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Upper Class Trash

When I read the news, I get so fed up with the vile criminals destroying our nation. Paul Ryan says that the job of law makers is to put themselves in the shoes of foreigners. Read he wants to bring in more illegal aliens to take more jobs away from Americans so his puppet masters can increase their wealth by paying people less.

Some one should take his job away from him, don't you think?

No it isn't his job. The job of the government is to protect the good people from bad people from both within and outside of our nation but our government is the bad people. It is not to put Americans at risk or cause Americans to lose their jobs by feeling sorry for foreigners. The first responsibility for the politicians is the safety of the American people.

Our nation has become so corrupt that there is no hope anywhere near the top echelons of this nation. They all think that them being in a position of power and authority means it is their turn to sack the nation and oppress the people. Regardless of what they say, they don't care about anyone except themselves.

I have to keep reminding myself that, when their Muslim pals take over, all of these evil people will be killed and gotten rid of. This trash is walking dead people and too arrogant and stupid to realize they have committed suicide with their greed and lust for power.

Just name one truly good politician, bureaucrat, or mega rich person who is not power mad and greedy to the point of selling out the nation, A.K.A. treason. The only reason they are in power is because their criminal buddies helped them get into power. The US deck has been stacked against us by the upper class trash, only God can unstack that deck, and He is about to use the Muslims to get the job done.

I do hope the Muslims tell everyone the ugly truth about these criminals so they can justify killing them.

I just read that Obama's approval rating has hit 51%.

Just how stupid has this nation become? Obama is clearly betraying the people and they approve of his actions? How is that pagan Greek god, democracy, thingy going with 51% of the people being stupid enough to think Obama is doing a good job?

Just when you think things are getting better, something like this comes along to tell you that most of the people are still drinking the Kool-Aid and believing the lies. This tells me it is going to get worse, much worse.

God is our only hope.


Hungary has put up a border fence and is keeping it up. The EU is being divided up just like I told you it would years ago.

Remember that I told you years ago that the liberals converted to Islam to bring the number of Muslims in the world back up to 1.6 billion from 1.2 billion, which was primarily caused by the Muslims killing each other off?

And now the liberals are bringing Muslims into our nations by the millions to take over our nations.

Get the picture yet?

The liberals are closet Muslims but the Muslims they are bringing into our nations do not see the liberals as true Muslims the same way Sunni and Shiite Muslims don't see each other as true Muslims and the real Muslims will kill the liberals once Sharia Law is imposed on us.

Remember that I told you that the Muslims will kill the liberal college professors and shut down their universities?

ISIS just destroyed the University of Mosul. Think about it.

I think Canada may now be lost along with Europe.

Keep an eye on PEGIDA in Germany. They are united and fighting back against their leaders and the Muslims but they let their leaders take their guns away.

North Korea

Putin embarrassing Obama is encouraging others to defy the US, including but not limited to Europe, China, the Muslim nations, and North Korea. No one respects or is afraid of the US. The US is in really big trouble because of Obama and the liberals.

It is like I have told you, if you destroy a powerful nation from within so you can take it over, it creates a power vacuum which causes every power mad lunatic to come out of the closet. Every whacko with any power begins to think he is Caesar and they start building their militaries to conquer the world.

While the US is declining in power, everyone else is building in power and getting ready to conquer the world, disproving what pacifists insist on believing, that, if we lay down our weapons, everyone else will also. The wars have already begun and are spreading globally because our idiot liberals insisted on weakening the US military so they could stage a coup but they will fail because others will stage their coup first.

It is always the inbred, corrupt, insane members of the upper class who cause our major problems. They always make up great sounding excuses as to why it was the people who caused those problems but that is to keep the people from using the upper class trash for tree ornaments.


Canada has been taken over by a liberal communist government and they are already pulling their planes back from bombing ISIS. I wonder what other stupidity they will do next. Oh yeah, impose Sharia Law on their people.


With Putin now kicking Obama's ISIS butt, everyone is starting to ask Russia to intervene in their fights. Hamas and Iraq are both requesting assistance from Putin but only Iraq can get that assistance because Gaza is not a nation. Iraq even went so far as to insult the US and its coalition for inaction. I am waiting for Libya to request assistance from Putin. That will just about undo all of Obama's mischief in illegally destroying other nations.

Remember that I wondered whether Putin would start arming the Kurds since Obama isn't helping them?

Putin said that Assad is now ready to work with the Kurds in fighting ISIS. That means Putin is going to start arming the Kurds and it is another crotch kick for Obama. If you think the Kurds were kicking Obama's ISIS butt before, just wait until the Kurds start getting the weapons they need from Putin.


All of this nonsense about Hilarious not already being in jail or in front of a fire squad is just smoke and mirrors. Billy Boy and Hilarious already have the fix in for her to get away with her crimes in spite of the fact that it is now public knowledge she has committed enough crimes for at least life in prison a few times over and probably to be executed.

Biden has opted out of running for president, probably because Billy Boy and Hilarious have made it clear to him what they have on Biden.

Mean while Obama is clearly trying to get rid of Hilarious while trying to make it look like he is supporting her. Gee, what a coincidence the State Department suddenly found 1,300 pages of e-mails from Ambassador Stevens at this time.

To the evil people running this planet, this is all just one more of their childish games the rest of the world pays for. It is all smoke and mirrors.

Puerto Rico

Obama is trying to get broad bankruptcy powers for Puerto Rico because their socialism has failed and they are too far in debt. They are going to have to default on their bonds. All politicians who spend their country into debt without a war, should be shot for treason.

LA Muslims

The Muslims in LA blocked a street "to pray". This is not about freedom of religion but is about control. They take control of your streets today and your nation tomorrow.

BTW, keep an eye on LA for the soon coming earth quake predicted in one of my dreams. I saw a map showing where they expect any number of large earthquakes in the LA area and it just about covered most of the area I saw in my dream. It is possible that one major quake in the right place will set the rest of those faults off like dominoes.


You know this burns Obama's butt. Obama makes buds with communist Cuba, Cuba builds its first Christian church since 1959, refuses to permit the Muslims to build a mosque, and sends troops to help Assad defeat Obama's ISIS.

Did the commies play Obama for a sucker or what?


The main theme of this web site is that we, as a nation, have turned from God and are being punished for our sins or crimes against God's Law. It is going to keep getting worse until we get better.

God said in 2 Chronicles 7:14, "If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

We, as a nation, have gone so far we are going to have to pay a price or be punished but, how much of a price or punishment depends on how long it takes for us to repent of our sins or crimes against God's Law and turn back to God. The longer we take, the longer we will be punished.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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