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The first thing I want to discuss is the Zimmerman show trial. It has been obvious from the start that Zimmerman is not guilty of a crime but they have persisted in prosecuting him with the media doing its best to work the black community up into a frenzy of hate against Zimmerman.


I have been quietly watching and waiting for some dots so I could figure out why they have been terrorizing this poor man. I am not watching the case but have had friends tell me and have been reading that all of the prosecution witnesses are actually defense witnesses proving Zimmerman is innocent. I also have been hearing and reading about blacks saying that, if Zimmerman is not convicted, they will riot in the streets, regardless of whether Zimmerman is innocent.

Remember what I told you about there being a lot of tension and racial strife between blacks and Latinos?

I thought about all of this for a while and then realized that the upper class trash may be prosecuting Zimmerman in order to cause the blacks to riot in the streets so Obama can declare martial law and set up their dictatorship. The strategy is simple. They select a case where a black is killed in self defense by a non black and prosecute the non black knowing they can't win the case because the non black is innocent. They use the media and hate to turn the black community against the non black while they are preparing the case for trial. Then put on a show trial intentionally not trying to win the case knowing that, when they lose the case, the blacks will riot in the streets on a national level giving Obama a lame excuse to declare martial law and set up their dictatorship.

Keep an eye on this. The entire Zimmerman thing stinks very badly and they are definitely up to something. All the Latinos should be furious at the liberals for this and I want to know why the Latinos have not stood up for an innocent brother. You should be the ones rioting in the streets.

Remember what I told you about the pagans using abortion to legalize murdering children so the pagans can start publically murdering children to their pagan gods? In a recent Texas street protest, the Pro-lifers sang "Amazing Grace" while the pro-murders chanted "Hail Satan". The lefty pagans are getting increasingly arrogant, confident, and obvious about their true intentions. It will get worse. BTW, I told you so.

Here is something I am still thinking about. They are encouraging increasing numbers of US citizens to murder off their unborn babies and even trying to legalize murdering infants and toddlers while encouraging increasing numbers of illegal aliens to come into the country.

Are they working to replace us with foreigner slaves or what?

The problem is that, the vast majority of the people who are going to murder off their children will be liberals so they are working to get rid of liberals and replace them with illegal aliens, many of whom are hard working conservatives?

That makes my brain hurt. Is the upper class trash working towards murdering off their loyal liberal activists and only leaving foreign slave workers and conservatives? I bet that hurt your brain too, didn't it?

I am going to have to watch for more dots to help me figure out what they are doing because, if that is really what they are doing, then we are talking about these intellectually superior gods being beyond brain dead stupid.

I have been doing some more research and have been finding out some interesting things. It seems that these power mad liberal lefties or New Agers are what they like to call "Luciferians", which have a number of secret cults (fascists and racists Euro-American white boy clubs like Free Masons and Illuminati, aka white cracker upper class trash) working towards a one world government and religion, of course, run by them. They believe that Lucifer is god and that God, Yahweh, is Satan, that the Garden of Eden was real and God, Yahweh, created everything including the entire cosmos, that God, Yahweh, was holding Adam and Eve captive in the Garden of Eden (being held captive in paradise?), and that Lucifer (the god of light) freed Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. (Getting freed from paradise?) They believe that, if they set up their one world government and religion and kill off all Christians and Jews along with all non whites, Lucifer will help them all spiritually evolve into gods just like God, Yahweh, only higher.

Keep in mind that these are the same people who keep preaching evolution is a fact to everyone else and say we Christians are stupid for believing that God created everything, about Adam and Eve, and everything else in the Bible.

Now what should that tell you?

First, they clearly don't believe in evolution. They only keep pushing the idea of evolution being a fact to discredit Christians and the Bible and to turn more people to their Satanic cult while hypocritically believing God made everything including earth, the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, and the cosmos, and believe in Adam and Eve as being our first parents. You know, just like us Christians and Torah Jews.

When everyone finds this out, the debate about creation vs evolution will be over with creation having won. They KNOW that evolution did not happen and believe the same basic Bible story we Christians and Torah Jews believe. All they did was screw up the Bible story to fit their Satanic cult so they can continue to hate God, the Bible, Jews, and Christians along with all non whites.

Second, just like I have been telling you for more than a decade, liberalism is a fanatical Satanic pagan religion. Third, they are all pagans and Satanists working to kill off all Christians and Jews along with all non whites. Fourth, they believe that, in spite of the fact that they admit that God, Yahweh, created the entire cosmos and everything in it and Lucifer didn't create squat, Lucy is a greater god than God, Yahweh. Go figure. Fifth, they arrogantly believe they are also gods and Lucy will soon help them spiritually "evolve" into gods. Sixth, they also believe that only the superior white race can spiritually evolve into gods and the rest of the races have to be killed off along with the Christians and Torah Jews while telling all the other races that those other races are included in their master plan and we Christians and Torah Jews are the bad guys. Seventh, they can't be trusted by anyone because they are lying to everyone, even their own liberal commie traitors.

Hold it, if they are gods, why do they need Lucy to help them evolve into being gods? And they think what we Christians believe is crazy? Wow!

Basically, they are fulfilling the prophesies which said they will call good evil and evil good and that they will believe a lie because they want to believe the lie. Oh yeah, by their own beliefs, evolution is dead.

BTW, I want to know why that turkey, Lucy, freed us from paradise. Who asked him to butt in?

Clearly these people have been inbreeding and using drugs way too long and it is very important that you....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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