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It seems that things are moving faster in Syria than I thought they would. I just found out that the Taliban has a 12 man forward action force in Syria laying the ground work for a much larger force to come later.

Now who do you think the Taliban might fight for in this rapidly accelerating mess?

I will give you a hint, the Taliban doesn't think that the Shiites are true Muslims and they have been funded mostly by Saudi Arabia. I kind of get the feeling they will not be fighting on the same side as Assad, Hezballah, and Iran but will be fighting on the same side as Al Quaeda and Saudi Arabia. I expect them to retain enough autonomy to get their own funding separate from Al Quaeda which tells me that, most likely, they will side with the small force which just broke away from Al Quaeda or form their own independent force.

The question this creates is, "When will the Taliban start moving larger numbers into Syria?

I expect the Shiites to counter this by increasing the number of Hezballah and/or Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers. They will probably increase these troops either just before or just after the larger Taliban forces arrive.

So who do you think will be the next group to enter the fighting in Syria?

I am thinking that, most likely, it will be Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood because they are already in that area. Actually, I was pretty surprised that the Taliban beat them both into this fight. Keep an eye on this.

What we should be doing in this war is exactly what Israel is doing which is to monitor the war and use air power and special forces to stage strategic surgical strikes when necessary to keep things from getting out of hand. We should not be putting boots on the ground unless the Muslims have killed off almost all of their terrorists or it gets critical, becoming a threat to us or Israel.


I just found out that Russia is staging the largest military training exercise it has since the Soviet Union fell. I have not found out yet just exactly where this exercise is being conducted, which would give me information about whom this exercise is meant to prepare to fight or intimidate, the US, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Israel, or Europe. Keep an eye on this.

Race War

Then we have a matter of blacks attacking Latinos all across the US. The blacks are obviously trying to start a race war but not with whites. The blacks are, instead, picking a fight with Latinos.

The Latinos won't take this crap as long as the whites will. The Latinos will take it for a little while and then backlash really hard and fast causing an extremely nasty race war. The Latinos and Asians are the worst people in this country the blacks could start a race war with because they won't take much and will fight very mean very quickly. The blacks are barking up the wrong tree on this one and this one could easily get a bunch of the racists black trouble making leaders killed very quickly. That would be a good thing. Keep an eye on this one because the Latinos are already getting fed up with this crap. I expect that a Latino backlash will be coming to a black neighborhood near you very soon.

Another thing is that the Commiecrat Party is taking the side of the blacks in these attacks against the Latinos which should start turning Latino voters against the Commiecrat Party. So, either the Commiecrats are super stupid or don't plan on having any more elections and are trying to start a race war between the blacks and Latinos so they can declare martial law. Keep an eye on this.

The liberals keep stirring more and more hornet's nests looking for trouble. Soon they are going to find much more trouble than they are looking for.

Obviously, it is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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