North Korea

What is going on with all these attacks by North Korea against South Korea?

It is simple and obvious, North Korea and her allies, Russia and China, are testing the waters to see if they can get away with starting another Viet Nam type war on the Korean Peninsula in which they can depend on the US commie media and commie politicians to help them win that war by conquering South Korea, you know, the way our commie's helped the North defeat South Viet Nam.

North Korea first tested the metal and commitment to South Korea's allies by torpedoing a South Korean Naval ship. What did the West do? Talk, that is all they did, was talk. Oh yeah, they also didn't send North Korea its monthly supplies of cold cereal and candy bars called an "embargo" while our commie run government was still sending the monthly millions of dollars in bribe money to "keep North Korea from building nukes" when that money is actually being used to build those commie nukes.

Are our commie media and politicians traitors or what? I will give you a clue, it isn't or what.

Now North Korea is shelling the island of Yeonpyeong. At least South Korea returned artillery fire this time but they didn't send in jets to blast those commie cannons to dust because the South Korean leaders are gutless and afraid they will cause the fighting to escalate into another war. Hold it, isn't the North attacking the South an act of war? Go figure.

All they are really doing is encouraging the North to continue attacking the South and sending a message to the North that the South is full of gutless cowards (along with the South's gutless coward allies) who will be easily beat in a war. If the North keeps continuing to get away with their acts of war against the South, they will be encouraged to continue their attacks until they finally convince themselves they can win an all out war and then will start said war.

Bad guys never respect cowards, they only respect people who will stand up and fight against them. All the South and the West are doing by not retaliating against the North with greater force is encouraging the North to start the war, you know, the way the allies did with Hitler.

Of course, the commie's always use the excuse of "not escalating the conflict" by defending yourself but, hold it, isn't the very act of attacking some one else an escalation? Therefore, the commie's are saying it is alright for the commie's to escalate conflicts but not alright for anyone else to escalate the conflicts in order to defend ourselves and protect our people from the commie's. In other words, everyone else is supposed to just stand there and let the commie's run over the top of you, basically blowing your brains out, while you are supposed to show you are an idiot pacifist by not defending yourselves and protecting your families. Aren't you getting tired of that song yet?

What did the Ruskies say about it? They "hope the West doesn't escalate the conflict any more" which is commie for we hope you stupid people don't defend yourselves and buy our escalation bull crap.

Of course, the Chinese commie's said they have to verify that there was an attack, you know, like the pictures of smoke billowing from the island, the artillery fire from North Korea, and the shells exploding on the island didn't prove there was an attack.

All we get from the commie's is lies, misinformation, and propaganda. We don't ever get anything but political bull crap.

So what is Obama is going to do?

Well, first, North Korea won't get any cold cereal and candy bars this month but will continue to get their bribe money to keep building nukes, then Ocommie is going to work on getting North Korea's ally, China, to stand up to North Korea because the West doesn't have the guts to stand up to North Korea, then we will "discuss a whole range of options" with our allies (like what, see who can invent the most ways to not help an ally?), then we are going to stage more military practices with South Korea (we are going to put on a show of force by practicing fighting North Korea when the North actually knows we don't have the guts to fight them) to show more "solidarity and support" for South Korea, and Obambie even sent the US aircraft carrier, the USS George Washington to participate in those phony exercises (AKA bluffing - what good does it do to send it if they know you won't use it?) and stated, "provocative actions, which will only lead to further isolation." What does that fool, Ocommie, think, the North is attacking the South because the North wants to be popular and get invited to really neat parties? All of this was decided after Obama spent a whopping 20 minutes in the War Room discussing the matter (boy, Obama really took that seriously, didn't he? Imagine Obama spending a whole 20 minutes discussing this very serious problem. My lunch takes longer than that.)

Then, according to, the US said, "The United States urged restraint on Tuesday following a North Korean artillery attack on South Korea and vowed to forge a "measured and unified" response with major powers including China." In other words, the South is not to defend itself while the North can continue to attack the South and the West will talk some more with North Korea's allies while North Korea doesn't use restraint and attacks the South some more. Only the US and its allies are supposed to use restraint. Then reported that, "South Korea warned North Korea of "enormous retaliation" if it took more aggressive steps. But the United States, which has around 28,000 troops stationed in South Korea, played down the chances of any immediate U.S. military action to deter the reclusive state." Interpretation: At least the South threatened the North in the advent that the North attacks again but the US has already stated it is ready to cut and run in the advent the South does dare to defend itself. It was a very clear signal that South Korea cannot depend on the US and the rest of its allies.

Then Ocommie and the rest of the West were stunned when China refused to take a stand against China's ally, North Korea, for China's enemies, the West, you know, the way the West does all of the time against our allies. If you want the West to betray any ally, all you have to do is say a really great sounding lie or fairy tale and we will give up our allies in a heart beat to be politically correct. Unfortunately, the commie's and Muslims know this and are using it against us. The stupidity of our leaders is mind boggling. Truly, my farts are smarter than these people.

This is the worst attack on South Korea by North Korea since 1953. You better believe they are testing the waters for an all out war. Watch all the experts be surprised when this war breaks out and they will also claim that we, the people, were also surprised, well, except for my readers. You know it is coming.

I think the South's real fear is that, if another war does start, the West won't stand by the South long enough to win that war and cause the South to lose the war just like in Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. That should tell you it is a very valid fear especially with Ocommie in office as US President. The West's lack of fortitude and extremely high level of cowardice plus our wonderful commie traitors being in control puts South Korea between a rock and a hard spot. If the South does properly defend itself to deter the North from any more attacks, the North knows the West won't support their allies in a sustained war and has turned to just bluffing all of the time so all they have to do is call our bluff by starting the war and the Western commie traitors will run like the wind. On the other hand, if the South doesn't defend itself and deter future attacks, it is only a matter of time until the North does start the war causing the Western commie traitors to run like the wind. Basically, eventually, the Western commie traitors are going to run like the wind regardless of what the South does and the North Koreans, Chinese, and Russians know this.

In other words, as soon as North Korea, Russia, and China grow enough testicles to start a war against South Korea, the South is screwed. You know our allies are screwed when America won't even defend itself.

Please note that it is not our soldiers who are cowards, they are brave and will fight hard and die for our country and our allies. It is our liberal commie traitor politicians and media along with the other commie traitors. I have been wondering just how much of their actions is being traitors and how much is sheer stupidity. I have come to the conclusion it is a lot of both.

Right now, it is South Korea who should....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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