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I just saw a headline where a crazed, ill informed, intellectual Jewish-American elite said that Israel deserves terrorism.

None, absolutely none of these liberal intellectual elite x-spurts who go around shooting off their mouths about Islam and terrorism know what they are talking about because it is blatantly obvious that none of them has done their homework. All they know, with all their great intellectual superiority and the right degrees from the right universities, comes from drinking the liberal Kool-Aid. They don't say anything that shows they have even begun to do their homework or what they say shows they are blatant liars mixing the liberal Kool-Aid.

Get one thing straight, very little of what the Muslims do is because the West did something to them or their ancestors and almost all of what they do as a reaction to someone else's actions is being done because that someone else did what they did as a reaction to a Muslim's bad behavior. In other words, the Muslim is punishing the non Muslim for daring to defend themselves against the actions of another Muslim.

Everything Muslims do, including revenge, is based on the Koran and Hadiths, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! The Muslims do what they do because the Koran and Hadiths order them to do it and rarely for any other reason. The reason Israel and the rest of the non Muslim world are being attacked by Muslim terrorists is because the Muslim religion requires the Muslims to attack and kill non Muslims and the Muslim religious leaders tell the Muslims to kill non Muslims.

That is a fact the liberals are completely clueless about and don't want to know about. The liberals are willfully ignorant about Islam and Muslim terrorism. The liberals prefer to live in their liberal La La Land riding unicorns over rainbows instead of dealing with reality.

On the other hand, does Israel deserve terrorism?

Yes, but not for the reasons the crazy, Satanic liberals believe. Israel, just like the rest of the world, especially the formerly Christian world, deserve the punishments we are getting because we have turned our backs on God and continue to do so, therefore, God is permitting us to be attacked by the liberals and Muslims to punish us and drive us back to God.

We do not deserve the punishments we are getting via Islamic terrorism because of anything we or our ancestors did to Muslims. If anything, we are being punished because we didn't wipe out all forms of paganism when we had the chance and were tolerant and coexisted with paganism, even in our churches, against God's Law, permitting paganism to seize control of our churches and government and cause these horrible things to us. For those reasons and other reasons pertaining to God's Law do we deserve the punishments we are getting.

The scriptures make this very clear and tell us that, when we turn back to God, God will heal our land and the punishments will stop.

Listen, the very reason why evil people like George Soros, John McCain, John Kerry, Barrack Insane Obama, Hilarious Clintstone and others are still alive is because of our sins against God. Stop sinning!!!

BTW, the person who attacked students at UC Merced with a knife, Faisal Mohammed, was a Muslim.

Remember the recent fatwa by ISIS and other terrorist organizations for Muslims to attack non Muslims with knives?

Gee, what a coincidence. If only one of those students had been carrying a gun with which to defend themselves against a knife attack but, hey, we all know that all California universities are very safe because they are gun free. Now all we need is for a few more college professors and administrators to die for them to wake up and realize they need to arm their professors and students.

Gun Control

Hey, what about all of these increasing knife attacks, especially by Muslims and in countries where the heavily inbred, intellectually superior elites with all the right degrees from the right universities have taken guns away from their people or, hey, how about in California where Governor Brown declared California universities gun free?

Wow, that gun control thingy is really working out well by making it pretty tough for their people to defend themselves against knife attacks.

Are all of these heavily inbred, intellectually superior elites with all the right degrees from the right universities going to take knives away from everyone next?

It's going to get a wee bit tough to fix meals and do certain jobs without knives.

And then what are these simple minded traitors going to do, take away hammers, baseball bats, and rocks? Now do you believe me when I say that the stupidest people on the planet are running the planet?

What we need to wake everyone up is for the inbred upper class trash to start being killed by their beloved Muslims.

The police have stated that the knife attacker at UC Merced planned to behead people during his attack.

Gee, you don't think it was another Muslim terrorist attack, do you?


Ed Klein stated that Obama would rather have a Republican in the White House than Hilarious.


Because there is this huge global power struggle going on between Obama and the Clintstones and, after everything Obama has done to the Clintstones, while president, if the Clintstones got back into power, Obama would end up dead.

How many more times must Obama help Muslim terrorists kill non Muslims, especially Christians, before you admit that your president, Obama, is a Muslim terrorist and not a Christian?

If Obama were to rob a bank, would he not be a bank robber? If Obama were to steal a car, would he not be a car thief? If Obama were to murder someone, would he not be a murderer?

Obama is arming, training, financing, and other wise aiding Muslim terrorists, is he, therefore, not a Muslim terrorist?

We have arrested and killed others for acts of terror who have done less than Obama has done.

Evolutionary History

I found out that the Darwinian ideas about evolution went even further back than the Greeks. It seems that Pythagoras studied Hinduism in India and brought their ideas to Greece. Also Socrates debated Hindu Brahmins in market places in Athens with Plato learning from both Socrates and Pythagoras. The Greeks were very familiar with Hinduism.

The basic ideas of Hinduism are that we all started out as ameba, gradually, by our own wills (we caused our own evolution by our own wills or thinking and you see this idea of things evolving themselves by their will being taught in TV documentaries about evolution, A.K.A. Hinduism), evolved up to humans, both physically and spiritually, and will soon evolve up to being gods, you know, just like the Luciferians believe we will soon become gods and the New Wavers believe we are gods. Basically, all pagans are demagogues or wannabee/poser gods.

Gee, guess what Satan told the 1/3 of the angels who followed Satan in revolution against God and the other 2/3 of the angels, that they were all gods?

The thing the lefties don't tell you is that Hinduism is a very racist religion. They believe that blacks are lowest on the scale of humans and are not true humans, with lighter skinned people being next up the evolutionary scale, and white or Aryans being at the top of the evolutionary scale.

The Greeks took this RELIGIOUS fairy tale and applied it to both the religious and physical world. They believed their leaders became gods and that apes evolved into blacks and blacks evolved into humans, therefore, blacks are not true humans, they are man-apes or beasts, which is exactly what the inbred upper class trash white crackers believe today.

It was this very racists Greek religious belief system the European upper class trash were taught in their universities with many Catholic Church clerics believing evolution from the earliest days of the church, which caused them to believe it was alright to own non white slaves and slaughter non whites because, after all, they were not true humans and were beasts or savages, you know, like they called the American Indians savages. This is why our Christian founding fathers felt it was alright to own black slaves, after all, Greek evolution said they were not humans.

The primary reason the universities don't teach you this about the history of evolution is because they don't want you to know that evolution started out as part of a pagan religion, you know, like creation started out in Judaism, and that evolution is extremely racist by nature. They don't want you to know that it wasn't the teachings of Biblical Christianity but the teachings of evolution which caused the Europeans to oppress and slaughter other people like American Indians, Africans, Asians, Jews, and others. In other words, it was the liberal pagan beliefs which have caused man to do all of these horrible things throughout history and not Biblical Christianity.

Further proof of this is the liberal pagans currently planning to set up their oppressive one world government and slaughter more than 7 billion people globally, especially all of the non whites and that it isn't the Christians who are planning to do this.

Mean while the true Christians have been preaching eternal salvation to the non whites through our Lord, Jesus the Christ, proving that we Christians are the ones who see non whites as true humans because, in Christianity, only true humans and not animals or beasts can gain eternal salvation through Jesus. After all, true Christians don't waste their time preaching salvation to animals like dogs and cats.

Gee, you mean the liberal pagans have been lying to you for millennia?

Yep, for more than three millennia, along with their god, Satan.

Do you now see why God wants to finally get these infiltrated liberal pagans or poser Christians out of the church?

The concept of evolution was not brought about by science but by pagan religion. Evolution is not science, it is a pagan fairy tale.

BTW, early evolutionists believed that, in the womb, we are no better than vegetables, which is why they believe abortion is alright. Today, they believe the fetus is just a blob of flesh and not a human.

BTW, increasingly, the evolutionists are teaching the ancient Hindu Pantheistic Evolution (god is in everything) which is why so many liberals believe that humans, animals and even plants are equals and all have rights and should not be killed, well, except for our own unborn humans. This Pantheism is what is behind the lies about conservation, protecting the planet by killing off humans (UN Agenda 21), animal rights, and vegetarianism. It is all based on the primitive pagan Hindu religion and not science. Liberalism is a modern version of Hinduism combined with Greek mythology and not based on science, which is why true science disproves everything they believe.

Russian Plane

Remember that, under Obama and Hilarious, 20,000 missiles went missing in Libya, including Stinger Missiles used to shoot down aircraft?

The reading of the two black boxes for the Russian airliner, which recently crashed killing all 224 people on board, strongly indicates that an explosion brought the plane down. It is possible that a bomb was placed on the plane by an airlines worker but I would not be surprised to find out that it was one of Obama's/Hilarious' Libyan Stinger missiles fired by one of their terrorist groups, like ISIS, which brought the plane down. I would not put it past Obama to have his ISIS shoot that plane down to get back at Putin for devastating Obama's terrorist armies trying to illegally remove Assad from power in Syria.

Don't get me wrong, Assad is a butt hole, Obama is a butt hole, Putin is a butt hole, Hilarious is a butt hole, McCain is a butt hole, Soros is a butt hole, Graham is a butt hole....I am seeing so many butt holes above me I am beginning to feel like a toilet and all we get from them is more and more crap.


Have you noticed that Hilarious is acting like and the liberals are treating her like a really stupid blond bimbo to excuse her for her crimes?

"She's just a blond bimbo, she didn't know any better. It was just a mistake."

And the liberals want a blond bimbo to be their president? Just how stupid are liberals?

Maybe we shouldn't go there.

That liberal twit, Kimmel, wants to know what we should call Billy Boy if Hilarious becomes president. My first thought was Billie Girl? Hey, Hilarious wears the pants in the family so Billy Boy could go full transy and start wearing the dresses.


You think I was wrong in what I said about not following the Jews but that we should only follow the Bible and Jesus?

Judaism has now "embraced" transgenderism.

And you want to follow them in their understanding and interpretations of the Bible?

Jesus didn't say to follow the Jews, He said to follow Him, unless, of course, you want to go to Hell with most, but not all Jews.


Did you know that China is buying up Texas oil fields?

It is beginning to look like they are trying to tie up all oil resources to take over the world and control everyone.


Now the Muslims are rioting in Italy and devastating it with Sweden begging for help instead of executing and exporting their Muslims.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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