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Cry Wolf

I am sure you have all heard the story of the boy who cried wolf. The nutshell version is the boy was put outside the village to watch the sheep and was to yell wolf when the wolves came so the people in the village could come and chase off the wolves. The boy decided to play a prank on the people by crying wolf when there was no wolf and thought it was funny. He continued to play this prank on the village until finally people didn't come running when the boy cried wolf. One day the wolves came, the boy cried wolf, no one came to chase off the wolves because they thought the boy was just pulling the prank on them, and the wolves ate the sheep.

That is what Satan and his people are doing with prophesy, space aliens, and doom and gloom preachers. Satan is using at least a two prong attack. The first part of his plan is to use people who claim to be secular and are constantly preaching doom and gloom, space aliens, and conspiracies that never happen. As a matter of fact, these people know these things won't happen but love the money they make by preaching this crap, especially on the Internet. The second part of his plan is to use poser Christians who prophesy for money. These people are constantly telling us that every little turn of every leaf is fulfilling prophesy when, in fact, almost none of those things have anything to do with prophesy.

Both groups are constantly making end time, end of the world, space aliens, or WWIII predictions that never happen, scare people, and discourage people from listening to God's true prophets and they make a lot of money doing these things. God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Increasing numbers of people are becoming discouraged and stop listening to all prophets, good and bad, because Satan and his people are crying wolf. This, in of itself, is fulfilling Bible prophesy in that they are saying, have not we been hearing these things for a long time and they never happen, therefore these things in the Bible will never happen. What Satan is doing is to get people so they won't even listen to anyone about the upper class trash taking over the world with their one world government, then move to set up his one world government. When the majority of the people stop listening, the real wolves will come.


Years ago I explained what Israel is doing to terrorists to deter terrorism and told you why it would not work. Today, they are still doing the same thing and the terrorism just keeps getting worse. Liberals never learn.

What happens is this. When terrorists stage an attack against Israel, countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and others pay the family of those terrorists $25,000 US as a reward. In that part of the world, $25,000 US is like you getting more than $100,000 US in the US. They can build a really nice home with that.

So, to punish these terrorists families, Israel destroys the family home, saving the families the demolition costs of tearing down the old home so they can build a newer and significantly better home with the money saved on demolition.

Doesn't make sense, does it?

Israel might as well just give the families the amount of money needed for demolition as an additional reward.

What should Israel do?

Find out how much money the family received as a reward for their child's terrorist act and fine them at least twice as much. Leave the house standing so the family will have to pay for the demolition of the home and spread pig feces inside and around the outside of the home so the family will have to spend even more money to clean up the feces or move, plus it will greatly decrease the value of the land.


Towards the end of the Roman empire, the Romans hired or paid the Goths to fight for them as a proxy army. Just before Rome was sacked, the Romans betrayed the Goths and the Goths turned on Rome and sacked it.

Today, our glorious leaders are paying and funding Muslim terrorists to fight for them. The Muslim terrorists take the training, money, and weapons and go fight for other terrorist armies. Every Muslim group we have funded has eventually turned on us.

Our leaders have not learned a thing from history, have they?

Muslim Converts

Remember that I told you years ago that the liberals converted to Islam to bring the global Muslim population back up to 1.6 billion when it fell to 1.2 billion?

The lesbian bishop of the Church of Sweden, Eva Brunne, just said that the church should remove their crosses and put down markings showing the direction to Mecca for Muslim prayers.

You want to know why the liberals are taking up for Muslims while waging war against Christians?

Because the liberals are closet Muslims who converted a few years ago. What they don't know is that the true Muslims won't accept the liberals as true Muslims, especially the homosexuals, feminists, and other liberals and will either enslave or kill them all. The liberals drank the Muslim Kool-Aid that says the Muslims will be tolerant of the liberals.


I have seen unconfirmed reports that the Shooter was a converted Muslim and I am keeping an eye on this. It has been confirmed that his best friend is a radical Muslim. Someone seems to be covering something up.

I saw a philosopher, who loves to solve our problems for us online with his precious philosophy god, rant about the shooter. At the end of the rant, he told parents that, if they have a problem child, bring in the experts, you know, the liberal shrinks and their drugs. But hold it, at the beginning of the rant, he pointed out that the shooter had been to a mental health program for help and speculated that the shooter was probably on some of the drugs commonly used by mass shooters, you know, the dope those liberal shrinks love to get kick backs from the chemical companies for prescribing.

Oops, his brilliant philosophical solution was flawed?

Again, we have someone who seems to have been seeing liberal shrinks killing bunches of people, you know, like just maybe those ultra liberal shrinks who really don't care about anyone but their bank accounts and the great liberal agenda are brainwashing these people to want to butcher people and then sending them out to butcher people to scare people into wanting gun control? But hey, maybe I am wrong and there is really nothing to all of this mass killers seeing liberal shrinks before they go off to murder large numbers of people stuff? Maybe this is all just a coincidence and not the shrinks working with the government, who pays their checks, to disarm the people by causing these mass killings to scare everyone into wanting to disarm everyone?

But, that is just too many mass killers going to see liberal shrinks before they go off the deep end and murder a bunch of people to be a coincidence. It looks too much like a good solid pattern that keeps happening again and again and again. Maybe what pushed the shooter over the edge was him going to see liberal shrinks and getting doped up. If you have someone with serious head problems and a liberal shrink gets a hold of them with the right drugs, the shrink can get that person to do almost anything they want.

Maybe we would be better off to outlaw liberal shrinks than to outlaw guns? Are these liberal shrinks intentionally brainwashing, doping up, and sending young men out to commit those murders for gun control?

It sure looks like it. The things which are common with almost all of these mass shooters are liberal shrinks prescribing certain drugs before the mass shooters do their thing, immediately followed by the liberals using these mass shootings trying to disarm Americans. Also remember that it is the liberals who have ruthlessly butchered off more than 50 million helpless babies via abortion and are right now working to butcher off more than 7 billion people globally because they don't want to share their planet with us.

Liberals are not exactly the nicest, kindest people in the world. In fact, they are proving themselves to be some of the worst, most brutal, barbaric monsters in history.

Hey, they were planning to murder those people off anyway so why not do it with a mass shooting to try and disarm the rest of the people so the liberals can murder them off too?

I have noticed that more people are noticing that as the liberal efforts to take away guns are increasing, so are the number of mass shootings. Gee, what a coincidence.


McCain wants to provide Muslim terrorists with stinger missiles to shoot down Russian jets, you know, like they won't also use them on US planes. This man is bonkers mad.


China is really cracking down on Islam. Their civil war is quickly growing.

It is like I told you before, I really don't think China will survive as a nation following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.


Russia has not only based troops in Syria and has started fighting Obama's terrorist groups in Syria but Baghdad has provided Russia with an air base for staging operations in Iraq and Putin has made a commitment to clean up the mess Obama made in Libya by rebuilding their government. Putin has also just received permission from the Russian government to send 150,000 troops into Syria.

Obama's Arab Spring is being undone by Putin and China at every turn. I guess we are now going through Obama's Arab fall. Remember that the mess Obama made of Egypt was undone by the Egyptian Army and Egypt is now a Russian Ally. Now Putin and China are turning Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, and Libya against the US and our few remaining allies.

Basically, both Syria and Iraq have become Iranian and Russian puppet states crowding out the US, the EU, and their oil companies. Also, Putin and China defeating Obama's Muslim terrorist organizations could cause Lebanon and the Kurds to become Russian allies because the US has been providing them with very little assistance against these terrorists.

All of Obama's evil plans and gains for the last 3 to 4 years have just been reversed. Man plans, God laughs.

In response to this, Obama just sent F-22s to the Middle East.

Why? Is he planning to start a war with Russia and China?

He definitely doesn't need those stealthy planes to fight ISIS.

Remember that Russia and China have a mutual defense treaty so that, if anyone attacks one of them, the other will join the fight.

It looks more and more like Gog and Magog in the Bible are referring to Russia and not Turkey.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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