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Russia has engaged ISIS at Homs in western Syria and is defeating them. But Russia isn't just moving troops into Syria and working with the Syrian Army, Hezbollah, and Iranian marines in Syria. He is also moving troops and equipment into Baghdad, Iraq and is working with the Iraqi Shia militias and Iranian Quds forces. Putin has set up a coordination cell in Baghdad to coordinate all of the forces in fighting ISIS and is providing everyone involved with satellite intel.

It appears that Putin just waltzed right in and took control of the war from the West and their allies. It is obvious that Putin plans to attack ISIS from both the east and west to squeeze them and cut off all of their supply lines. The man clearly means business and is wasting no time in bringing adequate forces to the fight and getting the job done.

Will Russia provide weapons for the Kurds and work with them?

Russia tried to sneak 4 attack and 4 bomber planes into Syria by hiding four of them at a time in the radar signatures of two larger cargo planes.

You know this is really ticking off ISIS Caliph, Obama, because it brings a serious threat to Obama's plans to secure the area for invading Israel. This may force Obama to accelerate his plans for seizing control of the US and invading Israel.

The U.N. secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, called for the situation in Syria to be referred to the International Criminal Court on Monday. Ban Ki-moon also said that five nations, Russia, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran, hold the key to a political solution to the war. Note that he did not include Syria or any of the terrorist organizations. He said innocent Syrians are paying the price for this war and there must be no impunity for atrocious crimes.

That looks like he is pointing the finger at Putin, Obama, King Salman, Erdogan, and Rouhani for their involvement as being the criminals to be investigated but Putin has not really done anything we know of yet which could be considered a crime in the Syrian conflict while Obama, King Salman, and Erdogan have started, trained, and funded the terrorist organization ISIS, which is a crime, and Rouhani has only been indirectly involved to this point, as far as we know.

Also Putin is claiming that US support for Syrian "rebels" is illegal, which is true because they are actually terrorist organizations and Obama, King Salman, and Erdogan are using them to overthrow an established nation.

Are they going after Obama and, maybe also King Salman and Erdogan? It looks that way, doesn't it?


Obama says that homosexual rights trump religious freedom.

Where does it say that in the US Constitution?

No where. Obama just made it up to use it for waging war against Christians. Yeah, Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim. (/sarc)

Also, now that Russia, Syria, Iraq, and Iran have formed an alliance to fight Obama's ISIS terrorist organization, Obama is ready to "compromise" with Russia or so he says.

In other words, Obama is already backing down to Putin...again? Putin called Obama's bluff and Obama is about to fold...again?

Obama's compromise, to save face, is Obama sticking with the "tyrant Assad must go" thingy.

If tyrants are not supposed to remain in power, then why doesn't Obama quit?


Fighting has broken out on the streets between the German left and right wings and it is increasing in violence. It is only a matter of time until deadly weapons will be used.

Whose side will the police and military join? Will Russia and China begin smuggling weapons into the EU rebels for the revolutions?

It is important to note that there is also increasing fighting between the Turkey and Kurd immigrants in Germany. It is just like I told you, the EU nations will break up from fighting between different factions, the different factions will carve out turf, and they will be forced to return to the Feudal system.


I have been watching and thinking about this quite a bit and it is time to connect some dots.

Look at the countries the Muslims are doing their Muslim surge into. They are all Euro-American western nations the Muslims want to take over. Remember that Obama has his secret racists data base or hit list. Also remember that the Muslims have posted a number of smaller hit lists on the Internet. Remember that there have been millions of Muslims in all of these countries for decades organizing and putting together their secret hit lists. Then the Muslims stage this immigration or surge invasion of all of these countries at the same time quickly moving in hundreds of thousands of young fit adult male Muslims, many of whom are either terrorists or soldiers from the various Muslim nations' armies.

Think not? Then where did the Muslims get more than 750 thousand military age males so quickly and how did they get them to all immigrate to Europe and the US at the same time, especially since most of them are not even from Syria?

They are not fleeing anything, they are going to something.

Don't be surprised to find out that Obama and his pals are not the only Muslims who smuggled nukes into their target countries. It is even possible that the 20 tactical nukes Obama recently sent to Germany were made available to the Muslims in those countries to stage false flag events.

There is only one possibility for this. The Muslims are going to do a simultaneous takeover of the entire West. Simultaneously, the Muslims will stage a false flag event by nuking cities in each country and round up and kill all of the upper class trash and their puppets and activists in all of the countries the Muslims are "immigrating" to while blaming Israel. In one quick stroke, the Muslims will bring down and conquer every Euro-American nation and then invade Israel. Keep an eye on this.


Obama is bringing in all of these Muslim terrorists in an attempt to overwhelm the millions of US citizens with guns because Obama has not been able to get rid of those guns. He can't disarm the American people so he is building a greater terrorist army to destroy the people.


The Commie Pope is clearly promoting a one world government and UN agenda 21. The Pope and his conspirators can't succeed because, in the Tribulation, the one world government and church are not set up until the mid Tribulation when Israel capitulates and after several global wars kill off half the people on the planet and the first 14 judgments are carried out. Absolutely none of that has happened so this effort by the Luciferians can't succeed because God can't be wrong. God will use the Muslims to stop the Luciferians.


Hilarious knows she is going down so she is making lame excuses and blaming the GOP in advance so she can play the victim card.


Trumpeter is saying he will replace Obama socialist programs like Obamacare with better socialist programs. 1) This proves Trumpeter is a socialist and 2) did the upper class trash intentionally set up Obama with faulty laws and programs, which would fail, to make him look bad, you know, the stupid black man, intending to replace those programs with better programs by a later white president? Was he sabotaged from the start to make blacks look stupid and inferior?

Don't feel sorry for him because Obama had no good intentions and deserves it.


NASA is claiming they found liquid water on the surface of Mars, you know, as if that proves life could have happened there too by accident and coincidence. This is bogus. If you don't believe me, find an altitude chamber, put a bowl of water in it, take the atmospheric pressure down to 5 millibars, you know, Mar's atmospheric pressure, and see what happens. The water will boil. Also, put your bowl of water in a freezer at -60 degrees F, you know, Mar's surface temperature, and watch how fast it freezes. It is scientifically impossible to have liquid water on Mars. NASA is lying to keep getting their government grants to pay their checks.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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