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Liberal Intellectuals

I am absolutely convinced that liberal intellectuals are the most ignorant and stupidest people on the planet. I keep seeing such people putting forth completely absurd "theories" about what is going on, especially with terrorism, based totally on their intellectualizing, listening to and building on the "theories" of other intellectuals, and, just basically, "worldly wisdom". They know too little and think too much because they won't do their homework. And, even worse, this stupidity is contagious via education and the media because the intellectuals have learned enough big words to make their ideas sound great when they are just crap.

Intellectual fact one: If you get good enough at psychobabble, you can cause a lot of ignorant and stupid people to believe anything you want by making your ideas SOUND intelligent, when they are really nothing but stupidity. You don't have to actually know anything, you just make it SOUND like you are an expert with psychobabble.

The left know this and use it to brainwash billions of people into believing pure crap. I see them intentionally using this all of the time and it is amazing how many people fall for this again and again and again. What the left is doing is insanity and pure evil.

It is also important to understand that intellectual liberalism destroys common sense because people tend to replace their common sense with intellectualism to impress other people about how intelligent they are, making themselves stupid in the process.

I just read that an Israeli university professor "thinks" that, if Israel will just stop being Jewish, there will instantly be peace.

Has this fool researched the beliefs or religion of the people waging war against the Jewish people?

No, he just read or heard some bull crap being spread by some intellectual bull crap disseminator and then "thought" up his own great sounding, ignorant, bull crap to add to all of the other intellectual bull crap being spread around to make himself APPEAR more intelligent than he really is.

Intellectual crusades are a racket designed to increase the demand for and wealth of the intellectuals. God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

It is long past time to get rid of the intellectual bull crap and deal with reality.

I do get some solace when I remind myself that, after the Muslims take over our nations, the first thing the Muslims will do is to kill all of these intellectual bull crap disseminators who have caused all of this mess. God is going to use the Muslims to hold these liberal intellectuals accountable for their actions.

If you think I am wrong, just look at where the world is today and remember that it is the intellectuals who caused this mess with their great sounding bull crap. Also, Thomas Sowell, just wrote a book saying pretty much what I just said.

You can follow intellectuals, who know much less than they want you to believe they know, or you can follow God who knows everything. Your choice, choose wisely.


Because of the increased terrorist activity in Israel, Israel is relaxing gun laws to make it possible for people to defend themselves. They have also untied the hands of the military a tiny bit permitting them to use snipers against some of the terrorists. They are getting tougher but must get much tougher to survive this.

Also, the increasing fighting caused by Muslims in Israel could end up being used, at least in part, as an excuse by Putin to invade Israel. Gee, what a coincidence this fighting started about the same time Putin is moving troops into Syria.

Gee, you don't think it was planned, do you?


I don't watch the debates because I don't have a TV and can't stand that much insulting of my intelligence. All they are is a lying contest. You need to pay attention to these criminals throughout the year and not just when they are on stage lying their butts off.

Do you really think those criminals are going to tell you the truth in those debates?

You need to understand that God is testing you as to whether you choose good or evil and that includes on who you choose to be your political leaders. This nation is failing that test because so many are choosing evil criminals for their leaders. Failing such tests will lead to even worse punishments.


This falls in the category of "you can't make this stuff up". Get this, Obama makes buds with Cuba, dropping sanctions to help improve Cuba's economy, and permitting tourist travel to Cuba and Cuba thanks Obama by sending Cuban special forces to fight with Assad against Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels.

I got this over at Breitbart by Frances Martel

"American officials have confirmed a report from the University of Miami's Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies that Cuban special forces are operating on the ground in Syria in defense of dictator Bashar al-Assad, and are expected to operate Russian tanks in battles against anti-Assad rebels."

Is that just too funny or what?

Here, turn around, Pharaoh Obama, so I can stab you in the back.

Man plans, God laughs.


The Muslims are now openly bragging that the European nations will be Islamic states within so many years because of the immigration, you know, like I told you. The Muslims won't vote for the liberal politicians bringing the Muslims into those countries, the Muslims will vote for Muslim politicians to replace the liberal politicians and, after the Muslims have taken over and imposed Sharia Law, they will LEGALLY round up and execute all of the liberal politicians and bureaucrats who brought the Muslims into those nations, just like I told you. In Sweden, ISIS is already ordering Swedish citizens to convert to Islam or die, just like I told you they would.

Those brilliant, all knowing, all wise, intellectually superior, grossly overpaid, liberal commie traitors who got the right degrees from the right universities are committing suicide and are too stupid to realize it.

You have to ask, "What are they teaching these inbred idiots in those upper class trash universities?"

Putin said that the Obama administration has mush for brains. All liberals have mush for brains.


ISIS is gaining ground on the Taliban in Afghanistan. Don't be surprised for either Russia and/or China to make a deal with the Taliban to beat back ISIS fighting WITH the Taliban, you know, like in Syria, especially since China already has some very big business deals with the Taliban. The same thing is already happening in Afghanistan that happened in Iraq because of Obama's ISIS and you better bet Obama is behind it. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that you need to keep your eyes on unemployment to determine how the economy is doing and you need to watch the number of people losing jobs in relation to the number of people finding jobs?

I just saw a video where Thomas Sowell used nothing but unemployment to analyze the Great Depression and how the economy was doing, you know, just like I told you. All of the other fancy figures and numbers economists throw at you are just smoke and mirrors.

Why do you think the economists' predictions are always wrong?

Because they drink their own Kool-Aid and believe their own smoke and mirrors.

Sink Holes

What is happening with these large sink holes all over the world?

Some are being caused by water draining, others are being caused by people emptying underground water aquifers, and others they are not sure of.

One thought of mine is that those huge and extremely deep sink holes are being caused by the underground chambers which emptied during Noah's Flood. Those chambers may be finally caving in. If this is true, scientists will have to admit Noah's Flood happened before they can begin dealing with those sink holes.

The creationists are going to win this fight because evolution is an absurd lie and pagan fairy tale. The truth will be made known and it will set you free.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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