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Obama has caused his ISIS to attack a very large and important Syrian base just south of Aleppo which has large weapons depots. ISIS managed to get through the outer Syrian defenses and fighting is fierce. This is clearly an effort by Obama for ISIS to replace the weapons and munitions Russia has already destroyed while decreasing the weapons and munitions Syria has. I expect the Russian Air Force to quickly intervene against this ISIS attack.

Mean while, Russia has stationed its Black Sea Fleet flag ship, the Moskva, which is a guided missile cruiser, just off the coast of Syria. The Moskva has an estimated 64 S-300 SAMs and there are another half dozen or so S-300 ground based SAM units protecting Russian bases in the area from attack by air but none of the terrorist organizations have air craft.

Gee, I wonder who Russia is holding off with all of those SAMs?

Well, those SAMs are positioned right where Israel likes to enter Syrian air space to destroy things like nuclear facilities and advanced weapons being sent to Hezbollah and also cover most of Syria. They also pose a threat to all US and coalition air craft entering Syrian air space.

Gee, what a coincidence.

BTW, just in case you have not noticed, Russia and China are surrounding the Syria/Iraqi area with naval forces in the Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and on the ground in Syria, causing the one US carrier fleet to flee the Persian Gulf. They are sealing off Obama's ability to supply the terrorist organizations fighting against Syria and Iraq.

BTW, I just read that the Ruskies have hit 118 ISIS targets in the last 24 hours. That is about 10 times more ISIS targets than the US and its allies are hitting in one day.

Gee, it couldn't be the the Russians are actually trying to destroy ISIS, could it?

Russia has also been expanding their aerial campaign to bombing just north of the Israeli border. Clearly, Russia is working to take back all of Syria from Obama. Also note that Iraq has again requested Russia start bombing ISIS in Iraq.


The liberals are now saying that ISIS was created by the Bush invasion of Iraq. This is just Obama and the liberals trying to blame Bush for creating ISIS when it is already known that Obama intentionally created ISIS and is now supporting ISIS against Russia.

Here is a little food for thought. Did Obama and his Muslim pals create ISIS in part to cause the massive Muslim immigration into Europe to take over and destroy Europe?


In Austria people can still own shotguns and rifles for hunting so, with all of the problems immigration is causing, people are buying up all of the shotguns and rifles they can get their hands on. As a matter of fact, the stores have been sold out for the last three weeks. Most of the people buying guns are women. The people who can't get guns are buying pepper spray.

It is being reported that there is a huge attitude change towards guns in Europe. People are beginning to demand the right to defend themselves. Eyes are opening.

You can bet that plenty of other people in all European countries are buying military weapons on the black market. I read that you can buy all types of weapons on the Deep Web.

Gee, you think that, just maybe, they regret letting their leaders take their guns away?

Maybe those people who can't get guns should at least consider other weapons like bows, crossbows, and swords. It may not be much but beats nothing. If you have to, become a weapons collector and start collecting muskets.

BTW, since this immigration mess started, Switzerland, Hungary, and Poland have all had elections and have gone from liberal to conservative governments because of the immigration. There is definitely a political rebellion taking place in the EU. Eyes are opening and people are choosing.

Liberal Propaganda

The liberal activists put out the most absurd propaganda on the Internet and the liberal sheep blindly believe it without question. They say things like the military budget is more than half of the national budget when it is only a fraction of the national budget. I just saw a piece by a liberal activist which says that more than half of the gun deaths in the US are suicide so we should help these people by disarming US citizens.

They will tell any lie, no matter how absurd because there are plenty of people stupid enough to believe their lies.


Intellectualism or the wisdom of the world, as the scriptures call it, is one of the biggest causes of problems in the world because it is based on the pride and arrogance of man. Intellectualism is where idiots try to make themselves look more intelligent than they really are by rationalizing things they know little, if anything, about without doing their homework and by using senseless psychobabble to make stupid ideas sound brilliant to other stupid people called intellectuals.

For example, the intellectuals trying to figure out and explain why Muslims keep murdering people and their intellectual programs to prevent Muslims murdering people have failed and it is never the fault of the programs or even comes close to the truth.

Why did the Oslo Peace Accords fail?

Because the Muslims never intended to keep the peace and only signed the Oslo Peace Accords to tie the hands of Israel in defending herself?

The intellectual answer is 12 hours of psychobabble beating around the bush that will turn out to be completely wrong because they never read the Koran or studied true Islam.


Because the intellectuals never really do their homework to find out the truth, that requires work. They prefer to spend that time reading each other's senseless writings while smoking dope and dreaming up their own senseless psychobabble to make themselves look smarter than they really are. "Hey, everyone, lookie at me, I is are be brilyeeunt."

And the intellectuals ridicule red necks who actually turn out to be much smarter and are right much more often?

Why are so many Muslims murdering people?

Because Islam is a ruthless warrior cult that requires Muslims to murder people who are not Muslims or are deemed to not be true Muslims, you know, like all of those intellectual liberals who converted to Islam a few years ago?

The intellectual answers have been hours of more psychobabble covering anything from "they need jobs" to "Muslims are victims of the West" even though it was the Muslims who invaded and destroyed most of the Western culture, A.K.A. Rome.

But, if you do your homework, find out the truth and try to tell it to the intellectuals, you are a xenophobe or racist.

Debate whether it is true?

No, if you don't agree with their great sounding idiot ideas, which are always wrong, you are a racist xenophobe.


Because the truth destroys their ability to use psychobabble to prove how brilyeeunt they are.

Will the liberal media ever accept and publish the truth?

Only after it may be too late because they are too busy trying to be intellectuals to want to publish the boring truth.

The only thing intellectuals have absolutely proved is that they are the stupidest people on the planet and they are running the planet. That is why insanity abounds around the planet and is getting worse by the day. The intellectuals don't want to know the truth, they want to sound brilyeeunt to other fools.

Then we have arrogant Paul Ryan insulting our intelligence by saying, "I will support the budget to wipe the slate clean", not because it is a good budget, which it isn't, or because it is the right thing to do for the people and the nation, which it isn't, but for a fresh start. No, the real reason he is supporting the same budget he supported before is because he is a criminal and bought out political whore. The psychobabble about wiping the slate clean is just smoke and mirrors to cover up the fact he is a criminal and part of the problem.

And you know that all of the liberal intellectuals will say, "Oh, yeah, yeah, that is a great sounding lame excuse for committing your crimes." It doesn't matter to intellectuals whether something might actually work, just that it is great sounding. If you know how to use the psychobabble well, you could sell intellectuals gasoline in Hell.


Our corrupt upper class trash have convinced me that we should bring back drawn and quartered for government corruption and treason. A true professional can take from 2 to 4 hours to kill someone by being drawn and quartered. You televise that a few times and it will clean up the government really fast. Just imagine the other politicians watching people like Obama, Bush, Billy Boy Clintstone, Reid, Boner, and others being drawn and quartered on national television for 2 to 4 hours each and then thinking about committing more government corruption and treason.

New Black Panthers

Michael Savage said that Black Lives Matters is Obama's shock troops like Hitler's Brown Shirts.

Who runs Black Lives Matters?

The New Black Panthers, a radical black Muslim organization, runs Black Lives Matters and Black Lives Matters is just being used by the New Black Panthers as a front group for committing crimes.

Remember that, before he was first elected, Obama said that he wanted to replace the Secret Service with the New Black Panthers?

Yep, Obama is using the New Black Panthers the way Hitler used his Brown Shirts and Linen used his red shirts. Since they all wear black shirts, you could call the New Black Panthers Obama's Black Shirts.


I keep seeing liberal activists or trolls putting out information about Hilarious to throw her under the bus while promoting Linen II.


Suddenly, there is a large and increasing number of cops being killed. There is definitely a war on cops. Keep an eye on this.

Religious Tyranny

What is going on with this continuing war against Christianity?

The left are trying to destroy Christianity and force everyone to convert to their beloved "Secularism", which is just a nice word for paganism. This is religious tyranny and not religious tolerance by the left. Christians are facing the same type of religious tyranny that our ancestors fled Europe to get away from.

Judicial Tyranny

One of the reasons for the second amendment's freedom of speech was because the British Royalty used the British courts to oppress and illegally imprison people. One of the tools built into the US Constitution to prevent judicial tyranny was the freedom of speech against the government, including bad judges.

Remember that the three branches of our government are the executive, legislative, and judicial and we are supposed to be able to speak freely against all three branches.

One of the very first steps in redeveloping judicial tyranny in this country was when judges gave themselves the power to censor what people said about them with court gag orders or restraints against free speech. This meant that, in violation of the US Constitution, you could not speak out against the actions of judges and their abuse of power. All they had to do to keep anyone from exposing their abuse of power, was issue a court gag order against any individual or group, you know, just like the oppressive British courts did.

The very reason why the upper class converted the US legal system from Biblically based law to common law in the early 1800s was so that they could begin to convert the US back to the very oppressive common law based British system which made it very easy to oppress the people. This means that the corrupt members of the upper class, you know, the upper class trash, began working to destroy the US Constitution within the first few decades of its existence, more than 200 years ago.

Today, increasing numbers of liberal judges are literally becoming tyrants abusing their power, oppressing people, and even sending people to prison for bogus charges to silence them. They have given themselves the power to refuse or accept whatever evidence they want for any trial and other powers which stack the deck for or against certain people pending what our corrupt government wants. This is what the courts did to silence Kent Hovind because he was exposing too much about our upper class trash and had developed too much of a following. Today, we once again live under judicial tyranny.

Do you get the picture yet that we no longer live in a free republic but a liberal government tyranny?

But, if you want to see an extremely tyrannical court, look at the Israeli Supreme Court. They are extremely bad and is one of the worst Western courts.


China has officially put an end to their one child per family rule. All Chinese couples are now permitted to have two children. I guess China is getting ready to go to war to conquer the world and will soon need more people for war and to repopulate the world they conquer and depopulate.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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