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Israel is so small that just one or two well placed 10K nukes will devastate her.

So guess what Netanyahu's counter measure is to discourage anyone from nuking Israel?

Make Israel larger so you can't devastate her with just one or two nukes, you know, like God told me they will following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

What Netanyahu said was that he envisions three more Israels in Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan, you know, to the east, south, and west like when he takes all the way to the Euphrates, the Nile, east side of Jordan, and Yemen.

Gee, was that a deceptive little hint of what?

I think there is a pretty good chance the Israelis are going to be so ticked off that they will also take Constantinople just because no one will be able to stop them and so they will be able to control the shipping traffic to and from Russia, especially after Russia tries to lead an invasion of Israel.

BTW, the Israeli IDF recently removed or rescued the last known Jews living in Syria. Think about that one.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.


Mean while, Russia is developing and deploying nuclear weapons which may be capable of penetrating the West's defense shield. This is called a counter measure to an enemy's counter measure.

Then we have Iran, the world's greatest sponsor of terror, insisting that Obama's "rebels" be classified and outlawed as terrorists. If this happens, even Obama won't be able to supply and help his beloved terrorist organizations he is using to illegally remove Assad from power in Syria. Gee, did Iran just stab Obama in the back? Oops!!!!

There is a fledgling Christian army being led by a retired US colonel which is begging the US for supplies so they can keep fighting ISIS. I doubt Obama will help Christians defeat Obama's ISIS and don't be surprised to see Putin step in and help the Christians by supplying them with weapons, munitions, and other supplies.

BTW, Putin is now holding talks with many of Obama's terrorist groups against Obama's objections. Putin is probably negotiating conditions for their surrender.

Unlike the US pilots, 75% of whom are returning from missions against ISIS with full bomb loads because the strict ROE set by Obama, Russian combat sorties are now decreasing in number but, if a Russian plane has bombs left after taking out a target, their pilots get to go hunting for more targets.

Getting a little low on terrorist targets, are we?


How is that Greek pagan democracy god thingy working out? Have you figured out that the GOP candidates are really nothing more than a stampeding herd of RINOs?

Rubio, Jebberwocky, Kasich, and Christie are so liberal they could almost make Linen II look like a moderate. Oh, they don't admit they are liberal commie traitors like Linen II but their actions betray them. The only one who could even slightly be considered conservative is Cruz. At least Ted Cruz called for the elimination of the Departments of Energy, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Commerce, Education, and the IRS.

The problem is that, even with a Biblical 10% flat tax and no loop holes, you still need the IRS to make sure everyone is paying their share. But there are definitely a bunch of government agencies which need to go.

"What," you say, "do you expect a perfect candidate"? (That is the usual cop out of the lefties who have taken over the GOP, you know, "here, shut up and take the criminals we are offering you.")

No, I don't expect a perfect candidate, just one who isn't a political whore and traitor and has sold us out to the highest bidder, you know, one actually living by Christian morals and ethics instead of just pretending to live by Christian morals and ethics.

The lefty response is, "But some are close to being good people."

By whose standard of good, Satan's?

I am sorry but choosing one of Satan's people is still choosing one of Satan's people.

Let me know when you find a real Biblical Christian who won't sell out his people.

Mean while, the Trumpeter is trying to start a crusade (typical liberal tactic) against Starbucks because of their Christmas season cups?

Yeah, like the appearance of their cups is the most critical thing in my life right now. If you don't like their cups, don't drink their coffee.

People, the Starbucks' logo is from the pagan Occult. That should be enough of a clue as to who they are.


This Mizzou thingy about kicking out their white liberal president is just what I told you would happen to the liberal white cracker commie traitors. The blacks are purging the liberal white crackers already.

Which should tell you what?

They feel they have enough control they can have purges to replace the liberal white crackers in power with more blacks. It is all about power and control and I warned you about this years ago when I told you the black Muslims will purge the liberal white cracker commies. They are doing it right now.

What the liberals at the universities and elsewhere have been doing to us, the black Muslims are now doing to the liberal white commie traitors now. I have told you again and again that power mad and greedy people can never be satiated, they will always want more and more and more until they destroy themselves....and everyone else.

I don't feel sorry for any liberals being taken down by the blacks after what the liberals have done to our nation. As a matter of fact, I intend to enjoy watching them eat their own and the liberal white crackers who started this mess go first, you know, just like I told you would happen. Note that the black Muslims are not focusing on taking down conservatives, they are focusing first on taking down liberals, just like they told me and I told you years ago.

Liberalism is insanity. You are watching the American nut house run wild.

BTW, now the blacks at Yale are trying to oust the liberal white commie crackers from power.

Please pay attention and notice that these blacks purging the white liberals are Muslims just like I told you would be the case.


Have you noticed that the Muslims, especially ISIS, keep murdering hundreds and hundreds and even thousands of people at a time? Remember me telling you that the Koran requires Muslims to conquer the world and slaughter all non Muslims?

Gee, what a coincidence.

College Sports

The liberals are working to finish off college sports, which are the only programs on campus which not only pay for themselves but also pay part of the salaries for the liberal professors who hate those sports and pay for many of the liberal programs.

Can you see the writing on that wall? Just how stupid are liberals?

So the liberals will get rid of the college sports programs, their own salaries, and their beloved liberal programs. That will clean up our universities at least a little. Then you add in what the black Muslims are doing and that should clean out our universities quite a bit.

Can you see God using the Muslims to clean up the mess the liberals have caused?


When the liberal feminists tell you that murdering the child they are carrying is their bodies and they have the right to choose what to do with their bodies, simply tell them that the person they are murdering is not even part of their body because it has its own different DNA. The DNA of the child only includes half the DNA of the mother and also half the DNA of the father causing the child to have its own unique DNA. Therefore, the child can't be part of her body because every part of her body has the same DNA but the child's body doesn't, it has different DNA.


Remember that Putin is destroying Obama's terrorist organizations and Europe is now saying Obama's terrorist organizations should be officially designated as terrorist organizations instead of as rebels, meaning that Obama will no longer be able to support and supply them?

Obama has been setting up a new terrorist organization in Turkey. He is calling it the "New Syrian Army".

A little deceptive, huh?

Give it an actual name of a rebel group so he can claim it isn't another one of his terrorist groups.

The CIA and US Special Operations have recruited Syrian soldiers who deserted from the Syrian Army and fled to Turkey. They are training these deserters up and arming them with US weapons and equipment.

Now what do you think this pack of deserters will do when they run up against the Russian Spetsnaz and aircraft? You don't think they will desert again, do you? What genius dreamed up this fiasco and how many billions will it cost before it fails, you know, like all of Obama's other great sounding ideas?

Well, it turns out this program is already winding down because it is already failing and they are planning on replacing it with the "Syrian Democratic Army", which is supposed to be made up of members of the Free Syrian Army terrorist organization and the Kurds, which will probably also fail just like the rest of Obama's military plans.

So far, Obama has had more really bad and failed military operations than Jimmuh Carhtuh, which is unbelievably bad.

Besides, isn't Obama supposed to belong to the "anti-war" Commiecrat party?

Obama has secretly staged more military operations against other countries than all of the Republican presidents combined since FDR AND Obama's are all illegal. Obama is even making Jimmuh Carhtuh look like a good Commander In Chief.

Is Obama determined to break every lousy recorded established by Jimmuh?

Man plans, God laughs.


This is mind bogglingly stupid. The intellectually superior upper class trash with all the right degrees from the right universities destroying Europe have come up with another one of their great sounding ideas to fix the immigration mess they just made, so all of you people in Europe better duck.

The EU upper class trash want to make a deal with African nations to take back hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in exchange for the hard working people staying in those countries (which would destroy those countries' economies) and the EU would pay the African nations 3.6 billion Euros.

In other words, the natural elite geniuses, who probably have to pay someone else to tie their shoes for them, want to pay the African nations to take back their immigrants.

Now, how long do you think it will take for the African countries to figure out that they can make billions of Euros by taking back those immigrants and then sending the immigrants back to the EU so the EU will have to pay the African nations billions more Euros to take them back again?

And you know that African nations won't send their best and brightest to Europe and destroy their own economies.

This is all because the EU upper class trash brilliant idea of open immigration has failed and is destroying Europe so, hey, let's try to fix the problem with another stupid idea.

Now, do you believe me when I tell you that the Euro-American upper class trash have been inbreeding too long and are the stupidest people on the planet? What are they teaching these overpaid fools in those upper class trash universities?

My farts are smarter than the upper class trash because my farts would never do anything that stupid.

Man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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