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It has just been reported that more than half of the dead from the Mecca stampede were Iranian. I told you Iran was behind this. Now they are Iranian martyrs who caused that stampede. Iran is working to either seize control of or destroy Mecca just like I told you years ago. Iran wants Babylon, not Mecca, to be the most holy site in Islam, just like I told you years ago.

God keeps showing me stuff, I keep showing it to you, and it keeps coming to pass. Get the picture yet?


I previously stated I am against paid professional protestors. When one or more people pay other people to protest for them, that is insurrection and is a form of treason. It should carry the death penalty.

Protesting on your own is one thing but being paid to protest, especially causing violence is criminal, premeditated, and organized crime, at the very least.


Tuesday at the United Nations Leaders' Summit on Countering Islamic State and violent extremism, Obama said, "Violent extremism is not unique to any one faith, so no one should ever be profiled or targeted simply because of their faith", you know, like him always attacking Christians because of our faith.

Then British PM, Cameron, said, "Barack, you are quite right, that every religion has its extremists, but we have to be frank that the biggest problem we have today is the Islamist extremist violence that has given birth to ISIL, to Al Shabaab to Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and so many other groups."

Nothing like a little truth to set things right and they are finally telling that ugly little truth. They are finally standing up to Obama and his lies.

Then Cameron added, "We need to challenge the extremist worldview right from the start. What does that mean? In Western countries it means we have to root out the extremists preachers that are poisoning the minds of young Muslims in our country."

Are the upper class trash Euros finally taking a stand against Islam and is it in time?

Argentina's President Christina Fernandez de Kirchener has revealed that her nation had been approached by an Obama administration official and attempted to convince Argentina to "provide the Islamic Republic of Iran with nuclear fuel." It is for the orphans, you know.

This is clearly treason.

I have realized that, after Obama and his Muslim pals take over the US for anywhere from about six months to more than a year, they will destroy feminism. Based on my observations and studies, I believe the worst feminists will be either killed (most likely, because of their arrogant, aggressive male hatred) or sold into slavery. The rest of the women will be forced to flee to non Muslim men for protection and the battle of the sexes will come to a screeching halt with men and women working together the way God meant for us to do.

Think not?

Just imagine under Sharia Law that some arrogant, big mouth, aggressive male hating liberal feminist walks up to a ruthless female hating Muslim male and gets in his face.

Just how long do you think it will take for him to blow her brains out or slit her throat?

Besides, you can bet the Muslims will have these women on their hit lists of people to quickly kill.

Basically, God is going to use the Muslims and Sharia Law to clean up the mess the liberals have made.


I just saw a headline that said, "Putin muscles in on Syria, Obama cowers." That sounds about right.

It seems that Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran are getting ready for a major offensive against the US trained, armed, and supported terrorist...uh...rebel groups in Syria. The Russian air strikes were just preparing the battle field for that offensive (called prepping the battlefield) and will continue to support the offensive.

Obama has threatened Putin to not hit any of the terrorist organizations except ISIS...or what? Obama will run crying to mommy Val again and look really stupid again?

Everyone is making Obama look stupid, Putin, Cameron, Iran...

Then the liberal commie traitor twit, John McCain, is saying that Russia is doing Syria's dirty work for them. Duh, yeah, Syria is Russia's ally and Putin is coming to the aid of his ally. That is what allies are supposed to do, stupid, not like how the US has been back stabbing our allies under Obama. Obviously, comrade McCain doesn't understand the concept of aiding allies.

And with people like Obama and McCain ruining...uh...running our country, you wonder why we keep losing allies like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Australia to Russia?

US General Paul Valley said that Putin is controlling the game with his Russian airstrikes, you know, just like I told you.

Franklin Graham said that the Russian air strikes may prevent the Christian blood bath.

When asked about Syria, Trump said that the US should not be the policeman of the world. (I disagree and feel we need to play a major role in that but that is not the point I am about to make.)

Mean while, the US and Russian military are holding Syrian talks. In other words, Obama is talking while Putin is doing.

Obama, thou art not Caesar. Basically, Obama's evil plans are not working out quite so well. He doesn't even do a good job of bluffing.

Man plans, God laughs.

It is fun to see the traitor Obama, who is right now destroying our nation, get his butt handed to him by a real man, though not a good one, but it is just as sad to know that Obama inherited our military, the greatest military in the world, and Putin just tried to kick that military to the curb and almost did.

Fortunately for us, our military leaders are much bigger men than Obama could ever be and continued their normal air strikes in Syria putting Putin back in his place. The good thing is, because of our very good military leaders, we got to see both Obama and Putin humiliated and put in their places with our military standing strong. Most of our military leaders are still great men, it is our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats that suck.

The US Secretary of Defense said that Russia will fail in Syria. You can bet he and Obama will try to cause Russia to fail in order to protect their terrorists...uh...rebels, yeah, that's the ticket, rebels. You know, screw the Christians Russia could save, let's cause Russia to fail in saving those Christians because we are power mad and crazy.

Help Russia succeed?

No way, the liberal commie traitors and Obama want the Muslim terrorists to destroy Syria...and the Christians too.

Ralph Peters said that Putin will shoot down an Obama UAV over Syria and Obama will cut and run, you know, like Billy Boy Clintstone did in Somalia. That is an interesting thought and something to keep an eye on.

Barack Insane Obama has refused to help Jordan fight ISIS so Israel is helping Jordan fight ISIS.

Do you get the picture about Obama being on the side of ISIS? Help our allies against ISIS?


I saw a few days ago that China was sending troops to aid Russia and Syria in fighting the US terrorist organizations called rebels and I just saw it confirmed. The Israelis say that the Chinese carrier, Liaoning-CV-16, has docked in Syria with a guided missile cruiser. The ships have Chinese advisors on board and Chinese troops will soon follow.

This makes Obama's mess extremely complex because any actions against Russia will also be actions against China and we will suddenly find ourselves at war with both nations and Obama having torn our military down to less than a one front military. Putin knows what he is doing.

What a mess Barack Insane Obama has gotten us into.

BTW, the pagans are calling this coming war WWIII, many Christians are thinking this is Armageddon but the better informed Christians know it is Ezekiel 38 & 39.


Trumpeter is calling for the commie single payer healthcare system.

Gee, he wouldn't be a commie posing as a conservative, would he?

Linen II

Mean while, the avowed commie, Linen II (Sanders), is raising capital faster than Obama did in '08, you know, like the good little crony capitalist/commie he really is and the lefties are too stupid to figure it out.

John Kasich

John Kasich takes a stand for homosexual marriage, you know, like the good little liberal he really is.

Are there any true conservatives running?

I have not found one.


The great Jebberwocky thinks that Boner did a great job, even though his conservative constituents ran his butt out of office.

So, if you are not an idiot, should you even think about voting for the Jebberwocky?

Oh yeah, it turns out that Jebberwocky is being funded by a Soros Chinese business partner and you can bet Soros is providing most of the funding, you know, just like Soros funds Obama. So Jebberwocky is another Soros puppet and you will get the same treason from him you are getting from Obama.


Valerie Jarrett threw Hilarious under the bus Tuesday by saying they advised everyone to not use private e-mails, which, if you had a clue what you were doing, you would have known not to do.

I told you that Obama and company are working to destroy the Clintstones. It is called a power struggle.

Liberal Shrinks

Remember me telling you that liberal shrinks are a scam because people never get well?

You know that, if you get well, those shrinks stop making hundreds of dollars per hour from you. They lose money and they know all about job security. Keep you sick, keep you coming, and you keep paying. It's a racket and then they also get kickbacks from the drug companies for the drugs they prescribe and cause all sorts of ill effects including screwing up your mind so you will keep coming back for more.

A recent study says that talk therapy is over rated.

Really? Who would have figured?


The immigration problem has gotten so bad that the UN, Lurch, and some other top leaders are asking the two factions in Libya to make nice and quit running their people out of Libya into Europe, you know, like it is only their fault.

One would think that these leaders have a responsibility to undo the mess they caused by getting rid of the terrorist factions Europe and the US used to illegally destroy Libya but then you realize those terrorists are the proxy army for Europe and the US so they can't destroy those terrorists or the other terrorist armies they are currently using to illegally destroy Syria would turn on Europe and the US, you know, like they have not already.

Well, the intellectually superior, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, Euro-American upper class trash with the right degrees from the right universities have screwed things up again with their genius plans.

Man plans, God laughs.

Mass Shooting

There has been another mass shooting, this time in Oregon. It is resulting in the idiots among us crying out for more gun control when there is already quite a bit of gun control. The simple minded fools think that, if we just get rid of all legal guns, the killings will magically stop, you know, like these crazies won't be able to get illegal guns or use other weapons like knives, hammers, and bombs, which many more are already doing than shooting people.

Yeah, it will really solve the problem by taking guns away from law abiding citizens so they can't protect themselves from illegally purchased guns, knives, hammers, bombs, and other weapons. The truth is that one concealed carry in that class room would have saved most of those lives and maybe all of them.

You stupid liberal college professors should think about that one...but, hold it, liberals only think they can think. Forget it.

The other thing that burns my butt about these types of killings, especially with terrorists, is that the victims just stand there and let people murder them. They don't fight back!

"But", you say, "he has a gun and I don't and, if I attack him, he is going to shoot me."

He is going to shoot you anyway, stupid, take him with you so he can't kill others!!!

Besides, it is much harder for him to hit a moving target AND statistics show that better than 80% of people who are shot don't die AND most of those who do die, can still fight long enough before they bleed out to kill the person who killed them. Drag them to the grave with you, baby. If you just stand there and let him shoot you or cut your throat, you WILL die just before he kills someone else. If you fight back, you might kill him and you might survive. I will take "might survive" over "will die" any day.

Besides, look at what this jerk did. He lined them up and went down the line at close quarters shooting Christians in the head and others in the leg.

What do you do when someone puts a gun in your face at close quarters?

You drop to the ground and quickly roll sideways towards his lower legs to knock him down with your body and fight for the gun. When you suddenly drop, he will be taken by surprise, which will buy you at least one to two seconds of hesitation from the gunman because he won't be expecting you to do that (you know, the element of surprise thingy), which will be more than enough time to hit his lower legs and knock him down. He won't even have enough time to try to track you with his gun and, if he does fire, he will almost certainly miss.

Don't believe me?

Try shooting at something that is moving quickly down and towards you at such close quarters. Only the very, very best shooters, you know, like Delta Force, MIGHT be able to just wound you before you knock them down, causing their gun to be flung high and possibly away from them, just before you climb their falling body to take control of their gun to kill them or to break their slimy neck.

Besides, if the guy is down the line shooting other people, the gun isn't even being pointed at you. Attack them from the side and kill them before they can point the gun at you. You hit them low under the gun taking them down with you on top and then use your body weight and strength to control their gun arm and turn the gun into them before discharging the weapon killing them.

Also, let me share a little psychological warfare with you. If you ask some one who is about to kill you a question, it will cause their brain to shift from thinking about fighting to thinking about answering your question. If you attack them just as soon as they start to answer their question, when the first word comes out of their mouth, it will take at least one to three seconds for their brain to shift back to thinking about fighting buying you enough time to kill them because they will hesitate that one to three seconds. Also, if you ask them a really stupid question that has nothing to do with what is going on, like "why is Mickey Mouse black and white", it will add confusion causing them to try to think about why would you ask such a stupid question and buy you at least one to two more seconds for up to five seconds of them hesitating. In street fighting, this is called a sucker punch.

Now add that five seconds to the first two seconds and you can get seven whole seconds to kill them before they can react to kill you. If you know what you are doing, you can kill two or three people in seven seconds.

You stick a gun in my face, I'm going to kill you, especially when I know you will shoot anyway. If I am going to die, it is going to be fighting and not cowering, especially if it will save the lives of others.

LEARN.TO.FIGHT!!! I cannot stress that enough. Also, if you can, CARRY.A.WEAPON!!!

Food For Thought

Have you noticed that we don't have a government any more?

We have an evil soap opera. Talk about drama queens and kings. They are all nuts.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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