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Mass Shooting

After I uploaded my last essay, News 82, I found out that an Army veteran did try to stop the shooter, was shot five times, and is expected to recover.

My first thought was, "Why did the rest of the students just stand there watching the shooter shoot the vet five times instead of also charging the shooter?"

Most people are afraid to try to fight so the fighting for lives, liberty, and religious freedom is always up to the few. Most people will just stand there and let you kill them and others. This makes it much more important that you learn to fight to protect yourself and others because few others will even try to come to your aid.

Keep in mind that, if that Army vet had been packing heat, it would have been a very different story.

If you want to stop these mass shootings, then you have the federal government REQUIRE that all active US military, US veterans, and retired US law enforcement, except those with mental problems, carry firearms in public. That will automatically put weapons in the hands of at least 10 to 20 million professionals, probably more, who will know how to use those weapons. The federal government would provide each of these people with one voucher for a handgun and holster of the person's choice, within reason, along with annual vouchers for ammunition and to cover the cost for shooting ranges for practice shooting. These people will be required to attend a class on state and federal laws every 3 to 5 years because laws change. They would also have to shoot before local officials, such as police or sheriffs, to certify every year. This would be a federal weapons permit which would allow for both open and concealed carry anywhere and everywhere within the US.

Personally, I believe the Second Amendment should be the only weapons permit a law abiding citizen should need.

It would put so many good people on the street with weapons the bad guys would cry about the good old days.


It seems that the German PM, Merkel, is up for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Did she sell out her people for an international award?

If so, she should be tried for treason.


Russia is increasing its bombing of terrorist targets and it is being reported that terrorists are deserting their posts and heading back to Europe or where ever else they came from.

If this is true, why did we not have the same thing happen after the US started faking bombing ISIS?

Oh yeah, we were just faking bombing ISIS because Caliph Obama is protecting ISIS.

The Syrian Kurds have said that the Russian bombings are an important step in fighting ISIS.

BTW, Obama has a little problem with Russia being in Syria. Syria is a sovereign nation and that sovereign nation requested Russia aid Syria in their war. Russia has every right to be there and the US and its allies have none. If the US tries to impose a no fly zone over Syria, it will be an international crime and a blatant act of war.

Obama said that he is not losing to Putin in Syria meaning...the war is now a contest between him and Putin?

What a child.

Obama also said that Putin went into Syria out of weakness.

Isn't that what Obama said about Putin taking Crimea? If Putin is weak and is kicking Obama's butt, what is Obama, super weak?

Remember that I told you that China's carrier just docked in Syria? What do they have on carriers?

Airplanes and I just read that China has joined Russia in bombing the terrorists...uh...rebels and ISIS. This will give China's carrier combat experience and help them in designing their own future carriers.

You know, I bet Obama thinks China is helping Syria and Russia because they are weak too.

BTW, the communist Chinese government is committing suicide. They have plans for an insanely large city which is poorly designed and already starting to fail, all paid for by their government. Their economy is in shambles and they are bleeding money. Don't be surprised to see China's military stage a coup in the not too distant future.

Remember that I told you there is a civil war in China, between China and the Muslims?

A few days ago there were 17 explosions in China. This Chinese civil war is rapidly escalating. Keep an eye on it.

I just read that Obama finally has an accomplishment to put on his resume. He has turned Putin into the world's most powerful leader.

BTW, the reason Obama jumped on the Oregon school shooting so fast was because Putin is humiliating Obama in Syria and the recent US jobs report.

"Hey, everyone, look over there at Oregon and let's take guns away from everyone! Don't look at Syria or the jobs report."


The Secret Service says that their worst duty is protecting Hilarious. That should be a huge red flag about her being a tyrant.

Could that also be why people in the State Department are now giving her up, along with Obama throwing her under the bus?


I got tired of talking about our economy a few years ago because nothing has really changed in the last eight years. We are still in a super depression and now all of the experts are dumbfounded (as usual) because there were only 142,000 jobs created last month with a three month average of only 167,000 new jobs. They quit talking about how many people are losing jobs but you can bet it was well over 200,000, probably over 300,000. We have only had two months in the last eight years where the number of people finding jobs has even come close to the number of people losing jobs.

Does that sound like a recovering economy to you?

No? Then nothing has changed except for it getting much worse.


Police and Sheriff departments around the US are putting "In God We Trust" on their cars. They are standing up to and fighting back against the liberal commie pagan traitors. This confirms what God showed me in the dream, that 80% of the law enforcement and military will be on your side. Now, you need to stand up for them and be on their side.

Police and Politicians

Increasing numbers of law enforcement and even a few of the better politicians are telling Christians to buy guns, you know, just like Jesus told his disciples to buy swords. When the apostles asked Jesus if they should buy a sword, he said, "No, buy two." So, obey Jesus and buy at least two guns for everyone in the family. A handgun for close in fighting and a rifle for fighting from more than 20 to 30 feet. Hey, be an even better Christian and get a 12 gauge shotgun for mid range fighting. Then get professional training in how to use those weapons.

Also, you can be an even better Christian if you learn to fight with your hands, feet, and with weapons like knives, clubs, and such. Always carry at least a knife and, where you can, carry a gun, you know, like Jesus told you to. Obey Jesus, not the Commie Pope.

You know, I can't find anywhere in my Bible where it says to obey the pope. It says obey God in plenty of places but doesn't have one place where it says obey the pope or any other religious leader.

EVERYBODY, buy one or more guns, get training, learn to fight, get organized, and get ready for the rapidly approaching war. Those who are not ready will be most likely to die.

For those of you who have not been paying attention, the war against Christians has already begun. The fecal matter is already hitting the fan.


The liberals keep pushing their ideas to "save lives" while murdering unborn children by the millions and pushing the idea of "depopulating" the planet or murdering more than 7 billion people. Get a clue, they don't care about saving any lives except their own. That is all lies and smoke and mirrors. None of their great sounding programs is meant to save lies, it is all about control. Liberals are the very last people on the planet to care about saving lives. All they care about is control, power, greed, sex, and dope. They don't care about anyone other than themselves.

Every time a liberal says anything about saving lives, it is a lie.

Mass Shooting

Remember that I told you that better than 80% of the people who are shot don't die?

The Army vet who charged the shooter in Oregan was shot from five to seven times, pending the news story, and he is still alive. The ones who didn't charge the shooter and just stood there taking it in the face, 100% mortality rate.

Getting shot isn't like you see on TV or in the movies. Getting stabbed with a knife is even less deadly, better than 90% don't die and most of the ones who do, live long enough to kill the guy who killed them. Military history is replete with stories of soldiers who were shot numerous times and either didn't die or lived long enough to kill the person who killed them and, often, others. During the Japanese attack on Midway Island, a Marine Captain in charge of the defense was shot 29 times before he finally bled out and died, which took hours after he was first shot. He is credited with keeping the Japanese at bay and saving many lives by continuing to command his troops while continuing to be shot.

There are plenty of examples of men being run completely through with spears and swords and killing the person holding that weapon before they died. This should also tell you that you don't stop fighting someone until they finish dying or they could take you with them. And, if you are mortally wounded, drag that person to the grave with you. There were a little less than 58,000 men who died in combat in Vietnam and better than 500,000 who were wounded, many of whom continued to fight and kill before being medivaced out. You would be surprised how much damage the human body can take and keep on functioning, especially if the damage isn't in a critical spot and you stop the bleeding.

If an adult is shot at point blank range through the heart with a 38 caliber hand gun and the gun barrel against the sternum of the chest, it will take them 50 to 60 seconds to bleed out and die, during which, for at least the first 20 to 30 seconds of that, most can still kill the person who shot them.

There are only three instant kill places in the body. The hypothalamus at the rear bottom of the brain and attached to the top of the spinal cord, right behind your ears, which controls your involuntary heart beat and breathing, the spinal cord at the base of the skull, through which all signals to the body must pass, and the pituitary gland, one inch behind the bridge of your nose and between your eyes sitting in a small bone pocket at the lower front of the brain. If any of those are significantly damaged or severed, you drop like a sack of potatoes. Anything else, including most of your brain, and you should still be able to continue fighting or will remain conscious for some time before passing away. You can get cut in half and survive, if someone quickly stops the bleeding.

Don't believe me?

Check the VA hospitals and look at the injuries those people survived in combat.

You are much more likely to survive attempted murder if you attack the person trying to murder you than if you just stand there and permit them to murder you. Fight back and increase your chances of surviving but that requires you to learn to fight. Learn to break everything you touch and touch everything you can as fast as you can.


I regularly see these Internet prophets who, every time they say even the slightest thing from the news, "it is fulfilling prophesy!" Someone finds a dead bird or dead frog or a kitten farts, it is "fulfilling prophesy!!!" Add to that they always talk with excited voices trying to scare you. EVERYTHING is a major disaster!

The scriptures say that we are not to be afraid. We are supposed to put our faith in God and receive His peace but God, Himself, gave us prophesy so we could know what is coming our way.

Therefore, I don't try to scare you, I try to inform or warn you about what is heading your way so you can be prepared, not be taken by surprise, and know what is happening so you won't be deceived into following Satan and his criminals. You need to be concerned and informed but not afraid.

Note that I also add sarcastic humor whenever I can to make you smile or laugh because it helps relax you and keep you from being afraid. When God gives me good news, I gladly share that with you.

I have told you that I get really tired of reading the news and seeing the evil lies the liberals keep posting on the Internet. But I also take encouragement when I see people's eyes opening, especially Christians, and turning against the wickedness and I am also seeing much more of that and not just much more of the liberals' evil smoke and mirrors.

Just remember that Jesus is our hope, our only hope, and our best hope.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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