Secret of God

The Bible tells us that there are secrets which God has not shared with us in the Bible. Every now and then, God uses some one to reveal some of those secrets to the rest of us. Over the years, God has revealed quite a bit to me which I have not yet shared with you, often because I am not permitted to share that information with you at this time.

Today, I am going to share with you a truly wonderful and glorious secret God revealed to me years ago with a number of dreams and by the Bible. But I am going to do it in a way which will cause you to realize this secret yourself. You see, this secret IS in the Bible and has been staring us humans in the face for thousands of years and we still don't get it. Today, you are going to get it and, when you do, you will be amazed that we humans didn't get this thousands of years ago. It is just so obvious.

There are two important things in the Bible which reveal this great and wonderful secret of God. First, after God created Adam and Eve, God told them to reproduce and populate the earth. Second, the Bible tells us that after Lucifer coerced Eve and then Adam into sinning, death came into the world.

What the second thing tells us is that, when God created man, He originally created us to be immortal beings so we would not die. But, when we sinned, God changed our genetic and physical structure so that we became mortal beings. It is because of sin that death came into the world.

Now, let's go back to the first part when we were still immortal beings. What was God's plan A for mankind?

Well, the scriptures tell us that God had already told the two immortal beings, Adam and Eve, to go into the world and populate the world. Now, just how long do you think it would have taken for immortal beings, who never die, to populate the world to the point where the planet would become crowded? I used to wonder about that when I was a young man. After we populate the world, then what?

Pending the reproduction rate, maybe a few thousand years, at the most, 4 or 5 thousand years.

Common sense should tell you that it was only a matter of time until the planet became so populated that it would create a crisis. Now, don't you think this brilliant being who created the entire cosmos and everything in it had a plan to prevent that crisis?

Of course He did. You might think that God planned to decrease or even stop man's rate of reproduction but God let me know that wasn't the plan. I'll give you a hint, go out at night and look up into all those billions times billions of beautiful stars that fill our really huge cosmos, you know, the ones God created. Do you get the picture?

In God's original plan A, He had planned for man to populate the planet earth to a certain point where it would become some what crowded but not even close to being a crisis. Then God was going to provide man with the technology to travel to other solar systems and colonize other planets. Basically, God also create the cosmos and not just earth to be populated because God planned to spread mankind throughout the stars. Wow!! If you look at our cosmos, you realize that is an awful lot of populating and colonizing for a very long time. In other words, if man had just behaved himself, most of us would already be out there in space looking back on earth.

But Lucifer persuaded man to screw up God's plans by breaking God's Law. Yet, God loves us so much that, after He kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden to punish them, He gave us a second chance. We also screwed that up so God used the flood to get rid of the evil people on earth, Luciferians, and gave us a third chance. We have been screwing that up for thousands of years and now the Luciferians are back in control.

Basically, we humans have been quarantined here on earth to keep us from spreading our evil to God's other planets. We are like a disease. If at any time during these last 6,000 years, mankind would have turned his heart back to God and obeyed God's Law, God would have permitted us to have peace and populate the planet to the point to where He would have sent us off to colonize other planets. Boy, did we screw up or what? All because we just have to have those temporary sins.

Relatively recently, God began to use Christianity to help permit the global population to grow until the planet is now moderately crowded. Most people think the planet is very crowded because they live in very crowded cities and don't realize that much of the world is still unsettled. This is to permit Lucifer to show you how he would handle the problem of global crowding.

It turns out that Lucy's "brilliant" plan is to murder off more than 7 billion people and turn the vast majority of the survivors into slaves so the handful of evil upper class trash don't have to work for a living and don't have to share "their" planet with any more people than absolutely necessary. After all, Lucy can't create squat, much less another planet for the people to colonize. I don't know about you, but I don't really like Lucy's plan. I prefer God's plan.

In a number of dreams, God has let me know that He plans to finally carry out His plan of mankind colonizing other planets but there are conditions. Only good people will be allowed to go there and that doesn't include Lucifer's pagans.

First, you must turn your hearts to God, repent of your crimes against His Laws, accept the salvation or amnesty of Jesus. Then you must turn to God for Him to help you win this coming civil war the evil Luciferians are forcing on us in an effort to murder and enslave us. After you have won this civil war, with the help of God, you must request for God to help you in setting up a Christian nation and it must be a Christian nation or no deal. When you do this, God will help you to quickly build a new nation and cause that nation's economy to grow faster and stronger than any economy has ever grown.

You see, we must have an extremely strong economy in our Christian nation because colonizing other planets will take a little away from this planet's economy. If we don't have an extremely strong economy in our Christian nation, colonizing other planets will cause the economy in our nation here on earth to go into a recession. Therefore, the economy must be very strong. We are going to be sending hundreds of millions of Christian men, women, and children from our nation on earth to populate and colonize planets in space. Wow, how fun! But that will put a strain on any economy, so our economy must be very strong before we begin colonizing other planets.

God has told me that we will populate a number of planets in our galaxy, the Milky Way, and a handful in the next spiral galaxy, M31 or what the pagans call Andromeda. That is right, you will not only become space travelers and interstellar travelers within a few years but will also become intergalactic travelers. Does that sound fun or what? :-) I love God's plan. It is so exciting.

Also, it should only be common sense that, if we don't have the technology to colonize other planets, then God will provide that technology. Remember that nothing is impossible with God. God can do things the human mind can't even imagine.

So God is offering you a choice. You can accept Lucy's plan of murder, robbery, and slavery in which almost all of you will be killed and almost all of the rest of you will be enslaved or you can accept God's plan for peace and the freedom to travel to and colonize other planets. Your choice, choose wisely.

BTW, God is going to require things like every man, woman, and child of 12 or older in our new nation be armed and trained in the use of those arms so you can defend yourselves, your families, and your nation. God wants you to be free and be able to take care of yourselves. Have you noticed that Lucy has been disarming people so those people cannot defend themselves against their oppressive Luciferian slave over lords? Think about it. Freedom is a God given right which Satan keeps trying to take away from everyone.

So what are you going to choose?

John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him shall have ever lasting life.

Lucifer doesn't love anyone but himself. Think about it.

This gives you a very good reason to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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