Not Coming

Get ready for this next scam by the God haters to discredit God, the Bible, and Jesus in order to turn you away from Christianity to Islam. God tells us in the Bible that even some of the elect or saved will be fooled.

I just read that, in April, Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore officially stated that this year will be the Vatican's last year in regards to waiting for the return of Jesus to earth. In other words, the leaders of the Catholic Church believe that, if Jesus doesn't come this year, He isn't coming, you know, just like the Bible says they will in the end times. Blatantly fulfilling end time prophesy, Cardinal Salvadore said, "We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it. It's been ages like. He's probably flat out doing other really good things for people somewhere else." Shades and echoes of Bible prophesy, you know, just like God told us it would happen. The Catholic Church is about to dump Jesus as Lord and savior and stop claiming to be Christian. The Church of Rome has officially crossed the line and is taking its stand as a pagan church.

This means that, from this point on, the members of the Catholic Church will be forced by the church to choose between the church and Jesus because the church has just officially stopped being Christian. The members of the Catholic Church will have to decide which is more important, the Catholic Church or God.

But what are they going to replace Jesus, God, and the Bible with?

Remember that I told you that God is drawing a line and forcing everyone to choose which side of that line you want to stand on, God's or Satan's?

Remember that I told you that Euro prophets were wrong and the Catholic Church would not be the one world church during the tribulation?

Remember that I told you that the one world church and the one world government during the Tribulation will be the Muslim Caliphate with its council of 10 leaders (the 10 horns) and their Mahdi (the little horn)?

Remember that I told you that Babylon, not Rome, will be the financial, government, and religious capitol of the world and they are right now rebuilding the city of Babylon?

Remember that I told you that the Vatican was considering moving its headquarters from Rome to the new Babylon? (They just decided.)

What should all of this tell you?

The Vatican has realized that I am right about the Church of Rome not being the one world religion during the Tribulation, they don't truly believe in Jesus as their savior, don't plan to leave at the beginning of the Tribulation in the Rapture, and they want to be the controlling religion of the world during the Tribulation. The Vatican's strategy is to dump Jesus and Christianity, convert to Islam, move to Babylon, and try to gain at least partial control of Islam so they can at least share power with the rest of the Muslim leaders and their bargaining chip will be that they will be bringing more than one billion new converts to Islam, almost doubling the number of Muslims in the world. Forget about God, it is all about power and wealth.

By the strangest coincidence (basically, showing this was planned and coordinated) a story was just released to the media about an ancient "Bible" which was found in 2000 AD and kept secret until now, you know, right when they decided to announce Jesus isn't coming. This "Bible" has the book of "Barnabas" in it and they have conveniently dated it to between 1500 and 2000 years old (please note that the latest date is just about 100 years before Islam was started and was probably fudged by the daters to predate the book to just before Islam was started, fudging dates is very common among the God haters). This "Bible" was taken from smugglers in Turkey and has been secretly kept in Turkey, a Muslim country. Remember that Islam was established by Muhammad in 610 AD and Muhammad died in 632 AD.

Prior to this "Bible" the earliest manuscripts of the book of Barnabas were found in Spain and dated to the late 1500s AD, one written in Spanish and the other written in Italian. The Book of Barnabas conforms to the Islamic interpretation of Christian origins and contradicts the New Testament teachings of Christianity. Get the picture yet?

What should all this tell you?

The Book of Barnabas was written by Muslims some time between 610 AD and 1000 AD and was added to the Bible found in Turkey to force Christians to learn the Muslim belief in Christianity in order to convert Christians to Islam. Now, in spite of the fact that this one book contradicts the rest of the New Testament and was clearly written by Muslims at a later date to convert Christians to Islam, the Catholic Church is considering the Book of Barnabas to be correct and the rest of the Bible, especially the New Testament, to be incorrect. It kind of makes me wonder if the church leaders ever converted from paganism to Christianity or have just been pretending to be Christian for more than 1,600 years to control Christians.

The bad news is that the number of Muslims in the world is about to almost double. The good news is that the deceptions about being Christian are about to end. Remember that I told you that God is going to use this mess to get the poser Christians out of the Church and that the people who are not true Christians will leave Christianity for some pagan religion? It is happening RIGHT NOW! This isn't something I am telling you is going to happen in the future. This is something I told you in the past would happen and it is happening RIGHT NOW!

Clearly, the line has been drawn and all of the posers are heading for the other side. Keep an eye on this.

It is extremely important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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