Syria 2

Since my last essays about the war in Syria and News 9, things have just gotten worse in the Syrian war and are proving what I said. I found out that the Taliban is already beginning to move thousands of Taliban terrorists to enter the Syrian war. There are now already terrorists from almost every terrorist organization on the planet including from Pakistan. Al Quaeda is also fighting against the Kurdish Muslims in northern Syria asserting Al Quaeda dominance over everyone they can. It looks like Al Quaeda, the Saudi proxy army, is fighting almost everyone else in this war and not just Assad.

Still, everyone involved in this fight is a Muslim entity and this is one huge Muslim power grab for Syria. The terrorists really want Syria so they can use Syria to wage a concerted Muslim terrorist war against Israel. One of the pressing questions in all of the Muslim terrorist minds is which terrorist organizations will get to use Syria to wage war against Israel, which is the biggest reason they are fighting each other.

From the Muslim perspective, this war has gone Muslim global. No wonder Russia bailed out of this mess. Russia will continue to provide weapons for Syria and Iran but seems to be out of the fighting arena with her troops, though she may still have some military advisors mixed in with Assad's army. And our idiots in Washington and the Pentagon want to get in the middle of this mess? Not very smart, is it.

Assad says that there are now over 100,000 Muslim terrorists fighting him in Syria and that is probably not too far from the truth. That is a huge military force but, more than half the size of Israel's standing army of less than 200,000. Fortunately for Assad, they don't fight very well, are very disorganized, and are already fighting each other. But then Assad's forces are not fighting much better or they would have almost completely eliminated these terrorist forces by now.

Islam's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Islam's greatest strength is that it is a ruthless warrior cult which makes it very easy for the leaders to raise armies which are prepared to die fighting for anyone who fights in the name of Islam. Islam's greatest weakness is that Islam is a ruthless warrior cult which means they will fight anyone and everyone they can at the drop of a hat including all other Muslim factions. While these Muslim terrorists are fighting Assad, they are also fighting and killing each other making it possible for Assad to currently be winning the war. If all those terrorists could stop fighting each other and organize against Assad, they could wipe Assad out in a few weeks but, due to the nature of Islam, they can't because they are obsessive, compulsive warriors who must fight anyone and everyone.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of Islam tells you how to fight and defeat Islam. The key is to get all the different Muslim factions in one war fighting only Muslims and let them kill each other off. With Syria, the Muslims have given us that opportunity and our stupid western leaders are so blind they can't see the strategic opportunity they have been handed. The fools running our countries don't understand Islam and insist on sending in troops to get killed and unite the Muslims against the West again. Our intellectually superior natural elites just don't get it, they are too brain dead from too much inbreeding for too long. They are about to blow a really fantastic opportunity the Muslims have handed us. The stupidity of our upper class trash is mind boggling.

Now, maybe you can understand why I keep saying that the best thing the US can do is stay out of this fight. It is not our fight and is a war which we should want to continue as long as it poses no direct threat to the West. This war is an incredible opportunity for the civilized world and I am betting that the US and Europe will blow this opportunity because of the idiots making our decisions. The Muslims keep trying to draw the West into this Muslim black hole to also be destroyed and the West is happily obliging.

Not one of those 100,000+ terrorists fighting in Syria poses a threat to us. While fighting each other, they can't be fighting and killing us. The more terrorists who get into this war in Syrai, the fewer terrorists there will be left around the planet and the safer the rest of the planet will be. BTW, this obsessive infighting by the Muslims has been the downfall of every Caliphate in history and, if we leave it alone in Syria, it will be the downfall of the current Muslim terrorist problem.

One of the first and most important lessons I have learned in history is that you must get to know your enemy to best be able to defeat your enemy. Our current western leaders have failed that lesson with Islam and are about to blow the best opportunity we have been handed in dealing with this deadly enemy. It is only because of the fact that the first thing I did following 9/11 was to sit down and study my enemy, that I see this opportunity. I cannot over emphasize that we must stay out of the war in Syria.

Because of the ignorance and stupidity of our upper class trash that we must....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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