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This violence in Jerusalem is the Muslims trying to draw Israeli troops away from Gaza and the Golan Heights to defend Jerusalem and to also overthrow Israel from within. It is very interesting that they are doing this at the time Russia is conquering Syria and propping up Assad. Keep an eye on it.


After their weekly prayers, the Muslims in Jordan went out in the streets with a mass protest saying they want an end to the peace treaty with Israel.

Gee, what a coincidence, right after weekly prayers? You don't think their religious leaders told them to do this, do you?

Yeah, let's wage a war against Israel AGAIN and see what happens this time.

Please notice the timing of these Muslim religious leaders sending their people out to demand an end to the peace treaty with Israel and starting a war just as the Muslims in Israel are waging war against Israel and Russia is moving its troops into Syria.

When you demand or declare the end to a peace treaty, that is a declaration of war and an act of war.

Gee, you don't think this was all pre-planned, do you?


Let me make an easy prediction. China has hundreds of billions of dollars in deals with the Taliban for seriously needed resources from Afghanistan. Obama's ISIS is gaining ground on the Taliban plus China is now concerned that ISIS will soon start expanding into China from Afghanistan.

How long do you think it will take for China to start fighting along side of the Taliban to save those deals? Oh, is that why Obama is keeping US troops in Afghanistan, to keep China from destroying Obama's ISIS the way Russia is destroying Obama's ISIS in Syria? Don't you find it just a wee bit interesting that Obama decided to leave the troops in Afghanistan after Russia started tearing ISIS apart in Syria with China committing troops and planes to help Russia?

BTW, I realized that China forces women who already have one child to have a 7 month abortion. This killing of unborn babies makes China a cursed nation and God must destroy them. China won't survive this mess intact either.


Thousands of ISIS members are shaving their beards in violation of Sharia Law and dressing as women to flee into Turkey and to the West. The Russians now say that ISIS members are "fleeing in mass."

Gee, why didn't they flee like that when the US was bombing them?

Oh yeah, because Obama was preventing the effective bombing of ISIS, A.K.A. treason, i.e. aiding the enemy.


The left-wing Czech president, Milos Zeman, is warning you what I have been telling you for years about what the Muslim immigrants will do when they seize control and impose Sharia Law. He is saying they will stone adulterers (you know, all liberals), cut off the hands of thieves, and force women to cover up with something like a burka. You can add to his list such things as killing all homosexuals, killing all of our political and bureaucratic leaders, killing all of the rich upper class trash traitors, killing all liberal teachers and college professors while doing away with school for females and closing most universities, you will only study the Koran and Islam, and you will be second class citizens paying a special tax to Muslims, if you survive.

When asked whether the immigrants will respect Czech laws, Zeman replied, "Of course not." Wow, a knowledgeable and honest politician.

BTW, the EU is now warning that their illegal immigrants might cause epidemics, you know, like I warned you years ago. You better get ready for more epidemics.

A female Briton on my FB friends list posted a pre-made tough guy sign that said something to the effect that, "We will only take so much and then we dust off our guns and take care of it."

I replied, "But you let your leaders take your guns away from you. Now what are you going to do?" The sign disappeared.

Suddenly, the people from the countries who let their leaders and the stupid liberals take their guns away from them don't look so brilliant. They don't have weapons with which to defend themselves and are being attacked right and left by the Muslims. They don't have weapons to stage a revolt and overthrow their corrupt and treasonous leaders. They are now completely at the mercy of the worst people in the world because they don't have guns to fight back.

Suddenly, pro-gun Americans don't look so stupid and may have to save the Euro's from their own stupidity again because the heavily inbred Euro elitists have screwed everything up again.

How many more wars will we have to fight because the Euro-American upper class trash keep screwing things up?

History teaches that the disarmed nations only have a few options. If, and only if, certain people see themselves as part of the nation and not as arrogant elitists who are above the law and the people, then there is hope that their law enforcement and/or the military might stage a coup, round up the current leaders, including the corrupt upper class trash, who caused this, you know, the corrupt rich people, the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, liberal judges, liberal media, liberal college professors, and all others involved, try those people in military courts for treason and other crimes, and then execute all of those leaders so they can't stage a counter coup (and that is a must and the main reason we used to execute people for treason) so law enforcement and/or the military can clean up the mess. You also know that the law enforcement and/or military won't be able to return your government to being any form of democracy for at least 100 years but they must arm, train, and organize the citizens to protect themselves from all threats including a bad government.

You have to know that, if the Muslims win this fight, they WILL kill off all of your corrupt leaders to prevent the corrupt leaders from staging a counter coup and you must do the same. Throughout history, the Muslims have always killed off all of the leaders when they conquered a country but the lefties were too busy passing notes in class, ditching class, using dope, and screwing to learn from history so they are now forcing the rest of us to repeat history.

A really great example here is that, when the Muslims conquered Spain, they rounded up all of the civilian and military leaders the Muslims could catch and slaughtered them, many by torture. Even the Spanish leader who helped the Muslims get started conquering Spain "disappeared" before it was over. He just kind of turned up missing during the really big battle which pretty much gave Spain to the Muslims. They found his horse in a nearby swamp but never found his body. Probably a case of friendly fire with swords.

Can't you just hear the excuse, "I am sorry, Muhammad, he just rode right between my sword and the infidel I was about to kill"?

I guess the Muslims didn't need the traitor any more.

Another more recent example is that the black Muslim run Black Lives Matter movement forced LA Mayor, Garcetti, to cut a town hall meeting short and flee the meeting with the police being forced to clear the activists before Garcetti tried to leave. The Black Muslims are already turning on the liberal white cracker upper class trash, have been for some time, and the upper class geniuses don't even have a clue. Believe me, the Muslims will butcher our corrupt upper class trash white crackers when the Muslims have taken control and imposed Sharia Law. I will be amazed if the purge lasts more than 2 weeks to get better than 95% of the liberal traitors.

You better hope that at least your military leaders paid attention in history class and will move to save their own lives and the lives of their families. If not, you are all dead because you permitted your corrupt leaders to take your weapons away from you. Those of you who survive won't do that again.

A really great barometer here is Sweden because Sweden is almost completely gone. Well, it is a really great barometer for everyone except the Swedes. The Muslims are already demanding implementation of Sharia Law, which will force all of the current leaders and bureaucrats out of office and they will all be replaced by Muslims. It is important to understand that, under Sharia Law, non Muslims cannot have any authority over Muslims.

When this happens, watch the killing start, especially with all of the upper class who caused this. It will be a very huge, barbaric, and quick slaughter. Keep an eye on Sweden.

Russia may have to eventually invade Sweden to overthrow and drive out the Muslims.

BTW, you dog owners and lovers, the Koran forbids owning a dog for any reason except work. Muslims are required to slaughter all dogs owned as personal pets and there was a recent video on YouTube showing just such a slaughter. It was a slaughter of dogs following the Muslims taking over a Christian town and they brutally tortured the dogs to death. I couldn't watch much of it. You see, Muhammad hated dogs, pigs, and monkeys so they are considered the three lowest life forms on earth and it is a sin to own any of them for any reason other than work.

Personally, I can't harm or kill anyone or anything unless I absolutely have to and that is for food, self defense, and to protect others.


Remember that I told you that Mexico was infiltrating Mexicans, especially soldiers, into the US to take over the US?

Gee, could that be why the Mexican authorities keep taking a stand for illegal immigrants into the US from Mexico?

That is a covert act of war and should be responded to by the US by invading, conquering, and annexing Mexico. Then the Mexicans will all be legal US citizens living under US law and we can clean up their government corruption.

Gun Control

A poll from Chapman University showed that twice as many people fear gun control than fear mass shootings. This is why the liberal commie traitors trying to take guns away from the American people increases the number of people buying guns and the number of guns individuals are buying.

God is using Satan's efforts against Satan, which is why the scriptures say that everything works for the good with God. This is why everything the lefties are doing is failing and they have to constantly keep regrouping and trying different ways to achieve their evil. For every move Satan makes, God is making counter moves. God is our only hope.

BTW, 50 people were just killed in a knife attack in a Chinese coal mine. China has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world, you know, like you can't own one, and they just had a really big mass killing. This proves the liberals completely wrong about gun control making you safer.

If China really wants to defeat the 300 to 400 million Muslims in China, the military will have to overthrow the communist government and arm, train, and organize the rest of the non Muslims.


I read that Hilarious is celebrating Planned Parenthood eugenics.

Remember that I told you that eugenics is a nice, sterile sounding word for genocide?

What Hilarious is celebrating is the genocide being committed by Planned Parenthood against "inferior races", you know, blacks, Latinos, inferior whites, and other non whites.

So Hilarious is celebrating the genocide of tens of millions of blacks and Latinos and most blacks and Latinos want to vote for her?

Me thinks they have been drinking just a wee bit too much of the liberal Kool-Aid.

Now, it should be apparent that either the non white leaders are really stupid or are betraying their people.

Do those stupid non white leaders really think the elitist white leaders won't eventually kill them too?


Note that Trumpeter isn't blaming Billy Boy Clintstone, who devastated the NSA, the FBI, and the military and let Osama Bin Laden get away for 7 years, didn't effectively retaliate against Al Quaeda when they attack the US more than half a dozen times ,and other forms of treason and criminal neglect, for causing 9/11, he is blaming Bush who was just barely beginning to rebuild what Billy Boy tore down.

Gee, Trumpeter wouldn't be a liberal protecting Billy Boy, would he? You know, the old liberal "blame Bush for everything"?

Listen, it is become more clear with time that Bush had a hand in all of this and still does but his were a long ways from being the only hands in it.

Deutsche Bank

Remember that Germany's Deutsche Bank released a detailed list showing the numbers for every gold bar they own?

They are now restructuring the bank and I am wondering, "for what, to start printing Germany's new money, after Germany leaves the EU"?

Marvel Communists

Captain America is now fighting conservatives and has become a liberal communist traitor. Boycott Marvel Communists and see how funny they think their treason is.

Global Warming

The commies now believe that global warming is causing everything from forest fires to Muslims murdering everyone.

Let me get this straight, the liberal commies actually believe that, if we Americans stop driving cars, all of our problems will just magically disappear including Muslims murdering everyone? What is in their Kool-Aid? And you still think that doing drugs doesn't make you stupid?

I keep telling you that liberals are the stupidest people on the planet and they keep proving me right. It is like liberals are all having this great big global stupid contest.


Not only are the liberal media paying for their lies, misinformation, propaganda, and treason by losing a lot of money, but so is liberal Hollywood. They are losing more and more on their liberal biased movies as eyes continue to Open. The people are even starting boycotts against liberals movies that are heavy in liberal propaganda.

Minimum Wage

Idiot liberals who understand absolutely nothing about economics keep pushing minimum wage but there is a huge down turn to increasing people's wages. If you increase everyone's wages to where the business is barely making a profit and the economy or the business' market heads south, your business' revenues will quickly drop enough that you have to start laying people off to save the business, which hurts everyone and decreases moral.

A much better way is to pay everyone a much more reasonable wage and add in profit sharing for the employees so that, as the business' profits increase, everyone's income increases. This heavily motivates everyone to increase profits and fight waste and corruption.

Also, if the market or economy takes a nose dive, everyone gets an automatic cut in income without having to lay anyone off. This will also encourage employees to help management see other opportunities in the event the market starts to dry up. Instead of the business going down and everyone ending up unemployed, management and the employees work to save the business together and they are more likely to keep their jobs so everyone is hurt less and comes out much better off.

Screw minimum wage, it is really stupid and lacking the flexibility and fluidity a business needs for long term. There should be no minimum wage and companies from other countries should be kept in check with import tariffs so that your nation's businesses can easily compete.

The way that should work is to add an import tariff to the products and services of businesses which are subsidized by their nation so they can undercut the prices of the products and services provided by businesses in your nation. The tariff should be enough so that such products will be priced in the mid range of the same products and services provided by companies in your nation. That will keep your nation's companies more competitive and force them to stay in the US to compete for US workers which will drive up pay for US workers.

That is only the nutshell version.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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