too.

You have to understand that judges, DAs, and other attorneys are not above the law, especially the US Constitution, though some of them think they are. They are required to uphold and enforce the US Constitution and these criminal DAs are all denying Trump is constitutional right to a fair trial, which is unconstitutional and a federal crime.

Based on what I have seen, they should remove that judge and DA from their positions, disbar them for life for abusing the power of their positions for political reasons, try, and imprison them.

I don't care whether you like Trump or not, you cannot deny him his constitutional rights or others can do the same to you. What you can do to others, others can do to you, which is what God meant, when He said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

They have compromised and trampled all over the US Constitution for political reasons just like all dictatorships and should never be allowed to practice law again.


Remember that I have been warning you that we humans have been inbreeding too long, you know, for 6,000 years, so Jesus has to return soon to save us from ourselves, especially the Royals?

Just look at what is going on in this world with the upper class trash Royals and their puppets murdering millions of people with their wars to make more and more and more money.

You think that is sanity? Really?

And then there is this transgender crap. Forget about what science says, I say I am a frog so I am a frog, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. Forget about what science says about me being a man because I have a penis and XY chromosomes, I say I am a woman so I get to beat up on women in women's sports so I can pretend I am a champion at the expense of women.

You think that is sanity? Really?

The definition for insanity is to be out of touch with reality and irrational and none of this woke crap from the left is either in touch with reality or rational. They are all nuts from too much inbreeding and drinking too much of their own commie Kool-Aid. It should be obvious that the lunatics can't handle reality.

Then let's take a look at their climate change bull crap that, if they are not soon stopped, will destroy all life on this planet and is the greatest crime in history all so they can steal more and more and more money.

If they actually achieve their goal of making this planet "carbon neutral" by getting rid of all or even just too much of the CO2 on this planet, all of the plants will die from asphyxiation because they have to have CO2 to breath to live, to grow, and to produce fruit and, if all of the plants die, within a maximum of one or two months, all of the animals will die for several reasons all so the upper class trash Royals and their puppets can steal more and more and more money.

For example, if we don't have plants to convert CO2 into O2, we humans will asphyxiate but we will probably starve to death before that happens.

The lunatics are killing all life on this planet for money. Hey, at least the nuts will die more wealthy.

You think that is sanity? Really?

And, when anyone tries to tell the truth to stop the insanity of the left, the left censors them so the left can make more and more and more money because they are insane from thousands of years of inbreeding and drinking too much of their own Kool-Aid.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil" and they are extremely evil and nuts people. They are raving mad lunatics.

We really need Jesus to save our butts from these lunatics right now.

They are proving me right that the human race cannot continue much longer and they are right now creating our global terminal event with their insanity. The greatest threat to this planet is the left, their greed, and their insanity.

It is so tempting that the next time they show a picture of people burning in Hell to start pointing to people and start saying, "Hold it, isn't that king or queen so-and-so or Caesar or Pharaoh or Karl Marx or Charles Darwin or Linen or Stalin or Mao?" Hey, according to Jesus, they almost all are burning in Hell so, if you want to follow them, guess where you will end up?

I would rather follow Jesus.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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