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It turns out that the reason why Biden is taking so long to "decide" whether to run for president is because Hilarious has so much dirt on him that, if he does run, they will ruin him.

Remember that I told you that, when Billy Boy and Hilarious illegally had the FBI files while Billy Boy was in office, they gathered the dirt on every one near the top so they could black mail or extort them?

They still have the dirt on everyone except the new people like Obama.

And, if Biden is that dirty, do you really want him as your president so he can be black mailed by someone like Saudi Arabia?

You can bet that Billy Boy and Hilarious will sell that information to the Saudis or others.

Now do you see why a leader breaking God's Laws is a threat to national security? Do you also realize that a corrupt politician who will sell out to one person will sell out others because money is more important than their nation and they are a threat to national security? Do you want a really good, dependable leader who is not a threat to national security?

Get a good, conservative Christian who walks the walk and doesn't just talk they talk. He won't be perfect but he will be less of a risk to national security than anyone else.


Obama just said that the Hilarious e-mail problem is legitimate. Here cum duh bus.

You still think that Obama is not subtly working to take down the Clintstone power machine and take its place?

FINALLY, Hilarious has dropped enough in the polls that all of the top GOP contenders are now ahead of Hilarious in the polls. That means that enough stupid people have finally figured out she is a criminal that they don't want to vote for her. But almost half still do want to vote for her plus all of the dead people.

So, how is your Greek god, democracy working out?


Trumpeter said he gets along with Linen II on trade.

Really? The Trumpeter gets along with a hard core socialist on trade and I am to believe he is a conservative?

No, thanks, I don't want any of that Kool-Aid, it just isn't my flavor.

He also said that Merkel is insane, which I have to agree with, after all, she sold her people out for Islam.

Trumpeter also said that the Commiecrats are protecting Hilarious.

No, really? Who would have thought that is the only reason she has not made a one way trip to the gallows yet?

He also said that the vast majority of the GOP elites are on Obama's side, you know, like I have been telling you for years. They are all a bunch of liberal commie traitors.


Fiorina said that Obama and Hilarious have made the Middle East more dangerous because of "weakness".

No, it isn't because of weakness, twit. It is treason. They have illegally recruited, trained, funded, and armed terrorist organizations to destroy nations and topple leaders. This has also made the entire planet more dangerous.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is just Boner II and you should be very afraid of him. BTW, Boner II just started working with Obama on one of Obama's programs. He is also supporting Obama's immigration plans, you know, to immigrate hundreds of thousands of Muslim terrorists into the country to murder you.


Obama said that Republicans have gone off the deep end. (Remember that I am an independent because I can't stand either party and God wanted me to not belong to any political or religious organization so no one could accuse me of being biased for anyone but God.) Yes, he is right, but Obama owns the deep end. Obama thinks he is Pharaoh, god, and the Mahdi, he has told you as much with both words and actions but most didn't listen. Obama is an extremely arrogant, sociopathic and narcissistic demagogue with an extreme Napoleonic complex and is a pathological liar. The man is well beyond loony toons.

But, if you watch all liberal leaders and activists, you quickly realize they are all sociopaths in need of rubber rooms.

BTW, increasing numbers of people are saying they "don't understand Obama on Syria". This is because they are believing the lie that Obama is a Christian working for the good of the US. If they accept the obvious fact that Obama is a radical Muslim terrorist infiltrated into the presidency working for the good of Islam and destroying the US, everything falls into place and is very easy to understand.

Quit believing the lies and start believing your eyes.

Susan Rice

One of Obama's puppets, Susan Rice, is blaming the Syrian war on climate change.

Are these people desperate to push climate change or what? Hold it, I thought Obama said the war is because Assad is a meanie and now it is climate change? Does that mean Assad isn't a meanie and all of that fighting is because of some bad weather?

It seems that all liberals are pathological liars.

Obama definitely doesn't want you to know that the fighting in Syria is because Obama is using Muslim terrorist organizations to illegally topple the leader of a nation. No, it couldn't be because of Islam.


Louis Farrakhan has said that America is under divine judgment and things are going to get worse. Even the Muslims can see this, especially because they are helping the liberals cause our increasing problems. That should be a warning by Farrakhan that he and the others are going to cause things to get worse.

The Turning Worm

This is very interesting because it appears that Obama's favorite TV show is turning on him. For the fifth season premier of Showtime's "Homeland" the character, Peter Quinn, a hardened CIA operator is called before a committee of intelligence brass to explain what he has been up to in Syria the past two years.

Quinn described al-Raqqa province and U.S. airstrikes targeting Assad and for al-Nusra and Islamic State.

According to an article by Wynn Marlow, in a discussion, Quinn was asked, "'You said a program should be renewed. I'm asking, is our strategy working?'

'What strategy?' retorted Quinn. The questioner was taken back.

'Tell me what the strategy is, I'll tell you if it's working,' Quinn fires at the group. Everyone exchanges glances during a long, embarrassing silence.

'See, that right there is the problem, because they - they have a strategy,' says Quinn. (And you can take that back to the President.)

Quinn proceeds to describe the gathering of tens of thousands of jihadis to prepare for the "End Times." Cleaning their weapons. Performing beheadings and crucifixions, reviving slavery. "Do you think they make this shit up?" Quinn asks the group.

It's all in the book. Their f***ing book. They read it all the time, they never stop. They're there for one reason and one reason only: to die for the caliphate and usher in a world without infidels. That's their strategy, and it's been that way since the 7th century.

And Barack Obama surely wouldn't like to hear the likes of this - Quinn's reply when asked, "Well, then. What would you do?"

Quinn answers that he'd send 200,000 American ground troops and a contingent of doctors and elementary school teachers to the region. When informed that would never happen (would it, Mr. President?), the CIA warrior delivers his coup de grâce: "I'd hit reset... Pound Raqqa into a parking lot."

Why is the left suddenly exposing the truth about Islam? Are they turning on Obama and his Muslim pals? Is Hollywood throwing Obama and the Muslims under the bus? Is the worm turning?


Obama's favorite "Christian" preacher, Jeremiah Wright, says that Jesus was a Palestinian.

This kind of crap coming from liberal posers who claim to be Christians really ticks me off. It is not possible for Jesus to have been a Palestinian because 1) the term Palestine was not given to the land of Israel until Rome destroyed Israel in 70 AD, more than 30 years after the death of Jesus. There was no Palestine and there were no Palestinians when Jesus was born or before He died. 2) the Bible clearly shows the lineage of Jesus all the way back to the Hebrew (Jewish), King David, in two different books, one through Mary and the other through Joseph. Jesus was and always will be a Jew. Deal with it.

My first thought is, is Jeremiah Wright a poser Christian and closet Muslim, you know, like Obama?

It looks that way, doesn't it?

Eyes Opening

Everywhere all over the world, from Germany to South America, eyes are opening and people are turning from the hell of liberal Marxism to conservative capitalism because liberalism and Marxism just don't work in the real world and plunge everyone except the liberal Marxists into poverty. Marxism is not based on economics, human behavior, or any other form of science. It is entirely based on idealistic philosophy, which does not work in the real world. It is one of those extremely bad liberal pagan fairy tales like evolution, which can only work in liberal La La Land.

I call this evolving from a liberal to a human.

BTW, they had an ARMED anti-Islam rally in Deerbornistan. The right is finally mad enough to stand up against the liberals and Muslims. They are starting to fight back.

Catholic Church

Friday, Veteran Vatican journalist, Sandro Magister, who was stripped of his accreditation at the Holy See Press office after leaking a copy of the Pope's encyclical letter on the environment, Laudato Sì, several days before its official release last June, has posted online an unprecedented letter written to Pope Francis by thirteen cardinals taking part in the Vatican synod on marriage and the family revealing contention regarding the revamped synodal process as well as the suitability of the draft document being used to guide the bishops' discussions.

This is part of the internal rebellion I told you about and it is exposing the left's mischief by making it public.


I hope you realize that the reason why liberals hate Columbus and Columbus Day is because the discovery of the Americas started the spread of Christianity around the world and liberals hate Christianity. It is not because of their concern for American Indians.

What have these same liberals done to help American Indians?

These same liberals consider American Indians to be inferior to the liberals and the liberals plan to eradicate the Indians along with all of the other non white races. The liberals are just using Indians as an excuse to hate Christianity.

Rat Brain

Scientists have just constructed a rat brain on a computer. Great, now we have a computer that thinks like a politician.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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