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I keep watching and waiting for the rioting peasants to learn from history. They keep rioting in the streets fighting cops and the military while their corrupt criminal leaders sit safely in their mighty palaces continuing with their mischief as if nothing is going on outside in the streets because the cowardly bullies feel safe hiding behind the cops and military.

History teaches that, if you want real change, you have to make it personal for the powerful elites. If the king is persecuting his people, the people have to make it personal to the king by storming and taking the castle, a direct threat to the king. You are not going to make it personal to the king and cause him to change his behavior by rioting in a village or two, fighting his cops and soldiers. A corrupt leader does not care about the people, their villages, their homes, and their businesses except to tax them.

Basically, what the peasants have to do it take the capital building with all of the leaders in it and riot in the streets running in front of the homes of the greedy, power mad leaders and their puppet masters, drag a few of them out in the streets, apply a little designer tar and feathers, use a few of them for tree ornaments, and take the rest of their heads off.

History teaches that you have to make it very personal to get greedy, power mad people's attention and cause them to behave. That is why it is crucial for the citizenry to be armed.

Until the peasants learn that fighting the cops and military in the city streets will not change the behavior of the criminals running their countries, I am sitting, waiting, and watching.

Right now, the best thing that can happen and the most likely to succeed would be for their countries' militaries to stage coups,round up the leaders, try the leaders in military courts, execute the leaders, and clean up the mess.


Russia began air strikes against terrorists in Syria today. This should tell you that the Russian planes and UAVs flying around Syria for the last week without attacking anything were gathering intel, which is normal military operations before conducting air strikes.

BTW, Russia told US forces to steer clear of where their planes were going, you know, Syrian airspace. Apparently, Russia only gave US forces an hour's notice before the Russian missions began. This was a really huge slap in Obama's face and no, Putin doesn't trust Obama. I would love to have seen the look on Obama's face when he got word of this. I wonder if Obama put his head on mommy Val's shoulder and cried.

BTW, with this one move, Russia just became the primary military power in the world because, having a gun doesn't do any good if you are not willing to use it and having the best military in the world doesn't do any good if you are not willing to use it. Putin is willing to use it.

BTW, the Russian Orthodox Church is backing Putin's move in Syria as a "holy war in Syria".

I just read on a military site that Australia is considering joining Assad (and Russia) in fighting Obama's ISIS. Former US allies keep going over to Russia. I am keeping an eye on this.


The left is showing that they are pure evil beyond imagination. They are planning, encouraging, and even pushing the most horrid crimes against humanity in history. You have to be beyond evil to want to do such horrid crimes to innocent people or even to permit others to commit those crimes without trying to stop the criminals.

The only reason why these people have not been arrested, tried, convicted, and executed for their extremely evil conspiracy to commit these crimes is because they have infiltrated and taken over our legal system and won't prosecute each other.

By now, almost everyone knows that these evil monsters are working towards setting up their one world government and murdering off more than 7 billion people globally so they don't have to share their planet with the rest of us. One liberal woman recently said that she thinks the government should send buses around to pick up old people and kill them with no negative response from the media, telling us that all of the liberals feel this way. Increasing numbers of liberals are pushing the idea that anyone who stands against their lie of climate change should be imprisoned and you know that next will be prison for anyone who stands against any of their lies. This is a violation of international law called political persecution.

If you were to just state that they should go to jail for pushing their climate change lies, they would scream to high heaven about political persecution in spite of the fact that what they are doing is criminal called fraud, extortion, and other such crimes.

And the thing you should be most afraid of is that these extremely evil people are in control of our nations. These people are far more evil than Hitler, Linen, Stalin, Mao, and their other predecessors. These people are the most evil people in the history of the world. They have invented infinite evil because their evil is never ending; they are always dreaming up even more evil that is even worse.


No sooner did I write it and there are stories about the Muslim immigrants Obama is letting into the US with links to terrorist organizations. To do this, Obama had to suspend a law that says no immigrants with links to terrorism can be admitted into the US.

This might be a good time for all of you to say this little prayer out of the Bible, "Lord, deliver me out of the hands of my enemy and deliver my enemy into my hand."


Remember a number of years ago when I pointed out that the global population of Muslims had dropped to 1.2 billion and then about half a year later they said that the global population had suddenly grown back to 1.6 billion, almost completely because of conversions and I told you that, in order to get that many conversions in that little time, the liberals had to convert to Islam in mass?

Have you been noticing all of the liberal school teachers teaching Islam in school and forcing it on our children? Now, why do you think those liberal school teachers are pushing Islam so much nationally? Gee, could it be because they converted to Islam like I told you they did?


One thing that I keep seeing that people do not understand about Obama is that, what you see as evil, he sees as good.

To you, they are Muslim terrorists. To Obama, they are mighty Muslim warriors fighting for Islam called Jihadis.

To you, Muslims raping non Muslims is evil. To Obama, Muslims raping non Muslims is a good work earning salvation.

To you, Muslims murdering non Muslims is evil. To Obama, Muslims are not murdering non Muslims because it is not possible for Muslims to murder anyone except other Muslims and killing non Muslims is a good work earning salvation.

To you, Muslims stealing from non Muslims is evil. To Obama, Muslims are just taking what they are entitled to because everything on this planet belongs to Muslims and not non Muslims.

To you, Muslims torturing, burning alive, and crucifying non Muslims is evil. To Obama, such things are good works earning salvation.

To you, the Muslims doing anything bad to non Muslims is evil. To Obama, Muslims cannot do anything bad to non Muslims.

It is all a matter of perspective and, when Obama says the insane things he says, it is his Muslim perspective he is talking about. You have to understand that Islam and its logic is evil so Obama's logic is also evil because he is a Muslim. To Obama, your non Muslim logic, especially liberalism, is evil.

I told you about this years ago and people are still not getting it. Islam is the exact opposite of Christianity, therefore, what is good to you is evil to Muslims and what is evil to you is good to Muslims. You know, fulfilling the Bible prophesy which said they shall call good evil and evil good. The Muslims have been fulfilling that prophesy for 1,400 years now and Christians still don't get it because they don't understand Muslim logic, it is exactly the opposite of yours.

That is why Obama refuses to admit that Muslims are terrorists. To Obama, they are mighty Muslim warriors called Jihadis, not terrorists. To Obama, the terrorists can do no wrong, they are guaranteed eternal salvation. Obama will never admit that Muslims are terrorist because he is a devout radical Muslim and that would be blasphemy.

See why it is so important to know that Obama is a Muslim. Then and only then can you understand him and his actions. Obama sees himself as a magnificent Jihadi leading all of the other Jihadis to glory and eternal salvation, he is the great Muslim warrior king.


Iran is still spending that $150 billion Caliph Obama and Lurch gave them. Iran just purchased $21 billion in "satellite related equipment" from Russia. That could be multiple stage rocket technology, missile guidance technology, and spy satellite technology required for accurately targeting places like the US and Europe for nuke missiles.

I have told you before that satellite technology is almost the same technology used for ICBMs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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